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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  WKYC  November 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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news today. >> right now at 5 the final push before election day. 's ahead for hillary clinton and donald trump. will. >> reporter: are you registered to vote? what's on the ballots? can you vote early. those questions answered coming up. >> and pumpkin-- punkin chunkin explosion. what went wrong at a post hal we decision hello, hollie. oh no i will be waiting to it's 5 a.m. sharp and it's a beautiful day. we have got clear skies of course it's dark at the moment. but the sun is coming up earlier today with the time change over the weekend. 7:15 and we have gorgeous sunny skies along with mild weather. mid to upper he 60s for highs. 68 he degrees yesterday. november i mean at its best andlow 50s by 9. most of you
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afternoon and we will fall back approachingset which is a few minutes after -- approaching sunset which is a few minutes after 5. layer it today when you think about getting everything organized had morning. make sure to do the sweatshirt and maybe a little fall jacket and they could use one or the other later on because they won't need both. upper 30s to mid to upper 40s. plenty of weather to track including rain for forecast. first here's your drive. danielle has a update on the road conditions a sea of green that makes me happy. we have pretty much normal drive times. however if you are traveling at independence brecksville road two northbound lanes are closed because of a water main break. this is north of chestnut road and before you hit rodside road. -- rock side rode. it will take 7 days to --
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no accidents or problems. to the west same picture as to the south. you are clear. a little slow traffic u.s. 224 westbound as you pass 91. that's on adding a minute or two to the community. now back to you. thank you. we are following breaking news right now at 5:02 out of rocky river. a stand off is underway. lorain police chased the suspect into rocky river and is in the backyard of a betweenenglewood and mitchell avenue a negotiator and s.w.a.t. teams from multiple cities are on the scene. neighbors have been evacuated. it's not clear whether the man in the car has a weapon. we stay on this and keep you posted on channel 3 and also and another breaking story this morning. former attorney general janet reno has died. reno was the first female attorney general of the united states and served during bill clinton's administration. she passed away from
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parkinson's disease. she was 78 years old. just over 24 hours away from now polls will open on election day and the final nbc news wall street journal poll is out and it favors hillary clinton by 4 points. but the numbers are down for clinton from a month ago and trending up for donald trumpp. >> both candidates schedules as they try to reef the undecided voters. >> tf any tarp -- tiffany tarpley joins us this morning and they are focusing on battleground states. >> reporter: they will make 9 campaign stops today. this is the last effort to try to sway the voters. in recent weeks we have seen controversies in both campaigns first allegations of donald trump mistreeding -- mistreating women and a new investigation into e-mails and hillary clinton. sunday the fbi director said clinton will not face any
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investigation which is something donald trump questioned on the campaign trail this weekend. >> right now she is being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. -i been saying it for a long time. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. it's a choice between division or unity. >> reporter: clinton has not responded herself but her campaign says they are glad this matter is resolved. coming up in the next half- hour, where both clinton trump will be campaigning today. >> we have to get out and make sure we vote. we have to get out. >> hillary clinton looking for a boost from someone who knows how to win championships a rally with lebron james hoping it will bring in the young and minority vote in ohio. 4,000 people gathered at the public auditorium to hear the two speak. james publicly endorsed hillary clinton for president in
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>>i think he is going to impact a lot of the young voters african american voters and just cleveland in general. >> i think seeing him out there for her will hopefully change the minds of some of the voters that really need that extra push to get out to the polls. >> donald trump is slightly ahead here according to most polls but only time will tell if sunday's event was helpful for clinton. two today battle over eb federal court in cleveland ruled in favor of ohio democrats stopping trump supporters to acting a self- appointed poll watchers. but sunday an appeals court sided with the trump team allowing them to be at the polls. democrats say the order was needed to prevent harassment and intimidation at the polls on tuesday. and tomorrow many americans will head to the polls to cast their ballots for the next president and many other races
