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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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election day. the lights are on at the -- the polls are getting ready to open. coming up what you cannot do as you cast your ballot. there was a lot of scrutiny and microscopist and put on security at the polling locations. coming up we see what local and federal governments are doing to make sure every vote gets counted. it tuesday. as you wake up the weather is dry and seasonally cool and we're going to end up seeing sunshine at least this morning before clouds increase. as you are going to the polls if you want to avoid the wet weather, earlier will be better. partly to both the cloudy skies and dry at noon.
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temperatures top out in the mid- 60s. we are dry as can be but what we are tracking is this cold front two hour west. we have plenty of time before those showers arrive. 8:30 this morning clear skies. this afternoon 1:30 today we see overcast skies but not much rain yet. that changes this evening look at 6:30. coming down. you will be the umbrella. the polls open in a one hour i believe. 6:30. here is the traffic map right now. all clear one accident on east said -- east side e. 82nd st.
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use caution. i know that for many people you've gone back and forth. you thought about what to do. >> i'm not a politician. i only special interest is you. >> i believe that america toughest best days are still ahead of us. if we reach for them together. >> this is it. good luck. get out there. i did my thing. i worked. >> election day is here in the polls open in about 90 minutes from now. >> tiffany tarpley joins us from the west side. nationwide 23 million people voted early.
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people who voted early. in cuyahoga county overall early voting numbers are actually down compared to four years ago but you can see it looks different than 30 minutes ago. the lights are on and volunteers are here getting ready because polls open statewide at 6:30. you need a valid statement it's also important to note your employer cannot fire you if you take a reasonable amount of time to cast your vote also if you make a mistake on your ballot let a poll worker no and they will give you a new one. if for some reason your eligibility is challenged, ask to file a provisional ballot board of elections will determine if it is valid.
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inside gunning recreation center it's also -- pulls close tonight at 7:30. if you're in line before then at that time, you can still vote. i'm going to talk about security down because amidst a polarizing campaign, the were some co harassment and things of that nature. on friday a judge issued an order banning anyone from harassing voters. it was overturned over the weekend saying i like a lot already covers it. it was an take delivery supreme court which refute request but the justice department says cuyahoga county will be one of 67 jurisdictions monitored for possible civil rights violations. they are dispatching 500 staffers to monitor voting in
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and stop voter suppression due to discrimination or improper barriers. election officials also are taking steps to be prepared and have deputies and police department standing by to polling places. the voters if -- if voters feel unsafe or her best they should find a poor board of elections neck of a problem or have a question you can contact us. use the #verify votes or send us an email at verify at if you need help getting to
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and rock the boat are offering free lyft rights to ohio residents. you can text go vote to 73179 731794 you're right. just register for the lyft at and get free rides. the super pac funding is doing the rides hopes they can assist voters to exercise the sacred and civic duty. there are major school tax is the cleveland levee from a few years back to continue the transportation plan. issue 107 for various it is a bond issue to renovate buildings. 118 is a renewal in parma. it faces a multimillion dollar deficit over the next two years and this keeps them from getting deeper into the red. issue 40 is renewal for cuyahoga falls and issue 5 in the riverside school rehab and
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there's a lot to take in. a wireless several other big races on the ballot including a key senate race and congressional seats >> maureen kyle is covering those races and joins us now. >> reporter: will keep our eyes on all of these. one of the big races we will watch is rob portman versus former governor ted strickland. both running for the senate seat. incumbent republican rob portman has been leading the polls in ohio 53% to ck ready 5%. if you like this a his second six-year term. we're also watching the 11th district congressional race between incumbent marcia fudge and challenger everly goldstein. goldstein is from beachwood and a member of the republican jewish commission. fudge was in the national spotlight during the rnc
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she had her moments. goldstein has had over 40 years and healthcare experience and focused her campaign on finding people jobs. also agrees with the 14th district between incumbent david joyce and michael weinman. joyce's polling had with 33% to wagner 33% will keep an eye on those races and bring you all of the election results as they come in tonight. if there is one thing republicans and democrats agree on it is this election is stressing them out. >> how are you feeling? our megaphone we are asking you how stressed are you as you go to the polls you can watch the votes come in live on the bottom of your screen. american psychological institute found 50% of us adults say this election is a very or somewhat significant source of stress.
