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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 16, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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may end up never seeing a single commuter user. take a look at this time lapse video. it shows the years of work to get public square to where it is today. the city will spend the next 10 to 14 days planning out ways to pitch the federal transit administration and why this is a good idea. that's the to authorize the cancellation of traffic. it will be unclear as of tonight whether the city will have public input phase and how much this will all cost to make this now with channel 3 investigation. it depends recent price hike second a lot who need it made headlines ever. we looked into it and the many other drugs have also skyrocketed in price. >> channel 3 and out partners nationwide are demanding answers. investigator tom meyer has a person the three-part exclusive investigation.
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is worried sick about her cancer returning. >> i told my doctor i can't afford the truck. >> she says the cancer fighting drugs jumped dramatically in price and is costing her more than $650 out-of-pocket for a 90 day supply. >> people like myself who are unable to get the medication they actually need to stay well. >> mark burrows is in need of remicade treat crohn's disease. he's had eight surgeries including the removal of sel and a third of the stomach. remicade gave his life back but at a cost of why thousand dollars and a monthly co-pay $460. >> i can't afford it. >> he was forced to stop using it. jurco what you do? >> i suffer. >> reporter: her quality of life with down the price went up . remicade is among the prescription medicines that rose
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on people's life. >> university hospitals, acetaminophen jumped 200% cut in the hospital to stop using the track and to evaluate others. we have seen long-standing critical medications go up thousand percent. it's no secret drug prices have soared in the past four years. figures are all over the map ukah >> this is not fair, it's a disgrace. >> we did our own review of three drug databases. medications, half those drugs jumped in price by more than 50%. only 53 or 15% went down in price. the highest price increase, tetracycline. the acne treatment medicine went from $.10 a pill to $10 a pill. >> the reason is the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is not regulate them.
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money. drug companies are known to tweak in all drug and call it new. this allows them to extend their patent protected from competition and keep prices high. >> i believe they are catching the public. the ceo of touring pharmaceuticals march rally came the poster boy wall street greed. he race of price of a life- saving medicine from $13 price of a life-saving medicine from $13-$750. >> it's not funny. >> reporter: drugmakers are raking -- profits due to lack of oversight for the >> it's hard to have faith in washington when you think the drug companies have them in their back pockets. >> reporter: tomorrow's report, the big money in dc a subject lawmakers don't like to talk about. >> what to expect the money? >> industry insider blows the whistle on the middleman, accusing them of driving up drug prices and lining the
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crush cancer, it's about a local girl lives by see how her classmates suppressor in a big way tonight. woman is suing a store it came from to the shocking discovery showed inside that made her sick ready to rock in cleveland has score your tickets to new kids on the block before they go on sale to the public. >> i be but i believe you're talking about the white stuff. >> it looks like we have snow to talk about. you have accumulation i will tell you about its coming out.
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when you are five and trying to crush cancer, you can use all the support you can get. fiber sandals has a tough day have tommaso tonight, thousands are sending up prayers.>> don kendrick has a story of the girls spirit that is impressing so many. >> they came from all over. all ages, some total strangers, hundreds for once we grow.
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saw it coming. this impromptu prayer vigil so appropriate ever took her place on this run. in front of a prayer vigil of hundreds standing rooted in credit to the gratitude and faith on her lawn with a lead on a rock bigger than their own understanding. >> we thank you crazy for her. check away save paper loses the battle but not the fight when doctors amputate her right leg >> i'm here for piper. so she could feel better >> piper is a great late in this world.
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kids a little tighter. >> from the mouths of babes. we were peppered to get better and we feel like prayer is a good way to do. >> i thought god will use her in huge waste because god hears at all. >> goodlett piper we're all pulling for you piper you have inspired so many i can't wait to see how god works. >> watching the slow kids and our thoughts are with her.
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lawsuit against the clothing store after she said she found part of the dead rodent in her new dress. the 24-year-old said she was a strange odor while wearing it and discovered this what appears to be the leg of a mouse. sewn into the hand of that trust. she says she suffered emotional distress and developed a rash diagnosed disease. the store says it's investigating the matter. if you puncher, best time to book the flight. jetblue has fares under hundred bucks round-trip. efforts to cover travel through march night. there are blackout dates, sale fares the most rose not available friday and sunday. the sale ends tomorrow night.