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to know today. will ejek -- ujek joins us live and a lot of people have already cast their ballots. >> reporter: 36 states allow people to vote early without an accuse, cues. you show up. it's not the same polling place in cayuga county. it's the cayuga county board of elections people can vote early and show up and today they can do so 8 to 2 p.m. now some people are hoping to avoid long lines on election day and for a little bit of a surprise because across the countr early voting. experts predict 30 to 40% is from early voters but secretary of state here says absentee vote something down where there's been a 360,000 fewer absenteerequests. 8 to 2 do so but parking spots are reserved force those off euclid. for those off euclid. make sure to be registered on
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and you can look at a sample ballot to see what you will vote on. some of the most common mistakes a wearing clothes that endorse political candidates going to the wrong polling place and you can't do that. everyone should exercise their right to vote. >> good information will thank you. and supporters of both presidential candidates are taking to social media to share their support. check out our informal battle hillary clinton i am with her and donald trump make america great again this is not an official poll. you can see that trump is in the lead. but the numbers are constantly changing. these hash tags are being shared to show support. important to note they don't reflect whether the tweet is positive or negative about the candidate. >> we like to invite you to be part of the conversation and connect with us live during the newscast. we are introducing a new
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all you need is a phone and tablet or computer with a internext keck. brandon simmons shows you how toparticipate. >> reporter: here's how it works. we may ask you a question during the show like who won the first presidential debate. the question will automatically pop up on your smart phone or computer at the same time we ask. that's where you will simply pick an answer and watch live as we calculate the results at the bottom of the screen. at the end of the story we will show you who had the most votes on tv and it's that easy. keep your device handy throughout the entire newscast because when we are not asking you questions, there will be other information that is related to the story that's also on air. that's it again pull out the smart phone or tabp at that . let go to now and follow along. >> thanks brandon. we are going to kick off mega phone this morning with a simple question. did you take part in early voting? >> all right so you will start
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coming in and it's just that quick. again go to now and weigh in. and you will be anonymous. we will be sharing your answers throughout the morning right here on channel 3. time is 5:09. waiting hours at the polls. which ohio county is breaking records this election season. hi hollie. >> hi. good morning to you. i hope the weekend was great and restful and all of the above. weather was beautiful and we have into monday. 65 degrees. could be more like 66, 67, 68 again today. a gorgeous start to your week. but then there are things to talk about like rain on the the way, colder air, when it all plots out as far as election day and your weekend plans
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5:13 right now. an earthquake hit part of central oklahoma. >> maureen kyle joins because look at the damage it left by. oklahoma has earthquakes but this wouldn't size surprises many people. >> reporter: and the damage is surprising and that's what schools are actually closed today in curbing oklahoma -- cushing oklahoma. it's about 50 miles northeast of oklahoma city. you can see the damage. it hit 7:45 their time and could be felt as far away as iowa illinois and texas. it's one of the biggest oil hubs and as of right now they are saying the oil pipelines andterminals are intact. no injuries have been reported so far. but as we mentioned, lots of
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ku -- cushing. two people were hurt during an annual punkin chunkin event in delaware. air cannon was about to launch when the trap door where the pun. pumpkins are loaded separated. the door and other parts were blasted into the air striking a woman in the head and face and injuring another man of the both were taken to the hospital and are being treated for injuries. if you get tired and to get onto twitter around 1:30 this morning you may have noticed the site was not working because there was an outage. wikileaks reports also a cyber attack on its e-mail publication servers. twitter has not confirmed the outage or reason but wikileaks posted a message to facebook saying they are still under a dos attack and appears twitter is down too. as of right now twitter is back up and running. we will get more on this as we go throughout the day.
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lines on tuesday at the polls. check out what happened in hamilton county. there was a record turnout at the board of elections yesterday with a line of 1300 voters wrapped a quarter mile around the block. you can see them all lined up there. this beat the number of voters cincinnati saw on the same day back in 2012. thisth cincinnati enquirer says it took 2 hours and 50 minutes to get through the line but people weren't frustrated they say th dressing up pets-food trucks were making sure they were fed. it was a party. >> reporter: that's the way to do it. >> that's crazy. >> and no bengals game to sit through and they had the bye so there you go. >> reporter: the crowd just tailgateed at board of elections. there you go. >> not a bad idea. >> i love that. >> thanks mo. all right. 5:15 right now.
