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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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will brown's head coach hue jackson be under the team loses yet another game? >> and your cleveland cavaliers visit the white house and have some fun with the first lady. 5:00 a.m. sharp on friday. welcome to it. we have a breezy day ahead of us. a cold front will be moving
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the 50s this morning before we drop back into the 40s this afternoon behind the front. a sprinkle? it's a big question mark. it's looking questionable, because at this cold front approaches, i don't think there will be a lot of moisture to work with. once the cold front moves through, we'll notice an increase in cloud cover. again, mainly dry associated with this. so the change will he way it feels. i don't think we're going to see much in the we of moisture from this at all. and winds at the moment sustained from 10 to 20 miles an hour depending on where you are. another breezy day ahead. we'll get a check on your drive right now. greg has a look at road conditions this verizon --
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>> we are moving smoothly right now, but there are a couple of incidents to note. someone on east 93rd street, some closures there. guys, back head coach hue jackson take something heat this morning after are he benched rookie cody kessler, and then named him next week's starter. did he make the right call? head to to vote. results will be coming up in a few minutes. >> he said he was not going to play musical chairs with his quarterbacks, but then i'm not
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night. he benched kessler after the browns had the halftime lead, 7- 6. not huge numbers. he was 11 for 19. third down was a struggle. but no turnovers. so then hue jackson made the switch early if the second lf kessler. this was his explanation. >> i know i made a statement before i'm not playing musical chairs, and i wasn't today. i was trying to give our offense a chance to function at a faster rate and do some different things.
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announced kessler will he start on sunday against the steelers. he thought mccowan last night was his best chance to rescue the second half. this is not musical chairs? i think he sent a message last night, and, at the same time, how is management feeling about their head coach? my take on that is coming up 5:40. groups gathered in stays cross the u.s., including baltimore, righteous 0ed the stadium where the browns played to provide test donald trump. mr. trump took to twitter to say: and fresh off president
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president obama, we're getting a better idea above what this new administration might mean for your wallet. tiffany joins us this morning. there is hope and concern. >> we've seen a lot of this. it really depends on who you and are how you're feeling after the election. here are a few things we've heard from him and his team during the campaign. if you're a minimum wage worker, we would like to raise the federal midge wage to $10 to help college students with lots loan repayments at 12% of income. if you've paid 15 years, he wants to forgive the debt, but has no plans to make college more affordable. he would guarantee 6 weeks paid maternity leave worth $300 a week, but to relief for fathers, adopted parents, or
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people. coming up later, we'll talk about what it will mean for obamacare. >> so for those in the streets, wasn't you to think about the fact that america works best when america is united. it doesn't work best when we are divided. >> senator caseic spoke to reporters yesterday, saying -- kasich spoke to the reporters yet saying trump's success also at the white house are world champion cleveland cavaliers. lebron's instagram account where he posted the team's mansfield challenge that they -- mannequin challenge they did right inside the white house. it's pretty funny. everybody freezing in place. there you see lebron with the
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everybody freezing if crazy positions. it really was a pretty cool sight. seeing all of the cellphones getting a shot of this great moment. president obama honored the cavs on the south lawn of the white house. vice president joe biden was there, and the team was honored as world champs, as well as champions in they honored the president with one of their black game jerseys with the sleeve. a pair of suspects accused of attacking a fan following game six of the world series. police say jessie green of florida was walking back to his hotel from progressive field when he was attacked. the man who attacked him was wearing a red shirt and jeans. another was found to be use it will the victim's credit cards.
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recognize these men contact cleveland police. we have a couple of numbers. a middle school student if in the hospital this morning after being hit by a car. the 14-year-old was hit by the front left side of the car while crossing the street in an area with no cross walk. the boy has a few broken bones, and is recovering at baby and children's hospital. police are investigating a pair of shooting. the first happened on erie street. the man in this shooting was seen worrying a green hooded sweatshirt and left in a newer white jeep.
