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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, we're so happy you're with us. november 16th, and that is nothing else matters by lil miss. >> we like our -- >> not could be confused by lil big town, who you spent time on the radio yesterday. >> we love them. >> we do. >> we have a great show. we always say that, but today we mean it. olympic medallist simone biles is here, she may be a gymnastic powerhouse now but there were many bumps and challenges along the way.
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reading this book. inspiring message for young girls. >> if you have a young daughter or son, they should read this book. it will make you realize that anything's possible. >> as long as you're willing to work as hard as she has, yeah. >> and romtrop drama, starring lovely and talented lily collins. >> just incan definite. daughter of phil collins. >> along with beatty. >> and lily sings in the movie, isn't a big surprise. good genes. >> surely does. i was watching the movie. we had to come upstairs. i want to finish this movie. gosh, it's so much fun. he's been in so many christmas movies we have lost track. now dean cain teaming up with melissa joan hart who's also somebody -- >> a couple. >> a holiday movie sure to become a family favorite. >> fun. >> and bicker two hours i think and then fall in love. >> yeah.
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opposite dean cain in anything? can you imagine how fun that would be? >> let's make that happen for you, hodi. a hallmark mother for you. >> words of wisdom. here they are for this wines day wednesday. the world is changed by your example, not your opinion. >> so true. >> isn't that true? >> especially during these times. >> we've used -- you have -- [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> i always pronounce it wrong. the guy who wrote "the al ka mist" alchemist." one of the fave it of the world. >> thanksgiving is just around the corner and had us thinking about etiquette issues that could and probably will come up. >> here's the question. all right. should the host do dishes while the guests are still present? you know, you have a big, huge halliday thing. should they? the good news is, not only can you vote on twitter as we normally do, you can also vote on facebook.
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start the dishes process. you're going to be there until 1:00 in the morning. convo, scrub, hi, how ya doing. tell them about your kids. sudsy -- >> now i don't want to come over other. >> #teamhoda. >> if you think -- i say, no, because i mean, it's not like you're just hanging out all the time. it's special. thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> i think that you should wait until the meal is over. it's one thing to remove and entree and bring something new, but -- i bless her. my sister who's one of the greatest women i've ever known in my entire life, she's got the windex out on you while you're still slopping up gravy. there are some people like that. don't windex the table when i'm -- >> now you're stretching it! you're stretching it! >> do the dishes while people are still present. >> doesn't mean they're still eating. finished their meal and now -- >> you're changing it, hoda.
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does it drive you crazy when people start cleaning up. >> no! that's not the question. the question is, is it okay to start the dishes with people there. that's the question. >> that was not the question. >> that was the question. >> wasn't it the question? >> cleaning up. >> that was the question. yes it was. >> not the dishes. cleaning up. >> well, you know. >> the question is what was the question? >> show you how we're confusing people. nobody voted! one person. [ laughter ] understands the wine bot. okay? >> even mr. wine bot. andrew, give us a hand. >> is something broken? is it broken? >> votes start coming in -- >> all right. so -- so, yes. yes, you should clean. team hoda. #teamhoda, or, no -- >> yes! yes! >> oh, it's such a slow drip. [ laughter ] oh! this is never -- >> there is goes. >> so, anyway. >> enjoy it. sit there and linger with each other, for goodness sakes.