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>> right. a few minutes after 7. we will start to notice towards the end of the show that things will be brightening up a little bit and it's getting darker earlier but wasn't it nice to wind things down did you kneel like the kids kind of cozied up earlier. >> sure did. >> yep. >> my kids said we should turn the clock back every day. >> i know. >> i thought about it and it's not a bad idea. >> they are geniuss. it's amazing what the hour it is. hopefully you enjoyed that he can extra-- extra time. we will end up mile again today with highs expected in the 60s. tomorrow is election day. we have rain chances moving in late. there's colder air to talk about as we look ahead on our 7- day forecast. not today. 65 degrees at least we could be upper 60s again we hit 68 yesterday. and i think mid-60s is very
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today. it really is a perfect way to start off the week. we will spill yesterday into monday and a sunny beautiful stretch temperatures warming into the 50s by 9 and by 11 a.m. we are close to 60 degrees. that's above normal highs. and into the 60s this afternoon. it is seasonably cool as you wake up this monday. temperatures like i said 30s and 40s regionally and locally. so, some of you are in the mid to upper 30s. others are more low to mid-40s. will be fine because by later today with the mild sunny weather you are barely going to need the jacket. seriously, it's going to be very comfortable to be outdoors and it will be great for rears is and by midday temperatures will be close to 60. here's look at future view. this is 9:30 this morning. everything is clear and we are around 50 degrees and by 2:30 in the afternoon, we are showing off middle 60s and bright blue skies and sunshine and getting the kid from school today and it's going to be
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color and enjoy the day. because it is you know the time of year where we start to see a lot of fluctuations and over the next 7 we will notice that. tonight's clear and tomorrow early in the day and it's election day tuesday we are starting off totally dry. and much of the day will be dry. this is 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, we are seeing an increase in cloud cover. but the rain doesn't move in until about dinner time. and then it lock like we will continue with rain -- looks like we will continue most of your election day should be dry. and the rain chances late will be the only thing. no reason not to get out and vote. window nation 7-day forecast cooling into the 50s with small rain chances early wednesday. seasonal thursday and friday and then saturday behind the next front we could see a few lake-effect wet snow showers rain showers and then we are back in the 50s on sunday. 5:18 with a check of your
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great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. i hope you are having a great start to your monday. so far, in terms of the commute it's a quiet commute. no accidents no major delays smooth sailing so for those of you who take the state route 8 it looks great too. here's picture on 8 near the turnpike at boston heights. you can see it looks great. your drive times on 8 between 76 and 271, normal 17 minutes north and 17 john and lynna back to you. 5:19 right now. finding things to do in cleveland a new app created by local entrepreneurs is taking off. we will tell you about it after
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5:22. you may have noticed a trend stores skipping black friday and doing black november. >> many stores have decideded to forgo one day of sales for the month. surveys say consumers are eager to get shopping down with over 40% well underway with the christmas shopping. >> retail experts say shopping earlier in the month means skipping crowds and less stress and a better chance of the bigger bargins. there you go. >> is that true. >> do you feel like you overspent this past weekend or maybe missed out on something great? >> money man matt granite is here to show us the favorite free app that puts the best of northeast ohio at our finger tip. >> reporter: best free app ever. born and raised here in northeast ohio. like many of you watching right now. and this is a way to learn about your community in a whole new light saving you time and
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senior savings correspondent. thanks matt great delivery. in three steps three specialties promotions sake money and hook you up with awesome incentives you wouldn't know about locally number two reservations getting you into the best rest he rants clubs and experiences and tickets. the special event hand holding that so many of us need whether it's a bottle service or meggs e-- special event with a chef or it done. let's meet the creators. >> you should replace you know replace yelp and event bright because we have all three of those services all in one app and interface. >> it's free for consumers establishments pay us when we sent people in the door and they want as many people to use it. >> reporter: the list of establishments is growing from bottle service to vip treatment
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about a reservation kicks it up a few notches and puts the rewards in your pocket. if you want to check out wheedle it's available on the apoll store and lloyd's he-- it's local. local, local. >> love it. >> i love the senior savings guy i am glad you brought him on the staff. >> reporter: he is good cheep labor. >> all about >> nothing but the best. >> that's right. ready for a great day? we have another beauty a stunner. sunshine on the way. sun is up earlier and we have the time change over the weekend and it's going to be just like the picture blue skies and beautiful fall color and 60s for highs. mid to upper 60s again. we in the upper 60s yesterday. dry as can be. high pressure is hanging on but there is a system we are tracking that will bring rainy weather and i do think it will
5:26 am
election day forecast. i will tell you exactly when coming up but in the meantime, can we focus on how mild this map is today for november? 60s, 70s and i mean john and lynna this is common across the country. >> wow. >> look at the highs. it's unbelievable. >> fabulous. >> yeah. 5:26 right now. it's almost time to cast your ballot. what you need to know before heading off to the polls. >> and a google pixal preview. we are reviewing the newest
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we are hours from election day and we are getting an idea of where both hillary clinton and donald trump stand as they fight for the country's top job.
