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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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it outbreak of a deadly disease in lake county. we're live with the details the possible source and others are at risk. also, as a price for prescription drugs skyrockets the investigator uncovers ohio lawmakers collected millions of dollars from drug companies. unit of from the wildly popular amc series breaking bad. he's here in northeast ohio what he has a safe. before you shop for your child's wish list, safety group is warning parents of 10 toys it considers unsafe.
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reducing risk factors for this packet deadly health concerns and that these ohio after several people contract legionnaire's disease killing one. a few of those cases linked to the consolidated precision products plant in eastlake. our team has been tracking this health concern, chris tyson yard just what legionnaire's disease is the first, >> at least three people contracted the bacteria businesses here and he said. several of the other 10 cases happened in the summer would last reported last two weeks ago. all those people have since recovered. but here is what we know now. the bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease was discovered here in cooling towers at consolidated position products on lincoln boulevard in eastlake. >> the water vaporizes and the
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the bacteria can be put in the air of 201 mile radius. ron graham, health commissioner tells us the company immediately hired a contractor to clean and decontaminate and has since tested negative. one person working here contracted the illness as well as one person at each of these neighboring businesses. >> we're looking at the odds of it occurring as rare. other he cases happened further away advances they could be totally unrelated to the cases here. grasses consolidated precision products followed protocol and he's satisfied with the way they handled the situation.>> we received a statement from tbd that reads no bacteria was bacteria was detected a post- screening results we have kept our employees informed of the activity of the facility and are fully cooperating with the appropriate agencies.
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information about the man who died, only saying he was 54 years old. he says now they will continue to look for any cases they may have missed to try to link these cases to a common source. we've all heard of legionnaire's disease but what is it? want to get a better picture of illness that proved fatal. we are here with a quick explainer. health says legionnaire's disease comes from the bacteria usually found in water like hot tubs, cooling towers, decorative fountains. notably not in window unit ac systems or cars. people get sick with a breathing, drink or shower in the contaminated water or missed or vapor. most don't get it or recover from it if they do. getting sick is what we call
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it's a type of lung infection or pneumonia often tricky to diagnose. here's what to look, symptoms are cough, shortness of breath, high fever. muslims, headache and antibiotics trevitt typically do the trick. in severe cases, hospitalization is needed. in this case was from air conditioning units. lake kennys ezeli seem to 8 to 10 cases a year. as you mentioned all people who are sick and from this case are now well. to expect. >> a scary delivery for a pizza to driver issues robbed and threatened on the job. investigator said happened 10 o'clock last night with a 20- year-old woman was on delivery. she writes him and forced her into the house and knocked her to the floor. police say she was forced into a bedroom but escaped. the results are still looking for that matter. cell three is the first to show you video of two local attorneys caught on camera
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heather crash after leaving a bar drug and then she and her attorney and passenger made up that a person that wasn't driving. hillary golson got her hands on the video. >> heather says someone else's driving but was caught on camera leaving the bar. apparently drop. someone else, industry like man , please couldn't find him because he isn't real. she and her passenger convicted of obstruction.>> when there's video of something happening, we start there. this time, let's start here. victim, society. in comes the video. this is outside the train station. we'll see go to the driver
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police he saw them after the crash said she couldn't maintain about that have heavy sword speech. kenneth lewis goes to the passenger side of the two appear to share and embrace that into the car. they fumble around in the car, lights on, lights off and then she drives. they say she crashes less than a mile away. despite the to be clearly inside the car the chemistry driver, a black male lost control of the vehicle and the blackmail that f accident in an unknown direction. even to please the suspect was wearing a red ball cap, dark colored shirt and camouflage shorts. where was this misty driver? in the minds of these two attorneys. they made it up. the case putting national headlines like these. don't blame your cars on a fake black man. good advice for lawyers and human beings. both were sentenced to 10 days. after drop the distance between
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several times and they said there on the road for one minute, 40 seconds. it doesn't seem like a lot of time but a lot can happen between that. more than 3600 people die between 2003 and 2012 because of drug driving. after several cases of too much -- city leaders hope a new set of policies help change the relationship between officers and the people they serve. the firm please the justice department asked a federal judge to approve a new use of force policy which requires officers to try to de- escalate dangerous situations and if force must be used must be reasonable and proportional to its happening. also an officer must stop fellow officers from using too much force. it's time we pay a lot more for prescription drugs. drug copies are lining the pockets of how members of congress with lives of dollars in campaign contusions.