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hey -- tell me about -- >> what if your guests are all in the living room or dining room and you're alone in the kitchen? >> you should go in -- i would be the one to help. i would be like, hey, you need some help? >> she's changing this. trust me. i am so on to you, ms. hoda. >> what are you talking about? should you start cleaning while guests are still there. >> ta was cleaning. cleaning up. >> the dishes. >> no. it was cleaning up. all right. let's move on. >> cleaning dishes, joann says. >> joann? >> doing table and -- >> no. >> oh! i'm going to pull a regis. we are going to tape it next time. what the question is. i just wanted to show off the leather pants. >> by the way, those are hot. whoa! >> our photographer just -- broke a leg. [ laughter ] >> i think we're supposed to say, oop, there goes matt lauer's paycheck. >> all right. if you have facebook you guys,
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the live feed of our wine bot. it's easy. it's practically a dead heat. >> no. i'm winning. >> barely. barely. >> oh, i don't think so. >> it's just so important to linger for a change in life. you know? anyway, all right. we're going to let you know as results come in. >> we have breaking news about carrie fisher. >> i am so upset about this breaking news. sorry about the mess, jerry. i'll get that as commercial break. poor jerry. >> so sad. okay. so carrie fisher revealed big news in her new book. >> i'm listening. glad to get out of here. i hated this subject what do you mean? carrie fisher -- >> i just wanted to show you how stretchy these are. they're really, amazing, you can do almost anything. oh, nice! jimmy! no. it's -- it's safe. >> happy wednesday for jer. >> thank you, jerry.
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>> "star wars" fans are freaking out. >> they should be. not like that, i don't think. inside her memoir, she writes she did, in fact, have an affair with harrison ford while on the set of "star wars" in '76. she was 19. he was 31. he was married, by the way, to his first wife. she described it, it was so intense. now, a lot of "star wars" fans sorted wanted these two to get together. you know? >> even though he was married. >> well, we don't -- >> we don't want to judge everyone. please, we're wondering what people think. it was hans and leija during the week and carrie and harrison during the weekend, described it. spent first night together after a birthday party for director george lucas. says he was handsome and she felt insecure and wrote, i looked over at harrison, a hero's face pap few strands of hair fell over his noble slightly forward brow. >> lord of mercy.
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shiny specimen of a man to be interested in the likes of me? >> so sad. >> she was 19. >> carrie comes here wednesday. we're going to ask her. we reached out to harrison ford for comment. no surprise. we have not heard back yet. >> reports she told him he was going to write that in the book and sent him an advance copy. >> but she does describe -- >> she does? >> yes. i'm not going to discuss it, but in the book she does. she talks about what it was like. >> like "50 shades" sort of description? >> yeah, yeah. anyway, we'll ask her why she had to go into that kind of detail. >> uh-huh. anyway -- >> so, have you ever thought about going back to school? >> oh! for what? >> cindy crawford decided she's doing it. >> i think that's great. >> she's taking business classes at ucla anderson school of management. ucla. and posted a picture on instagram showing her in a classroom with books, glasses and a cup of tea.
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make me look smarter? back to school. >> it's a lovely thing. >> and stretches your mind. learny is one of those funny things. >> a different thing than going back to school for something. if i don't learn something new every day i have not had a successful day and, ooh, hoda, you're winning. okay. go ahead. >> a lot of people cleaning up and everyone's pitching in. >> no. that was not the idea of pitching in, hoda. >> the cleaning. umpteenth year in a row. the butterball turkey people. >> all right. this is important, because everyone, every year you have a dry turkey, a turkey that needs x, y or z. have a question, go to our facebook page, we could tans on the air tomorrow. >> and tomorrow is i want to mention, covenant house, calmed the sleep out night. tomorrow night to support homeless youth.