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wall street journal poll favors hilly clinton by 4 points but the numbers are down for clinton from a month ago and trending upward for donald trump. meantime, both are focusing on battleground states today making stops in pennsylvania and michigan and north carolina. trump is also hitting florida and new hampshire. both candidates can agree on one thing, they are calling on people to get out and vote. will. >> reporter: 36 states you can vote and experts he predict 30 to 40% of the end tally of casted ballots will be early voting. today you can vote here at the cayuga county board of elections 8 to 2 p.m. they have about 100 parking spaces reserved off euclid avenue marked with voter parking signs. just make sure to be ready for today or tomorrow if you are going on election day. you can go on the board of election website boe cuyahoga
5:31 am
will vote on in the different precincts. now back to you. all right. will, we have a new way for you to make sure that your voice is heard during our newscast. we are calling it mega phone and you can take part on your phone or your tablets. so today we ask did you take part in early voting. >> right now we are looking at up to the second voting and it's split right there. very even to weigh in and we will share your answers throughout the morning. >> all right. let's take a poll on hollie's weather forecast. >> it will get 100% today. and yesterday. but it's going change as the week continues. we will embrace monday first and it will include sunshine mid to upper 60s. nice and mild for this time of the year. and we hit 68 yesterday. so, comfortably cool and bright as can be through this morning the sun will be up earlier
5:32 am
midday and beyond low 6as the sun sets a few minutes after 5. and as we get a look at what's happening right now as far as temperatures it's mainly 40s a few mid to upper 30s but this is typical stuff with clear skies we expect temperatures to drop off. and they are clear as can be. that's going to translate into a lot of sunshine as we get through the morning and it's clear through the entire day. tracking some rain though and we will see how obviously. danielle will keep an eye on that but no wet roads today. we want to help people get to the polls. so i will be here tomorrow morning doing your traffic. this morning we started in summit county because i want to prepare you for a road closure east bargees will close between main and broadway through next september due to construction. the detour is involving main street and east exchange street
5:33 am
downtown akron. i am tweeting this at dani wkyc other than that no accidents reported and normal driem drive times throughout the region. don't forget when you hit the roads tune into our partners at wtam1100 total traffic. they will have updates for you every ten minutes. john back to you. >> thank you. updating the breaking news that we have been following all morning a stand off underway in rocky river involving a suspect in a shotting -- shooting that happened in lorain. lorain police chased suspect in rocky river and is in back of a car. the negotiator and s.w.a.t. teams from multiple cities are there on scene. neighbors have been evacuated. they believe the man has a gun and we will keep you post on there and maureen. >> reporter: thanks. we are following breaking news this morning on the morning news feed a former attorney general janet reno has died. reno was the first female attorney general of the united
5:34 am
clinton's administration. she passed away from complications related to parkinson's disease. janet reno was 78 years old. accused ohio serial killer shawn grate sits in jail two items signed by grate have gone on sale on a controversial website. a florida based seller of so- called murder abill yeah is the seller. how they were signed after the arrest is now under investigation. grate is indicted for the murders of and rape of another person who survived and is linked to the murders of three more women back in 2005. a stolen car leads to a dangerous high-speed chase and crash in los angeles overnight. police saw mercedes spending around 8 and the driver wases toably armed with a handgun. helicopter footage you can see here shows the driver nearly colliding with several other cars and speeding through highways and side streets. the chase comes to an end when the driver slams into a
5:35 am
anyone including the driver was hurt. if you are headed to disney look to the skies. you just might see drones. the parks now have permission from the faa in florida and california to allow drones day and night. the waiver is good for four years but can be canceled at any time. disney asked for permission to fly drones for entertainment purpose and the reason why this is significant is because disney parks became a no-fly zone after 9/11 and that's long they have been not having aircraft overhead and drones just in case you worry about your safety must be 100 feet away from guests at all times. . >> i don't know. what if one of those fell and landed on top of someone. >> reporter: that will be where they revoke it. >> right. >> reporter: that's probably why they have that. >> and the big thing is they want to do it at fireworks shows so they want to fly it at night and you don't know. >> reporter: day and night. so. we will see how that works out. >> all right.
