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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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seconds away.
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this is channel 3 news at 11:00. >> her disappearance caused him more trouble than anything else. >> a frantic search for a lakewood woman missing since last month and with the help of a translator tonight, her ex-husband is speaking out. >> that exclusive story in just a moment but first we're following breaking news. a series of anti-trump protests seven of the country's largest cities. >> this on a day when the major player in the election called for unity. >> we might be up to nine. these are four of the cities where we are seeing thousands of protesters, from new york, oakland and chicago. this is just 24 hours after the final votes were cast. we're going to take you to all of these cities in just a moment but we want to set up our coverage with what donald trump
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working with all people in his speech 20 hours ago. watch. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people . [ cheers and applause ] >> that was donald trump in new york. this is cleveland just a few hours ago. protesters marching from cleveland state down near public square, disrupting traffic. that was really the worst we saw of it. and in this also some mentions of "black lives matter". obviously, in these cities, centers like cleveland, clinton overperformed trump. not surprising to see this unfolding here as opposed to smaller towns. channel 3 news spoke to one of the protesters as to why she felt to march tonight. >> i am the daughter of an illegal immigrant. i am poor. it affects me so much so i can't
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president. >> let's take you to new york city where they gathered in the light rain. they marched 2 miles to congregate in front of trump tower. heavy security because he was reportedly upstairs. he began assembling his team and cabinet members. let's head closer here to cleveland in chicago where they marched for many hours. also trump tower. yes, there is one there. many young and minute oerts. they say they are angered by these election results. things are quieting in the central time zone but this is seattle. we saw protests emerge in porter land and oakland and seattle. part of the big story last night
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clinton as compared to obama in 2012 so to kind of put a finer point on this, we have a number of cities where there seems to be activity but reports there there is no violence, no violence connected to this. a lot to chew on. the story has changed a lot in 24 hours and one of the other stories, these are folks kind of taking to the streets to show their anger. there was a lot of concern in one of the story lines as we were on the air is concerns about we thought the dow jones was going to drop 800 points. as it turns out it ended up 250 points so a lot of moving parts even in this late hour. >> a couple next did special reports this morning expecting the markets to go way up. they did not. >> cyst, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> speaker of the house called trump's victory the most incredible political feat he has seen hz lifetime. a short time later, hillary
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it was an emotional thank you to her staff and supporters and the message "i'm not giving up." >> and to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. >> following clinton's speech, president obama spoke saying while he disagreed with trump on for the president-elect's success. >> we all want what's best for this country. that's what i heard in mr. trump's remarks last night. that's what i heard when i spoke to him directly. and i was heartened by that. >> and president obama is preparing for a big day at the white house tomorrow. president-elect trump was invited to meet with president
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our cleveland cavaliers are following up on that promised visit to the white house tomorrow afternoon. >> and this is also what's happening, the fbi is turning up the heat tonight on the investigation into the lakewood mother who disappeared on october 16th. >> police arrested her ex-husband, questioned him, but have now released him. he spoke exclusively to our dawn kendrick who is live now with that conversation. >>reporter: hi. he spent 6 days in jail when ex-wife went missing and now he is out and speaking out. on the lay he last saw the mother of his child, just 1 day before they were due in court. >> 24-year-old roaa, al, dhannoon, and the fbi and police are asking for your help. >> we don't know where she is. we don't know if she left to go somewhere and has taken off. we don't know if she's met some
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mother raising a three-year-old boy here, never showed up for her shift, extremely unusual. >> the restaurant she would say was a vacation for her. that she had problems at home. >>reporter: her ex-husband was the last to see her. >> she came to him sunday and she dropped his son at his house, and that was the last time he saw her. >>reporter: the two were due in court protection order violation. he believes she concocted it and believes she is alive and possibly out of the country. >> ever since they have been separated she has been into that, you know, party lifestyle so it could be anything. it could be drugs. >>reporter: police arrested him for violating his protection order, questioned him and released him. he has not been named as a suspect. >> he said that he wants her to
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because she caused him a lot of trouble by her disappearing. >>reporter: why we asked is he hoping she is safe? >> mostly her son and because, you know, of all the cases that she stacked up against him. he would basically say come back and help him because he's in big trouble and his son is in big trouble. >>reporter: the fbi is offering a reward for anyone who can help unravel this one and bring the mother of a i'm dawn kendrick, outside fbi headquarters, channel 3 news. >> let's hope we get some new information. >> sam bad news for air auto workers tonight. gm said it will suspend the third shift in lansing, michigan and lordstown. 2000 workers could be affected. we went to find out why this is happening. >>reporter: they call it the home of the chevy cruz and why
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this plant is so integral to the community in lordstown but it's a tale of two homes. additional cruzes had to be shipped from next could he but today we are talking about idling third shift. >> my husband is affected by this because he's third shift. >>reporter: is your job affected by this? a popular question in lordstown today. >> the people just hired are >>reporter: at one time this cruz a hot commodity. gm says the tide has turned against the cruz. they tell me they had to get in line and adjust. we wanted to see what auto workers think about the announcement today. gm is completely clear about what this is they had to say, it's a decision they had to make based on market conditions. it's not about the election but clearly the union was supporting
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worry how the auto industry will do under a trump administration. >> trump in one of his speeches said that the united auto worker, the american auto worker makes too much money. that's an attack on the middle class and it's just, the auto workers are breaking into the middle class. >>reporter: now, while demand nor the chevy cruz is down, we're told there will be a $900 million investment in other types of cars, particularly suvs so three plants across america are going to get some of that one of them is right here in ohio. russ and sarah. >> and coming up tonight, safety on the roads. we'll tell you about the program designed to help families making the difficult decision of when a senior should stop driving. >> plus, undo a mistake that featured to get back an e-mail after you hit "send." >> plus getting ready for prime time, browns cody kessler talks about the match-up tomorrow against the ravens.