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tough traveling around the country, new kids on the block is coming back to cleveland june 30, 2070 hello paula abdul and boyz ii men. tickets for the total package tour go on sale to the public saturday. you don't have to wait until then you can buy presale tickets friday morning beginning at 10 am. displays in the code wkyc. bruno mars plans to bring his august. the world tour stops in cleveland august 15. tickets will go on sale next monday at 10. new kids on the block, on the walkman with the cassette single. i was so excited. it was a flashback on a great trip bus to washington dc. you can totally back me up on
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>> tomorrow morning as you board buses, there could be a few sprinkles out there. sunrise times 718 for our commuters but i think we'll have more clouds and sun. later the table get sunset time at 506. temperatures back in the 50s, there is the clouds and chances for sprinkles, a wave moving to the great lakes, not expected to do much more than stir up the sprinkles for us. we'll get a wind shift going as well. this. chances will into the afternoon. temperatures in the 50s and will hold that as we go partly cloudy skies for the evening as well. for those who still have the boat in the water, you're still fishing out there. westerly winds of 5 to 10 on the nearshore waters wasted 2 feet or less. it's going to be a bite as we got into the weekend. that's because it would be an
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we continue to focus on this area of the atmosphere of the west coast. visit jetstream digging anytime we did that allows cool air to flow southward progress the same time, we have big ridge building over the country the jetstream is in the border area of the north dakota, northern minnesota area. that was signal warmer temperatures. him as a storm system develops will look at record temperature potential friday. highest low 70s, the record currently sits at 71 a year ago. not a whole lot to happen there, not an old record to crush but a record we can crush. the fight will swing through saturday, it will be windy and temperatures will be following
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will change to the mix as we head into the evening and cold air continues to sweep in saturday night, sunday even into monday and that sets us up to the lake effect. the overall picture looks like this. we will ride the wave up into the low 70s and windy conditions friday forecast and saturday as we take a fall. here's what i want you to look at, this is totally on time what we are expecting. range is no saturday afternoon. lake effect for rain and snow will linger into monday. we'll start with a primary population of 1 to 3 inches but believe me we will be adjusting. there will be some areas that don't get any some that have potential to have more than one to 3 inches which is depending upon how things set up. we will start with accumulation likely saturday into sunday lingering into monday as to be
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therefore degrees. get your jackets ready. 500 protesters have taken the streets of akron. these people are protesting donald trump's presidency. started at highland square and is now making its way through the streets of akron heading to china park. it's quite a large group but they appear to be peacul the streets and they plan to be out until 2 am this morning.
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an exciting game at the q tonight, eastern conference finals rematch is the cavs take down the raptors again. so is oscar robertson. lebron, one we down the check we down triple-double. neutral by six. two minutes left. tyree erving from the corner, a little help, they lead with 24. raptors back in the lead. 26, larry 28 here's a shot of the game.
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empty nine seconds left, cavs at 117-115. 13 triples the cavs tonight and the best closer in the game, lebron finishes them off. they would one -- kasen 121-117. tomorrow, terry francona is the manager of the year, not a surprise and well-deserved. enjoy it cleveland's. where the best ever in any sport in town. time. 128 points, 64 head of texas manager jeff banister. he was 22 and 30 first-place votes only manager made on every ballot. he led the indians 94 wins, first division title in nine years. the world series. he had right hip replacement surgeries a note tv just a conference call. >> i want our players to win
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was something like this happens, i think the reason happens is because coaches and players the front office, they do their job so well. i and up with a reward. >> tomorrow, the cy young award winner will be announced. you might talk more hardware in the postseason. browns win sunday versus the steelers, first of the season wit wounds. steelers favored by seven in that. but they lost four straight games giving up an average ridge 20 points a game during that stricter four and five overall and in the public, >> my understanding how big this game is for them. also understand how big this game is rustica they are hungry football team.
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the latest laptop football rankings are out tonight. michigan is three, louisville just on the outside. tuesday night football, kent state of bowling green two in one-zero in the second quarter. 56 yard touchdown in a good 21- 7 but that's all packets that, unlike weight loss for chaos you, 42-7 the final. college hoops first home game r have one. rebound opportunity, how about to bobby word. nice rebound and put back basket vikings up 7-64. they have a chance to tie. no good. they went 67-64.
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developing news tonight. trump transition in turmoil. the president-elect's team plagued by in-fighting. first a shake-up, now reports of a purge. what wii learned about the power struggle happening inside trump tower. all in the family. new concerns as nbc news learn team has asked about top secret security clearnss for his children. should they have access to america's most sensitive information. focus tonight centering on the role of his powerful son-in-law jared kushner. an employee gunned down, flights grounded as police hunt for a killer. and hitting home. mortgage rates spiking after the election. pushing buyers to act. homeowners racing to refinance. why it's happening and what families should know.