5:36 am
to get into the high end smart phone world with the new pixal. >> greg dee shows us how the camera could revolutionize cell phones and give the pixal a leg up on the competition. >> reporter: hi everyone. i am greg dee a special geek fix i like many others lost my note 7 an have been look at devices that replace the note 7 one of which perhe text timing by the way. the google pixal you might have heard about this phone it's a phone designed and google. it is basically the android equivalent of the i-phone and i said that -- iphone and i say that in a good way because they made it simple and easy and one of the stand out features is the camera. i went out testing this thing out and this is a picture from lakeview cemetery the grave marker was in full shadow and the sky fully lit with the sun this picksture is perfect. that's hdr. and the quality of the photos
5:37 am
test i saw in terms of image quality. night photos no problem. no optical image stabilization and it station amazingly he can posed night photos i took this last week at north coast. take a look at this. the other special feature, video stablation on the phone itself. -- stabilization on the phone itself. it stabilizes the video as you walk. there's the iphone 6 on th right. looks like you are holding a steady cam in your hand as you walk around the video. surprisingly sharp and surprisingly steady. an amazing feat there by google. the phone is available in two sizes 5 1/2 and 5 inch and it's going set you back at least 650 dollars. by the way get the 128 gig version if you can. and if you would like to get it from a carrier, you can get it from verizon only. that's what i've been testing.
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have a great day. into thank you. time is 5:38. after getting blown out again this time by dallas, hue jackson had nice words for you the browns fans. but how much longer are you sticking with him and the team?
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a:-- 5:40. we are down to the last 24 hours of campaigning. >> donald trump hits five states today to hillary clinton appears in two. tracie pott has a wrap of what we can expect today and what the polls are saying about each candidate and their chance now hi tracie. >> reporter: good morning. so let me start out with what you can expect. it may be good or bad news you won't see least not today but the candidates will be all over the battleground states with the running mates and with their care gits and -- care gits. -- surrogates all of them trying to make final arguments. >> reporter: 42 million votes in hillary clinton has a 4 point lead in the last nbc wall streetjournal poll and fbi says the e-mail review is over.