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sponsored by people raising money for for more information and to donate. a fabulous thing to do. >> and we're going to talk more with one of our favorite people who works at our show later in the program. >> mr. kyle. >> mr. kyle is here and we're going to give him our -- >> his do. >> his do. >> put it this way. a shot of him so we know what's coming on, later on in the show. okay? we're going to have our way with kyle. >> kyle michael miller. >> yes. >> all right. coming up, the str olympian and the heart of a champion. >> simone biles shares her inspiring story and the crucial advice she got, right before she
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>> unbelievable. >> let's just live here and watch her fly. >> oh! you were there for it. >> i was! >> in person. wow. oh, my gosh! >> stop it, simone! that's unbelievable. >> yes. >> okay, but the road to the top wasn't always smooth as she writes about in her new book. >> all: "courage to soar." >> congratulations. beautiful title, too, simone, for that. >> thank you. >> why do you think that title fits your life? >> because most people would say i am, like, soaring through the air when i'm d and it does take courage to do what we do, because we have to dedicate our lives to gymnastics, to the sport at a very young age. >> yeah. >> i think a lot of people will look at you and say, boy, probably had a charmed life. went to all the top everything, never had hiccups, just took off. but i think the encouraging -- >> a totally different story. >> kids reading will see you had your share of hiccups from just as a little girl. tell us a little bit. >> i was adopted as a very young
10:15 am
had a couple problems, so me and my sister and other siblings were put in a foster home and got adopted by my grandparents, now my parents, and they're the absolute best. >> one of the absolute best happens to be standing right there. a shot of nelly right here, guys. that's nelly. hi! >> by the way, watching your mom and your sister and your family watching you. >> watch you. >> i feel like -- >> you're torn. what to watch? >> watching simone get a 10 or watching her family react? what's better? how important have they been in your climb? >> they've been one of the most supportive family ever, because not only do i have to sacrifice so much, my parentsened my sister and my siblings have had to sacrifice just as much and i don't think people realize that, because i'm the only one that goes out to compete, but -- >> you get the medals. >> yes, yes. but, like, my sister has to miss school sometimes because she wanted to kwum or my parents had to miss work and a lot of meets.
10:16 am
my dad always carried my bag through the airport. it was too big for me. >> everything's -- >> all: too big for you! >> had to be incredible pressure. times when sports writers were writing row great you were and the story was done before you competed. hey, look, better do well. i've already written my story. >> don't make me rewrite it. >> how did you deal with that? that's a lot of pressure for a kid, for anybody? >> yes, it was a lot of pressure us being so young in the sport we do. it is hard, because everyone started, already saying, five god medals. we haven't even started. how could you put that much pressure on 19-year-old? but they did. i ignored it. i'm a pretty stubborn person and that helps me. so i just ignored it. >> and people gave you great advice along the way. tell us some of the things people told you that you can pass on to others? >> tell me like, embrace the moment, because it goes by so fast. which is did. in the brink of an eye it was all over and done, and then
10:17 am
a once in a lifetime thing. >> by the way, one of the awesome things about you. you were interacting with the crowd. i was always trying to make eye contact with wa you when i was in the audience. i know what i got. what did you get from the crowd, like, looking at you that way? >> got a lot of energy, good feedback, screaming. obviously it helps with our adrenaline. we feel like question keep doing routines over and over again, but it's always exciting whenever they engage with if you have young kids who are wondering, could i ever make it to the top of something? here's living proof it happens. >> you've only just begun, sweet pip can't wait to see what the next chapter is for you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, knell. >> congratulations. it you raise at spectacular daughter. >> all right. it's a christmas movie you're going to flip for and we'll catch up with the stars, dean cain and melissa joan hart.
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it's been a busy few months for a british star lily collins, started acting at just 3. >> a new book and movies. stop it. all eyes on lily's starring role in warren beatty's new film "rums don't apply." >> lily plays a young woman who comes to hollywood as contracted actress for the legendary howard hughes played by warren beatty. >> and he has important words of wisdom to pass along. >> just have a face-to-face meeting with me and call me a nut? >> ridiculous. you have all of your own people around you, who you know you can trust. >> may i give you some advice? >> yes. >> never trust anybody. not me. not anybody. they're not your mommy or your
10:22 am
you. >> hello. >> that is good advice, even if sheinebriated? >> i'm the inebriated one. very, very drunk in that scene. >> nope. >> but it does lead to trouble. i often tell hoda that, but, you know. >> was it fun? >> yes. >> it was. it was really, really fun. i learned so much about myself, about acting, about the movie business as a whole, and the whole thingas kind of experience for me. >> for not just you but the young man as well? this went on for years with him? >> about five years in the casting process. >> what? >> yeah. i got off easy. just a couple months. >> how was it acting across from warren beatty? this is a hollywood icon. >> i know. >> been in so many movies. was it intimidating? >> it was at first, but he makes you feel like you're the only person in the room. he's so endearing, and when he'd
10:23 am
he would direct in character, sometimes to stay in character and not allow us to have to get out of our emotions and get back in it. it keeps it very, very easy for us.intimidintimidating. know what's he wants. he's a genius. you have to kind of allow him to do his thing. >> and just threat go. >> let it go. yeah. he said, be in the moment. surprise yourself. allow yourself to surprise others. if you can go hoemt end of the night and feel don't remember what it is did you but it felt right, that's the best thing. >> isn't that neat? >> yeah. >> annette bening plays your mom. another hollywood icon. >> i know! lucky with my moms in movies, too! i just have, like, this slew of incredible women to play my own mom and i have my own mom, but, you know. that's fabulous. she loves improv. we got to improv a lot together. >> that's fun! howard hughes let you do that? >> howard hughes let us do that, and, yeah.
