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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  November 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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coming up on channel 3 news, the latest on the police department reform and the one thing they need to work out collecting -- at correcting more protest against election results. the latest protest and where a local one is planned this week. jasmine is getting a workout at sky zone. >> reporter: i know the perfect way to bounce off those calories. channel 3 news starts now. channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the floor show, time to fall in love again with your home. and now channel 3 news today. thank you so much for being with us. we are glad that you are joining us on sunday. we are live from the newsroom, getting your day kicks off josh
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>> it is a cold start. there was frost on the windshield. >> if you were parked outside, it was a chilly or car. >> you get the elbow grease going to get the frost off of the windshield. let's show you the temperatures. 20s and 30s in spots if you are waking up with us towards ashtabula, 36, and powers -- and 20s is what we are seeing, dover, new philadelphia, 31, so below zi feel best. if you are a warning letter, you can plan on the winds to really cut the temperatures down some so although it may actually say that the temperatures are in the 30s, it may feel like the 20s in some spots. a live look at the radar, nice and dry and this is the way that we stay throughout your sensational sunday. by lunchtime, 52, at the highest today are nearing 60 degrees. i do not think that we get
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when we say get there, i mean, we are nearing 70 by the end of the upcoming work week. we will talk about that and then the farmers want to know, when are we going to see some rainfall out there? it has been a little bit of time so we will break that down. >> thank you. the person charged with overseeing cleveland police reform sayat the federal agreement. the consent decree is a plan between the feds density to clean up the police department. an independent monitor says that the city cannot create policy manuals for investigating citizen complaints and that cleveland has done a bad job of writing these manuals for police review and standard -- and the manual section of the reform could be delayed. other parts will move forward. residence on the west side
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take a look. of this fire happened yesterday at the chelsea manor apartments on lake avenue in cleveland. luckily no one was hurt but a cat and dog were killed investigators are not sure what caused the fire but a lot of people are out of the home this morning. a protest against election of donald trump is coming to akron this week, with a group planning to hold it on tuesday. clouds gathered in chicago, new york city, and as far as berlin germany to protest result in chicago and new york have buildings with name on them. the details of the protested akron will be on our facebook page. protesters took to the streets in cincinnati after a county judge declared a mistrial in the case against ray tensing. he is a white officer was being charged for murder after he shot sam dubose in the head after pulling them over for a traffic violation last year. he was fired from the force. the protest grew after several hundred people from an anti- donald trump rally joined the
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not my president join those of hands up, don't shoot. a suicide bombing at a nato military base in afghanistan killed two members and two contractors. the taliban suicide bomber dressed as a laborer and blew himself up at the largest us- based in afghanistan to 18 others were wounded a spokesman said that the attack had been planned for four months. let's have a little fun and get a little exercise this morning. you may not know that jumping on a traveling is also referred to as rebounder and it is an enjoyable low-impact workout that can pro numerous cardiovascular, health, and fitness benefits but jasmine overall has been live at sky zone all morning showing us the different workouts that you can get and what a perfect way to get some cardio in, especially when the temperatures get colder. >> reporter: i know. i mean, everybody does not like going out to the gym when the winter hits around the corner. this is the perfect place that you can get your blood boiling as soon as you walk inside of