5:42 am
and many of those 650,000 e- myles duplicates. clinton didn't mention it in new hampshire but -- e males duplicates. clinton -- e-mails. didn't tension machines it in new sham sure. >> we will have some -- new hampshire. >> we will have some work to do we have to listen to one another and respecting one another. >> are we looking forward to like tuesday evening. >> reporter: donald trump clinton. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it the fbi knows it and the people the fbi they know it. i think it's very embarrassing to them. and now it's up to the american people to deliver the justice. >> reporter: president obama joins clinton in pennsylvania tonight. >> the most qualified person ever to run. >> reporter: the nbc poll shows
5:43 am
voters while trump leads men, seniors and whites without college degrees. on the final full day of campaigning before polls open tomorrow. and it's going to be a busy one they are not planning to stop through ohio but both candidates will be in pennsylvania they will be north carolina and in michigan and trump is making stops in new hampshire and starts out in florida today so he is all up and down the east coast and heat hitting the midwest too. >> we will a decisive win on either side. thanks so much tracie. 5:43 right now. >> look at you early risers. >> the rush is on. did we mix up the clocks. >> the the early bird catches the worm it's 5:43 not 6:43. >> correct. >> make sure you are all aware. i like it. we will jump-start the week. it's going to be a great
5:44 am
and we have got really mild weather on the way again. upper 60s yesterday. mid to upper 60s today. we are forecasting rain chances for our election day tuesday. i think it's going to hold off until later in the day. and then some cold air. some of the coldest we have seen on our 7-day forecast. i will show you. in the meantime, mid to upper 60s. there's nothing alarming about today's weather. it's going to be sun filled and all of northeast ohio in the 60s today. we should be 55 normally for the high this time t of the we will get there and see some fluctuations through the week. beautiful clear skies to sunny skies is the plan for today. i would go with a couple layers because it's going to warm up enough maybe a sweatshirt if anything is what you will need later today. cool, seasonal, 30s, 40s all across the region. and locally. that's what we are waking up to. most of you are in the 40s a few 30s inland. that's where we should be. we have sunshine on the way and
5:45 am
weather where you have the cool start and crisp feel and you warm it up just right into the afternoon. on future view watch and you are not going to see anything change behind me today other than the numbers. skies totally clear three this afternoon mid-60s. upper 60s will be doable again today. totallally clear tonight and sun -- totally clear tonight and sun goes down and we wi upper 30s inland. but tomorrow, that's where we start to see cloud cover increase. now, it is dry all tomorrow morning and through much of the afternoon. even at 4:00 tomorrow, we start to see shower chances west. most of us are just partly to mostly cloudy skies otherwise. it's more 5, 6, 7 and beyond we have the rain showers moving through. and as fast as they come they go. they will be out of here by early wednesday.
5:46 am
otherwise, then the next system is the one i think more of you will be talking about with the colder air getting into the weekend. here's window nation 7-day forecast. 60s next couple days. most of your voting for tomorrow is going to be dry and weather won't be a worry. and then we are 50s and we are seasonal through middle of the week. friday shower chances moving in and behind that front, we will see highs in the 40s on saturday. and maybe a few lake-effect rain or even wet we are back in the 350s is the good news. doggone weather time and look at cutie pies we have huge fans of our channel 3 morning today show. and chester and tipie. chester is a 10-year-old could be pooh. -- could ba pooh.
5:47 am
5. so danielle will share. we are not seeing any accidents. we are green on the the traffic map a little slow traffic as you can see well just cleared up. 71 north near 94 and as you are trying to get to cuyahoga county. actually summit county from medina county but 71 at 271 you see everyone getting by just fine and that drive time between 71 and route 8, 17 minutes headed north. 18 minutes headed south. we have normal drive john back to you. >> thank you. sunday night football falling colin kaepernick's lead of taking a knee during the national anthem a change of heart from the broncos brandon marshal -- marshall who stood saying he is seeing progress and will stand for the rest of the season. during the protest marshall donated money for every tackle he makes to organization that is work with children and he's been working with the denver police department.
5:48 am
30-20. now that's being considered making progress. you can't say that about the browns. the only progress i saw yesterday was that the banners in the dog pound section were in the right order this time. here's hue jackson's message to the fans after a 0-9 start. >> i think our fans they are outstanding and i can't help but thank them for supporting a team that's not playing well the dog pound and our fans have been outstng give them something to keep coming for and we have to do that better. and we will. >> it's too bad having outstanding fans doesn't count in the standing but zero wins and 9 losses. a defense that has given up 30 plus points to 6 tams they can't cover anyone. browns are losing by an average of double digit a game and if it was not for a couple late touchdowns and loss that is number would be higher. i watched the game yesterday.