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social media is causing them stress and a higher percentage of republicans over democrats surveyed are stressed out. >> this one is particularly divisive and we are right now our country is polarized politically in ways seem more fractured the knife experienced before. >> the apa has this advice on managing election day stress. take a digital break. region of then take time for yourself. go for a walk or spend time with friends. maintain perspective. our three branches of government means we can expect a significant degree of stability after the election. and go vote. they can keep you from feeling helpless over the stress. if five is very stressed we're at a 4.
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stay out and grab some freebies on this election day. krispy kreme is offering a free donut for showing your i voted sticker. 7-eleven will give you a free cup of coffee when you download the app and bob evans is offering 30% off your order for those dining and carry out for showing the coupon. that with a list of other deals is on our website tonight we have special election coverage. our coverage kicks off the polls close. merging schools in akron. when a new plan is not sitting well with many parents students and along -- alumni. a review of lg new phone. we are tracking dry weather to start you meet sunglasses and umbrellas walking out the
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mid-sixties and rain chances
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now with some other news topping headlines. federal prosecutors say an ohio
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columbus monday morning aaron daniels was charged with support of a foreign terrorist group. 20-year-old was on his way to libya when he was arrested at john glenn columbus international airport after a months long investigation. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. kent state for the player is in trouble facing kidnapping charges. record say nathan holley@kent state senior is charred with kidnapping in franklin township. he's out of jail on $50,000 bond he is back in court thursday. he has been suspended indefinitely from the football team. akin school district decision to merge can more and garfield high school are dividing the community. the school desert moved forward with the decision to merge and both communities are worried about keeping each school's history intact. district says students will be moved to can work current location and so far no decision on what the school new name would be.
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more plans are in place. one of the key things always on election day is the forecast. and how that could affect turnout. how do we look? >> there should be no excuses. much of the day will remain dry . this morning should be sun filled and increasing cloud cover this afternoon. eventually we are talking rain showers but more into the evening. but nothing from getting out. temperatures are 40s to 50s downtown. 54 right now at hopkins. many of you are getting a jump start on your day to get to the polls early. and yes dry through this morning. rain chances increase but not until late this afternoon.
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first it is election day tuesday. 64 is the high and that is mild. we hit 72 yesterday. over the next several hours you see the trend. sunshine to more cloud cover to eventually rain. if you're going at lunch we will still be dry. we're not expecting the rain to really move in until late afternoon and this evening. is a cold front to the west. showers are still far away close to chicago. they will push east to the day so let's put some timing on this. this is 9:30 this morning. mostly sunny skies. you need the sunglasses in the morning and the umbrella for later on. around dinnertime is when we have the best chance of seeing some of these showers.
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as we approach dinnertime this is when we see what weather and slowdowns. 5:30 showers from cleveland to akron and canton. it is late tomorrow rainfall as the cold front pushes through and they will continue through the evening into tonight and become more scattered and spotty overnight. as with a cup tomorrow morning we will have left over showers on the cooler breezy conditions into the day. and a lot of overcast skies otherwise. spotty showers showing up 7:30 tomorrow morning. let's look at the seven-day forecast. it is going to end up 50 tomorrow. a much cooler day. it's more seasonal as well. thursday is a great day upper 50s with sunshine friday dry weather through much of the day . friday night into saturday --
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about snowflakes. it looks like as a cold front pushes through late friday into saturday we could see cold air moving for the weekend and could have some lake effect rain and or white snow showers mixing it. those of the east especially friday night into saturday. at this point it does not look like it will be much. it's just a big talk about it especially in november. 50s back on sunday and sunshine next week. welcome to your tuesday. if you are hitting the gym this morning before you hit the polls right now the picture it 90 estate route 2 looks great.
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there are no big accidents or major delays for those of you committing the northern feeling area. to the south same picture all green. highway 77 and 76, 71 no problems. in the -- 5:30 i what you know about a permanent ramp closure starting this week in akron. if you lost your phone because of the samsung recall we have some potential replacements for you. a review of lg newest smart
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welcome back. lg is introducing its newest smart phone and time for customers looking to replace the samsung note 7.
