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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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parents in the -- details of parents in the community that aren't happy with this. >> reporter: the two key appointments already made in the trump administration. >> and how much the city made from the world series despite the indians heartbreaking loss. >> hope you had a temperatures climb well into the 50s today. we'll get close to 60 degrees in some spots, and expecting mostly sunny skies all across northeast ohio. we'll be in the low 50s at lunch. i think upper 50s for highs today without a problem. right now mainly 30s. it is 26 in dover presently. outside of that, low-to-middle
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starting things off. we still have an opportunity to see the moon shining over the next few minutes before the sun comes up. a spectacular start to the week. lots going on, including 0 another warmup. you think today is mild. wait until you see what's ahead before the week is through. i have a k up. >> good morning to all of you miss monday morning. we are seeing slow traffic on 71 south. it's adding about three minutes to your commute, so that's as you're trying to get to 480. we also have an accident reported on the west side at detroit avenue. a vehicle hit a tree. no road closures reported because of that. and on the east side, we have a serious fire reported between superior road and south taylor
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i'm going to call and let you know if mayfield road is closed. i'll let you know in 10 or 15 minutes. several people hurt after overnight shootings. one person was shot on wendell avenue in cleveland around 3:00 this morning. no word yet on that person's condition. police were called to the hospital a short time later, after a driver showed up with two more people who have been shot. police have not said whether the shootings are more than 100 teachers begin week three of a strike in the lewisville school district. >> parents of the students there are are now starting to speak out. >> that's right. the educational service center board was supposed to meet yesterday, but then canceled and rescheduled that meeting, speaking out arequest against the lack of negotiations, teachers in the lewisville school district have been on strike since november 2nd.
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and a reduction in force. 2900 students have been taught by substitutes from an outside company since the strike. the company has been rallying around the teachers, vocally with signs of supports. some community members tell us they see teachers that are willing to negotiate, but the board is resisting a compromise at their children's expense. >> any negotiations takes two sides. you have to negotiate, you have to compromise and lk >> at the fathers last night, parents talked about what they can do next. there's not a clear plan of action, but they say they will focus on doing anything they can to get back to the tables. cleveland police are asking for your help this morning to find a missing 16-year-old. alexander mullens is six feet tall, 265 pounds, last seen
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call cleveland police. >> and take a look at the man and woman if these surveillance pictures. cleveland police are also asking for help to identify suspects who broke through a creeling to steal lottery tickets at the old brooklyn food mart on pearl road. the thieves then cashed the lottery tickets at a couple of local gas stations. if you recognize these two be, call th second district. >> the trump administration is starting to take chafe. >> we're also hearing more about the president elect's policies. >> reporter: especially when it comes to his stance on obamacare and is, also, building that wall along the u.s. mexican border. put first let's talk about those appointments. reince priebus has been tapped
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steve bannon will be the chief strategist. the president elect said he'll keep part of obamacare, get rid of other parts, and he said the border wall may include some fencing instead, and he talked about seeks advice from presidents who came before him. >> you said that you might call president obama for advice. would you think of calling >> well, he's a very talented guy. both of them. this is a very talented family. i would certainly think about that. certainly. >> reporter: a $400,000 a year salary comes with the job. coming up in the next hour, i'll let you know what president elect trump said he is going to do about that. >> well, saul not forgiven for donald trump following his election victory.
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paper is losing thousands of subscribers due to their coverage of his campaign. well, trump was asked about his twittering account during an interview with 60 minutes last night. he said twitter and facebook helped him to get elected, and he'll keep using his accounts, but in a more restrained way. so we want to know what you think, head to to weigh on n on whether donald trump should continue to tweet >> there's now a spot for mcclellan trump waiting -- melania trump waiting at a museum, but they say they will
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more about her to fill in the place. in if san francisco, hundreds of protesters held a peaceful demonstration in golden gate park, hold hing signs like love trumps hate, and make american human again. wildfires continue to spread across tennessee. fire officials say there are 58 active wildfires that have burned more than 12,000 acres at least five new fires started over the weekend, prompting a burn ban across 9 counties. the tennessee national guard used helicopters to dump water on the fires. several cases of arson, but no arrests have been made at this point. >> somber ceremonies took place at paris over the weekend. remembering the one-year anniversary of the terror attacks there. 130 people were killed.
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died, and memorialle plaques were also unveiled. >> legendary singer, song write we are, and musician leon russell died in his sleep sunday at his nashville home. he is a member of the rock and roll and songwriters hall of and collaborated with names like elton john and willie nelson. leon russell was 74 years old 0. i learned about his death and his passing, because our own russ mitchell posted a picture of the two of them together, saying russell and russell were together. >> a great for 0 tow. >> yeah, it is -- a great foe tow -- photo.