10:24 am
seat, was just improved. mother to daughter. i spent a lot of time at their house with their kids and see how they interacted and got to have my own very organic relationship with her. >> and you get to sing in the movie, too. how was that? >> really fun. at first really nervous, because we sang live. the thing is my character is a songwriter, not a singer. so if my voice cracked or got nervous it was fine. bar hers would your singing? >> i didn't tell him i was doing it until i sent him the trailer. i sent him the newest trailer just him sings and got back, ah, utterly fabulous. very proud and really, really excited. >> so much happening. a book. when's your book coming out? >> in march. march 7th. >> come back and see us. >> what do we do, hoda we set the --
10:25 am
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it is wines day wednesday. we're ready to play our game we call "who knew?" and if you've ever wondered where popular phrases come from, like spill the beans, hands down. our personal favorite, happy hour. we have answers. kath's studios at 30 rock. and ready to hand out gifts if you get the presents right and one of her signed cds if you don't. here with me, president and co-founder of mental floss dotcom, will pearson. are we ready to play? >> audience looks ready. they look smart a. great looking group. a beaut fri utah. how pretty is she? the terms hands down as in hoda
10:31 am
hands down from which sport? >> b. [ buzzer ] >> stop it. she wanted the cd! >> and she got it. the correct answer is -- horse racing t. is horse racing. imagine one horse way out ahead of the pack. they know they're going to win. they get closer to the finish line the jockey knows they can relax and let the reins down and win with hands down. >> hands down. >> all right. cool. all right, kath, over to you. >> from south carolina. right? happy hou to which of the following scenarios. commuter trabs that served beer and wine? the time sailors could relax and play or whenever kathie lee and hoda get together? >> i'm going with c. >> because you wanted the cd! >> he got it. correct answer is -- the time when sailors could relax and -- what is it? >> origins with the u.s. navy back in the 1920s, trying to
10:32 am
with sailors with life at sea. allotted time every day, wrestling, boxing pap time relax and get away. >> happy hour? >> it became happy hour. >> all right. over to you. >> where are you from? >> ontario, canada. >> okay. the term, turn the tables come dprs what activity? playing backgammon, carpentry or serving a buffet dinner? >> c.? [ buzzer ] >> oh. it's a good day for klg. >>he i see why he went for the wrong answer. >> the right answer? >> playing backgammon. being a table game. one of the oldest games actually in the world. bemind to a game of backgammon you want to stage a comeback, turning the table in order to -- >> turn the table, ah! >> for your opponent, pus them in a position of disadvantage. >> the phrase spill the beans from ancient greece.
10:33 am
or a type of voting? >> b. buzzer ] >> you scared her! she's scared. what's the correct answer? >> i would say having a rough day. they clearly just want the cds here. comes from a type of voting. there are still places that vote this way. the idea being, they would be different colored beans, they would place in a barrel or bucket. you know, along with their selection. some places still do this around the world maybe with marbles or other objects. >> still the beans by vote. right? >> ah -- spill the beans! kath? >> all righty. from fort worth, texas, the definition of this word is the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach. ever had that? >> yes. >> is it fudderbelly, colliewobble or flufferjingle. >> c. [ buzzer ] >> yes. she's right. she's right! >> it is right. [ applause ] >> you're so used to hitting the -- the other buzzer. what's colliewobble.
