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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 15, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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it doesn't look like a really great christmas tree. you may not be able to make out there are a series of ropes pulling the branches off. they will interweave lights. the last two years, public square was under the knife, they moved the whole separation -- celebration to playhouse square. there will be back here and looking better than this when the big event unveils saturday after thanksgiving. and pray someone takes the terminal over and opens it up for us. >> at a time and flights from cleveland are going in demand, the biggest turn a model sits empty collecting dust for the city continues to make money off of it it may cost you. >> reporter: back in the 90s
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envy of the airport. gleaming state-of-the-art facility that could handle dozens of lights. when the airline later merged with united, cleveland was d helped. roots were cut in the bustling terminal turned into a ghost town. today, united still holds the lease and some experts say has a strong reason to keep it like this. >> lsm attemp traffic and revenue. one method is by deflecting or deterring competition. streckenbach man is airline industry consultant based in new york and says it happens all the time. and airline lease space from an airport, the not use it. to withhold it from competitors. >> it's an opportunity cost for them but the benefits outweigh. >> we want to know could that really be happening here at such a big time for cleveland? returned to the airport which are mutts have promised an
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we also tried this city. they agreed to cooperate been canceled. we know they cashed checks from united and continued to, earning more than $1 million a month for the next 13 years whether those gates are open or closed and you're left with fewer options. >> it's a strategy whether it's cleveland or love field in dallas or another airport you have a scarcity of facilities and a lot of demand. cleveland spears the highest in the country due to united's hold on the market. that's changing as more discount carriers come in yet say we only fly to 15 cities. which isn't the greatest we're trying to be a global destination. travelers have certainly notice.>> you have to pick and choose your route and where it's really worth going to don't want to spend all day traveling, you want to get to your destination. >> they don't want to fly, they
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>> concerns we tried sharing with united which released its statements ignoring our questions, telling us we continue to honor our existing lease agreement. eventually we reached the mayor as well at public events backed them up while telling us, it's competition. >> should united have that lease? >> they have lease. you can't enter into a contract and then change your mind down the road. if the city will support anything, they provide additional revenue of the jobs. >> ito with the let them out to get more competition there? >> you trying to semper fi something that's not that simple. jerk i reached out to carriers in her more than once there always keeping an eye on the market and demand for service here yet. as we is unique at the airport is run by the city politics always seems to be a part of
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>> coming up, keeping track of your luggage with the new technology in time for holiday travel to ensure that that never gets lost again. one year later, catch up with wakefield one emily keener from your member from last year on the voice. >> will tour cost is headed back to ohio and a win and had to get tickets. >> this like snow?>> reporter: this may be a good place for him to visit mr. c forecast. we have warming afters to the workweek but by the weekends, you get ready to make plans in better include the weather,
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the northern ohio violent fugitive task force is searching for nathan hubbard. wanted for aggravated robbery and other charges. police believe his hair looks different than it does in this picture and is now short. if you have any information you can call the number on the screen, there's reward money available and tips can stay anonymous. said this to tell you about tonight. trailblazing journalist gwen eiffel has died. she passed away in hospice care and washington dc after
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the washington post, new york times and nbc news, she was recently moderated last embrace democratic residual primary debates. when i've was 61 years old. delta airlines ready to roll out an upgrade to its luggage tracking system. their new microchips the tag transmits location by gps you watched the top 12 live on the voice tonight, season 11. here on the spot at huron county teenager knows what it's like to sing on that stage. we caught up with emily keener whose continued her music career
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truck emily made it to the top 12 last season, even before the show, the 17-year-old gained a following in her hometown. what does she do now that she's performed for millions of people on television? i spoke with her about life after the voice and her new album. [ singing ]trigger much has changed for emily this year. high school senior admits it's a thrilling people recognize her and the contestant from the voice. >> when you go to the grocery store and try to get things and your people who say, you are from the voice. >> reporter: she has been performing for six years she says the show boosted her believe in herself. >> raise my confidence to the point i can walk on stage i know what i'm doing and i know what i want to get across to
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that helps her creates. >> it allows me to have a place to grow in a quiet atmosphere. >> she's finishing high school at home, still performing and promoting her new album breakfast which comes out friday. the 11 tracks address change, getting older and heartbreak. she has had quite the adventure for a 71-year-old. -- 17-year-old. >> your passion is not something to brush aside. find what you care about and work towards it because it's worth it, it's really worth it. >> you can get emily's album this friday and she also has two performances scheduled for this weekend. for more information on where you can see and hear her, look for this story on the tomb. just a high school senior, you describing her voice as 17 going on 30? >> she seems so much older than