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he'll be missed. >> he also helped launched the career of tom petty. coming up, we look at the black friday door busters you won't want to miss. >> and when you can catch the last of the super moon before it disappears for another two deck aids. request >> we're talking about a beautiful weather day. lots of sunshine, and just looking great as we kick off the tonight, partly cloudy skies, lows in the 30s pep we've got a lot to talk about, including a warmup, and even some is snowflakes over the next 7 days. yeah, we're all over the place. it is november. a live look right now as the skies are clear, and super moon viewing is still really good if you want to catch a glimpse before that sun comes up a little later before 7:00. it is 5:09 right now.
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degrees at hopkins. most of you are in the 30s as
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do you remember that indians championship parade
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world series race? now another parade page is there, for the cleveland browns parade page. which is to honor the possibility that the browns could end up 0-16. a place for fans to vent their i believe this parade will last until the draft. >> yeah, very slow and painful parade. >> this year's christmas tree on public square will be lifted into place this morning starting at 10:00 a.m. this is video from a couple of years ago. this year's tree is a 45-foot tall blue spruce, and today there will be a special announcement from the cleveland foundation, so we're looking for are that is right. the public is welcome come down
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is set for november 26th, during the annual cleveland winter fest activities. >> if you look up into the sky, you're not just going to see a moon, this is the super moon. according to nasa, it will be the closest full moon to earth since 1948, and it won't be this close again until 2034. nasa said the moon could reflect 30% more li when if in its farthest point of be orbit. you can still see it physical dawn, and tonight. >> and that's a live picture. >> that's a live picture. looks good. greg yesterday said head out about 5:45, and you'll see a great moon. the moon was huge, took up at the sky, and i go out at 2:30 this morning, not as impressive. now, brighter. i'll give it brighter. >> 30% brighter.
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but it's the angle it's at a at the time that you're looking. so it appears larger in the evening. >> so go out earlier tonight, right? >> but it is very bright, and it is larger than normal. about 30% brighter >> 30s to around 40 at the bus stop. jackets this morning, but by later on today, yeah, in the book bag they go. it is going to be a mild monday, and a sunny one, too. obviously we're talking about the clear skies this morning. we're warming up even more through the week. we'll be talking 60s before the week is through, and then some
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the weekend for thanksgiving. 58 degrees, sunshine galore today. it will be just fabulous as you get into the day. we're into the 50s, pleasant feeling, and we've got this sunny stretch that goes all the way through the afternoon and into the evening before it sets. so, again, it will be clear tonight, and if you want to take advantage of seeing that better for that. and you'll have a good view being again this evening. a lot of sunshine on the way. high pressure is in control, and that is going to dominate our weather today, into tomorrow. on future view, we are clear as can be through the day. this is 9:30 this morning. we're warming to near 40 degrees at that point. we'll be into the 50s by lunch time and beyond, and looks like such is a lovely afternoon. hopefully kids get out for
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school, let them ride their bike a little bit, shoot a few hoops. we know it is getting to be that time where things are going to start changing a bit, but looks like it's going to be another mainly clear to partly cloudy night. tomorrow we'll start off with quite a bit of sunshine early in the day, but then we'll transition to smartly sunny skies for tomorrow afternoon. still mild, though, with temperatures upper 50s. still dry. looks like we'll hold off on any of those rain chances until the middle of the week. and by that, i'm talking early wednesday we start to see those shower chances show up. this is 5:00 a.m. wednesday morning. it's not going to be a soaker by any stretch of the imagination, but we are putting it at about a 30% chance of wet weather and overcast skies for the most part as we get into midweek. and this is in association with a warm front.
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60s and sunshine. milder. you're going to notice the difference. we're upper 60s, breezy any friday. you're going to want to take advantage of that day. over he the weekend, things really do transition. saturday we have a cold front moving through, scattered rain showers. early highs in the upper 50s with temperatures falling. by sunday, we're only if the 30s those low 40s, and it looks like we could see some is not snowflakes mixing in. we'll be keeping an eye on that throughout the week. 5:19. let's get a check of your drive. >> wkyc traffic is brought to you by: hope you're having a great start to your monday. our biggest traffic alert we have is mayfield road between pressure and south taylor road, specifically at lee road near
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this is in cleveland heights. i did speak to cleveland police and they say they don't know if the road is closed. you may want to take cedar road as a detire option, just to avoid anything that might be happening there. also accident west 1100th at detroit avenue, a vehicle hit a tree. other than that, standard drive times. black friday bargains. you won't want to miss this
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we have a wake-up call this morning for holiday shoppers looking to save cash. >> yes, what's up here, matt?