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a close knit community in pennsylvania is mourning the death of a police officer shot while responding to a domestic dispute. >> hundreds gathered outside the police station to honor theosopher. he and other officer was both shot as they arrived to the domestic dispute. the suspect also killed his pregnant girlfriend before killing himself. >> sad news for the music world this morning. singer and cohen died on sunday. he was best known for the song halleluiah. he was 82 years old. >> president obama will honor our nation's veterans today. he'll pay trick bite butte by laying a wreath at the tomb of the -- tribute by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown, and make some remarks
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breaking down barriers. what a local group is doing to try and get rid of racism. >> and fake shopping apps. how you can spot them before scams are steal your information. >> happy friday. here is what we've got going on weather-wise today. we're in the low 50s for highs early. we're going to falling into the 40s this afternoon as a cold front passes by. breezy, yb so what does this all mean for the weekend. i've got your full forecast coming up. >> my name is raquel, second first class retired united states army. this is my dog, hunter. i served from 1979 to 2005, served in fort hood, oklahoma, fort hood, texas, fort sill oklahoma, fort taylor,
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we're watching your money, retirement funds. the dow jones hit a new all- time high, after it opened thursday. could have to do with president elect trump's economic plans. we're seeing a bounce now this week. market shows the focus on trump's plan spending on infrastructure project. right now the futures on wall street, the dow, they're minus 28 points, so a little down. just in time for the holiday shopping season, scammers are infiltrate it will the app store. cyber security experts say fake
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credit card or personal information. it may look like a real app from places like pandora. here are some ways to stay safe: the winds look at the skies out there. still mainly clear. pretty obvious. i think we'll have a cloud cover this morning. we are honoring our veterans today with special editions of bus stop here. so you'll be seeing these throughout the show. it's 5:15 right now.
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into the 40s later today. and it is going to be another breezy day. sustained winds 15 to 20 with higher gusts expected. temperatures tumble later on, and you will feel that cool, brisk weather behind a front. you're going to notice it. i don't think you're going to notice much in the way of shower activity today. it's going to beville small chances, but we'll all end up in the you can see the gradual drop back into the 40s, and, also, we will go from some sunshine to just a whole lot of overcast skies to more of a mix of clouds and sunshine again later today. windy, and we'll hold on to some sunshine to begin today. this code project is not impress inas far as the moisture associated with it. it's going to push through mainly dry. so for a lot of this week,
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snowflakes. i'm thinking those chances are pretty close to zero. we've got the wind profile up here, which displays the 20 to 30 mile an hour windows today. this is is all liquid through today. 9:30 this morning. perhaps a few sprinkles to the east. to biggy. that's for sure. we see those fade pretty fast, and by mid-afternoon, we're getting breaks if cover again, and into tonight, it's going to get real cold, but tomorrow, with the exception of some cloud cover to start in those chilly temperatures, i think we'll chanceission back to partly cloud by skies into the afternoon. your window nation seven-day forecast shows exactly that. i'm not going to take out the chance for lake effect shower completely, but i have it way down to 10% for early tomorrow. sunshine later in the day on
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should be back up to the mid- 50s. here is your chance to be on 3. you ready? we're sharing your fall pictures this week. a great view here of the fall canopy. this has been such a beautiful season. truly it has. keep the pictures coming. we love 'em all. let's get a check traffic now. >> good morning, everybody. as we start offer this friday morning, we'll start you off with a live look at 71 and dennison in cleveland. traffic heading toward the city starting to pick up, though we are going nice and smooth and northbound into downtown cleveland. no reports of any accidents around this area. there are a couple of
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down towards mass donia -- ma is a donia, and -- macedonia, and maybe impacted by brief lane closures this morning. that's the latest check on the traffic, back to you. >> 5:19 now. tighting racism. what a local group is break down racial barriers. >> i'm frank poll lack, i, in if the marine -- pollac, i was in the marine core during the vietnam war, and this is my
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pastor darrell scott was an early supporter of donald trump
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but always felt that the now president elect trump had hidden support. he sat down with channel 3's hillary goldston 0 to discuss how the country can heal with a vote so divided. he was asked specifically about how muslim americans can feel reassured. >> he he himself said i'm talking about stance on that, and if you go back and look at that, he'll fine it. >> but it's on his website now, a full muslim ban. >> have you seen muslims getting banned? >> he's not in of if face yet. >> well, when he gets in office, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
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continuing in a role of diversity, but is not expecting to be paid for it. >> a northeast ohio group is also stepping up to break town intolerance. >> reporter: near the village of silver lake, you'll find a more affluent community, and just off the main drag is its a church, unafraid. >> i >> to shake things up. >> reporter: >> i didn't consider myself a racist. >> reporter: but inside racists anonymous, the barriers are broken piece by piece. >> i don't really notice people's color, i tonight treat people different because of their color. but that's a federal acy. but some people tonight realize