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garth brooks is mentoring this season. it's been a big year for him, he was just named entertainer of the year. last year he performed in cleveland and now he's being in the world tour back to ohio. you could see him in january in cincinnati. tickets go sell on friday. we aren't sure if garth like this now. things are going to get back to our familiar weather. we have a little bit of october hanging on. it's good news for a lot of folks who maybe didn't get the lease picked up or the political signs pulled out of the yard or maybe you want to get those christmas lights out. get it done because things will change this weekend, partly cloudy to start your day, 716 and sunrise time. eastbound
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of that. was that commuters sunsetting of 507. the next couple weeks, it looks like that sunset time will move up to just before 5 pm. the days get longer you back into the sun glare. yours look at storm view. not a lot to see but we have seen clouds around. if you are taking any super moon, you may have noted cloud cover is that of sunshine, mostly cloudy skies technically speaking, not for hitting too much of that viewing, a frontal boundary to the west. they'll move through tomorrow. a wind shift comes in and will have to wait and see what happens as far as this goes. this does not look too exciting. this is a big deal sitting in the eastern pacific. namely because you can see how these clouds travel, that's
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that way pattern will move eastward. it's good news in the beginning. the cold air is associated with tips in the jet stream. the ridges associated with warmer temperatures. in the next couple days of be in the pump. toasty temperatures with us late week in the upper 60s the near 75 friday. then things began to change, will see a storm system developed right on that into the tipping area. that frontal sleep through early saturday. when that happens, rain will be likely, windy and saturday, temperatures are. another surge of cold air will be coming in sunday. that will kick off rain and snow showers. think this will be situations where not everyone will get snow.
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in the high terrain areas. this will be lake effect but it's also going to be quite notable as far as temperatures go. tomorrow we sits pretty. a mix of clouds and sun, captures hold in the 50s with cloudy skies. mostly sunny skies as we get into the day thursday. friday, near 70 degrees, nice risk wind out of the southwest. we tak cold and the rain snow mix settles in for next weekend. it's only november but we're gearing up for go red for women in february with the american heart association. women from across northeast ohio came together for a go red photo shoot. heart disease is the number one killer of women causing one in three deaths every year.
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work today, they get set for the pittsburgh steelers sunday.
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a peek inside was going on with , we're wondering what's going on the field, there 0-10. we get a look into the plan and how it's going with executive
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operations. that was the media today. retard all the topics on the table. he jackson is not on the hot seat. they did not regret the decision to trade the number two overall draft choice to philadelphia. that's debatable. they said they feel we will build this the right way and we will be in the game soon. >> the ability is important. that's incredibly important to us to bring our franchise back to national relevance. but to play to competitive guys competing for division championships from the kingdome come in short order. >> as the team begins preparations for the steelers sunday, look who was on the exercise bike. he is on track
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he will have another scan taken of the area he was injured against philadelphia if he's cleared, it's believed they will play him late in the season. >> our expectations are higher, we know these players don't deserve to be to be on 10. will fight and fish to make sure we can get wins. >> sad news reports, the great defensive line for the browns died today at the age of 87. the first ever trophy winner claims a five-time pro bowler and a part of three championship teams with the browns and he's a college folk ball hall of famer. indians news award week in today's award, the rookie of the year and in the american league, center fielder was one of the three finalists.
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michael fullmer finished first in the yankee catcher finished second. tomorrow, manager of the year and our guy is up there and should win it. on wednesday, the cy young award is up word if he wins it will be the second time for him. >> congratulations the akron go to the men's soccer tournament. down on campus, they found out they will host wildcats in the opening round coming up thursday, home-field advantage, kick off at five. >> we're the home game. it's a great opportunity, we're playing as well as anyone. >> was anxious coming here today, anxious to wait for the seed so the excited to see who will play against and the tournament is something special every year. college basketball, ohio state hosting
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sade with a steal and layup, had 21 and the buckeyes hang on and when 69-63, their 2-0. they'll take on providence friars coming on thursday. i love he says how the complete in the big games in short order. >> that's right.>> i watched it those big gains yesterday and i said when will we be in a big game? back a short order? >> i wasn't thinking that
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we bet by saturday, the be wearing your mom's and all kinds of things. >> that's how we will beat them. we'll beat them with the weather. >> something like that. have a great night.
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snempt tonight, backlash as president elect trump picks his powerful inner circle, lifting a man with ties to white nationalists into the heart of the white house. new protests erupt as president obama weighs president for the first time. a father found guilty of leaving his young son to die in a hot car. a dramatic conclusion to a case that shocked the nation. exploding wildfires spreading across the south. thick smoke blanketing cities. is someone setting them intentionally. making a murderer twist, a after a trial many saw as a miscarriage of justice.