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to mind, if you had to name a couple of items. >> big tvs. >> stereo systems. >> yeah, the hard core electronics, and two product categories always get overlooked, and i want to make sure you have everything you need right now. take a look he as i proudly present in a moment two items you want this black friday, in our continuing ques doorbuster early. so the first i want to remind you of, an amazing price drop. knife sets, always on black friday. we're talking hundreds of dollars off. this getting overlooked every year. and if you watch our deal list, this will be a deal you get this week. that's one of the best things on black friday, which brings me to my next item, kitchen.
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ever buys black friday that are discounted by 40% or 50%. so we'll that v that this week. and -- so we'll have that this week. amazon is one of the brands that often gets overlooked. we were talking about the fire tv, sometimes the only option for streaming amazon prime. friday. but the brand to watch, it's all right here. >> i never thought about giving that as a gift. >> we may see this this week. something you would use as a home essential. >> doesn't have to be a gift. >> that's right. be selfish. think about yourself for once. >> no, i think about i've been
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i'm known to make a mean omelette, the problem is no one has seen it yet. a lot of sunshine in the forecast to for today. it is beautifully clear at the moment. the super moon is all the chatter on social media. thank you for your powerful pictures, too. 40s for our high. clear as can be on the travel map. we have high pressure in control, and we're forecasting mild weather across so much of the country, guys, but there are a lot of things to talk about, include something is snowflakes before the week is through. i'll let you know when. >> all right, thanks, holly. 5:26 right now. trump's transition continues. who the president elect is adding to his team before he takes office. >> and saving the day.
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come to bruce springsteen's
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we begin with this morning rush this morning. more than 100 teach others head into the third week of a strike in stark county, prompts parents and students to start speaking out. the educationalle service board was supposed to meet yesterday, but canceled and rescheduled the meeting. speaking out against the lack of negotiations. teachers have been on strike since november 2nd. the dispute they say is over language in the contract about a reduction in if force. since the strike, 2900 students have been taught by substitutes from an outside county.
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the picketing, and last night's meeting. they say they want the sides to just get back to the table and teachers to get back into their kids classroom. tiffany? >> we are getting a bet are idea of what a trump administration and its policies would look like. first things first, though, doppler said he would not accept a presidential salary. that would be about $400,000 a year. he also said that he would take very few vacations as commander in chief. he has also made some key appointments here recently within his administration. sunday we learned reince priebus will be the white house chief of staff, and his campaign ceo steve bannon will be the steve strategiest and senior counselor for the administration. bannon has created some controversy. it will be interesting to see
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forward. >> we'll be above normal, and it is chilly to start. so here is he the thing. you grab the jackets and the sunglasses, and by later on, you'll barely need a coat. wins will be pretty light today, too, out of the southwest, 5 to 10. we're 53 at noon, and upper 50s later on this afternoon. 30s in eliaria. so you absolutely need a code heading out the door. but skies are clear. we've been talking about this super moon which is really bright this morning, 30% brighter than normal, and we haven't seen a moon like this
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drive now. >> right now, for those coming into downtown from the west, here is a picture, i-90. you can see the inner belt bridge, traffic moving just fine. we're all green on all of our highways there. on the east side, we still have this fire reported, may filed road between supervisor and is south taylor road, near new spirit revival center, but other than that, great on the traffic map. all green drive times. back to you. visitation will be held today for a pennsylvania police officer who was killed in an ambush style attack. >> maureen kyle has that story in our morning news feed. >> and the tributes are starting to pure in in that community there. he was responding to a domestic dispute when the suspect attacked. he is the father of four and a
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cannons burg police officer. the suspect killed himself and his pregnant wife during the incident. five people were shot and three killed in a jacksonville, florida, shooting overnight. four people were shot inside a car and drove to a nearby fire station. inside of that car, a man, two women, and an instant were found. one woman died before she could make it to the hospital. the other woman and the infant died at the hospital. a 5th person showed up to the investigators are working this morning to figure out how many suitors were involved and say there could be more victims. >> a sky west airline pilot who was arrested last night under suspicion of being under the influence will be in court tied. he was about to fly out of south dakota last month when someone reported that is right he smelled like alcohol-. the 50-he seat delta connection plane was delayed two hours while they waited for another
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face up to a year in jail a $2,000 fine. >> so even the boss breaks down once in a while. that's bruce springsteen. his motorcycle broke down over the weekend, but a group of veterans who were out for a ride noticed the stranded biker. when they pulled over to help, they realized it was springsteen. he boss hopped on the back of another person's bike, and the group went out for they said that bruce is very down to earth. they exchanged numbers, and may go out for a ride sometime soon. so now all of those guys, bruce springsteen is their buddy. >> yeah, they go way back now. >> this was just outside of freehold, which is where he's from. so i'm sure, if those guys are in the same community, they'll be out for a bike ride soon.