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right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. six days into the trump transition with the president-elect holed up with his team inside his tower here in manhattan, there are major signs of strain emerging. first came word of a shake-up at the top of the transition team. now word of a purnell -- purge with insiders being forced out. all of it happening as a massive test to fill cabinet jobs and preparing to take over the white house with a far-reaching federal government. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: as president-elect donald trump huddled inside trump tower with vice president-elect mike pence, signs the trump transition may be in turmoil. former congressman mike rogers, who had been advising trump on national security, abruptly announcing his departure.
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exit. >> i think he did a great job for many, many months under governor christie's leadership and we're grateful to them for doing that. >> reporter: but sources telling nbc news rogers' departure was a part of a stalin-esque purge aimed at ousting christie and his allies. sources say they're competing for trump's ear. top trump loyalist, rudy guiliani, now eyed for secretary of state. also in the running, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. under george w. bush. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better sfngets maybe me, i don't know. >> reporter: giuliani could face questions about potential conflicts of interest. he was paid millions of dollars as a lawyer and consultant for foreign governments. a transition official knocking that down and insisting every candidate will be thoroughly vetted. >> i do think that as a matter of course, these processes even
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seem quite so chaotic in the choices down the road. >> reporter: but tonight, democrats still pouncing on trump's pick of a chief strategist. steve bannon, former head of breitbart, with a following among the alt-right. >> this is a man who says by his very presence, that this is a white house that will embrace bigotry. >> reporter: traveling overseas, president obama didn't weigh in on trump's choices, but warned of the dangers of, quote, crude nationalism. meanwhile, a senior trump official tells nbc news, mr. trump received his first intelligence briefing as president-elect today. lester? >> thank you. meantime, there are new questions being raised about the president-elect's tangled web of business ties here at home and around the world. many of which remain hidden because he still has not released his tax returns. that is prompting concerns about possible conflicts of interest. there are also questions about the role trump's children
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the strong influence of trump's son-in-law jared kushner. we have it all covered for you, starting with nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: when donald trump takes the oath of office, he'll be able to see his newest property from the capitol steps. the old post office, trump's d.c. hotel, is owned by the federal government. so trump is now his own landlord. blurred lines across a trump administration, how much will trump be involved in his own business, and how much will his fam involved in his presidency? nbc news has learned from a senior government official, the transition team inquired about top secret security clearns for trump's adult children. >> these are just regular inquiries among many that are made when folks are transitioning to a new administration. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, trump said his kids would run his company. what he didn't say, is they could get security clearance too. >> if we're concerned about the blending of political power with
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has been the case with the clinton foundation, we should be asking questions about how president-elect trump devise his political and business interests. >> reporter: trump owns 65 properties around the world and 500 companies in 27 countries. while the president is exempt from conflict of interest laws, even the appearance of conflicts can pose problems. >> you want to know that your president is totally devoted to his decision-making in the interest of the country and not personal self. >> if he wanted to rich himself, he wouldn't have run for president. >> reporter: that may be true. right now all the public has is trump's word, since he hasn't released his taxes. >> obviously the public didn't care because i won the election very easily. >> reporter: but democrats care, tonight calling for a congressional investigation into trump's finances. katy tur, nbc news, new york. >> reporter: i'm andrea mitchell. throughout a tough campaign, jared
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never far from donald trump's side. >> yard is a very successful real estate person, but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> reporter: so what kind of influence will the 35-year-old publisher of the new york observer wield once his father-in-law is in the oval office? once clue, kushner was conferring with dennis mcdonough. and tonight trump has asked for kushner to briefing. kushner comes from a devout orthodox juror family. ivanka converted to judy yimp when they married. >> she has it in her to accomplish what she puts her mind to. >> reporter: jared took over his family's real estate business when his father went to prison in 2005, pleading guilty on tax and conspiracy charges. the prosecutor, then u.s. attorney chris christie. >> mr. kushner engaged
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co-conspirators. now kushner is at the center of the purge removing christie from the trump transition team. >> obviously his son-in-law is going to be very involved in decision making. >> reporter: but anti-nepotism laws enacted after bobby kennedy served as jfk's attorney general would prevent kushner from holding a formal job. >> that he would have a formal job and have those power is >> reporter: andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. now to a major effort under way to protect white house north, trump tower, located in the heart of new york city. it's making it a lot harder to secure than private homes of previous presidents like ken buvg port or crawford, texas. the area around trump tower is becoming a fortress tonight. >> reporter: can a 58-story glass tower in the middle of new


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