5:49 am
job. but talk at the hockey rink i heard things like well, i gave him 15 minutes. it was too nice out i didn't watch a down. john you watching the full game? yes. i feel i have to. i do love the nfl. how much more are you willing to invest in the team? the almighty sports dollar can only go so far and you have a cavs team what will compete for another championship and indians team we cheered to the world series and hue jackson says tweet me your thoughts at john wkyc i started a twitter poll and your almighty dollar in the next year which team will you spend more money and time on browns, indians or cavs. >> yeah. >> is it brownstown? >> i don't know. i am sad to admit that for the first time in a long time i didn't have the game on. i mean i usually have it on. even if i am doing laundry i will have the game on but yesterday, not at all.
5:50 am
you. >> thank you. >> it will be in. >> the privilege is sitting next to you. >> my report at by 8 coming up, it's ways to save good morning matt. >> reporter: good mong lynna and good-bye hackers. i have your 100% full proof solution to keep you safe all holiday season long.
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5:53. credit card theft is on the rise across the community. >> today we protect your family before the rush. good timing here. >> >> reporter: and i've been asked not to do the the demo ishowcased last year. >> why? >> reporter: apparently i showed a little bit too much how easy it was to steal someone's credit card number. so those of you watching last year hollie sat within 20 feet of me and i performed a illegal scanner off ebay and stole her credit card number on the spot and went shopping with it. >> 10,000 dollars later you got in trouble. >> reporter: yeah i did. here's thing i don't need to
5:54 am
replicate radio frequency id theft anybody can buy a scearn and you are 100% full proof solution is putting a blocker in the wallet it's not a envelope that tears or knock offs this is the scan guard that sandwiches the credit cards and creates a barrier. we will hear from a victim the new chip credit card is just as susceptible and your number can be stolen from up to 30 feet away. someone doesn't need to brush up against you. you can be someone is walking around with a scanner grabbing the credit card numbers it's on the rise. but rifd blockers offer 100% protection while you shop. best deal in the country where i found a 4 pack that means you can use them in a purse or handbag or pocket give it to a friend or family member. 18 bucks gets you 4 with free shipping and let's hear from local mom with the message to share. >> hey matt a few years ago i was doing christmas shopping and got up to the register and
5:55 am
frauded. it was horrible. last year i bought the scanner guard and i had no problems whatsoever. i told a few friends about it. but couple didn't listen to me and what happened to them they got frauded. i love it and bought enough for all my handbags and wallets and this is always with me when i have a credit card. works like a charm. >> reporter: so why wouldn't you? obviously scanner guard is not paying me to talk about them but if you want to stay protected put it in the wallet this holiday shopping season. th and there's competing brands that are overseas and we were able to break the barrier on them. these are the ones that i thought did a little better. simply slide them in. >> thank you. >> hollie ordered 7. >> she did. 5:55. top stories are straight ahead. >> check in with tiffany. with hours until election day hillary clinton and donald trump are working to sway the undecided voters.
5:56 am
where their focus is today. will. >> reporter: tiffany we willmake sure you have everything you need to vote today or tomorrow as early vote something underway. look at early voting numbers and what they are telling us as well. >> reporter: thanks another body has been found on the same south carolina property where a woman was found chained in a crate. we are going update you on what police are saying this morning. john. >> all right maureen. this or that. we kick it off with a question for new drivers should you learn to drive danielle. thank you coming up at 6:01 i will let you know where to expect delays in independence today hollie. >> thanks. checking out a beautiful forecast on the way. we have got clear skies and it's cool right now. we will end up nice and mild. lots of sunshine and 65 or so. 55 normal highs 40 normal low. we will be well above that 55 degrees today. sun is up at 7:07.
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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. >> right now at 6 it's the final push before election day. what's ahead for hillary clinton and donald trump. will. >> reporter: thank you. ki you need before casting your ballot as well as a look at early voting and what the numbers are telling us lynna. >> all right will. and controversial trailblazer. remembering janet reno the first female u.s. attorney general. hollie. thanks so much and hope you are ready for another amazing day. it helps on a monday and what a gorgeous end to the weekend. it was yesterday upper 60s beautiful sunshine and, of course, the time change and we gain that hour and today we


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