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we are here at sky zone and right now it is packed and you are wondering why the lights are out. they also do a glow style of exercise so adding some fun and creative ways to stay fit during the wintertime and especially with thanksgiving around the corner, we will have -- i'm going to catch up with sandip -- with sam those issues the instructor. she is so fit because she is doing an interview and teaching a class at the same time. >> multitasking. >> reporter: tell us how many the classes get. >> welfare it is popular. we only do it on special occasions so it is the most popular class. i would say that there are -- the regular sky fit classes are smaller. we hope to grow them. typically they are around 6 or 8 but the great thing is that people say, i am not fit enough to come. but you are. we can provide anything. they are for everyone at every
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but it helps to make it fun but it is visibly fine and it gets people to bring their arms and legs into it and everybody knows the more that you are moving, the more calories you are burning. >> reporter: promising you 1000 calories. right? you, and you will bring 1000 calories. we counted our steps that we have about 4000 so far this morning. -- it is up to 1000. if you jump the whole time, that is what thousand calories so we take water breaks and we lift weights. i would -- not quite 1000 every time but you have the ability, if you want to come in and go hard and fast the whole time. >> reporter: this is important with thanksgiving around the corner and christmas. those pounds are going to pack up quickly so if anybody is interested in joining this class, it is for everyone. how can they get in contact with you? >> you can go to the sky zone
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mornings at 9:00, monday evening, 6:00, tuesday morning is not a car, fridays at noon and saturdays at 9:00 and we are hoping to add some classes >> reporter: thank you so much. we had a great time. definitely, come out to sky zone. >> all right. thank you so much. still ahead, back in the news this morning, new information on when he will be cleared of sexual assault charges. talking about bill cosby. today marks one year since the deadliest terrorist attacks paris. how one place is honoring
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welcome back. today marks one year since the deadly terrorist attacks and yesterday the concert hall reopened. a concert by the british musician sting mark to the reopening of the concert venue one year ago today for the suicidal jihad is killed 90 concertgoers with a weapon and
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the coordinated attacks and perez also targeted bars, restaurants and a sports stadium. they killed a total of 130 people and they left hundreds more injured. a fireworks mishap caused a big fire at a gay pride event in orlando florida are. it happened -- the accident caused a wooden barge to catch fire on the lake on saturday night no one was on the barge at the time of the fire. officials say that the public was not in danger at concerns. the event was held on the five- month anniversary of the shooting at pulse nightclub. five north carolina's governor has issued a state of emergency in 25 western counties where a wildfire has caused a containment -- crossed a containment line. two counties are under evacuation because the fire is only 15% contained. they do not know how many homes are involved. shelters are open at churches and a burn ban is in place because of the drought and strong winds.
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critically hurt in a car crash in columbus. former rams steelers and dolphins running back isaiah pete abbas control of his car on 670 going off of the side of the road. it went through a car rail -- a guardrail and hit several trees before landing on an embankment 95 feet off of the roadway. he was thrown from the car and two witnesses pulled over to help he remains in stable but critical condition this morning. an update on 's lawyer says that he is expected to be cleared of the charges soon and restart his show business career. he is suing seven accusers for defamation. he pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a former university employee. approximately 50 women have claimed that he forced unwanted sexual conduct on them decades ago.
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>> you can prepare for a red hot spring when the red hot chili -- they were the stop. the rock band will take the stage on may 13, so you can mark your calendars. presale begins on wednesday and tickets for everyone go on sale on friday. if you have ever driven on the shoreway, chances are a brick building with smokes that has caught your eye. this became a symbol of prosperity and power in the y shifting away from traditional call at two different types of energy. channel 3 alyssa raymond had the opportunity to go inside. >> for me, personally, it was a very emotional day when we pressed the final shutdown button on the generator. it was a sad day. it was a sad day and it is hard to see it go. >> reporter: he spent more than a decade at the lakeshore power plant. he remembers when this place reverberated noise. >> the grinding of the call, the steam generating. >> reporter: and also when it all stopped.