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>> in the first session, i cried like a baby. i was able to. >> reporter: they say it's a safe place with the hope of making a difference that can reach beyond these four walls. racism has he there. there's more people open to hearing about racism, and trying to change it, and we can't fix it if we tonight get together on the same page. >> racists anonymous is open to anyone. you don't have to be a member of the church. >> and sunday, there is a special program bringing people from all kinds of states together at the church in silver like to talk about conflict. for more information, head over to >> it's almost 5:26. let's bring in holly as we're
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>> yeah, feel like i need to give every one of you good forecast. we'll warm up into the 50s, fall back into the 40s. still very breezy today. might have a little moisture push by. i don't think there will be much in the way of any showers, change for sure. start the jumping jacks now. 5:26. we are tracking the changes. google is releasing new data following the election. we'll show you what made social media light up. >> and restaurants are thanking
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questions this morning about what a trump administration could really mean. we're now going to dig a little deeper into the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. they say it would take time for lawmakers to draft changes, so as long as it's still the law, you are required to have health insurance. some of trump's ideas would allow you to deduct health insurance premium appiums fr your income taxes. he also wants to allow insurance carriers to sell across state lines, and wants transparency in medical bills so is patients know prices and can shop for cost effective care. new this morning, a shooting on cleveland's east side sent one man to the hospital overnight, and the man was walking across the street
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up to him. the two people inside tried to rob him and then shot him in the stomach. police say he ran to a nearby house, and the homeowner called police. he was taken to university hospital. no word yet on his condition. >> arson investigators were called to a house fire on cleveland's west side shortly after 1:00 a.m. on west 88th. investigators are say this was the second time in three months the abandoned house caught fire. no injuries were reported, but it surrounding homes. >> willieville, the bee free bar, is now the 5th business to shut it's doors in the last 16 months, but not to fear, jimmy touch bet's margaritaville will he be opening within the next year. >> it's all access cleveland flavor, as the rock and roll hall of fame continues to
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experience for you. the cafe is set to open by next summer, and they officially unveiled this new long-lived rock sign. love that. a great hello to you, right on the plaza as you go visit. >> who is ready for the friday forecast? >> i'm just ready for friday. >> i know. i think we're all there. we're going to end up being a lot cooler later we're 40s to near 50 degrees clothe close to the lake shore at the moment. we'll rise into the 50s everywhere this morning before falling back into the 40s. smallest chance of a sprinkle, but very breezy throughout the entire day. so if the windy conditions we are waking up to this morning, we have clear to partly cloudy skies at the moment. it's going to move through main through dry. there is not a lot of moisture
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miles an hour sustained. we're going to track hour by hour coming up. we'll see how those shower chances look he today, and also see about that snow chance. i'm thinking very, very minimal, if at all. greg has a look at your commute. >> if you're traveling around the current today, here is a look at airport delays around the united states. morning flights looking pretty good out of cleveland, connecting all across the country. you should get there on time. take a look at your traffic around northeast ohio, just minor delays reported this morning. if you're coming in to macedonia, one accident there, and some minor work being done through 77 this morning. that's a look at your traffic. guys, back to you. >> thank you, greg.
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topping your morning news, the dry windy conditions aren't making things easier for firefighters in southern states. >> yeah, right now multiple fast-moving wildfires are burning through big areas of land, affecting several small communities around the an laichians. >> two eagles we in a storm drain near orlando. take a look at this. you can see the two birds are wedged into a small space. drivers stopped, and they tried to help, but they couldn't get close to the birds. one eagle managed to fly away on its own, but the other had to be pulled down 0 by fish and wildlife crews. officials say the birds only have each other to blame. >> as 0 for what hillary clinton has been up to since
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herself. a woman from new york who was also a clinton supporter, ran into the former candidate while on a hike with her dog. she posed for this photo which was taken by former president bill clinton, then posted on social media. the former president is now a photographer. >> yeah. >> keeping him busy, as well. >> exactly. now, a lot of what happened in this year's presidential race can be tracked on social media. >> this morning, greg is ow during every turn of this election, and there were many, many turns. >> twists and turns, and google was able to capture it all, release something incredible information regarding the presidential election. they have a lot of data. every time you search for something, they record that and can put it all together from all across the country. if you want to looks through through this data yourself, just go to and look for my google story.