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whose interests they serve in this part two of this exclusive investigation. your front, us senator rob portman. >> reporter: rob portman reelected with help from drug and healthcare companies. they pitched in well over a quarter million dollars to his campaign. more than 700,000 since he came to dc six years ago. dutra companies expect anything in return? the staff objected and ushered him away. we pressed for answers. >> this supports everybody. >> reporter: critics accuse politicians are standing on the sidelines on drug prices soar. we than 100 drugs jumped in price by more than 80% in the past four years. >> they spent a lot of money on lobbyists and campaign contusions. they too often get their way with congress. >> that's senator sherrod brown. he's taken 500 grant from drug
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former house speaker and ohio congressman john weiner was gifted more than $1 million for commands to elyria congressman nearly 800,000. former senator and current ohio attorney general mike dewine and the 500,000. commerce in germany see nearly hundred 80 grand. that makes term limits look very appealing. >> big pharmaceuticals are largely unrelated. congress even banned medicare from negotiating prices in 2003. janet snyder is recoveri heart transplant patient. permits have gone up by more than 500%. >> it kills us. it literally kills us. >> reporter: we did some digging and checked out voting records. senator brown received high marks. thousand eight at eight times on healthcare according to medicare raise record tends to favor the industry. he received a thumbs down on 15 of 16 votes. he denies doing the drug companies any favors.>>
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this is pencils. >> reporter: representative fund received all positive ratings, 2020 thumbs up. partner received a thumbs down on all three votes. tv or 18 and 20 thumbs down and joyce, 12 of 13 thumbs down. >> target date in washington when you think the drug companies have them in their back pocket in order to get them to vote t congress may be under attack for not taking action but critics also blame middlemen. tomorrow, industry insider reveals how they are taking advantage of lax government oversight and caching and by driving up prices. rj midi taxes by his own disability and calls are believed to stop. look at atm have next in line might be exposed to what you ate for dinner.
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safety group says you should avoid. here we go. as a couple days away from record high. that's what will be coming our way in three days time.
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many remember his role as walter junior on the smash hit tv show breaking bad. we may not know is like his character, rj midi has mild ce tolerance for the >> the anti-bullying campaign brought him to kansas as part of kent state start feature speaker series. don kendrick has his story. in breaking bad, walter junior walks with leg braces, bullying like art imitating life fighting.
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palsy. it has a bowling, it's been there, done that for you. >> i had my hands broken, my the broken was pushed and shoved. i verbal and physical. i never really allow people to belittle me. >> reporter: digress was repulsed at three. >> i never allowed my disability to be perceived as a weakness. >> now he beats down bullying, advocating internationally >> last top, kent state university. >> the decision of i'm going to do this, setting back role in achieving that goal. triggerman 19-year-old elizabeth when she turned her story for policy into the possible it may say to your goal to walk at high school graduation ended. doder depalma and hard-fought
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personified dymo for the >> why stop there? check is not surprising considering who wasted. >> that has been our whole philosophy, you just work hard and overcome it and do your best.>> this industry turned it into a career. i'm not ashamed of it. it is what it is. it's what makes you you. >> god has opened doors for him. he has walked through those doors and he lives by walking through the stores and we continue to pray that god keeps opening more doors and we just keep walking through them. >> a very impressive young man. just in time for the holidays, toy safety group visit annual 10 worst toy list. this is the toys have the potential to cause injuries. the toys include the slimeball slinger, the good dinosaur helping which, maybe magic feet
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bluster, flying his or hero superman launcher, kids time maybe children's elephant hello happy pups bonsai bump and bounce baby bumpers[ laughter ] wirecroft doom hammer and a favorite cup of pigs muddy puddles family. the toy industry association says all toys sold in the us needs more than 100 safety requirements. there's no surprise atm touchpads are covered in germs. digital you can also be exposed to someone's dinner while getting cash? no current university researchers say swabs show most microbes came from human skin and food. many atms had traces of fish and chicken. researchers say the suggest dna from a meal might linger on a person's hands. some atms also
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let's go to the atm. [ laughter ] >> i was speaking of the s&l skits from back in the day of the toys, the toy factory, those guys >> i was on that level. >> that's take a look at what's going on. we'll start off with temperatures going to be in the 40 degree range. will be in the low 40s. sunrise time 719 will be obscured by far. mostly sunny skies will be the rule. a dense fog advisory ineffectiveness for much of northern ohio. initially was was now it's expanded east. portage counties west on with back towards sandusky. to put it into a framework of less than 1 mile visibility across a good chunk of the area. as you come and go across town, you'll run into varying
