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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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has a date with a wrecking ball. history in alliance. what hasn't happened since 2005? hung jury is where we tonight for the trial of the cincinnati police officer who shot an unarmed black man. they deliberated for 25 hours on wednesday. but this morning, they said they were still deadlocked. the prosecutor said the jurors were leaning towards a conviction. they could not agree. he shot 43-year-old sam in the
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plate. thank you for being with us. over the course of the last two years we have been the same story visually playing out in a number of ways. it was enough to get close to 1000 people marching in the streets. the protest grew after people opposed the election of donald trump joined a black lights matter protest. it is going to be a couple of weeks if they're going to try the case again. like in the case of the protests, many demonstrators had taken to the streets many across our country. they are protesting the election of republican donald trump. crowd gathered in chicago, new york city and germany. the group has apparently
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posting the notification on facebook. president elect trump needs to focus on his transition to the white house. he said wiping out isis will be his top priority. the terror group has tried to hold off a major advance. news of the election has dominated the headlines. this battle is still raging. islamic state. donald trump will inherit this. he says he wants to wipe isis off the map. is not clear what he means. here in iraq, isis is on the run. and have been since the announcement of the defensive
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they're going to use any tools at their disposal to defend themselves including the use of warm -- war climb -- crime. >> we need to take the risk of more chemical weapons. >> reporter: united nations came out yesterday and said four people died last month when isa set fire to a sulfur plant. thousand more were badly injured the pentagon said this week that hundred and 90 civilians were killed by us airstrikes in the past two years of bombing in iraq and syria. that is just the initial investigation there could be a lot more to come. it is something that donald trump is going to consider if he wants to wrap up the fighting in the middle east. the suicide bombing at afghanistan claimed the life of two us service members.
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laborer and blew himself up. 18 other people were wounded there. the taliban spokesman said that the attack had been planned for four months. the city is putting the brakes on parts of that federal agreement. it is a plan between the fed and city to clean up the police department. an independent monitor said that they cannot create policy manuals to complaints. that is a problem. the plan has done a bad job of writing these manuals. the manuals are part of what caused the month-long delay and they will move it forward. a dozen more residence on the westside could only watch as their home went up in flames. it happened this afternoon at the kelsey manor apartment on
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know people were hurt by cat and dog were killed. they know that people are out of a home tonight. if you have ever driven on a shore, a large part building has culture i. the lakeshore powerplant became a symbol of austerity of power in the early 1900s. a piece of cleveland pride. it is closing. we had the opportunity to hi alyssa. >> reporter: this was built in the early 1900s like you said. they decided that it took 60 acres. the first and -- energy before this. spot for me, personally, it was an emotional day when we shall the. we put the final shutdown
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generator. it was said. it is hard to see it go. >> reporter: he spent more than a decade in the powerplant. he remembers when this place reverberated noise. >> the granting of the call, the steam generating. >> reporter: and when it stopped. >> in 2015. >> reporter: for more than 115 years it powered businesses and homes in cleveland. about 1000 homes and i to shower with >> it was great to know these people over the years. was proud to be a part of it. >> being a piece of history. very impressive. >> reporter: it is changing shape once again. >> a smaller manageable piece. reporter: the heavier equipment will move into halt the scrap out. the explosive will bring down it by summertime.
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>> were open to future developments. reporter: capturing within these walls allows people to see what is been there all along and will no longer be. a piece of history, a class of memories, a sign of the times. >> it is hard to see it go. remember going to cleveland and watch the smokestacks coming out. never knew what was here. >> reporter: and now we know. and so will you. it cost about $14 mill 1911. that equates to about $350 million today. reporting live in cleveland. expensive to build an extensive to tear down. $50 million to get that telling completely torn down to the ground. thank you alyssa. tonight he is in critical condition for a violent crash
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another crash. isaiah pead, lost control of his car on i6 70 early this morning. going off the side of the road.'s car went through a guard rail and hit several trees. 95 feet off the road. the 26-year-old was thrown from the car and witnesses pulled over to help. he remains in stable, but critical, condition. if you download apps to shop online, be very careful.