10:34 am
been around about 200 years. having the colliewobbles the case of the butterflies or stomach ache. >> we can work on that. last one i think. >> birthday girl from kentucky. which term originally referenced the mix of fat and grease left over after a meal? cut the mustard? pot bell ed or slush fund? >> ah -- potbellied. >> no. [ buzzer ] >> there mix of fat and grease left over after a meal? you me on your plate? >> left over after cooking something. the cook has something, grease or fat lefted over it's called the slush fund. actually, this is another nautical term, the cooks on ships would stow that away. save it secretly. when they got to port, sell it to candlemakers or others to make extra money. that was their slush fund. >> will, thank you for all of your information. no matter how you phrase it, it's beginning to look a lot
10:35 am
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it's the most wonderful time of the year and do you know why? >> because -- 'tis the season for hallmarkell countdown to christmas. >> dean cain and melissa joan hart star in one of the channels new tv movies called --
10:40 am
christmas". >> vying for the position in the number one show of america. but their past may get in the way. >> admit it. you're scared. >> what? >> stayed at stanford six years ago. why you didn't come with me. >> what are you talking about? >> we had a good thing, em. >> i know. >> we told each other no matter what happened with the job you and i would be fine. what you really meant was we'd be fine as long as you were the one that got the job. hey! >> not my hair. i don't know high t like this. >> wear a hat! >> oh, love. hi you guys. >> hello. >> so i wish you would have done it in stanford, much closer to me. vancouver? >> slot in stanford. >> and didn't call? nice. >> close to somebody's house. >> bridgeport. that scene was bridgeport. >> oh, okay. >> he actually hit me, during his close-up hit me in the face with one of those snowballs. >> what time of year was that? >> just a few weeks ago. >> the fastest turn around ever. >> ever. >> just finished?
10:41 am
>> wow. >> so you guys worked together before? >> no -- we were both on the same network. >> but never worked side by side. >> i was doing sabrina and met, but he was always hitting on everybody else, and i was like -- >> is is that what you were doing? >> did you ever hit on her? >> no, he didn't. >> i will take the fifth. she's married to a stud dude. >> yeah, i'm good. i'm good. i got over it. >> tell you what, working with her was the easiest thing in the world because she's such >> a total pro. knows all of her lines. is a director as well. peter who did direct it, directed it great but she could have done it, too. she's just nails. >> a great chemistry. when people come from television, too, you know how to hit your marks, find your light, know your lines. the whole thing. >> yeah. >> we had a great cast and a ton of fun and got to shoot it all in connecticut. so i got to sleep in my own bed. >> nice. superman or sabrina, play this
10:42 am
>> i think so. >> i want to start with i am going to really suck at this, because i don't-i never watched the shows. i'm sure this guy -- >> i watch all my stuff. >> a winning wine bot. >> okay. >> [ laughter ] >> setting it up. >> focus. here we go. >> ready? >> yes. >> five witches and a newt and should be able to do something. >> sabrina. >> has to be. >> just checking. >> got it right. kath, >> i don't have it i think you're brilliant, but there is a fine line between brilliance and lunacy. >>s that that's got to the superman. >> lois and clark. >> people try to kill you a lot. >> that's probably sabrina. >> no it isn't. >> could be either, though. >> and so what are you saying? that i'm not who i think i am? you're not who i think you are. >> i'm just going to say sabrina. >> i think so, too. >> you are! >> and people who love each
10:43 am
each other. >> broadcasting christmas! oh, wait. >> wait. i think you're right. i think we did have that. no. sabrina? >> no! >> i'm so bad at this. >> you are bad. >> next? >> a list possible topics for tonight's dinner conversation. if one doesn't work, move on but don't stray from the list hanchts to be sabrina. >> it is. >> for the win. this decides who's the winner. >> i really hope that some day you'll learn that sometimes what it seems like people are doing isn't really what they're doing. >> ll isn't it? >> go with lois and clark. >> yes! >> you guys, absolutely -- >> you did the movie, we're glad. >> and point out, missy, an announcement in your department. >> i directed a movie this summer in wales and it's the remake of a movie that starred betty davis. this time anjelica huston playing the lead and i'm at the helm. exciting and out next year.