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>> reporter: for more than 100 years a powered houses and businesses in cleveland, and at its peak it supplied about 1000 homes in our with more than 350 employees. >> it was great over the years -- to know all of these people. i was very proud to be part of it. >> it is a piece of history. it is pretty impressive how it has changed. >> reporter: it is changing again. >> the torch cutting, and the generator. smaller >> reporter: heavy equipment will move into how the scrap out and explosives will breakdown this stack. by summertime, this familiar site will no longer be seen. instead, a green space will be in its place. >> we are hoping -- open to future development's. >> reporter: capturing what they -- what is within the walls allows people to see what has been there and will no longer be put a piece of history, a capsule of memory, a sign of the times. >> it is hard to see it go. i remember going to cleveland
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smokestacks coming and i never knew what it really wise. >> reporter: we will always know and so she will always know and so will you. alyssa raymond, channel 3 news. cost $14 million to build a power plant in 1911 and that equals about $350 million today. coming up, it can be hard for kids to sit still in school and some classes are experimenting with a different kind of chair for kids. we are going to show you. a crazy day of college a full report in the morning sports. michael, what is the weather like as we walk out the door? >> a chilly start. if you are thinking, i am making it a day, on lake erie, waves about 1 foot to 3 feet and 1x from the southwest, and we have some chances for rain during the work week. finishing up with temperatures
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sports report. hi everyone. good morning. what a day yesterday in college football. this is going to be interesting as we go down to the playoffs. clemson loses in the afternoon, washington loses at night, and then i will that, upsets michigan, so three of the top
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makes things interesting because penn state is really back alive in the big ten chase with a michigan losing last night, and you wonder what is going to happen as we go down the stretch for all that ohio state can do is keep winning games and see how it pans out in the end. michigan no longer undefeated. that makes things interesting for the final game of the regular season. let's go back to yesterday afternoon. ohio state taking on maryland on the ro, curtis samuel in from 2 yards out, making sure that they get him plenty of times. 7-0 ohio state -- j.t. barrett in for the score to make it 14-0 matt. this game was over in the first quarter and he goes and he -- 36 yard touchdown. 21-3, ohio state, and he ran for 2, and then samuel -- three
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win 62-3. the same score as last week when they beat nebraska. this one is not a surprise. ohio state is rolling. >> two weeks in a row, man. you are playing -- the guys are playing hard, nice rotation in the defensive line and the one thing that i am -- we are going to find out now. are often line is playing better. the last two weeks and we know -- we know exactly what is coming down the road. >> reporter: we do. in two weeks against the team up north but that has a little bit of a change as they lost they have to get through michigan state. it has been a problem for ohio state. the spartans team is not really good. they get their first big ten win yesterday as they beat rutgers, 49-0 and they are 0 and 7 in the big ten. michigan state snapped a seven- game losing streak. congratulations to john carroll, video from the twitter account, pure celebration because child care -- john carroll defeated mount union
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31-20 it was the final and the first regular-season loss in 11 years. the ncaa record, 112 games -- the winning streak over and john carroll wins the title for the first time since 1994, snapping 24 straight by mount union. coming up tonight, sports tonight, after football, here on channel 3. we will talk cavaliers, browns and more. we will have guests to discuss. remember that the browns do not play today because they played on thursday night. they are 0 and 10 and the cavaliers play as they host charlotte this afternoon. we will have post game recap that as well. as i mentioned, a wild college football day yesterday and we will see how things go in the nfl. dave chudowsky, have a great
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9:20 am and maybe -- you are going out the door. maybe you have already been out
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weather going to do? it is definitely starting out chilly. >> i know that you were saying yesterday that it started off so cold and you were not sure if it was going to be a winter day or not so much. it is a big win in that department with lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 50s for highs, and i think that we see mid and upper 50s and by the way, tonight we have an awesome phenomenon taking place, the supermoon. that is going to be taking place once the sun sets after 5:00 this evening so something to get the kids come around them up and look at before you get them into bed for school tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s towards akron, canton, 36 in wayne, and in downtown, closer to the lake, the temperatures are in the low 40s. the winds -- you will feel them
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remainder of the day. here is what it looks like. dry, compliments of high pressure and you can look at that -- you replace that with the sunshine because that is basically going to be the forecast for today. sunny and dry, beautiful sunday to take full advantage of. tomorrow is also looking good so let's break down this -- this entire sunday for lunchtime, calling temperatures by brush, upper 40s, low 50s and working throughout the afternoon, we are in the mid- 50s. tonight, as we said, sunset after 5:00 p.m. this evening. get out and about and if you can check out the supermoon around the 6:00 a.m. hour tomorrow look gorgeous. the first thing tomorrow morning, after the sun rises, temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s. tomorrow afternoon, veiled sunshine, thin, high level cirrus clouds is what we call them and i think that will
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monday. temperatures today, mid and upper 50s, perhaps low 60s and you will notice the winds from the southwest really sustained between 10 and 15 throughout the day. temperatures tonight in the 30s so if you are going out the door to check out the supermoon, bundle up because it is chilly. window nation, seven-day forecast, 50s today and tomorrow but also tuesday and wednesday. wednesday is the best chance for a stray shower, not investing about into that. thursday and friday, back in the 60s and is a very real chance that we could actually get close to 70 degrees, to round out your work week. i know that lots of folks are looking forward to that. that is a great day to go out and about with a family. you can go for a nice walk and speaking about puppies, we have mosey from the humane society of summit county and joining us as well is caitlin. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us.
