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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the browns fall 09. they paint a picture of what happens to a team when things are this bag peca >> hillary clinton in cleveland with a booster shot from lebron james. we're live from the event. breaking news on email scandal in her camp.
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mad dash of cross swing states, how close is he to a win. of man is telling things on my end is that legal? breaking news, after review of newly obtained hillary emails, fbi director james y has told congress it will not face any charges. it's a reinforcement of the fbi's prior stand in the improper use of private email case from july. late last month a letter went out terms of congress revealing you emails had been obtained on the computer of a disgraced congressman was used by a complete -- and clinton aide. that helped with a drop in
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that and that in just a moment. we welcome you and thanks you for being here. the clocks fell back at 2 am, the browns fell back 12 hours later. another loss in this makes a grim season. it strikes me were the only city in america with an undefeated team and the team that hasn't won a single game. >> i didn't think it that way. >> the symmetry isn't great, but it's there. >> if you to the indians in, there's two teams in one place. we continue to do this. the last thing ll of cowboys fans today. >> the browns are 09. they lost 19 of 20. he can't even say they look to improve earlier in the year. it's that the ball. the better matchup was the battle, cam of the browns, david on the cowboys. both ejected, cam through helmets. what did they miss? they missed cowboys domination
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jason witten had a big day. they never gave it up. >> former buckeyes, 92 yards rushing and two touchdowns. the rookies combined for five touchdowns and dancing. dancing in front of their own fans. dallas wins big 35-10. for more, here's the voice of the browns. >> from first energy stadium, where none of the numbers are good. the bronx lose to the cowboys, in the season, there 0-9. they are on the wrong side of team history as if it together 12 straight losses. that's a team record for futility. the last team to put those amounts of losses together, 1934-75, 11 in a row with these guys have that price of being 12 losses in a row.
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the browns have fallen to the point where teams look at their schedule and they say, we're going to cleveland met will have an easy win and we will get better. it almost becomes like a scrimmage. that's the way it was on this sunday against a great team. they tuned up by playing the browns and getting things right for themselves as they go down the stretch. it used to be the teams shook in their boots when they come into cleveland to team fans and this franchise. we are a long way from returning to those days and these players are feeling it everyday. >> we don't play these games. it sucks. we met again thursday against the raiders thursday night. we just have to get ready for them. >> it's a new experience.
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being patient. >> to add all this we are on the wrong side of the counter. if anything, the browns need more and more practice and will get one practice day this week as they play thursday night football in baltimore against the ravens. >> the browns are 09. still, the only winless team in the nfl. >> cowboys when a breeze. 35-10 from first energy stadium 's more from jim coming up on sports tonight. we're joined in studio and we'll talk indians, cavs, and buckeyes. i want to come out and get all upset. maybe that's disturbing. >> if you think about it, it's apathy and right now there's a team that won the championship and the film of the indians and
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where will the dollars go? i say, it's just another sunday in cleveland. >> there has to be another way to spend it. 's the final abc news wall street journal poll is out it favors hillary clinton by four points. those numbers are down for clinton from a month ago and trending up for donald trump. but in looking to capitalize on more celebrity up peel in cleveland with lebron james. we're live in cleveland public auditorium with the story of the visit. >> hillary was looking to close the gap using major star power in cleveland. you know beyonci and jay-z visited with her friday. today the king himself, lebron james.
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sure we vote. is to be knowledgeable about what's going on. in this moment right here has the brightest future. >> this is james's first appearance with hillary clinton. he publicly endorsed or in october same he's the only one -- she's the only who understands the struggles of a child born into poverty. lebron is a hero to many. his endorsement and parents ul impact on voter turnout. we asked people about the lebron effect. >> it could have a big impact with everything he's doing for the city and everything he's trying to do with outreach. >> i feel like he can bring up younger voters. i think so.
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won't be a clear indication of how the fbi's latest clinton email announcement will affect the race until election day. first swing to the republican side. donald trump is trying to close the gap using star power. that's what hillary clinton was doing but on trumps part of the case is making a -- the track of his own. he's looking at the blue states tr one of the states he hopes to flip is iowa. he pledged change to corrupt washington and asking for the vote with two days left in the campaign. >> at the heart of this election is a simple question. will our country be governed by the people or will it be governed by the corrupt political class. we'll find out very soon.
