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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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(sloshing) (twist cap sound) unleash a refreshing citrus kick. >> rick: football night in america.
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sunday night football, seahawks and patriots. on behalf of the battle we saw today, will be a great football game. you see the steam coming out. the face of the windshield, 22, that's from the burnout done by joey ugonna. he has been celebrating since the checkered flag. time for the coca-cola winning moment. he gets shootout from the outside line.
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emitted at talladega to advance to this round. good advance to the championship. he told me earlier today, i love this pressure. i was made for moments like this. i want to know the emotions going through your head. you are tied with kyle busch. how much i never felt this good about a win before. and one brings their a game. this team dinner. we are looking for championship. we did what we had to do really go home and do the same thing.
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this team. everybody that helps us out, i thought i just won the talladega 500 again. >> you heard him say he never felt more emotional about a win in his life. >> it's the show celebration for joey lugano. he'll be able to enjoy this moment. he won his way into the championship the championship will be determined in miami next weekend. stick around for the post game show up next on nbc. >> at the end of the round of
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edwards all with wins advancing into the championship. trying to tie the king and the terminator. looking for his first ever championship as is karl edwards. >> they move on to miami. >> for their first championship. >> be sure to tune in for nascar america post race by advance auto parts. they came into play as who would advance into the
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a late race start, it's the championship for including race winner joey lugano.
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we begin with breaking news. nbc news has learned president- elect donald trump has named rnc chairman rain speakers as his chief of staff. he's been selection into the strongest signal that is looking to work with the party establishment, something trump as an outsider may have sidestepped. thanks for being with us on the delayed edition. all this political activity across the country and now we're hearing hillary clinton has taken aim at the fbi blaming them in part for her losing the election.
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tower, president-elect made his first a cabinet decision picking reince priebus as white house chief of staff. the decision coming as protesters continue to protest rally with the new york city. thousands of angry americans still voicing their opposition to president-elect donald trump. >> i've never seen an election like this before people are so fearfu >> people should put their minds at ease. we are going to do to work on solving the big countries comes in getting the economy growing, fixing national security and health care problems. >> hillary clinton spoke to top donors game winning her loss and james coming decision to reopen her email investigation 11 days before the election. clinton told donors, our
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raising doubts over ramos, baseless and proven to be stopped our momentum. trumps team isn't buying that. >> i can't believe it's always somebody else's fault. sometimes you have to take a look in the mirror and reflect on what went wrong. >> conway met with president- elect said more cabinet picks will be coming soon. he also named former campaign ceo steve been in his strategist and senior counselor as a president-elect readies his team to the white house. >> did you know the museum honoring america's first lady's is located in canton ohio. they placed a photograph of the next first lady just inside the store. traders say they will have to wait until more and is known about her hobbies and other activities before work can start a full exhibit but it will come. the photo in the lobby the
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welcoming the incoming first lady to the position. >> teachers strike is getting more heated, parent parents angered they fear there voices are being hurt. times and locations change mobile times so 200 community members decided they would hold their own meeting in their genetics evening. teachers said they aren't striking over money but reduction in forces. their meeting tonight stark county, four-port tonight after football. he was a music legend in his own right. he touched the careers of elton john and willie nelson. we remember the life of a leon russell. the holiday shopping season is underway. while the hottest toys for the kids in your world when the
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leon russell has died. he died this morning in his sleep at his national home. a number of both rock 'n roll and songwriters hall of fame over the course of his decades long career tour richard lewis, collaborated with elton john and willie nelson. >>[ music ] social media with an outpouring of love and admiration for russell's life and career, elton john posting about him. with a collection of some of those tributes up now along the link to video >> we're playing baseball not that long ago, the temperatures have been very warm but the holidays are approaching and racing science that's the case. take crocker park, had hard to
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holiday shopping season. it seems to get earlier and earlier. we went to the two experts to find out what the hottest toys are this year. >> so far had tables have been the biggest hit. they sold out in two weeks. midshipmen of 50 and they went to the first 2 to 3 weeks of getting them. >> other popular and items include the step and play piano, alpha shelf and indoor games like foosball ampoule. with the best time to shop? we wait for backside -- black friday deals. >> time to buy is when you see it.>> if you want to wait for black friday and cyber monday my keep it locked to our ways to stay section over at they always terrific mac granite is updating every day with new features and insider information on the best online
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we talk about the phenomenon coming and the work week ahead when we come back.