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immediate sellout of the new gaming system from nintendo, for example. >> it's your monday morning geek fix. a few stories standing out in the geek world out there. the nes, the nintendo entertainment system classic edition sold out in hours last week, but you can actually enjoy watching what's inside in a video that i've posted on to my twitter feed. this guy actually takes the nes classic and takes show you what's inside. no surprise, this is all it is. it's just one little board with some parts. much simpler, and much smaller than the original system used to be, a sign of how much technology has advanced since the original anyone ten dough was actually released -- nintendo was actually released so many years ago. these are glasses with cameras on them released by snap chat. they take little snaps of your
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end of the day. to word until now as to what snap chat was going to do with them. turns out they are starting to sell them in these huge yellow vending machines that are popping up in a couple of spots in southern california. no word on whether they'll actually add more machines or sell them in other 0 places, but they're already selling on ebay from those that were able to get them for several hundred dollars. and if you're planning on getting a new iphone this launching a special support app that will allow you to talk to people through the app right on the phone. time right now is 5:37. here we go again. no report says the browns are fill go ahead with tension, and there's a -- filled with tension, and there's a fear of change. where does hue jackson fall in all of this change talk?
5:38 am
and the surprising number of people who do not want to
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as republicans meets later today to talk about last week's election results, a trump transition now in full swing.
5:41 am
announcementths here. tracy? >> we've got some names for you, and some that the president elect has decided not to reveal yet. he said he has made some decisions about cabinet positions, that he's not ready to go public with, but we have the names of 0 two new members of -- of two new members of his white house team. republican party chair reince priebus will serve as chief of staff, and conservative news executive steve bannon will become chief in a trump administration in my view, as well they should. it was a very small core senior team. >> reporter: president elect trump admit his won't completely relace obamacare. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. we're go 0ing to very much try and keep -- going to very much
5:42 am
wall with mexico could be a fence, and millions of immigrants will not be quickly deported. >> that's not what we're focused on. we're focused on secure it will the border. >> reporter: democrats are concerned. >> i would urge anyone to avoid turning to hateful speech, violating principals and ideals that are sacred in this country. >> reporter: now, we know that he's talking about some other campaign promises, as well, like pro life judges. he said he will appoint them, but doesn't have a problem with same-sex marriage because it's already been decided by the supreme court. when it comes to hillary clinton and all of those lock her up chants, he said he's not sure yet whether he's going to appoint a special prosecutor. he said the clintons are nice people, and he doesn't want to
5:43 am
very different tone since election day. >> and now trump has addressed the demonstrators himself? >> yeah, he has talked about the demonstrators, and also about some of these hate crimes reported by people who say they are drum supporters. simply put, he said stop it, he doesn't want those type of things done in his name or by his supporters. as for the demonstrators, he's gone to twitter and said that they should be -- that small group of demonstrators. we now know it's more than a dozen cities. and in terms of trump, he said that the demonstrators he hopes will be peaceful, but the bottom line is the election is over at this point. >> 5:43 right now.
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bright moon into tomorrow night. we might have some wet snowflakes to chat about before the week is through. upper 50s today. no 0 snow, though, over the near future. and it looks like we'll be ro 50ss, clear sine skies. bring those sunglasses as you're heading out the door. and also, you'll need your jackets this morning. temperatures are in the 30s right now. we quickly warm into the 40s, and by lunchtime, we're already making that jump into the 50s today, with sunshine as plentiful as can be. high pressure in control. it is lovely. it's november 14th. i mean, let's be honest, thanksgiving is next week, and this weather is just unbelievable.
5:45 am
afternoon. mid-to-upper 50s. we'llle have sunshine and continue with clear skies this evening, as the sun sets. you can still view that moon tonight, and it looks like we've got another chilly but seasonal night ahead with clear to partly cloudy skies. we'll start off in the 30s again for tomorrow. looking ahead to your tuesday, plentiful sunshine to start, and then more partly sunny skies later in the day, but still looking really nice with those highs in the 50s on the window nation forecast. small rain chances on wednesday, as a warm front lifts through the region. look at thursday and friday. if you're making breakfast, may in i announce, it's going to be 62 on thursday. friday's high 68, and then we have a cold front over the weekend that cools to us near 40 by sunday with a rain/snow mix a possibility. we'll be chatting about that throughout the week. dog gone weather. here is emma.
