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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they start yelling. >> the last one. >> and after the meeting president oee lect trump headed to capitol hill and met with paul ryan. and they -- elect trump headed to capitol hill and met with paul ryan and discussed the agenda they hoped to pass once trump is sworn. >> and tom beres is looking at five things the presidency could mean to your life and your wallet. >> reporter: his goal is really short on boot op line details but once he gets -- bottom line details but once he team up and running he wants to make significant changes that could impact your wallet and bank account. item one minimum wage worker trump said whoa like to raise the federal minimum wage from 7.25 to $10 an hour. that could be good news for ohio minimum wage workers now making 8.10 number two, he he promising to remake the tax code increasing standard deductions and capping itemized deductions and leaving the mortgage interest deduction
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taxes across the board biggest cuts to the rich and some groups including single parents would see taxes go up. number 3, to help college students struggle with big debt trump want to cap loan repayments at 12 1/5% if you paid 15 years he would forgive remaining debt and has no plans to make college more affordable. number 4, trump's druthers on paid family and medical leave guaranteeing 6 weeks paid maturnitav a week no relief for fathers adoptive parents or caregivers for sick or elderly. proposing changes in letting working parents deduct child care expenses for up to 4 children or elderly depend hents. he wants to start -- dependents -- dependents wants to start saving accounts for dependent care it's an idea of changes he he wants that could be a -- that he wants that couldbe a big help or hit to the pocketbook. >> a bold jobs plan might put
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comes to your health care and senior health correspondent monica robins has a look at what you need to know regarding your coverage. >> reporter: experts say don't expect the entire law to go away. there are about 400 parts to to it and some actually have bipartisan agreement. such as mandating insurance companies cover preventive care like mammograms. prohibiting insurance companies from dropping your coverage if you get sick denying you coverage for preexisting condition can or billing you to annual or lifetime care caps. it's doubtful obam willa care would be gone by spring it will take time for -- obama care will be gone by spring it will take time to draft changes. as long as it is the law you are required to have health insurance and if you chose not to this year the penalty will most likely be in effect on the 2016 tax return. some of trump's ideas for substituting aca allows you
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prepareium from the income tax and allow insurance carriers to go across state lines and transparency in medical bills so patients know price and can shop for cost effective care. about 235,000 ohioans get insurance from the federal marketplace and have fewer choice for next year but have until december 15th to find more affordable coverage to start january 1st. and as of now, those tax subsidies are still in effect to help defray the co those who qualify. in my opinion, the first thing that may go is the mandate that we all have health insurance. monica robins channel 3 news. from health care to to security now nbc has new exclusive information on mr. trump's national security team picks. look for that part of the story tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt after this newscast. there was some other important visitors at the white house today.
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world champion cleveland cavaliers. jim donovan is joining us live from a hour up i-95 from the white house in baltimore at m and t stadium where the browns play tonight. good evening. >> good evening russ and sara i would say probably and i am guessing here but i would think the president might have enjoyed the meeting with the cavaliers more than he enjoyed that meeting earlier in the afternoon. that is just me though. but it was clevelan the area today. the 2016 world champion cleveland cavaliers went to the white house and that really is the end of the championship run. now it's onto business for this season to see if the cavaliers can repeat. but they were in the rose garden with president obama and vice president joe biden owner dan gilbert and david griffin and all the cavaliers were there reliving one last time
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president had wonderful things to say about our cavaliers the best in the nba. >> i know that cleveland could not be happier and prouder of having this trophy but this was a championship group of guys even before last year and you should be very proud of them. give it up for the world champs one last time. >> and the cavaliers are in dc and will play the wizards tomorrow night. that's the next game. trying to bounce back from the first loss of the season a couple nights ago against the atlanta hawks now to what's happening tonight. the browns try once again to get that first win of the year. they are 0-9. the nfl only winless team the baltimore ravens is a team that caught and passed the browns on week 2 of the regular sea heson when the browns built up a 20-2 lead
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end up losing 25-20. hugh jackson -- hue who once coached here with the ravens it's about the first win and doesn't matter if it comes here but just has to come pretty soon for the browns head coach. >> i think our guys have tried to do that every week. and sometimes it doesn't go that way. this is just football. the game is fickle i think we all understand that. but our guys if i can say anything about them they fight they play hard and they do everything we ask no one is perfect football is not perfect but the guys i think try. >> well, they will need a lot of fight tonight. this is the tough place to win at any time they are a great home team here at m and t bank stadium. here's the line uptonight the game is on channel 3. we will have a special pregame huddle at 7 channel 3 news comes out at 7:30 and takes you to the top of the hour at 8. and then the browns and ravens the rest