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dogs. >> yes, she has. she came to us in august with the owner cannot care for artists -- for her but she needed surgeries but she is better and looking for her home. she is about eight years old and her age is nothing but a number. >> she has so much energy for a middle sized eight-year-old puppy. you know? >> every dog is individual but she is very active and looking for that great family. she would prefer to be the only dog in the home a but she might have the potential with the right dog but she is very selective. >> she is the queen of her own castle. >> she is a princess. >> this is an option. but she loves to snuggle. you can stop into the shelter, 7996 in mental -- in twinsburg or give us a call, 330-487-0333. they will explain the process to. >> we have 15 seconds and i want you to talk about the photographs with santa claus. >> we have our volunteer santa claus who helps us out.
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there is a $10 sitting fee but we have a website that you can go to and you can order the photographs and different sized photographs. >> puppies are part of the family and sometimes i considered my dog a little closer than my twin brother. at times. so again, photographs with santa and the puppies does the entire family -- it is a good time. >> thank you. over to you. service dogs and training graduated to become lifelong partners for veterans in washington dc. two classes of service dogs were congratulated on the completion of the program. a nonprofit providing service dogs to veterans free of charge. through their training, the dogs have become facility dogs, therapy dogs or skilled home companions. classrooms are trading in seatings -- this is one way to help kids control hyperactivity and focus. courtney gilmore has more on this. >> reporter: in this classroom
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year-old, sit up straight and sit still are words that you will probably not hear from the first grade teacher. >> it is the way that they are programmed and the way they are wired. they thrive that way. >> reporter: she has switched out traditional sitting for wiggle just, bouncy balls and beanbags, and it helps to ease the wiggle worms. >> i like this. >> reporter: instead is their minds and their behavior. for students with attention disorder, small amounts of stimulation can make a huge difference according -- some children's health. >> they are fidgety and they may have to get up and walk around. they just need more activity and that helps the part of their brain that is focused on working memory. to be able to be alert and to hone in on the correct stimuli. >> reporter: he has shed light on different ways that children learn and it is that diversity. >> the environment is more
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>> reporter: it makes for productive payoffs. >> each chair costs about $70. some schools are provided with a grant or donated funds by them. still to come this morning, the top stories including a mistrial for a cincinnati police officer and what the victim's family says that they will do. a rocking event at the rock hall last night and more about
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welcome back. it is before 9:30 am on sunday morning and the trial of a white former university of cincinnati police officer who shot a man ended with the jury never reaching a verdict ray tensing were charged with murder after he shot sam dubose in the head after pulling him over in 2015 jurors could not reach a verdict so he is set to walk away free. the dubose family says they will ask for another trial. nearly 1000 people marched through the sts several hundred people from the rally opposing donald trump joined the black lives matter protest following the mistrial. not my president join dosing handsome, don't shoot. we have been telling you about a program called racist anonymous. the ideas that it is run like
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about issues dealing with race. the group meets at the silverlake church. united church of christ, 11:15 am. the meeting is open to anyone who wants to come. france is remembering the horrors of one year ago with somber memories. last november 13 islamic extremists attacked bars, restaurants and other symbols of the joyful life that paris embodies. president frangois aligned visited each of the sites to honor the 130 le wreath at the site of the suicide bombings that marked the beginning of the attacks last year. flashing back to the 60s of moroccan wall -- rock 'n roll hall of fame, the theme for the annual band-aid bash, that benefits a cleveland nonprofit that helps to save lives and the environment, repurpose and discarded medical supplies and equipment guests enjoyed fun food stations, live entertainment and we -- they hosted the event. coming up between the lines with tom barrett. a look at this week's weather
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if you are going out the door anytime soon, it really is not just jacket weather where you are going out this early but it is like winter coat weather. it is cold. >> for some people in the 40s. >> we started some spots in the 20s and the chilliness is in
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also out there. lots of folks on sunday want to get fresh air. we have some beautiful natural parks and if you're thinking about going out the door, one thing that you will not have to contend with is a high allergy count, low in the tree, grass, weeds, and mold allergy departments and speaking of, if you are going hiking and you can find a school street -- a cool stream to relax by -- by lunchtime, making it to 52 degrees, and we will hold onto ee the upper 50s, near 60 degrees. again, a really great looking sunday for us in northeast ohio. the temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s, 36 wooster, a 37 in elyria, warmer downtown, 42, winds brisk and we will hold onto that throughout the afternoon and also into the evening, generally from the southwest between the 5 to 15 miles per hour. the radar -- not much going on.