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a special edition of the geek fix. looking for replacements for my note 7 the second point i've tested the lg the 20. this thing is a monster. 5.7 inch screen. all metal removable battery and expandable storage. something the google pixel which i already viewed is not half. anything it has which makes it unique is a second screen above a small strip of the actual main large-screen allows you to control music and maybe silence the phone turn on wi-fi launch the camera. or launch your favorite apps without unlocking the phone. i found this actually saved some battery power as i was unlocking the phone fewer times. another feature is 2 cameras on the back -- 2 lenses. a regular 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization takes great
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angle lens captures 103 5 degrees field of view. it's an eight megapixel camera but takes incredible pictures and i got some great use out of it on a trip i took out west. check out my instagram feed for those photographs. i prefer it on the back it's easier and quicker to use. might photographs no problem and if you're shooting video, for kate video with image stabilization and first phone to do this and does so with special microphones. available on all carriers and like the pixel it's expensive. $700 or more but worth it. reaganite both lost our note 7 he would the lg 20 and i went back to the samsung edge. >> everyone has their different
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she is the selfie queen in the studio because her camera is the best. >> they always use my camera. not yours. >> i don't let you use mine. >> and you can talk to her phone and say smile and it takes the picture. we are cool this morning as we leave for school and work. in the 50s through much 60s again today. some tight to start with a removing in later. forecast remains consistent tracking a cold front on the travel map. we are good as far as what weather until late afternoon and more so toward dinnertime. earlier is better if you want a rain free trip to the polls. election day coverage continues. what you need to
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time for the morning rush one hour until the polls open this election day and new polling shows a tight race in ohio. 48% to 47% with hillary clinton in the lead. we want to know who you think will win the election. go to /vote now we are asking do you think clinton
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or is the winner unclear? you can want your vote come in live on the bottom of your screen. we are inside the gunning recreation center on the west side. the poll workers are getting ready because polls open in about one hour. you can see this is where people will be voting this morning. we also want to let you know you might cell phone inside the polls. it's illegal to take photo or video in the polling place or show others how you voted but one recommendation is take a picture of the i voted sticker instead and post that with no selfie. most ban firearms from the building so watch out for that
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before election day your vote will still count you can still vote from the hospital but you must contact your board of elections to file a special absentee ballot by 3 pm today. we also want to let you know the polls close at 7:30 tonight. as long as you are in line by then, you will be able to vote. it promises to be a long and busy day at the board of elections in cuyahoga county. as you mentioned things will get going been made about voter intimidation and harassment and security. on friday a federal judge issued an order banning anyone from harassing voters. it was overturned over the weekend by court of appeal say ohio law already covers it. the request was taken to the supreme court which refused the request. but the us justice department says cuyahoga county will be one of 67 voting jurisdictions monitored throughout the day.
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28 states to help discourage and stop any voter suppression cousin discrimination or improper barriers. there has been so much focus on the presidential race that voters might not have had time to dig into other issues to vote on. in cleveland issue 32 is on the ballot proposed hike in the city income tax than 2.5%. if it passes frank jackson says it will pay for reforms to the cleveland police. about 80% of the income tax comes from people who live outside the city. 108 is a renewal of the big cleveland levee from a few years ago to renew and continue district transportation plan. voting yes will not raise taxes
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what she 107 it's a bond issued will the new high school and renovate other buildings 118 is a renewal in parma. district there faces multimillion dollar deficit over two years and this keeps them from getting even deeper into the red. issue 40 is a renewal for cuyahoga falls an issue 5 in riverside will be have an replace the ailing elementary schools. voters have to decide whether or not to pass 7.9 the levee to generate 96 my dollars to finish a classroom improvement project and if approved that for a $100,000 home coming up we take a closer look at the reasons for senate and other local offices. tonight we have special election coverage on and facebook with. it kicks off 7:30 as soon as the polls close. the forecast works out for the most part.