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and tracking your babs. the new way to fly without worrying about your luggage ever getting lost again. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, more pieces of the trump white house are coming together tonight, including one whose pick is sounding alarm bells among those hoping for a less provocative tone. the president elect one of the controversial architects of his no holds barred election campaign. leaving washington, with bated breath as the incoming president's choices and his words foretell just what the next four years will look like. there's also developing news coming in about the president-elects children that is likely to raise a few eyebrows. hallie jackson is standing by in washington with the late details. what have you learned? >> nbc news has
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has asked whether it's possible to have family members get temporary security clearances before the inaugural. this is unprecedented and a sign of just how important trump's children would be in his new administration. now beginning to take shape. from pennsylvania avenue to fifth avenue, the trump transition now full tlolts throttle. the president-elect fielding a call from russia's vladimir putin, saying he looks forward to a strong and enduring a relationship eyed skeptically by some national security experts as trump works to pick his own national security adviser and others in his administration. but perhaps no pick will be as controversial as the one he's already made. steve bannon as chief strategist. defended today by trump's new chief of staff, reince priebus. >> he was a force for good at efrl level on the campaign, that i saw all the time. >> reporter: before joining trump's campaign, bannon ran
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make it a platform for the alt-right. bannon's critics lashing out today, pointing to breitbart headlines, like one calling a conservative columnist a renegade jew and gabby giffords, a human shields. a slew of democrats infuriated. president obama dodging a question late today. >> it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that the presidenec >> how you doing, sir? >> reporter: rudy guiliani defending bannon today. i find him to be a very, very decent, very good, extremely smart man. and a very loyal, patriotic american. >> reporter: bannon and priebus, helping to shape the future president's policies. >> reince priebus is the good angel, and steve bannon is the bad angel, and which one of these two critical players in the trump white house wins out is going to decide the shape of trump's presidency.
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on some of those proposals, like on health care and immigration, but on abortion rights, no leeway on rowe v. wade. the president-elect has not resealed any other cabinet or west wing picks yet, but two sources familiar with the decision-pabeging say radio host laura ingraham is a leading contender for the press secretary job. lester? >> hallie jackson, thanks. late today the man who president-elect trump will replace in the oval office spoke out. president obama held his first news conference since one of his most vocal critics was voted into the white house. he revealed what happened when the two met face to face last week. >> reporter: tonight, president obama opening up about his successor and that first meeting in the oval office. >> we had a very cordial conversation. that didn't surprise me. >> reporter: with protests nationwide revealing his advice to the president-elect. >> i did say to him that it's really important to try to
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unity and to reach out to minority groups or women. >> but when asked if he still thinks donald trump is unqualified, he dodged. >> he successfully mobilized a big chunk of the country to vote for him and he's going to win. he has won. i don't think he is ideological. i think ultimately, he's pragmatic in that way. and that can serve him well as long got good people around him. >> reporter: and with trump hitting 133 battleground stops in the last 100 days, versus hillary clinton's 87, many democrats nbc news has learned, including bill clinton, say hillary clinton did not reach out enough to white working class voters. tonight, president obama imprisitly agreed. >> we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere. i won iowa not because the demographics dictated that i would
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87 days going to every small town and fair and fish fry. >> reporter: other democrats agree, tonight a scramble to take over as dnc chair. an early favorite announcing this afternoon, keith ellison, the first muslim congressman. >> how are we all going to pitch in and fix this party to make working america know that the democratic party is absolutely on their side. >> as the president leefss tonight for his last foreign trip, he said he will european leaders donald trump told him he will not pull out of nato. one campaign idea that mr. obama says his successor will not fulfill. lester? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. anti-trump protests continue to swell. today high school students from washington, d.c. to los angeles organized large-scale walkouts. tens of thousands took to the streets this weekend, some demonstrations have turned violent with hundreds arrested from coast to coast.
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stones of the trump campaign was a vow to bring jobs back to america, and now fulfilling that promise is job one for the incoming administration. tonight our kevin tibbles takes us to a company in the midwest where workers are putting a lot of hope into what the president-elect said on the campaign trail. >> reporter: when carrier air conditioning told its 1,400 employees it would shutting down -- >> to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, >> reporter: it became a focal point for donald trump in the election. >> we're bringing jobs back to our country. we're not going to let carrier leave. >> reporter: many at carrier are now counting on him to keep his promise. >> put your money where your mouth is. it's as simple as that. >> reporter: across from the plant, sully' bar and grill, where workers say they have high expectations for the president-elect. >> we want you to do what you said you're going to do. we're going to hold


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