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ohio for the day thursday. it's going to be a little breezy but as we look ahead to friday and the weekend, there are changes afoot. i will have the latest on what to expect, next. >> channel 3 news at eleven is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again
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out on the dance floor and bodies flying. >> it has been 3 months since police say a 74-year-old woman hit the gas instead of the brake and sped onto a crowded dance floor at a parma heights community concert. eight were hurt, two have since died. it's a tragedy bringing to life the issue of senior drivers and safety. >> are you concerned about a parent or a loved one? we'd love it if you would log onto to our conversation happening right now. >> we have information about how to delicately handle this emotional issue. >>reporter: hi, in 2012 there were 36 million senior drivers on the road. while driving helps older adults remain independent, fatal crash rates increase with age. that's according to the insurance institute for highway safety. it's a touchy subject affecting millions of families but there's help and a better way to face this life-altering decision.
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things i've ever done. >>reporter: stacey brown is talking about the painful decision to take the keys away from her 77-year-old father who was increasingly confused behind the wheel. 1 day he got into an accident. >> by the grace of god he was okay and didn't hurt anyone else. >>reporter: matt has seen the worst. as a high state trooper he had to deliver too many death notices to families of senior drivers. >> always i thought someday i would like to be in a position to do something more tragedies from happening in the first place. >>reporter: he did just that. post-retirement he founded a company keeping us safe, its sole purpose helping drivers and families through this difficult transition. >> it is a three-hour, one on one individualized session with the older driver that takes place between one of our driving professionals. >>reporter: it's done in the comfort of the older driver's home.
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lengthy learning conversation. then a ride-along with a senior driver. >> the hole fashion by the way is set up to err in the older driver's favor. there's no trickery here. earlier in the session we will ask the person where do you typically drive to, mr. jones? what is not uncommon is for the older driver to get confused during that route. a memory is extremely important in the older driver's safety and a lot of will surface here. >>reporter: these two turned to him a few weeks ago. >> you go someplace and all of a sudden you say how do i get home? >>reporter: married for more than 60 years they got pressure to take away his keys. >> they pressured me to get him to stop, too, and i said i'm not going to be the one to take his keys away. it's got to be somebody else.
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driver to make the decision on their own. >> he said you don't check out too well. >> matt said he shouldn't drive. he would listen to him so that was a good thing. i mean, it took the responsibility off of my shoulders. >> i said, you know, it's time. >>reporter: a decision lou made on his own with a little help preserving his dty >> if he's not driving, then he's much better. he's safer. he will live longer. >>reporter: in ohio, the only requirement for license renewal is a vision exam at the bmv every 4 years. you can notify the bmv if you think someone is an unsafe driver. if accepted, the bmv sends a letter to that driver requiring them to submit a medical statement or a driver's exam within the next 30 days, but no
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list of resources and programs to help. you'll find them on and the key is having those discussions early rather than waiting until it's too late. sarah. >> absolutely. and i think we saw tonight a lot of people face this very issue. thanks. >> have you ever hit "send" on an e-mail and regret what you did? oops! google is rolling out an update to its gmail mobile app for users. it features a new undue send bend that will help you take back the mistakes. you will have the option to take back the e-mail 5 seconds after it's been sent and fix the errors. it's the biggest overhaul of the gmail app in nearly 4 years. >> it will come in handy for a lot of folks, i think. >> i think so. that 5 seconds might not be quite long enough. >> that's another five-second rule.
