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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> he said his grandma is slumped over on the flor sp. >> reporter: an investigation led #240r9s to believe there was missing pieces in the story pointing to murder and connecting the dots that would lead back to the grandson. ablg ron police say the grandson confessed to killing her but details on what led to the murder haven't been released. police believe the killing took place on thursday and he left the home only to return the next day when neighbors call a quiet neighborhood is left an eerie silence with unanswered questions. >> something that happened so close and you didn't here anything it's kind of crazy. >> reporter: police say they were called to the home a number of times a home. it was at the center of a meth lab. the grandmother and grandson faced drug charges in the past. reporting from the mobile news
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today high school students in both maryland and california walked out of class in protest of president elect donald trump. the latest demonstrations across the country. mr. trump is outlining what's next for his presidency. he is reaffirming he will not take the $400,000 president salary. trump is being placed for picking party chair reince priebus as the white house chief of staff but he's facing sharp criticism r he ran breitbart news. in the meantime closer to home we're looking at what a trump president evens will mean to reforming the cleveland police department. a consent decree plan is underway but community members are afraid of trump justice department will not care as much about the goals. our senior political correspond
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>> 1 year into a deal to make cleveland police use less force and be more connected to people they protect. >> i'm anxious and very concerned. >> reporter: fear the justice department won't be all in. >> with a blink and a nod we won't get anything accomplished and none of promises we were given will be implemented. 20 roads down the road well be worse off than today. >> reporter: steve loom miss who's union backed trump hopes >> law enforcement needs to shoot the wound that's a ridiculous notion we can shoot to stop the threat. it needs to be justified. >> reporter: federal judge sole men oliver overseas the reform plan. mayor jackson and the city are committed to improvements what happens if the justice department backs off?
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petal have of pedal to the metal. >> the consent decree is not going away but will trump keep working to make it happen. some thought ru dee jewel i can't even knee was in line to be attorney general. he implied things would be different under trump. he is saying he does not want the job but wants to help find the right person. mayor jackson sworn in three new members of th community commission that he had a group that offers ideas and input. stay tuned. president obama offered his successor some advice in a late afternoon press conference what did he say. >> he advised make some union filing and reassuring statements and guestures to minority groups and women and other people he may have an tag niesd with some of the campaign rhetoric and he advised maybe advice for the obvious here but make sure you get the right
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you do what you want to do. all right. thank you. >> sure. new at 6. a new twist in a case made famous by netflix documentary making a murderer. the federal judge in milwaukee who overturned the conviction has now ordered his release from prison. the state of wisconsin is fighting the order. the state attorney general plans to file an emergency motion asking a federal apples court to stay the release. more jobs are returning to
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life carry badges and have skruf fee faces this month. our senior health correspondent reports. andy sigh monday aka superman battled the deadliest form of cancer and won. and they wanted to pay good fortunate like super heros do and visited the little oliver who learned 2 weeks ago he has
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somebody's face that's going through something similar it's worth it to put the suit back in. >> it was fun and inspiration to others to see there is hope because it's very scary. jo is used to having heros his dad a police officer and fellow officers are real heros. >> we're all doing no shave november for john oliver. everybody donated $50 in order to participa usually have to keep a clean cut appearance but even the chief saw the importance and nicked the shaving requirement this month. as you know super heros rarely work alone. >> i got a notice from shar done police involved and russell township. hunting valley, gates mills, chester land and other area departments even fire departments. >> reporter: a super gesture from real life here reez. >> everybody's support is what
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channel 3 news. the boy will be in the hospital for three more days but hopes to be home by thanksgiving and even so faces 3 years of chemotherapy. if you would like to help head over the facebook page at and find a link there to make a donation. coming up the moon shown brightly for all to say and tonight is the final night for you to witness it firsthand for a while. i guess it's a little hard to see >> you know what it is a little difficult to see but it's something we haven't seen since 1948. it's been a couple of years. we'll talk about whether or not you will be able to see the super moon again this evening straight ahead. betsy. the clouds did come in all in response to a little storm system passing through. just a weak one could bring sprinkles tomorrow morning.
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get your attention. you hoe. thank you. the speer receipt of thanksgiving returns to rocky river and this restaurant. the plan to help those in need when we return first here's lester with what's coming up on the nbc nightly news. ahead for us tonight president obama opens up about last week's election and the challenges facing donald trump. recovering the major wildfires burning in parts of the south and on the days of lost luggage over? the big an airport near you when we see you back here for nbc nightly
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley, and i raise honest, simple turkey for honeysuckle white.
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washington post and nbc news most recently she was moderate operator and managing editor of washington week and co-anchor and managing editor of the pbs news hour. iefl moderate two vice presidential debates and most recently last february's presidential debate. she was 61 years old. northeast ohio thanksgiving tradition returns this year as mike yals restaurant in rocky river will resume it's free thanksgiving dinner. we explain why after years of not being open owners say giving back is back. >> the doors to michael's restaurant for thanksgiving are now open again and hundreds of family and friends are excited to spread and hear the good news. >> it feels like when they open my house for thousands of
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from greece back in 1972. >> we fed the people and he's been a wonderful, wonderful restaurant. >> he said it wasn't easy. >> i come to america with actually zero, nothing. and america help me to stay in this country. >> reporter: he says it was tough times like this which kept him frowneded and the very reason he started free thanksgiving day dinner. >> that's it's the best way for me to say thanks, thanks to america and great cleveland area. >> reporter: when the economy took a turn back in 2009 so did the business forcing him to stop the tradition. >> the phone calls had beginning. it was unbelievable and why and why and why and i was really upset.