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evening many of you will probably go to the polls at that point so plan for and have your umbrella handy. temperatures are 40s and 50s as we wake up and dry. we will see sunshine for the first part of the day. the cold front is still out to the west and as it moves eastward our chances for rain will increase but i don't think that will happen until mid-to late afternoon. here is 9 am and mostly sunny. earlier today and this afternoon is better to vote. this evening it does get wet and we're planning on showers likely for 5 pm and beyond. there will be some slow downs and danielle will watch that. we look great in terms of
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a car hit a building so use caution as you travel that way. those of you who take 76 and get off at reflectors parkway today is the last day you can do that. starting tomorrow at 6 am that ramp will close permanently you have to use main street as the exit ramp instead. one has been arrested after the eight hour st people from their homes. the armed suspect was involved in a shooting in lorraine and ran from police. he is a rocky river or his car got stuck in a muddy backyard. they negotiate for hours with him before he surrendered. cedar point workers are writing the picket line. labor union voted to strike after talks with the company
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sandusky register reports striking workers include 76 full-time laborers and dozens of others including carpenters electricians, painters and plumbers. the park is closed in the off- season and straight shutdown construction of an addition underway at the hotel breakers. decision 2016 is almost underway. tracie potts has a live report from new york. the next vote for the college for plant committee is tonight and so about picking the best 4 teams in football. i think it's an easy answer of
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it's finally here. election day 2016. the candidates have made the final arguments. today voters have the final clinton headquarters in new york with how they ended the campaign and what to expect today. >> reporter: good morning. they begin the campaign and we began this together in cleveland a few months ago at the republican convention and here we are the end of the campaign is today. voters will have their say. this is the javits center. election night headquarters for
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on the stage behind me she will either deliver a concession speech or a victory speech. hillary clinton his home in new york after winning the first contest of the day. dick celeste new hampshire only handful of voters reported 4 for clinton and 2 for donald trump after midnight >> tomorrow night this election will and but i want you to understand our work together will be just beginning >> reporter: she wrapped her campaign in north carolina wi and with the obamas in philadelphia. >> let's show them there will be no question about the outcome of this election. >> i'm betting that tomorrow you will reject fear and you will choose hope. >> reporter: trump and mike pence ended the campaign with an early morning rally in michigan >> it is november 8. the day we make america great again.
5:42 am
republican since 1988 >> michigan now says it's a crossroads of history. if we win michigan, we will win this historic election. >> reporter: is also hoping for a win in new hampshire where polls are nearly deadlocked. >> new hampshire has never disappointed me. >> reporter: disappointed will come for one of these candidates today. and keep in mind this is day for new york it's a first time in seven years we see both candidates from the same city on election night. donald trump headquarters a few miles from here at the new york hilton. it creates a security situation for new york protecting both of these venues at the 1000 polling places just in new york city. nypd has thousands of officers out and at least one officer at
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concern about this being a fair election. donald trump is calling it a rigged system and computer not russia hacking the system. what is the government doing to make sure every vote is counted? >> the justice department has decided they are sending out 500 people all over the country many of them battleground states but not all of them to areas where in the past they have had issues with problems or intimidation will be monitoring directly to make sure that people can get in and cast votes. a live look inside one of the polling locations. gunning recreation center in cleveland. ogres have been at it and the actually open in about 45 minutes.
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through the day. it makes sense if you get in early because we have wet weather later. if you're going to go after work you might get a bit delayed. let's talk about it. a dry start and rain moving in later today. if you're voting over lunchtime you are still going to be dry. a few flakes on the seven-day forecast is the next thing to discuss but first things first. middle 60s for highs which is still mild today. sunshine to overcast skies to eventually rainy weather is still nice and mild. no complaining of how beautiful the weather has been. it was 72 yesterday at hopkins. nothing that sunshine to start the day. we quickly see the cloud cover move in early afternoon and by
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you are getting the kids after school three dinner is one i think the rain will start to move in. dry this morning and clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures are in the 40s for most of you and 50s closer to the lake shore. we have a cold front to the west and that's what will bring in the rain. showers are still in chicago and beyond. we will have some time to watch to track and future view shows all of this. it's a lot of overcast at 3 pm but mainly dry for most of you until about after 4 pm. and we see rain showers likely. here is 6 pm with the rain in downtown and south into akron. grab the umbrellas today. showers left over in the morning. a cooler breeze day tomorrow with highs in the low 50s. thursday is great and the next one to watch is the cold front
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snowflakes mixing in. but we warm backup for the end of the weekend. election day edition of doggone weather. this is winter. he's ready for the election and wants everyone to vote for more bones. >> i missing a tie. >> did he still your time? >> thank you for this you will love the commute now. we are green for those of you getting ready to go to the polling stations. no problems to the south and just be aware 76 in the wood town area there are lean restrictions so use caution. but no delays on 76 to the north we're looking good old green.