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off towards the east. that spells out a lot of sunshine for us in northeast ohio. that high pressure center is only going to slowly drift towards the east so even tomorrow, monday, we will be under the influence of high pressure, meaning that the sunshine that we were talking about should continue to start off your work week. now through noon, good-looking afternoon, brunch plans, upper 40s, low 50s and you want to grab the jackets. for -- through this afternoon, a decent evening and that overnight tonight, throughout early tomorrow, perhaps a few thin higher-level cirrus clouds, but i still think that for the supermoon that you will see overnight, through early tomorrow, it will be perfect viewing conditions for as.
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some pictures and you can send it to us through twitter or instagram. by tomorrow afternoon, other than that sunshine that you see, it should be a nice day with temperatures back in the mid and upper 50s. temperatures today, mid and upper 50s, winds from the southwest, 10 to 15, carrying through, throughout the evening as the temperatures bottom out in the 30s so a cold night i had been a spectacular supermoon, and if you have the opportunity to go out and see it -- we hold onto 50 through wednesday with a chance for a couple of spotty showers on wednesday although i think that most of us day dry. thursday, friday, in the 60s and we will add very close to 70 degrees, as we work towards friday afternoon and then, another cool -- another cool down into saturday and we are trending towards -- cooler weather on sunday and that remains to be seen but i think that we can see some interesting weather around here next week, the week after next so we will watch that carefully but of course -- >> interesting meeting colder? snow?
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holidays. >> exactly. it could get interesting. i'm excited for a. i want to see some action. >> we will keep an eye on it between the lines with tom
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good morning. postelection edition of between the lines. for the local view of president- elect donald trump surprising to most, astonishing victory and what the political landscape looks like now. jointly, cuyahoga county democratic vice -- german and relations director blake griffin and show host bob france welcome to you both. what a week it has been. for some delirious joy and for others depressed and surprised, the first woman president did not happen to america decided that you preferred a bombastic reality television star who has made and lost fortunes but donald trump vowing to unify the split down the middle nation, promising big changes
9:42 am
not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i am reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unified -- and unify our great country. to all republicans and the democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> the early to end obamacare, build a wall and cut taxes and for hillary clinton, a painful personal rejection. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead. >> president obama who may see some of his own legacy
9:43 am
rollback, also pledging a cooperative transition. >> we are not democrats first. we are not republicans first. we are americans first >> donald trump tapped into the anger about the country's direction and its leaders -- can he healed activision? in your democratic role, i bet you spent a lot of weeks, kind of dr. phil talking people off of the ledge. >> there have been a lot of people that are very, very depressed about this. i am disappointed. went below president and a democrat in the white house. but i will say that hillary clinton was right. we have got to give president- elect donald trump a chance to govern. i do not want to do what some republicans did -- what some did with president obama -- saying that he is doa -- we want to stop him before he gets in and then stop on guns and all of these other things so i
9:44 am