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take a look down more than side, this is i-70 one about 303, you can see it's murky. ugoh 19 miles south as the crow flies of this is the picture from load i at 71 and 76. very dense fog. depends on where you are and as you move through i think of it as tomorrow morning that bob will be very assuring varied as well. as we go to the night this is w fog. he'll be varied but 16 we should have this ability about a mile, some areas with just less than a mile visibility, we'll keep you updated on that throughout the morning. by nine the start of the work day to see that fog mixing out nicely. as far as the rest of the day, you will see it's not going to be so bad, take temperatures into the 60s. going with an aggressive 66 because we have a change
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monday still on track. mr. lindsay the birth of our storm system, the surface reflection of what's going on upstairs. major changes will spawn this sort storm system. with winter storm warnings to the west of wind advisory south. as a storm was it will carry that nasty winter weather north of us. we'll get the wind and on the back side of that we get cold and lake erie in play lake effects. we record potential coming on friday with temperatures in the low 70s, cold front sweeps through saturday will be windy, rain likely change her rain snow mixed and lake effect snow gets going saturday, temperatures falling, thunder snow will be a possibility. it could be a humdinger.
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continues to fall especially in those primary areas at least so as of right now, the preliminary outlook goes to-6 inches otherwise, we could have light accumulation outside of that as well. you know how lake effect goes. there's the record high, there's the falling temperatures, are lake effect continues into monday before we see things improve.
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hi everybody. no lebron james. nothing to worry about, back to back games they gave him the night off. jared smith still has a sore ankle. know when the cavaliers a loon for the second time this year. would love to see them in uniform. we would have gotten these pacers but not tonight on the second loss of the year.
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rebounds. down by five. second quarter, kevin love will hit. cavs demitra but they're chasing all night. 16 rebounds. irving will hit the fadeaway. yes 24 there down by four 8682 in the fourth quarter this is just kept their nose out front and right here that is you hit for six. indiana beats the cavaliers 103- 93. cast 9-2 on the year. american leak cy young award he finishes third. remember, post the season is not added into this. it's held at the end of the regular season. he was automatic. in the second half we always got the ball and he always seemed to win. eight team times he was 18-9 on the year. he finished third. the guy who the indians pounded in game one of their playoffs against the
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during the regular season, 22 and four on the year, first time he has won the cy young award. the voting results later like this. justin verlander gets more, he finishes second. zach the closer comes in and forth. in the national league, matt wins the national league cy young award. he's one of both leagues of the tigers and now in the national league as a member of the nationals. the browns steelers coming up on sunday, the steelers have lost four in a row. the browns hope that maybe, just maybe they can get a win. if they beat the steelers, they should get to wins. that's the whole rivalry. the cancer is back in as a starting quarterback he was relieved of his quarterbacking duties. with much speculation a week ago in baltimore when he wasn't moving the team but he will learn from that amigos right back sunday against the steelers.
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on him that way. he has done some things that have been improvements. he made jumps in areas. there are other areas he wants to make jumps in. i think quarterbacks do that from time to time. >> back in better times and congratulations clay matthews the great linebacker, for 16 years with the browns. 19 years in the nfl. he is one of 26 semifinals to go to the pro football hall of fame annex cut down is coming in january they go the 15. >> good luck to the soccer team tomorrow. there in the ncaa tournament. they'll take on villanova. they won the title in 2010, lost in the national semifinals last year. their tournament tested. >> since i set foot on campus, there's been a dream of mine to win the national championship. last year we came up short but was a great journey to get to where we were and was heartbreaking to lose. obviously the guys know one
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it's what we think about. were going to break them
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it's going to feel like may the next few days. get those christmas lights up.
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>> just like that. >> have a great night, we'll see you tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jude law. sterling k. brown. musical guest macklemore


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