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cleveland last week after the indians fell to the cubs during game seven of the world series. nlb says the indians championship year will be destroyed. a losing team gear was donated to charity but major league baseball says it's to protect the team from inaccurate merchandising. indians missed out on the biggest trophy in baseball but the trophye expansion. terry francona is one of three finalists for the manager of the year and should be a lock other are jeff banister from texas and baltimore buck showalter. corey kluber is a finalist for the cy young award voting was done before the postseason and winners will be announced next week. another important vote tonight but only 12 votes count in this one. college football playoff committee will announce the top
5:48 am
be in. and they will probably put washington in the top 4. huskies are perfect 9-0. they are a good team and i like the quarterback a lot. jake browning. but in the scorched california ends scored 66. but the pack 12 is like watching a view game teams cannot play defense. the nonconference schedule includes wins over rutgers, idaho and portland state. the buckeyes deserve to ohio state's resume is better than washington even with a loss. the loss was at ranked penn state who is improving every week and the buckeyes also have road wins at oklahoma and wisconsin and just beat nebraska i 59. i will admit i love the big ten. i grew up loving the big ten. but ohio state looks better than washington. all of this does not matter at this point because if the
5:49 am
but if the it's the purpose of the vote is to pick the 4 best teams in college football right now, the buckeyes should be in over washington. let me know your thoughts. i also the buckeyes are the one team that can be alabama. steph curry was red-hot against the pelicans hitting 13 three-pointers 13 of 17. and then he showed this swagger. 46nt the record five wins, 2 losses. the 6-0 cavaliers host hawks tonight at the q. coming up is ways to save.
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freebies and also going to bring you another early door buster made entirely out of
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within the 20 minutes on my phone miss these a black friday prices. >> you cannot beat these deals. i'm getting them all now. >> did me a break. >> i have been that twice. can get all of your black friday door busters early. we will of the retailers ruin thanksgiving. today election day freebies. and what i will focus on is other black friday door buster. i've combined both. yes you can get free coffee and save three dollars. what if you could save $130?
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engineering marvel. this is not a bluetooth speaker . this is a stereo carved out of bamboo built to compete with the bose products. i'm going to play something with a bit of election theme. >> [ music ] >> amazing. >> this should be our new theme song. >> that is very rich. >> the sound was so powerful knocked the clicker off of the desk. from the vibration. this is built like you will not believe. my favorite go today and i will be this price by a long shot but it's very well rated. the bamboo amplifies many of the acoustic features. this is a bose killer and accounted for
5:55 am and a free cup of coffee on the election day freebies less. but one thing i would look at is this. >> it has a sharp look as well. >> not a paid product. >> in its powerful. either that or we are haunted. happy election day. the top stories coming up. waiting for. we let you know what you don't before you go to the polls. security at the polls -- with a local and federal governments are doing to make sure bar discrimination and harassment does not happen on election day. there are senate and congressional seats up for grabs as well.
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healthier choices when you fill your plate this thanksgiving. deals specials and freebies. traffic is moving smoothly. 90 at the heart road and rocky river. drivetimes coming up. the election day forecast is dry now and will be for much of the day.
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after the day we are about unity. two years of campaign ads and insults come to an voters go to the polls. we have tink average. -- team coverage. the polls open in about 30 minutes. we are inside gunning recreation center as workers get ready. what you don't -- what you need to know before you cast your ballot. security has come under the microscope in the local and federal government are doing -- taking steps to prevent voter harassment. hit his 6 am on election


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