an opportunity to govern and as a democrat i am disappointed but i will say that we need to given the opportunity. >> this decision mean that america is not ready for a woman president or they did not want this woman? >> they did not want the most corrupt candidate possibly in the history of -- i would love to see a woman president if it was carly fiorina, condoleezza -- or condoleezza rice. it had nothing to do with gender. it had a lot to do -- it is interesting -- talking about how some republicans wanted to stop barack obama from the start of the reason is that they knew what was coming -- obamacare -- the affordable care act and some were pretty this would be a disaster and they wanted to stop it, his agenda from the beginning, not out of personal animus but because they knew it would be a disaster. at the end of his second term, the new president coming in and it is a disaster with premiums
9:45 am
cannot handle it a lot of people want to stop it. it was based on policy and not on personality. >> any second-guessing -- if we had only done this or that? it was a pretty resounding defeat and a big surprising margin in ohio. >> very simple. they tried to go to the old reliable old-style campaign which it does to turn out the vote at the last minute. we have to spend more time cultivating especially in some rural areas, blue-collar areas as democrats. we have to get there now in school board, city council elections and getting active and local government we cannot keep waiting until the election year and think that we will do the turnout machine and get that. we have work to do as democrats. >> you have got to stay connected all the way. >> we have got to stay connected all the way. >> the big idealistic challenge now, finding ways -- can it be done? to shift from angry election mood to let's get something done. we have thoughts from three of
9:46 am
>> it is amazing, when i bring a bipartisanship, especially on social media, people say that is not right and the answers we have got to be able to work together. we have to. >> it is up to all of us in both parties if i took an oath four years ago, put my right hand up and said i will support the constitution and that says that i work with both parties to do what needs to be done. >> i think that is what people in ohio are looking for, not hiring somebody to go give with four people who know how to reach across the aisle and accomplish results that are tangible for them and their families. that is what i hope that donald trump will be able to do with us. >> lofty goals, noble purpose but easier said than done. as you look at the lay of the land, i do not want to say
9:47 am
will see with a republican president an absolute control of congress, will something productive actually come out of it? >> the way i have been looking at it he has three things, the white house, the senate and house of representatives. what he does not have is an excuse. there is no excuse to not get things done and the one problem is there might be still some gridlock but not necessarily just between republicans and democrats but there is that matter of some of the republicans that are in congress did not like him and did not support him and campaign for him including the speaker of the house. some of them did to have to coalesce around him and get their message together before they -- let's try to convince the democrats to go along with what we want to do. he has no excuse and republicans and conservatives who have been begging for this -- they need to take advantage and i think that they can. i really do because i see more conciliatory tone among them in the course of this week. >> is this win big enough to be called a mandate? >> he definitely won by a mandate but when i will tell you is that the biggest disappointment -- what some people do not trust about donald trump going to office like you mentioned most of the
9:48 am
anger at all of the hate and all of the red meat politics that took place. now people want to know what is going to be done and what is going to get done on both sides, democrats and republicans and there is no excuse. he said -- he said that he wants to help of the inner city and urban community. we will see what happens. >> we have been seeing protested all of the major urban areas. he is still two months away from taking the job and people are protesting. >> i will say this about that and i said this on social beta -- i want there to be a bridge for this divide i really do but i will tell you that if the liberals in this country are going to continue to call the donald trump of voters and racist, homophobic, islamic phobic, et cetera, there will never be a coming together and that is the american public let alone in the congress.