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the season. and we will set the game up in a couple minutes. here in sports. so now back to russ and sara back in cleveland. >> all right have fun. talk to you soon. today walmart and best buy announced they will open on thanksgiving which like it or not kicks off the holiday season. we wanted to know if you think stores should open for thanksgiving or wait for black friday. share your opinion by going to amani abraham joins us at toys r us to tell us what shoppers had to say. good evening amani. >> reporter: good evening russ. yeah, it's hard to believe that we are two weeks away from thanksgiving and it may have slipped your mind but it didn't slip the retailer's mind. they are preparing to get you in their stores in the doors right after your thanksgiving meal. it's a question that pops up
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thanksgiving day shoppers. this year there are stale list of stores catering to the holiday shoppers on thanksgiving day. including toys r us and opening at 5 and best buy at 5 and target at 6 and kohl's the same and more stores are following the retailers hoping to cash in on early holiday hopping. it's a competitive market during the holiday season so when your neighbor opens up on thanksgiving day, well, chances are, you will too. thanksgiving day, well, the customer will go next door. there are plenty stores refusing to open on thursday like tj maxx marshall's and staple and that's okay with the shoppers. >> shopping can wait until after thanks giving. >> i like to stay home and get the turkey and fixings ready for my family to come over. >> reporter: more than 80% of the people we asked on twitter are on their side. saying they will not be
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holiday shopping like starting right now. >> the sales are coming out now. i am look for sales now with thecoupons in the paper. >> reporter: there were sweet deals today and more to come this weekend. and the week before thanksgiving. but most of the people that we talked to just really want to stay away from the crowds. reporting from the akron canton mobile newsroom amani abraham, channel 3 news. >> loading up the cart buying things for all of us i am sure. >> reporter: yes. >> well from thanksgiving to possible chances for snow we want to check in with the chief to see what's up for the weekend. >> it's that time of the year russ it. happens about this time every year. some years it happened a lot earlier. but looking forward to our veterans day. we will have a cool and windy day as we pay honor to thosewho served our country. morning temperatures will be right around 50 degrees and how about that for cool bus stop kid. but we will fade back. >> the 40s through the day and
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i will -- back into the 40s through the day and rain showers will be around. these folks are bringing romance and reading to -- and love and romance to reading. >> you know how to change a tire? i will introduce you to a woman who can change one but designs them for the top drivers in the world.
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welcome book. you probably heart of comic con but what about kiss con. our dawn kendrick joins to us explain how romance is coming to the library and all librarians i know frown on that but it's all good right? >> reporter: we learned a lot. they would be happy we are learning. 8 of the biggest writers in the romance business are here
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they expect more than 100 people if you look over here i am going to show you why. harper collins is celebrating more than 75 years now of romance. they have come a long way since before fabo was the i can't believe it's not butter man. truly. talking more than a billion dollars billion with a b. billion dollar industry. did you know 16% of the readers are male? and a majority of paper back reader novels have still buying at walmart who knew? the things we learn. and 3 of the tonight have ohio roots. we have susan elizabeth phillips here and you read the novels and they called her the leading lady of the romance genre for sure. sports and romance is what she specializes in. hunky quarterbacks tony blank excuse me tony blank from cincinnati and shelly shepard gray wrote amish romances they call them bonnet rippers.
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publicist. >> yeah. >> reporter: you learned something here tonight and you can come they are here 7 to 9 and meet them personally and we are in south euclid at the library here and i am toldromance is going through renaissance russ tell her this increasingly empowered smartheroines. >> i will pass that i long quite steamy. >> reporter: i will bring you back a copy russ. >> i probably already have it but bring it back anyway why not. thank you. smart heroine what is a great transition. on thursdays we introduce you to women who go boldly towards their dreams and this akron lady couldn't get there fast enough. this week we are bringing kara adams into sara's circle. >> when you get in and there talk about various intercasies of the engine people are like she knows what she is talking
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goes pretty fast. >> millions of people watch the indianapolis 5 hundred and my teem and i are responsible for designing the tires a great responsibility that the companyhas given me and it's a great stage. >> reporter: it's part she has been preparing for since her childhood in green during the science teacher mom neighborhood camps. >> i was really blessed to have my mom push science and make it fun. science to me is fun and engineering something is just anotwa toys for me. >> reporter: at the university of akron her toy of choice. >> i got bit by the racing bug. >> reporter: soon had four wheels. >> i have built up a mustang to be a drag racing car and rebuilt the engine and transmission and everything on the car. >> reporter: kara trained herself on textbooks outside of class so what job at ridge stone america motor sports opened up she was the best candidate. how does being a woman impact you when you are in a race car pit?
