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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 10, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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coming up, the restaurant closing in the flat. we will lock up with an unbelievable two minutes. >> we go to the white house were president obama toast the cavs for the nba championship, and a fun day in washington. >> nice weather in northeast ohio, 60 degrees, things are changing with the cold front on the way, your details coming up. she was told she would never walk again, and we meet the woman that just finished
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trained to at 7:00 -- trained to, it's thursday night football, coming up, the baltimore ravens tied for first, and you know about the browns, 0-9, desperate to get the first win of this season, the first win for hue jackson as head coach of the cleveland browns, and it will be a struggle but we will see if they can pull it out, all of the action coming up at the top of the hour, jim donovan, channel 3 sports. we will talk about the basketball this hour, remember on june 19 when the cavs won
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the warriors, the series come back that it never been done before, and this afternoon the celebration continued at the white house, and what an eventful day. we got done with indians, and we are prepping for the browns and now we had the cavs celebration. >> what a year this has been, and this was a lot of fun to watch, ending that 50 two-year drought, and winning the first nba title ever, and the cavaliers front office could not wait for this visit to the white house, and look at all the cell phones getting a shot as president obama honors the cavs, vice president joe biden, all the cavs being honored, and the president made a joke, thanking smith for showing up, very knowledgeable about the sports history in the cavs, and he knew the cavaliers players by name, talking about the shot in stock, and kevin love
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special gift.>> from the 2016 world champion cleveland cavaliers, we want to present this 2016 obama jersey. come on guys here cup laws mack. >> the only thing is, the sleeves get tight.>> i can rip it. we will show you how. that is very cool, a very good me joke about how at the golden state had won, that would not be good for the legacy of the bulls, so that was the only down moment as far as the cleveland sports fans go there >> it's nice to watch these guys on social media, smith and these guys join the behind-the- scenes pictures, the white house basketball court, very cool. >> a lot of these guys get into the snapchat in the social media, and the cavaliers
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night. an eventful day in washington, the white house posting a lot of things, and we will talk about that. the stocks continue to rally, and it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, that and more tonight on your thursday edition of 72nd seconds. track we have learned that the union contract is ended, and hammering out a five-ye coaster employees rolling into the 2020s. one year ago today, the charter plane crashed into this apartment building, killing seven passengers and two pilots, no one on the ground was injured, last month the ntsb blaming the crashed on the litany of failures by the pilots and the charter company. the stock market likes the
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recorded number ever in the middle of the trading session. as the market rose on, the house of rock upgrades with the long-lived rock sign each dedicated outside of the six 5000 square foot entry. we are two weeks from thanksgiving, so it only makes sense that would cut down the tree that will be the centerpiece of the rockefeller plaza this holiday season, 94 foot norway spruce should be in place next week. another restaurant is closing its doors, the flat in a while he bill, serving customers for three years, -- the flats wileyville, serving customers for three years and we sent our reported to find out what is going on.
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10, the sun is shining and we can comfortably sit outside in this fire pit, one business that has been here since the beginning of the redevelopment of the flats has seen the coming and going of restaurants, going into the second winter, the neighbors are bracing for the first.>> can you survive in the flat? >> i think so. >> reporter: ashley manages this taco restaurant, and she sees the seasonal slowdown. let's talk politics, president-elect donald trump spending the day in washington dc to begin his transition of power, president obama and his wife posting donald trump and melania today, and calling the 90 day meeting that was initially supposed to be 15 minutes an excellent
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situations looking forward to receiving advice from president obama in the future. >> we talked about some of the highflying assets in the really great things that have been achieved. >> that noise in the background is the cameras clicking for that historic moment, trump says he wants to appeal and change obamacare, renegotiate the trade deal and reform taxes, and put the wall at the mexican u. s. border. of what has happened can be tracked on social media, and we show you how google lit up whenever the candidates made the news along the campaign trail. >> google has some incredible search information regarding the election, check it out on, or on county by county, what candidate dominated the google searches in that county across the united states, and you can
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and you can see what people were searching where, and that is interesting to see the map going from red to blue depending on what information leaked out about which candidate, incredible pictures from google. you can do the same thing with the youtube. this is interesting because the candidates were able to influence what we watched by purchasing ads, for instance, back in january when everything was just starting during the primary, some were bought up by clinton or trump and showing up in blue or red, and other times when no advertising was purchased, the united states was an even mix of blue and red, and it flowed with information that had been leaked about the candidates. how about ohio itself, what search was most done about each candidate for county, and you can look that up along with
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issues in the top three. you can go find out right now on the recall for the mitsubishi, the automaker recalling two suvs due to the winter wipers that can stop working, windshield wipers that can stop working and covers the outlander sports meet goals and owners will be notified. in other business news, three more retailers will be open on thanksgiving day, walmart target will open at 6 pm, best buy at 5 pm, all three starting the online black friday sales in the early morning hours of thanksgiving day, but you do not have to wait, all three offering select discounts a trend toward what is being called black november. many of us will shop for toys in the holiday season, no
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hall of fame inductee of the little people that have been around since i 59, dungeons & dragons, and the swing made it into the hall of fame, a basic thing that has been around for centuries. we need to find out who invented the swing. and some toys that did not make the cut, care bear, and rock in stockholm -- rock 'em sock 'em. we will share the story about a woman that-the entire appalachian trail. and what these prehistoric creatures are made of to give
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it is hard not -- hard enough to hike the appalachian trail, but to do doctors tell you you will never walk again, using computer- generated leg braces after being paralyzed in a car crash with a previous lupus diagnosis, and she is in the studio with us tonight, and tracy, welcome.>> the appalachian trail is not a short distance, from georgia to maine, and you did the entire