5:46 am
developed into a great therapy dog. she spends type at children's hospital. so this girl does it all, and she's a sweetheart. rick, thank you so much for sending the picture. isn't that great? >> it is. thank you for the work you too, emma. right now, as you are preparing, to the south, we're all green, no accidents just continue to watch out for this fire reported on mayfield road near south taylor between superior and south taylor road. no road closures because of that, but if you want to get around that to say, hey, i don't even want 00 deal with that, take cedar. the west looks great. a little bit of slow traffic, 237 south as you're approach it will the airport. that's only adding a minute or two to your drive. back to you. >> the cavs let the hornets stick around for most of the
5:47 am
the rest of the east. lebron here, steal and the jam. he had 19. kevin love west the i can steal and jam it, too. here is kevin love's entry into the highlights. kyrie had 19 points for the day. channing prize at 20 on of the -- frye had 20 off the bench. last night here 3, a rare sight, brady moving around, but he's going to throw into double coverage, and he gets picked off. patriots still with a chance to beat the seahawks, but gong can't make the catch -- demonstration can't make the catch from -- gronkowski can't
5:48 am
one. seattle wins 31-24. in my take, i would hope with an 0-10 football team that there would be tension and fear of changes for are the browns, but i don't think that means hue jackson is in trouble yet. now, i know he's made some questionable coaching decisions, winning the coin flip and choosing tee dense first in the overtime game in miami, and then going for the two-pointer against tennessee, and i like that he doesn't think like 98% of the coaches out there. he tries to play to his strengths, which with this team, there are very few strengths, but die question his decision to bench cody kessler. he went with mccown, and that back fired big-time.
5:49 am
pulled kessler? josh doesn't give you a better chance to win. he can just throw the ball harder and some farther. kessler should be the quarterback the rest of the season. did does it really mat per this team finishes 0-16, or 1-15 at this point? somebody may pay for the season if they do go 0-16. that could be on the defensive side, but as long as hue sticking to the plan of looking to the future, then i think he should be okay, for this season. tweet me your thoughts, at john wkyc. if there's no tension with an 0-10 team, something is wrong. nobody should be happy at being 0-10. i think it's just a story we were all expecting. >> 5:49 right now. coming up, it is ways to save. good morning, matt. >> good morning. i promised every major doorbuster before black friday. coming up after the break, black friday's best home
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all right. so would you rather receive a gift or gift card this hole day season? head to in our instant poll. according to a new study by, just 27% of americans prefer gift cards, yet half of us will he give them out this year. one security feature found on the rise this year is the use of a pen, with 67% cards now having that option available. today, you can convince
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smartphone, which could be streaming presume a projector, a gaming system. a lot of gamers love this. and polk audio, again they're noting me to talk about them, is synonymous with one of the best audio brands in the world. >> that was dramatic. >> that's good music, by way. >> see, we're saving more than today. the day's top stories are straight ahead. >> let's check in with will. >> right now, this is week three of a strike in luol
5:56 am
strike for the third straight week. what the community members are saying the problem is down there. tiffany? >> we're going to show you how the trump administration is now taking shape. have you seen the super0 moon yetth? -- super moon yet? coming up, we'll tell you the moment the moon is the biggest it's been since 1948. spoiler alert, john, you >> and we'll look at some new rewards of taking an aspirin a day. >> advisors say donald trump may not live in the white house. we want to hear from you. coming up after 6:00 a.m., we'll move to rich land county, because i'll let you know where you may want to expect delays on 71 this week. >> we're talking sunshine, and a whole lot of it this monday, november 14th, and mild.
5:57 am
coat this afternoon. grab the jacket, because temperatures are in the 30s right now, but we'll be upper 50s to near 60 today. pleasant-feeling as can be. and we're going to have some good viewing for that super moon over the next 24 hours. 72 degrees, a record high on
5:58 am
?? (laughs..) here it is. ??
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?? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
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over a hundred teachers in week three of a strike. what the community is saying the problem is in stark county coming up. >> well, is learning more about a trump administration and it policies. from the penthouse to the white house? donald trump may not live in washington full time. tell us how you feel about it in our instant poll. >> it's november 14th, and here is the forecast for today.


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