10:44 am
>> i will. >> dean, you'll be back, because you have a movie every week. >> i will. >> and "broadcasting for christmas" premiering on the hallmark channel. hallmark channel. >> and when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated
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millions of babies around the world are born prematurely, tiny, fragi brave as can be. for a parent, extremely emotional time. >> and tomorrow is world prematurity day. we thought we'd look at one very special nicu nurse. >> babies are born every day, but one in ten have an early entry into this world. it doesn't just affect the
10:50 am
intensive care unit can be stressful for mom and dad. >> you feel lost. okay. my baby's here, they're on a ventilator. you see all of these wires and it's frightening. very traumatic. >> working for 20 years at the bedside of sick babies, jody dolasol, a nicu nurse knows the impact. >> 24 week or 34 weaker, all have that same ques. and be okay? >> this baby came into the world at just 31 weeks. >> i had times i would break down. >> and having lived through this herself, this nurse tends to preemies daily in pennsylvania and knows firsthand how difficult this experience can be. >> i had my daughter 18 years ago. she weighed a little under a pound, and she was 11 inches long. that is smaller than the length
10:51 am
my son was born 13 weeks early. it was the hardest time of my life. >> now 18 years later, melissa's kids, lexi and jared, are perfectly healthy teenagers, and even on the honor roll, but statistics show almost 60% of parents with babies in the nicu are at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder even years after leaving the hospital. >> an alarm goes off. you want to know, what's wrong with the baby? what's wrong withe constantly in that high alert fear mode. >> she knew the parents she saw every day needed something positive to hold on to and the nicu journey program was born. >> they will receive a bead as a tangible timeline for their countdown to home. the first emptied a caterpillar and the last a butterfly, ready to spread their wings and fly home. >> melissa learned about the journey bead program and praut
10:52 am
bath, they get a bead. first time able to take a bottle by mouth, get a bead. the first time mom's able to hold the baby, they get a bead. each bead is symbolic and comes with a paper to explain the significance of the milestone these babies overcome. >> i'd like to give you the five-pound bead to add for his weight gain. >> one step closer to home for the little baby i. can't wait un because then i'll know he's coming home. >> coming home with a baby, and the beautiful strand of beads to mark a tumultuous journey. >> isn't that precious? >> beautiful. >> we should mention the little baby is home and healthy after a month in the nicu. righty now the journey bead program is in 18 hospitals. you see how beautiful they are. >> a lot of hospitals don't have the funds to implement these programs. if you'd like to sponsor a baby or family going through a nicu
10:53 am
dotcom and hats off for doing a beautiful job on that. >> while you're there, make sure to read about the emotional nicu experience that one of our producers. >> there she s. wrote a beautiful blog sharing her story to let other parents know they are not hey loan. >> we'll be back in a moment, but first, this is "today" on
10:54 am
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bad if you have to do dibs while yore guests are still here, because ay cording to the wine bot, most people agree with me. >> well -- all right. all right. >> double! >> one should linger. >> tomorrow -- >> get off that, please. >> tomorrow, comedian colin quinn is back way new york story. >> and the his tv series "this is us." actor sterling kate brown. >> i really hate this.
10:57 am
>> all: makeovers! >> in time for thanksgiving to -- everyone has a story for you. >> and before we say good-bye we want to say a separate good-bye a special good to a member of our team which he love. >> oh, no. >> why are you leaving us? >> kyle's leaving us. >> i am. >> we need to say good-bye in a proper way. can we have -- oh! >> oh, my >> moving to ohio. >> thank you, gerard. >> kyle michael miller, we love you, sweetie. >> we love our kyle and we're going to miss him. >> we are. i still have not accepted it.
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live from new york city, it's the?i "wendy williams show" >> don't judge. but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy!?i?i?i >> wendy: say hello to my


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