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the way down to state level. for instance, county by county. what topic related to the election was most searched in each county in ohio. it turns out that it's about a half and half split between abortion and immigration when it relates to the candidates, except in our area -- sis was the -- isis was the term most at the issues, hour-by-hour, they were able to rank which things were searched for the most in the united states. abortion and immigration were 1 and 2 the entire evening. you can look at this information for individual states, including ohio, hour-by- hour, through election night. gag logical animate it for you. how a-- google will animate it for you. what was each county in the united states actually
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this is fascinating, because as information came out about trump in the hollywood access tapes, or clinton and the e- mails, the country went from red to blue to blue to red. it really is is fascinating to look at how our searches can really be seen, and google is keeping track of all of this. you can take a look for it yourself. there's too much here to show, just look for the link there. it's a google trends data set. very interesting stuff, guys. studied for many years to come. >> yeah, there's a lot of data here. almost too much to look at it at once. it is 5:38. was hue jackson's decision to bench rookie quarterback cody kessler more about be saving his own job -- about saving his
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this season. and we say thank you today to all of our veterans day. >> my name is jason arnold 0. i'm a sergeant if the united states army. served from 2005 to 2010, and this is my dog mongo.
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dodgers spent his first day if washington since being elected president, meeting with the current president and republican leaders. >> ed ward joins us now to break it all down. >> this wases a day about a smooth transition, even though we have a deeply divided country. governor john kasich yesterday even asked at the white house yesterday we need to give donald trump a chance. donald trump wants to go forward with his cy called -- policy agendas. >> reporter: donald trump called hits first day if washington fantast pick. >> my priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. >> reporter: the president elect and president obama shook hands. >> there president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future.
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door to seek council in the future. >> it sounds like the meeting might have been at least a little less awkward than some might have expected. >> reporter: the president elect went on to tour the spot where he will be inaugurated with house speak are paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, avoiding protesters at every step. glisten slept since he me able to sleep since he became president. >> they should just get over it and start to work on a way to all get along. >> reporter: trump responded on twitter, saying: donald trump went back to new york last night. he woke up this morning at trump tower, planning more for his transition, possibly looking over candidates who
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>> time is now 5:43, the winds are blowing. >> look at that. >> yeah. so dropping temperatures, holly. >> yeah, weir going to see an early -- we're going to see an early high today be, veterans day day, of course, and then we fall back into the 40s later. it will be a brisk day with these winds. you better grab those jackets. very little in the way of moisture, though. falling into e throughout today. so that's really going to make a difference in the way it feels. we'll end up low 50s for highs earlier. i foye it's a little misleading -- i know it's a little misleading. then we're all in 40s later with those gusty winds, out of the northwest behind the front. it looks like we'll go from sunshine to a whole lot of
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small chances for sprinkles throughout today. it is breezy as you're waking up at the moment still clear skies to partly cloudy skies. no big deal. but as we expand the view is here, we've got our cold front, and, like i said, moving through with very little moisture today. so it's going to be a mainly dry experience, which means as far as those lake effect showers behind it, there is just not the dynamics going on that we need. i don't think we have to worry about tomorrow early in the day, it would literally be a flurry. no big deal. we have the wind profile up here, and, again, it's, on and, 10 to 20 miles an hour sustained. we could have wind gusts as high as 25 to 30. so that is going to be be the case throughout the date. on future view, small shower chances do show up. a lot of this won't make it to the surface, but we'll keep an
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looks like we're seeing a mix of clouds and sunshine again. typical cold front passes by. notice by 6:00, we're in the low-to-mid 30s tonight. and then it gets code tonight. overnight lows on the window nation 7-day in the low 30s. but a nice rebound tomorrow. we'll go from a partly sunny sky early in the day to mainly sunny skies later, and highs around 50. sunday looks highs well into the 50s, and early next week is looking equally terrific. >> here are a couple of cats that have been looking for new homes for quite a while. this is daisy. she's at the apl. she's 8 years old now. they consider her one of the senior ladies at the apl, but she's very young at heart. she loves to play. even with dogs. so if you have a puppy, maybe this is a kitty cat you could
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and nanu, we have featured nanau before, because nanu has been at the shelter since june looking 0 for a home. homefully we can help out and get home -- hopefully we can help out and get homes for those two. >> a check on your traffic this morning. a couple of accidents to report to you this morning. one on 271. this just happening in the last couple of minutes. it's this is going to be headed over towards 77. it's twin the turnpike and 77, at exit 12, ohio 303. no reports of major delays there. volumes still light. an accident on shepherd road near mass donia.