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welcome back. hope you had a chance to enjoy the evening. it's still nice out there for november. temperatures chilly further away from the lake. 48 elyria, 51 downtown. if you're heading out there to see the superman, make sure you bring a jacket. there's a southwest when the
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feel at the low 40s, maybe even upper 30s. despite your thermometer seeing 40 degrees. the moon rose earlier today, it's in eastern sky now, temperatures in the upper 40s by 744 43 x 11. the wind and the super moon because it's at its closest approach to the earth coinciding with a full moon since 1948. it's hard to tell the difference in size. it's 30% greater and that you can definitely notice. catch up but still low in the sky. 27-38. another frosty night. this morning we got some frost at our house.
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the wind it will feel like the mid-20s toward millersburg. the white shot around the nation, double barrel area of high pressure, this will keep the weather quiet and dry down to southern california. a couple areas of low pressure passing down to the south, another week one and western arkansas. these will move to the east end up the east coast, not affecting us. milder air and temperatures indicating temperatures surging into the coders -- into the dakotas. this huge storm off the coast of alaska starts heading in as we head to the second half of the week. this will be potentially a blockbuster storm the great lakes. we want to get the biggest effects but it will will see the changes around it saturday
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thursday. frostee and clear, gorgeous afternoon tomorrow. few scattered high clouds, they 5 to 60 as we head into monday. it's looking good out there, temperatures in the mid-50s, light winds 1 to 2 feet. it looks fine through friday, looked next weekend. 60 on saturday, lake, rain and snow sunday. with sports coming up next.
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it's nha and have a chance to win but actually winning. the cavs host charlotte at the q. lebron played in time for our nightly lebron steel on land dunks on the other. canceled 10 after the first quarter but were tied at 44 the second quarter, kevin months as i can do this. another double double for kevin , 17 at 11. charlotte leading by three midway through the third, kai
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tie the team. 10+3, six and 12 from three, hit 20 points off the bench that made it 77 7-74. lawrence keep it close, lebron with the final back at three. to make it 99-90. eight rebounds, eight assists. cavs one eight rebounds, eight assists. cavs 193 and the match last seasons let's look at the schedule this week. they take on the raptors wednesday at the pacers on friday against the person. a good week ahead, four of the next five games are at home. the browns with the weekend off. we seem to have this type of story every year. report this morning by cbs sports writer claims there's
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this comes after hugh jackson benched cody kessler and the team to win 10. sources told us ray horton is facing an uncertain future and changes could be far more sweeping. they become increasingly hands- on the don't understand various areas of the franchise and morale is low. this is a reports, no fax pressure. what a day yesterday in college football. it's was a ton of fun to watch it all go down. clemson, washington, michigan all losing. about buckeyes dominates again. back-to-back weeks with the same story. the offense rolling, defense dominating, with the when the buckeyes move up to number two and when the playoff rankings. they'll be back in the top. the
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>> amazing upset last night, iowa with a walkoff field goal giving the wolverines the first loss. this is not good for ohai was date district ohio state. the buckeyes beat them always you goes to the big champ, when there and you're in the playoffs. the buckeyes and penn state out, the nittany lions go and beat ohio state. you have to think, can state when the last two games and still make the playoffs? sports tonight, coming your way after football night in america and a good one tonight, seattle and new england. jim donovan recaps the first 10 games for the browns. as a little bit of everything on sports tonight. >> this is the match but that
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>> that's it for us it six. nightly news coming your way next. have the latest on breaking news about donald trump making selections for his administration. our team is back after the aforementioned football game.
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on this sunday night, breaking news, president elect trump's first major appointments of his inner circle. and continued protests. >> new zealand is 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the full extent of the earthquake is still not known and an inside look of how this country's largest police force had officers over seas. fighting pain for ten of millions trying to find relieves. a new study of some of the side effects for some of those commonly used painkillers.


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