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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 10, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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compensation. >> will you be? >> no. >> he said he'll continue in that role as the head of the coalition and he wants to advocate for black americans. he says he wants to advocate for christians and people right here in cleveland. there will be a continuing relationship between pastor scott and now president elect trump. so we'll have to continue to check in to see how this advances. >> okay. thank you. >> it was a busy day at the white house. it began with the president and president elect meetingor very first time. and by the end of the day it was a cleveland party. >> reporter: the nation still settling down after one of the most unexpected election nights ever. once again leave it to cleveland to calm things down at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> say what you will about mr. trump, he certainly would bring some change to the white house. >> trump in the white house was
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>> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> and throughout the campaign trump gave it back. >> obama is an incompetent. he has been a disaster. >> today the jokes, the barbs and belittling gave way to a meeting between two men who had never met before today. >> we discussed situations, some wonderful and some difficult. >> a 60-minute meeting became a 90-minut relationship between presidents 44 and 45 elect appear to be thawing. >> we are going to do everything we can to help you succeed. >> cleveland helped lighten the afternoon mood at the white house. >> a special thanks to jr smith for showing up. i wasn't sure if he was going to make an appearance today.
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jerseys and rubbing elbows. and it was a social media bonanza. they capped off a thursday that started awkward and got warmer by the hour on pennsylvania avenue. take a look at this one of the lighter moments at the white house captured on social media. the cavs who seem to have fun wherever they go did one of those mannequin challenges at the white house. they've got the first lady involved as well. quite good, making a memorable even more memorable. >> quite good. unbeatable. >> thanks, chris. certainly. >> and coming up, dream team boxing. he served time in prison. hear how a local man turned his life around and is now inspiring kids. >> plus fake shopping apps. how to spot them before scammers steal your personal information. >> channel 3 news at 11:00 is
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u.s. marshals searching for a man wanted for felonious assault and grand theft. he's 5'11" weighs 200 pounds with a cross tattoo in the middle of his forehead. he's considered armed and dangerous. information that leads to his
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call the number on your screen with any information. now to the story of the man we think you should know. his name is gino tony. >> it's a dream that started with one kid and grew into dream team boxing. >> we saw first hand how he's planting seeds of hope and watching good kids grow strong against the odds. >> 34-year-old gino tony of this in prison. >> no weakness, man. no weakness. >> the dream to mold young lives in ways his hadn't been. >> it's a champion belt. >> he does just that at dream team boxing. >> let them know they've got hope. >> i became a champion. i fought and i got strong.
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and my soul. >> finding then 8-year-old four years ago in the gym was his saving grace. others wanted in. >> i started off with a store front and within nine months we out grew it. >> dozens of them now diamonds in the rough. >> do you see yourself in them? >> all of them. every last one of them. >> especially in this one, who is his. >> i was just awardeus my son who was in a foster home in las vegas. >> don't you love it really? a former drug dealer turning the tide making good. >> you know i was just so improved and keeping pure in my heart and teach these kids early what i learned late. that's what dream team boxing is about. >> it's a good fit. we watched. and wondered who rescued who? >> they love me, i love them. i want to see them do good.
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we run solely off donations the program is free. >> they're now tutor, mentor volunteer trying to sell him a bottle of water. >> and that's when i realized that it was more than just boxing. >> he wanted to share in the good stuff here and now molding young minds as an academic tutor. >> i think i can make a difference and help some of these kids get to where they want to go. >> we go by the code of show and prove. community sees that we're serious and they help out. >> wally smith built the whole boxing bag frame work contraption. >> my son was in the streets making bad decisions. every night for a year he went and worked out with gino. >> wally and his now sober son are part of the foundation of this place where happy productive grounded lives are taking root. >> i did it to give back.
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but at the end of the day, we friends, we family and he and we talk. >> family, it's bigger than a friendship in here. >> junior olympics still champions in the states. silver glove regionals, this i have no clue what it is. >> is oh and this little old thing. >> oh this belt. the 2016 >> how does it feel to earn that. >> it feels growth. i come in i work hard and i don't play around. i have a good life. >> all of this started with a little guy, who a former bad guy took a chance on. he has been filling up little lives with big potential ever since. now tony wants to build dream teams up from akron from across the country with quote dudes
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how investing in kids keeps them focussed because it worked for me. this dreamer that became a doer. back to you. >> what a wonderful piece. thank you. now to a consumer alert just in time for the holiday shopping season. scammers are infiltrating the app store. fake apps are designed to steal your credit card or personal information. it may appear to be a real app from a retailer like dillard's or pandora. if reviews are all bad stay away, other clues are bad english or links to competing retailers. the rockefeller christmas tree is on its way to new york city. it's being called the second largest tree ever. the head gardener at rockefeller plaza spotted this 94-foot
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backyard in up state new york. he's been watering it and fertilizing it for seven months to get it ready. >> wow that's some heavy duty fertilizer he's been using obviously. >> i guess so. >> it's pretty incredible. >> 90 how many feet? >> 94. >> 94 feet wow. >> that's kind of a griswald family tree. >> won't fit in the living room. >> hopefully no squirrels, surprise for you in downtown new york city. as far as our not looking very christmassy. but a light chance of snow flakes tomorrow night. we're not talking winter wonderland here. there are some rain showers and snow showers north of the border. that front brings in a wind shift tomorrow morning. winds will be gusty. there's a gail warning that's been issued to the east and to
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that's lake county. but this is pretty much a big harbinger of change. it's one of our early season fronts dropping straight of the north and it will be dropping down the temperatures. 40s just to the north of us. but the 30s aren't too far behind. as we go through the day tomorrow i think you're going to notice a lot of wind. some clouds and a few showers around as well. notice the northwest winds at 14. this is 8:30 in the morning look at the scattered rain showers ou 50 degrees. dropping back into the mid-40s midday. scattered rain showers coming down across the area. now in the afternoon we'll start to bring in drier air. and that may mix things up a little bit. it may break off some of those clouds and it may also back off some of the rain showers but the wind will still be whipping for us. and the temperatures will be notably cooler. so in the morning make sure the kids have a good jacket before they head out the door.