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>> in my take, i can see my jackson benched kessler, he has to try to win a game, and thought that mccown gave him the best chance to win. but for the future of the franchise, his decision make no, sir sense to me. so the question is, if the browns jackson's job is on the line. back to the story, here is kessler on being benched. >> that was coach jackson's decision, and that wasn't up to me. i was doing he was i could, and just playing as hard as i could, and coach jackson made the decision, and i was still there on the sidelines, rooting john and our team on. >> i think the looked a little shell shocked talked to the
5:49 am
him, that's tells me that jackson has made up his mind that kessler spot in the future. winning last night meant little for the future of this franchise. it may have been more to the future of hue jackson. if you're trying to see what you have in a young quarterback, you play him, especially when he gave you a 7- 6 halftime lead. instead, kessler got benched, and had to watch a disaster are with mccown, and then sit there on the sidelines questioning himself why he wasn't playing. now jackson -- jackson said he is going back to kessler for the pittsburgh game, but is the damage already done? in the back of his mind will kessler be thinking one mistake, and that's the end of his night. i never thought that cody kessler wases the long-term selection, and that's based on his arm strength, but now what kind of confidence does the kid have?
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looking for another quarterback for next year. keep the votes coming, and we'll continue to watch those answers. more sports now. let's talk about the nba. and dwyane wade last night back in miami. thirteen years he spent in miami. did you ever think that pat riley would be clapping for him in a bulls jersey? they've been very silent since wade went to chicago. talk about all of those years in the nba, wade at 13 points, and in the bulls beat the heat. and cavs are at the wizards tonight. so dwyane wade goes into miami and beats pat riley. >> yeah, because didn't he say if you're not with pat, you're against him? >> yeah, same thing with lebron
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so pat riley has hard feelings to anybody who leaves. >> i've spot is add price drop. another early black friday doorbuster guaranteed in stock for channel 3 viewers. all i'm going to say is stay
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more than 130 restaurant chains are saying thank you to our nation's veterans and active military members this dennys, bob evans, and krispy kreme donuts are all offering breakfast deals. a complete list is on our website, we get you another black friday doorbuster two weeks early. >> and only one man can do it. >> yes! i wasn't applauding for myself, i was applauding for all of you, the amazing people who have told me what you wanted.
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requests, and now i can hunt them down. >> are you look at me, you know that i go tow the gym at least every year, so to me, the noticed a device that tracks sleep and steps. take a look first. this just hit markets. hugely well rated. $33. this is an item people will be line be up but this waterproof interis changeable, some something about this is ingenious, and it's a great grab at our intern stacy put to the test. >> the watch shows you the time, the date, and also the amount of steps you've taken, how many miles you've traveled, calories you've burned. another feature i really like is when i'm on the go, i can look down at my watch, and also
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would be receiving. i really enjoyed testing this product. you just can't beat it. also connecting it to the app on my phone was super easy. didn't have to sign up for anything. i just made my profile, and from there, it was super easy. >> go do get caller i.d., it does display your text. here is what sin genius. it has a bigger screen than what you are both wearing right now. but how do you charge yours? >> with a >> cordless. this comes off and plugs directly into the usb. >> and how much is that? >> $33. >> oh, my gosh. thank you, matt. >> now if i could sleep more than 2 hours and 49 minutes, that would be a great thing. >> we are digging deeper this morning into the trump administration. what his presidency could mean for your wallet. >> all right. tiffany. radar is back. our puppy with a purpose is
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dog for a veteran, and today they will meet for the first time live on the air, holly. >> can't wait for that moment. >> and we're forecasting a breezy day. it's going to be a transitional day as the cold front moves through. early highs in the 50s. temperatures falling back into the 40s. and what about that weekend? it is friday. 5:57. we'll take a look at that
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cody kessler benched. did hue jackson make the call? you get a chance to weigh in this morning. and what a trump presidency could mean for your family. you may it to friday, so we're going to do this with breezy weather today, a cold front push it will through, and temperatures falling. now, right now most of you are in the 40s. we've been holding 51 at


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