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know. we see it at the racetrack and it's not as bad as you think the first few times i talked to the drivers i asked how are the firestone tires and they would say the fireen to stires are fantastic -- firestone tires are fantastic everything is great i need to let them know i want the technical answer and i came with up questions like can you tell me about the mid to exit understeer of the car coming through turn three and at that point that would key them onto knowing she is an engineer we should talk science to her. >> reporter: now increasing number of women in the pit and design lab and kara is leading the entire race car development team. after all, kara says the car doesn't know if aid man or a woman behind the wheel. >> you are won the indy 3500. >> people -- 500 baby. >> people respect results and doesn't matter what you look like. >> reporter: she is never far from racing hobby triathlon a ironman she completed in september. >> i am competitive but i know when to back that down
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step back and support other people. >> reporter: her support comes from her family and husband a big race fan. >> he is a super super helpful and supportive and long weekend hours and everything like that. i am one of the rare people that likes what they are doing. >> reporter: and how cool to hear that the rare people that like what they are doing. appreciate them. she was promoted to her new role in september and we wish her the best of luck once rays -- racing season >> one smart lady. >> she is. very cool. very cool. speak of very cool, betsy kling is going from very cool. >> and very smart. >> that of course and very cold as well perhaps? >> man what have you guys snowballed. you believe me. we have cool air coming in so it was a perfect transition and chilly temperatures will be a part of the day tomorrow. 50s for the evening. it's a beautiful night. all be it breezy so if you have
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anticipate seeing clear skies that will continue for us. and the temperatures falling back. day 2 of clicker number one fail. let's see if clicker number 2 will help me out. no. let's see if the -- this is my day. i am hitting the wutton and -- button and nothing is happening. hold on. let's see. no it's purely locked up. so we will come over here and we are going to pop up the 7- day and i will tell you because the 7-day has lots of good information. we have a cold front that's coming in. and that cold front will be a big part of the day tomorrow. if this computer will load and, of course, this one won't load either i think we have what crash that mean the backgroundcomputer crashed and there is yeah weather 2 would work weather 3 popped up too. we will go old school this is just basically straight up satellite and radar. and here's what i want you to see. these clouds, this say so thed
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tonight early morning and we are finally seeing rain showers that are popping up with this. this is been dry through the day. and we have very dry air in place. and as we look forward to the day tomorrow, we will see clouds on the increase, but we still have that dry air. so where are we going to get the moisture to bring rain chances in? we have a couple great lakes that will pay a part in that and -- play a part in that and going through the day tomorrow we will look at the window day foreforecast. you can see temperatures -- tomorrow around 50 and rain that will be around late day tomorrow as the temperatures drop back. and we could end up seeing a few snowflakes mixing in. mostly cloudy skies for saturday and clearing conditions late day but temperatures are stuck in the 40s. and dry beautiful sunny upper he 50s on sunday. we will have-- supper 50s on sunday we will have sunny can be upper 50s on sunday-- upper 50s on sunday and we will have sunny conditions as well. wouldn't it be good to tackle
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now the the window nation sports report. >> hi again everybody. and it's and welcome to m and t bank stadium in baltimore. a beautiful night for football. browns and ravens and it would be even a greater night if the browns could finally break into the win column.
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franchise record if you go back to the final 3 games of last year and it is time to get out of that bad flow. but it will be difficult to do here tonight against the ravens. terelle -- terrelle pryor would be a help if they get him going in the last few weeks he hasbeen going early but it's difficult to sustain that throughout the game. pryor is like the browns tired of losing and time to wayne football game. know no one else is going to blee believe so i think -- believe so i think even walking into the dallas game you ready for a upset. i was joking with my friend maybe i should stop saying that stuff maybe i am jinking us. >> cody kessler getting set for the start here tonight. he is in a situation where he gets the backing of his head coach who said we are not going to go through musical chairs at quarterback and change quarterbacks again.
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head coach hue jackson would like to see him play more aggressive to throw the ball down the field more with coleman part the offense now. that might be there for the browns here tonight. longer passes. deeper more aggressive throws could lead to the browns getting more points and then being happier on the scoreboard. >> that's why you play sports to win games and there's things to do here and there to get better each week but at the end of the day you play the game to win and that's what the fo should be and we com short but you have to keep -- we come up short but tough do what you can to help the team win. >> now over to the ravens side. quarterback joe flacco getting ready to go here tonight coming off a big win last sunday they got out of a 4 game wing streak and beat the steelers which is the arch rivals. steelers and ravens tied for
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and flacco says the last thing they could do is afford to lose to the browns tonight. if if the ravens lose -- if the ravens lose this game it looks bad you know. it lax bad because bush -- looks bad because we lost to a team that doesn't have a win. that's the reality of it. it doesn't look good but it's not any better for us if we are playing you know 9-0 team and we lose to them. >> remember the browns won here last year. they won in over lineup tonight pregame huddle at 7. channel 3 news 7:30. browns and ravens top of the hour at 8:00 and indeed it's good to have the browns back on channel 3 where they belong. thank you. >> we agree. good luck to you and mr. deacon tonight jimmy see you later. >> thanks. and with the browns game tonight we have rearranged things a bit. if you are looking for your favorite thursday night shows don't worry. >> you can find the dates and
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thanks for joining us. of course the nbc nightly news is minutes away and then our special pregame show coming at 7. >> the news at 7:30.
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tonight, face to face inside the oval office. obama and trump, bitter political foes, meet for the first time. the president who accused trump of being unfit to serve and trump, who accused obama of being an illegitimate president. what they said behind anti-trump protests erupt around the country. also, where hillary clinton was spotted today smiling after that devastating defeat. plus, "nbc nightly news" exclusive, we have the names of the people president-elect trump wants to have access to america's top secrets. some surprises and some controversial. officers ambushed while responding to an emergency. a gunman opens fire. and the app trap. just in time for the holiday shopping rush, crooks and thieves are


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