9:49 am
he made fun of a disabled person. that was patronizing. that was patronizing to african- americans and he basically talked crazy about women all the time for those are things. this is about values. >> he did make a lot of abrasive and offensive comments. >> he did. >> there is a lot of context to that. the party did not provide. >> that is not about party. that is about values. >> they were about healing and conciliation. healing and can so relate and conciliation but cleveland voters making choices that will keep the city and its future on a positive well. giving a vote of confidence to the plan to transform cleveland schools. even though they are not sure exactly what the levy renewal is going to buy them, they decided to support the plan and it is encouraging but limited
9:50 am
to vote to raise the income tax, more of a squeaker, more than 51.4% in favor, 48.6% saying thumbs down and this approval means that the city will not have a huge budget hole to fill. we will be able to make it across the board safety course and service improvements. if this had been rejected, life would have taken a big turn for the worst for cleveland residents. full disclosure. you had a big role in the school and perhaps somewhat lesser role in the income tax so obviously a lot of celebrating at city hall and the mayor -- cc this this as a vote of confidence. >> i have less of a roman schools and more of the role in 32 but first of all i have to thank the citizens of cleveland. they always step up when it
9:51 am
out for our communities. we had a simple message, that through state budget cuts, $150 million, we had a situation where we cannot cut anymore. we had to let people know that we are going to lose hundreds of jobs, have to cut millions of dollars and lose critical services. once we got the message out there, it was a high touch campaign, $125,000, hundreds of volunteers on the streets, talking to people at about why this is critical. >> still you were nervous about the punchline because the school levy had more resources and i think it was a more appealing subject. people recognized schools are the number one issue. >> of course. we were nervous about that and you need money in order to get your message out but that is why i say i have committed to volunteers and our strategist. >> quick thoughts from you both. obviously, mayor jackson coming around the corner for reelection. it would have been difficult to preside over dismantling service in the city hall. more likely that he is going to run? i bet that there is going to be answers. >> i don't know if he will run. i will tell you from a friend and being a person who is a director the cabinet, this was a very big win for the mayor.
9:52 am
>> i think that he stood and i think he will and i think it is the same thing that i said about donald trump, no excuse. the money, the schools to improve. gave him the money. >> let's deliver. and never ending the cycle of nonstop politics, are yore race a couple of years away? some candidates are jockeying for the position. a not completely inclusive list on the republican side, lieutenant governor mary taylor, mike dewine and secretary of state john houston. they are expressing interest in having their eye's on the state house prize and democrats, let's focus but three names getting much of the talk, former state lawmaker colleague the former attorney general and consumer protection watchdog director richard cordy -- and congressman tim ryan may be a
9:53 am
the inside political junkies that are talking about this but is there a favorite at this point as we start out? with this important race? >> i think of republican side, mike dewine is an experienced politician. >> he is very well known. >> he has been successful and highly regarded for the work he has done in his offices. at least from the names to put up on the screen i think he would have an early inside track. >> i would tell you that he -- it is probably his to lose if he does not -- i tell you that we have several other people, the former mayor of youngs >> he has -- he was the car guy. >> he helped to bring back the auto industry. we have -- even though he is going to be attorney general, we have a deep bench ready for 2018 as a democrat so you might end up seeing coordinates, and -- >> briefly, governor kasich -- his role in the election,
9:54 am
endorsing and going for donald trump expect the first time republican voters came out because of donald trump and the fact that john kasich said i do not want anything to do this it does it may have emboldened them and i think that the governor kasich really lost a lot of his start. >> he was supposed to be giving a speech on thursday about the new direction of the republican party and the reforms we have to make of things we have to do it did not happen. >> john kasich probably the biggest loser in as. >> all right. between the lines is at the end of the line, our final addition -- edition for fulfilling our goal of helping you through this election year and a fabless year for cleveland. thank you to the analysts who shared your opinions and thank you to all of you -- sometimes and regular viewers. keep watching for political coverage on channel 3 news on
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last check of the forecast. >> it is kind of cold outside. the sunshine feel so much better. i feel like whenever you are the sunshine and it is still cold outside it feels great topping out today and the 50s today and tomorrow. friday, almost near 70. >> all right. thank you so much for being with us. enjoy your sunday. >> thank you for watching channel 3 news. take weather with you wherever you go, texting wkyc, 25543 -- to download our free apps. closed captioning of channel 3 news is sponsored by
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this sunday, split screen america. a divided nation reacts with joy to donald trump and with anger. with anti-trump protesters demonstrating across the country, as mr. trump washington. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, a i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. >> will trump be able to heal the widening divisions in this country? i will talk to his campaign manager kellyanne conway. e-mail fallout again. hillary clinton blames her loss directly on fbi director james comey, saying his announcement stopped her momentum. not only have democrats lost


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