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told at one point you would never walk again, so was the idea of that feet even in your mindset, or did you say this is something i will do. >> i always like to believe that possibilities are endless. i think anything is possible. i started on march 24 appears back march through october, and think about what you have been doing from march to october, and think about tracy has been doing. of isolation, or is it not isolating?>> the thing about the trail is that everybody pictures you by yourself, and there are times you are by yourself, but you have a trail family with an amazing hiking community. >> people you meet along the way. >> yes, there are several communities that everybody supports and encourages each other.>> tell me what you are
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from the beginning that it would not be pretty. there are times that i had to scoot along, and i have more holes in my shorts than i do in my shoes. >> what was your biggest fear going into this, the least pretty parked? >> these braces do not have a motor in them, and that was a concern. there are some places that you need your hands in your feet, like rock climbing. the terrain was pretty rough. i understand you have an interesting a story to share. -- bear story to share. >> one thing people kept asking me was how could i run from the bears. but they're only black bears
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want to run from bears, but there were a few a hiker friends that i met walking along the trail, and you could not see around the corner because of the trees, but is soon as we turned there was a mother bear with her cubs. within 10 feet probably, and she started running at us. she was lunging, and my friends behind me started running, and my brain was with was the fact that i was paralyzed that help me out because my feet were planted, and i could not turn as quickly as everybody, and she was coming at us. you are supposed to get real tall and yell, be loud, and i kind of accidentally did that, i had some weird noise that may have come out. i could not quite repeat it, and my striking polls were like this and i was like well, it's
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stopped and turned around, and then all of my hiking friends came running back, and said oh my god, you stood up to the bear.>> that was an adventure. >> i have some other hiking claims as well. >> thank you for being here, and what a great inspiration. coming up next as we continue on the news, critters that are not quite as big as the one that stacy tournament, a beautiful sunny day. we have your weekend
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welcome back there the japanese innovation company unveiling the world's biggest and walking moving dinosaur rob can decipher this and what you would see at jurassic park. the company that produces these dinosaurs, and the music does not fit, but the dinosaurs put on a performance at the downtown tokyo hotel. the human operated creature even pretended to bite a staff member, and they are made with state-of-the-art carbon fiber to make you more rugged and
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green at the south african golf course, a pack of mongoose held up the play during the first round of the golf challenge, and next up on the green was the golfer from france, and he ended up getting the whole on a bogey, and that would get my attention, and those do look real. starbucks rolling out the red holiday cups, and remember the black lash -- christmasy enough, and now they have 13 different versions that were designed by the customers, and starting today anybody that orders the holiday beverage will get a cup for free, and the deal is good through monday at participating locations. veterans day's tomorrow, and the banks and government offices will be closed along with no mail, and i think you get paid tonight if you were getting paid tomorrow, and a little bit early.
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many restaurants are offering free veterans meals, and with a list of all of those. argue vested in the starbucks cup world, and do you care whether it's green, white or whatever? >> i just want to drink the coffee and be happy again. back coffee makes you a coffee happy. we us that anymore. i drink coffee until about 5:00.>> your cup runneth over. >> and then there are those days when snow is expected but today is not one of those days. isolated clouds increasing, as we go through the night tonight windy conditions with mild temperatures, and here is the front, and that will eventually bring in that cooler air and even chances for snow.
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beginning to see the rain coming in the range of the radar, and as this stays to the south, we expect rain showers moving in with clouds on the increase. temperatures mild tonight thanks to those breezy winds out of the southwest, and by 8:30 am about 50 degrees, so don't be surprised if you end up having scattered showers through the morning. midday and into the afternoon, we have cold air that will funnel across the lake, and we scattered rain showers through us for good part of the afternoon. not everyone will get the rain, and at the evening, temperatures will fade and drier air will move in with that window where we have a chance for a mix meaning some rain with a little bit of snow. for the most part it will be rain, so we are not going to crazy about the snow chances, most of it will be rain.
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saw snow. scattered rain showers and windy, temperatures falling to the day, and the west of the window nation forecast with a slight carry over into saturday, clearing skies late with saturday being kind of cool. be advised if you have outdoor plans to take your jacket. sunday will be a nice rebound up to near 60, and 50s next week. >> when i see clouds think of the car wash.>> that is a good way to do it and sunday will be the day. is tonight the night that the browns break into the win column, with a preview of the browns-ravens right here on
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and now, the window nation sports report your county down to kickoff, 29 minutes for the browns and the ravens in baltimore, and here's what we know before we hope that losing streak ends tonight. >> tonight ma were at 10 and now the line is at 7.5, so maybe we just know something and they usually do. we are kicking off inside the mnt stadium, the browns 0- 9, ravens 4-4. and this could've been solved if the browns and not blown that big lead with the raiders, and how bad the the browns the that victory?
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record of 12 straight games. the tv matchup tonight is the rookie versus the veteran, and so far it appears he belongs in the nfl, but at some point he needs a win, and the browns will look smart taking that third round. it is flashback time, the last time these two teams met in prime time was last season on november 30 the last time these two teams met in prime time on november 30, 2016, an unbelievable finish on the monday night football, 51 yard field goal with three seconds left, returning 64 yards for a touchdown, 33-27 was the final and i still remember that night. i thought i was walking out for victory celebration everything changed your thank you for being with us, and your nfl football with the browns and ravens is up next. good night.
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take us where we you go.
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stay perfect tonight against the browns on thursday night football. they are the new leaders of the afc north, but are the ravens the real deal? >> what does it mean if we drop it >> now another divisional opponent comes to town. >> holy cow! what a start. >> one that is desperate to win and nearly did so against baltimore in week two. >> a 20-0 lead. >> it is an afc north matchup on thursday night football. >> kickoff nearing at m&t bank stadium, home of the baltimore ravens at 4-4, tied with the steelers for first in the afc


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