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security experts say there's been an explosion of say's. showing up in app stores that are designed by scammers to fill your credit card or personal information. they are telltale signs to look for. try looking at the reviews, if you see no reviews, or if the app was recently posted, that is indeed a red flag. >> when there is a void, it is write an app. >> most of these fake absurd thought to come from scammers in china. to find the real thing, look for lots of customer reviews. the more, the better. and go to the retailer's website for legitimate app links. this was a groovy night. flashing back to the 60s at the rock homes tonight. that was the theme for the and
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there's the cleveland non- profit that saves lives. discarding medical does -- supplies and equipment. the humanitarian work is well- respected. they enjoyed live entertainment. coming up after break, we will tell you how the weather
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the rockefeller christmas tree arrived in new york. is the second-largest ever. it took two cranes to put that in there. on channel 3, that will be on november 30. >> i am no thanksgiving is next. thanksgiving! mashed potatoes, we cannot skip them. >> don't you want to drink the new yummy flavors at starbucks? take a look at this, j
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astronomer from csu sent this to me. the super moon happens tomorrow night, and monday morning. tomorrow night, it's going to be the next -- best like to see it. it is 30 % brighter and will shine. that basically is almost there tonight. so if you don't have time tomorrow, get out there tonight and look at it. thank you for sending if you are heading out there tonight, look at these temperatures. 32, it is already 29 degrees in dover. we have wind of the south. the warming powers of the lake are going to be pushed much closer to the lakeshore tonight. we may actually see our first frost in places that have yet
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tonight might be the night where things get cut via frost. 27 -- 37 overnight. we might see a 26 or 25 out of a couple of towns. here is what we're looking at. lots of 20 scott down south. below 30s to read around freezing. right here, in the immediate lakeshore, temperatures are in the mid-two may be low 30s. depending on how strong those hours. that is what spring is the cooler temperatures. on the cooler side of that high, now. get that jetstream it is dying down off the west coast. down into the great lakes and new england. it is bring us to cooler weather over new england, and will shift towards the east. are going to get on the milder side.
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you will not feel a big difference tomorrow, it will be a little bit milder. it is really this week, that the next area of high pressure comes in off the pacific ocean. monday, tuesday, and even wednesday and thursday temperatures are looking nice. here is future view. look at how quickly we move up -- warm up with these clouds. mid-50s i think so degrees for tomorrow afternoon. if you are heading out there like tomorrow, the waters will be just -- much better than what we saw today. this is your extended forecast. take a look at your extended week the temperatures are climbing especially after wednesday. temperatures are near 60 and that storm coming in next weekend, can be a real big one. we're going to go from warm
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i know you will keep us up to date. coming up, a great day for the
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the window nation sports report. hi everyone, three weeks after losing at penn state it is like it never happened.
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top four of the playoff rankings for sure. let's start with their game today. no contest, on marilyn. curtis samuel, in for two yards. they are making sure they use him plenty. jt barrett, in for the score. he is going go to the air and a nice catch their. 21 three samuel had three touchdowns and he had 100 and he had 101 total yards. they were 62 -- 3. this is against nebraska. the buckeyes are rolling. >> two weeks in a row, man, the guys are playing really hard. a nice rotation in the defense of line. we're going to find out now. what our offense line is
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two weeks. we know exactly what is coming down the road. first, one obstacle. this is been a problem in the past. they won their first big ten game today. michigan state, after a seven- game losing streak. he is ranked second in it slips away with 12 seconds left. he blew it. he hit from 48 yards, from 33 -- 42. number four, washington also lost. congrats to him. this is university twitter video feet. this is from the first time since 1989. the purple raiders first lock
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first time since 94, snapping 24 straight. college basketball is back. penn state in cleveland state playing in youngstown. golden flashes facing off in the first game. csu comes back from $21 and does is. he nails the three with 2.67 seconds left in the game. dionat -- 69 lead. they do not give it up. penn state with -- 79 -- 34. he made the three-pointer, 77 -- 78. but a late charge with wyatt hugh. a day with no browns tomorrow, it is some extra time for them
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the top the list. they have the 2nd half going on. it difficult -- disappears in the second half. you cannot put your finger on what happened. >> know, i wish i could. i have tried every different kind of speech to know speech to everything you can think of. obviously it is a problem. so we have to fix it.
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?? ? i heard there was a secret chord that david played and it pleased the lord ?


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