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>> right. >> i'll tell you what, there's no five-second rule as far as the weather goes. it's a five-minute rule because it's going to change anyway. here's a look at how tomorrow is shaping up. i put the sun rise and sunset times on here because we are facing sun glare at this time of the year. 7:10 in the morning is our sunrise time so eastbound drivers will have to deal with the glare and 5:10 just as you get out of work and head home you have to deal with the glare. we h area. high thin clouds off to the north. all of this will precede a cold front that will move through early friday. that will drive colder air in. that will trigger lake effect and most of that will come in the form of rain showers but again with this setup we can't rule out completely some snow chances in there as well. hour-by-hour through your forecast, morning temperatures in the 30s to right around 40s. midday temperatures likely to be
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sun will still be shining and even into the afternoon and evening we're still sitting in the upper 50s. i think we will peak at about 60 degrees in cleveland. 55 in canton and 56 dover at 3:30 in the afternoon. once we get into the evening we will start to see things calming down a little bit as far as temperatures but note the winds are still very brisk and temperatures tomorrow night will be held up several degrees more so we will be in the0s tonight. tomorrow night we're likely to stay in the 40s as we get into the midnight hour. here come the clouds. friday morning 5:00 a.m., northwest winds. note that shift in direction. that's key. that is the leading edge of the cooler air that will trigger the lake effect and through the day on friday i think our morning temperature will be right around 50 and we will drop back into the upper 40s for a good part of the afternoon. note the rain showers coming down. it's not until late afternoon
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i know our forecast model says no clouds, no showers, but remember, we still have wind coming across the lake and it's cold so i think friday night if you're out for any of the football games or just heading out on the town, you will have to contend with hit or miss rain showers that could at times mix with snow and even out to the east on some of the ridgetops in the heart of the snowbelt we could end up seeing that change over to snow. sunny skies for a good part of the day tomorrow and i d the southwesterly winds will be notable through the day. gusteest in the afternoon. we do have some folks that are still out and about on the lake. that small craft advisory will be likely tomorrow. three to six-footers expected so it's definitely going to be a little bit bumpy out there. your window nation forecast has 61 for the high tomorrow. the temperature drop coming
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rebound slowly but surely and next week we start things off
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and now, the window nation sports report. >> hi, everyone. browns and ravens tomorrow night. thursday night football as the browns get their one prime time game. if they lose tro would be the first time they ever start a season 0-10 so will they win a game? that is what most of the fans in cleveland are wondering and the ravens are favored by 10 points. cody kessler will make his start, 0-6. at some point he needs to deliver a victory. hue jackson wants to see the ball go down the field. we agree. cody kessler wants to put a complete game together.
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opportunity to go out and prove ourselves and show how much work we put in but i'm excited. doesn't matter what day of the week it is, i'm excited. >> we're excited the game is right here on channel 3 tomorrow night. 7:30 to eight channel 3 news and then 8:00 o'clock browns and ravens coverage kick yauch at 8:25. next week the indians have a chance hardware. on tuesday terry francona could be manage he recall of the year. he should be and within owns corey kluber could land the cy young. land land has an american league geeld glove, just 12 errors in 155 games, the first indians player since grady sizemore in
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already an all-star, francisco lindor turns 23 next week. always a smile. amazing defense. this will not be his last gold glove i'll tell you that. today is the first day of the 2016 season, we are dealing with a cavs loss. atlanta beat them at the q last night. cavs still 6-1 and tied for the best record in the nba. look at the schedule coming up. tomorrow at the white house as sarah and russ were talking about earlier, donald be heading over there. friday at the wizards, sunday hornets. back to the road this coming sunday for buckeyes. they are favored by 28-and-a-half points. they took it to nebraska in prime tame last saturday. they beat the corn huskers 62-3 to move 8-1 on the season.
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needs to be, they are five in the football rankings and they play michigan. penn state loss shouldn't be a factor, they bounced back but there's still work to do. >> there's a steady climb. we were climbing very good early in the season. we plateaued and we have to jumpstart again. players have to do a better job and coaches, and they did. >> akron hosting bng a short run for the zips, make it 14-10. they would trail 28-10 but with 10:48 left in the game goodman, 64 yards, the 2-point conversion is good and that would tie the game up at 28 all. and that is where we stand right now in the fourth quarter.
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>> thank you.
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. nice day tomorrow and things change. >> yeah, i think on friday. it will be one of those cool, kind of damp days. football weather for sure on friday.
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>> have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news. take it with you wherever you go. text wkyc to 3543 now to download our free apps. the bus stop forecast is sponsored by liberty ford. safe time and money at liberty
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- eddie redmayne -- lily collins --
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 567, toledo! yeah! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hi! welcome! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to the "tonight show," everybody. welcome. this is it! you made it! you're here! [ cheers and applause ] i'm your host, jimmy fallon. here's what people are talking about.


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