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get chilly very quickly. and by evening depending on how the clouds break up look at these 6:30 p.m. temperatures we're down at 40 degrees and dropping from there. inland temperatures likely to be in the low 30s. we could even see some 20s in western ohio. but for the most part it is going to be a chilly day. kind of raw as we go through the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy and windy to start. some sprinkles around. we'll pick up the scattered showers chances and hold showers into the evening forecast as well. it will be wind out of the north sustained winds at 20. we'll have gusts higher than that. and once we get into the afternoon remember. east west bridges are going to have the biggest problems with these winds. temperatures at 50 tomorrow with the winds a big factor.
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to 7-foot and east of cleveland the gail warnings are up. so don't worry about getting out on the lake. mostly cloudy to start saturday. clouds break up and then next week looks stupendous. seasonal with plenty of sunshine. >> that does look great. thank you. coming up we told you earlier same old story for the browns as they lose for the tenth straight time. >> dave is back with more on
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play clock at one. got the pass, he throws, he got hit he threw and it's picked off at the 40-yard line. going long, up by the browns end
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catches the ball. touchdown ravens. >> hi everyone. cooled off little bit here as the browns with their if worst start in franchise history now 0-10 after a prime time lost in baltimore. i'm thinking someone might pay for this. we knew it would be bad but this bad. early in the game jamie collins with an open line. nice to have that guy flacc and here comes kessler, a pretty 25-yard touchdown. browns up seven three. they led 7-6 at the half. ravens lead 13-7. then an interesting move there goes kessler to the ben. a fumble in the fourth and later
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away. another touchdown pass 21-7 ravens. they add another one and they've lost 16-18 to baltimore. lost 13 straight. and big bend and the steelers up next. kessler will be the starting ar steelers. so interesting development tonight. on to the cavs a championship, a ring, a parade, a banner and now a day they were looking forward to. that game seven win in the nba finals earned them a visit to the white house. look at all the cell phones getting a shot at this great moment. president obama honored the cavs on the south lawn of the white house. the guys being honored. the cavs honored the president
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jerseys with she was and the number 16. he was knowledgeable about cleveland sports history and mentioned many of them by name with a story. talked about the blocks, the shot, the stop. and this. >> i also want to give a special thanks to jr smith's shirt for showing up. i wasn't sure if it was going to make an appearance today. i'm glad you came. you're a very nice shirt. >> and know all too well you can never have enough pitching. so let's wish cody anderson a speedy recovery. he underwent surgery in dallas. he will be inactive for eight weeks. indians hope he'll be ready by the start of the season. anderson started the season in the rotation but struggled during the rotation. i was fired up about the browns earlier. apathy struck me after the last
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hugh jackson coach can they hit on the draft picks. they have no defense and they have no quarterback. this is bad. >> they keep breaking records and unfortunately it's records in the wrong direction. >> wrong one right.
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forecast honoring veterans day tomorrow. >> and it's a windy day at that. so the flag will be standing tall out there around northern ohio. >> we honor the men and women and serve. >> absolutely. think of that tomorrow. >> i am completely fine. >> it's amazing how yo can cool off. >> hug it out. >> your passion is great. channel 3 news today begins at 4:30 a.m. >> have a great night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy adams. joe buck. musical guests, morgane and chris stto and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 568! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ??
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>> jimmy: oh, that's what i'm talking about. that's a hot crowd! electric! electric crowd tonight! welcome, everybody! welcome! welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. [ cheers and applause ] thanks so much for being here. thank you for watching. here's what people are talking about. white house with president obama hosting the nba champions, the cleveland cavaliers, as well as president-elect, donald trump. [ laughter ] it actually got a little awkward when trump walked up to lebron and said, "nice to meet you, mr. president." [ laughter and applause ] and you go, "no, that's --" no, donald, donald "you're much taller in person." and while president obama met with donald trump, michelle obama met privately with melania trump.
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to welcome you and donald to the white house." melania said, "it is a pleasure to welcome you and donald to the white house." [ laughter and applause ] "stop copying me." "stop copying me." "seriously." "seriously." so, michelle actually had a a nice time showing melania around, although it got weird when they walked into the lincoln bedroom and melania said, "wow, what a lovely closet." [ laughter and applause ] "a bedroom." oh, forget it. there's talk that donald trump may appoint sarah palin as secretary of the interior, which means she would oversee the national parks service. [ laughter ] when they heard that, bears were like, "well, we had a good run." [ laughter and applause ] oh, boy. oh, you got a bear? you still got a bear. >> steve: let's go, yogi! >> jimmy: of course, a lot of people are unhappy with the election. in fact, there were large anti-trump protests in the streets of at least seven cities last night, including right here in new york.
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trump looked out his window from 60 stories up and said, "a parade already? that's fantastic. that is unbelievable." [ laughter and applause ] it's not a parade. on the other hand, russian president vladimir putin gave a a speech yesterday in which he congratulated donald trump, and he sounded pretty excited. take a look at this. [ speaking foreign language ] [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: he snuck that in there. >> steve: right? >> jimmy: a subtle hint, a a subtle hint for christmas. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: things have been pretty tense, though, but with trump winning the election, the stock market has been going up and down a lot lately. let's see exactly if we can figure out why this is happening. for example, the market went up when trump met with president obama. the market went down when trump asked obama to change the


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