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michigan, pennsylvania and virginia. our! original be on here all night long. we have live from studio on and facebook live. russ and sarah and tom and jimmy, the whole team, everybody's on dues -- on today -- on duty tuesday. up next, new gruesome details into the story of a man who kept a woman chained inside a metal container. what he is admitting to tonight. how did a local with murder put his items for sale on a murder memorabilia site? we have a beautiful day in the box. >> temperatures in the mid-60s, light winds, could it get better? >> look at the extended forecast and the one that has no place
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a rough weekend in cleveland for opiate overdoses. two died. this comes amid a total of eight in cleveland between yesterday and today. for the 385 residents had died from overdoses on opiates this year. as for the statewide effort of putting 84 of 88 counties to get the orders reversing medicine in area pharmacies. new details on this disturbing story out of south carolina. thn woman chained inside a metal container may have killed seven people. friday that woman's boyfriend was found dead in a shallow grave. serves a 45-year-old went out to more gravesite on his property. he also confessed to killing four people in 2003. the man was charged with kidnapping and four counts of murder so far. accused ohio serial killer sits in jail cell, two items signed by him have gone on sale
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the murder memorabilia were signed after his arrest and sent out is under investigation tonight. there indicted in the murders of two women, kidnapping and rape of another who survived and is late to the murders of three more. is dry, mild, a beauty in the box. we take a look at our workweek
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i have done my fair share of stories on seasonal affective disorder and we set the clocks back an hour
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we have a database like today, it's hard to find any flaws. you have to get it all in. >> we have another good one tomorrow if you want to play hooky and not go to work. i will sign your note. 53 worchester, beautiful out there and nice for the rest of the evening. nothing going on here on the radar and satellite view. here's what we're looking at. temperatures falling from the 60s into the 50s as we go through the game. should be really nice out there. try and the winds staying lights. another one of those nights with the temperature will vary from the 30's down to the south of cleveland to the upper 40s in your 50s. here's what you're looking at. 40 only area, blitzburgh down to 37.
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closer to the lakeshore you'll end up with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. >> here's the pattern we've been tracking. big area high pressure right over us providing us with all those sunny skies. the jet stream which was coming over the west coast is now digging into the pacific district pacific northwest and going up and over that area of high pressure. this did to the last will eventually work its way toward the east and break this high pressure the west coast. check out this huge storm. this is taking up the entire gulf of alaska and it has a huge moisture stream extending down to why. a lot of energy and moisture this area of low pressure. that's silly make its way to the west coast. we're going to transition into more of a
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it'll happen in steps. step one comes tuesday, the second friday, that's what we will really feel. , mild air surgeon. temperatures in the 50s and 60s all the way into the southern prairies of canada. as that storm heads east, cold air building up along the north pole will get pushed down toward the northeast, new england and the great lakes. that arrives friday nights. this will be a quick, powerful hit a very chilly temperatures coming up frid let's stick to the good stuff. temperatures in the 40s, early tomorrow morning, 30s and low to mid 40s, check out monday midday, we already hit 60. not a cloud in the sky and we stay perfect and sunny. these temperatures are too low. 67 to 71 tomorrow. i think a couple of towns have a chance to hit it. these showers move in as part one of this breakdown of the weather pattern move in late on
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wednesday and thursday, typical for november but check out riding and saturday. those football games to go from a late rain showers to rain and snow showers and some of those snow showers could last into saturday , high temperatures saturday, i am being hopeful, maybe 40 degrees. the browns 09. super dave has with the coach had to say after the game when we come back.
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. judge pat dewine ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america.
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cleveland has turned into the town hospitable to the away fan. the patriots in caps came here and today cowboys nation up. >> that's not fun to watch. it was today's game. another loss for the browns. if you have them pulling off the upset, you have to try it again. if you had the +7 in vegas, you lose. another familiar sunday as the cowboys crush the browns by 25 points. just like cub fans inside progressive field, dallas fans packed the stadium it was a treat. browser of 3-0. but it didn't
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was up 7-3. the pride of the buckeyes, now the cowboys rookie could not be stopped. second quarter, he gets the outside trouble out that it was 14-7. press get to a wide open beasley another touchdown 21-7 dallas. the browns only touchdown, cody kessler to terrel prior coming up 12 yard toss to make it 21- 10. cowboys but to more on the board, elliott with 92 yards rushing and two touchdowns and a little dance for the buckeyes coming up and you have to wonder what jimmy haslam is thinking right now. i would love to know. >> prescott 21-27. guys are just wide open all day. how do you get so wide open? >> 35 tren, cowboys take the lead and win by that score and now 7-1. browns have lost 12
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coaching. we're not going to go there. it's not about that. we're not playing well right now . is not just defense, is operatively and special teams. i'm not going to dump on one group. we have to play better as a team. that's playing good enough and that's what it is. steelers at the ravens. big ben was ineffective and out of sync. a bullet to mike wallace. watch this play out. he's gone. 95 yards for the score to 7-0 ravens lead and they going to 21-14 and staff of four-game losing streak and tied with the steelers. >> next up, thursday against the ravens in baltimore. you can see it's right here on channel 3. tell the news from 730 until eight and at 8 o'clock, kickoff. what a night for the
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texas a&m lost and then they went on to crush nebraska. buckeyes were 17 point favorites. we found out why. they won by 59. was he took control from the start. dave webb with the pick six for the first points of the game it was all ohio state from there. they score 62 points for the buckeyes rediscover their offense with 290 yards passing, 75 yard touchdown pass. buckeyes when 62-3. they should move up to five in the playoff rankings. >> i saw explosive dis-we've been lacking and present in some positions. i think relief is probably the correct word close all been waiting for that to happen. no better time than november to get that going. >> we will look forward to sports tonight after the late news, after football will talk more browns and football.
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other things as well. the buckeyes, they are right there, michigan is ahead of them, they beat michigan. if they win out, they are in the playoffs. >> i have a question. usually when we are this bad, there's a major change in the organization. like the midseason. the team is sold or something those lines? >> jimmy has them look bad if he made a change. i said they were to go with this approach. would look silly if they did something. but who knows. that leads us to the latest on the breaking news with hillary clinton we're back after football, good night.
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