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>> reporter: justs at economy started to rebound so has business and he says he's excited to once again offer free meals with some help from his new neighbor whole foods. >> i'm so happy with the help of whole foods and for the business getting better to continue to do the tradition. >> reporter: reporting from cleveland channel 3 news. so great it's back. tonight is the final night to see the super moon in the night sky but it's a to see it this evening. >> as you can see from the live look from the roof top of our studio. nowhere to be found. meet gist says it's not all lost. what are the odds? >> you think what i think well be a little hard pressed to see it. you can come down and see the christmas tree that's super cool. let's talk about the super moon
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again unfortunately a little too much cloud cover at least in cleveland but it's the largest super moon since 1948 and it won't be this close again until 2034. but that didn't stop people from getting some great photos of this super moon not only late last night but also during the would he early morning hours in morning. check out a couple of the photos that came into the news room i love this one from denny in cleveland. you can see just the giant super distance looking great there. down towards canton area, brandon thank you for the gorgeous photo. last night towards avon lake. so why is it a super moon and why do we call it that? here's the deal it will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a typical full none and as we mentioned, it's the closest that the moon's orbit is actually going to get to earth
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that noses is standing out somewhere so he can part the clouds for us so we can see more of the super moon i think that especially for the family, the friends, the kid doze, they would love to see something like that. it would a huge treat for us for the middle of november. back to you. he is using all the powers to part the clouds he's calling on all (laughing). >> no moon but the christmas tree. >> good. thank you. the good news it's sort of a gradual process maybe tomorrow night there's a chance. not quite as big and large. >> not like the moon has been slingshotted closer to us and then tomorrow it will be little again it takes time. it's again growing in the sky very cool to see and it will kind of subside as we go through the day. the actual full mroon was this morning. you still have time to enjoy it
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we have temperatures that will fade back into the 40s. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. certainly definitely something to get your attention if you do happen to see it especially if it's lower in the sky. it is really neat when it's coming up. we have clouds in play. a couple different disturbances going on. a frontal boundary to the west. upper level moisture we are contending with. bad timing basically well continue to see the clouds mostly cloudy skies generally will be the rule. you can see by tomorrow morning, temperatures will start in the 30s at the midnight hour and well be in the mid-to low 30s to get the day going. i do think all in all well start off by seeing sunshine tomorrow morning. we'll go with a mix of clouds and sun for a good part of the day tomorrow. by mid-day we start to thicken the clouds temperatures into the 50s right back into the upper 50s.
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as we go through the afternoon tomorrow. not expected to be particularly windy. will be a great day to enjoy the weather in mid-november because this is always what it's like in mid-november. that would be a great sagway to more november issue type weather. this is looking ahead. temperatures and lines. upper level pattern. what what happens. you can see we get bright yellows that start to move into the ohio valley. toast tee temperatures are going to be coming in and that's because this upper level pattern will shift on us and at air. but what goes up this time of year, will come down and we have a big front that will be forming a strong one by late week. so even into friday we're expecting very warm temperatures watch what happens into saturday. major cold front comes through. going to be raining, windy and then the temperatures begin falling and it will be not only one but two pushes of cold air that will be coming in through the weekend and that is as you saw there, will eventually
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and/or snow all the way into monday. so things are definitely going to be changing on us. enjoy the clouds and sun for the day tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 50s for the afternoon and window nation forecast is definitely pointing towards sunnier skies and warmer temperatures at least for 4 days and then things change on saturday with rain changing over to rain snow mix. that will continue into the start of next week. lots to talk about. we'll keep an eye on
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now the sports report. >> high everyone it was nice having a week off as the brown get set to play sunday against pittsburgh. i watched the steelers play yesterday against the cowboys and i watched the patriots and is vae hawks play here d immediately hit me like a punch in the notices, we are a long way from being able to play at that level. that's what i think the state of the browns is. what about sash shee brown, what does he think. the master plan went like this. they did not expect to be 0-10. rg3 getting hurt in the opening season. that through the plan off pace. at least at the start of the year and they are confident that building through the draft is the way they're going to go
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>> we know if we trust in our plan and our process and our people, the winning will follow and that's the hard thing to do right now is to stay together. but that is being done. and our guys know this is our task only we can dig our way out of this holly and well. >> reporter: rg3 out at practice on the exercise bike. he is close to being physically able to play. i think that's the last card in the deck the browns can play it put him on the fiel he can play. he agrees. >> i know the city is disappointed and you know these guys in the locker room are disappointed as well. and we got six games left this year. a chance to end strong if i can be a part of that that will be good. >> reporter: we'll talk about it coming up on channel 3 knees at 7. it's award week. we'll find out the rookies of the year. our guys in there.
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finalist. one of the three finalist. and pitcher of the tigers and sanchez the foreign nominal catcher of the new york yarng yeez and congratulations to the soccer team. going to the ncaa tournament. they had watch party to do when the back et cetera for were announced they will host individually november va thursday at 5:00 p.m. >> this is where everyone gets excited; right. we get to go toe to toe with the big conferences and we expect to win always, i think, are thrilled by what time of year brings with us and the soccer program. >> good luck they went all the way to the final four last year. the mood over there, how would you describe it in a couple words? >> winless (laughing). that's pretty good. >> some nouns and verbs. there you, thank you. betsy and more from jimmy tonight at 7:00. we hope (laughing).
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snempt tonight, backlash as president elect trump picks his powerful inner circle, lifting a man with ties to white nationalists into the heart of the white house. new protests erupt as president obama weighs in, on the first time. a father found guilty of leaving his young son to die in a hot car. a dramatic conclusion to a case that shocked the nation. exploding wildfires spreading across the south. thick smoke blanketing cities. is someone setting them intentionally. making a murderer twist, a after a trial many saw as a miscarriage of justice. tonight a man locked


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