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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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vehicle being disabled on the side of the road and she got out of her car and was could-- crossing the highway for a unknown reason there's another gentleman who told me he had-- did see there might have been an original accident and she ended up getting out of the car for that reason. not confirmed. that's just a talk that's coming in at this time. we will continue to follow this and get you more information and a closer look out what happened and how it could have been avoid. alyssa raymond reporting live in cleveland. >> thank you we will talk to you soon. hi there. and out of the-- now to the story you are talking about the
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november mid-november even. but betsy as you've been telling us all week the nice weather is coming to an end. >> we always get the good before the bad when winter storms are on the way and this is a wintry looking storm we have seen it coming together out in the plain states as we look at the big picture. you can see the snow that is ramping up in western sections of south dakota all the way back into the front range areas of colorado. that is all associated with the cold side of the storm system. wa system is still to come for us as you can see there's warm front that's out there and that will be moving northward as we go through the. >> i and especially the day tomorrow. as the storm system-- through the night and especially the day tomorrow. the winds had pick up propelling the warm air in northern ohio. we will reach record highs i think in much of the area. you can see where the records currently stand for the day tomorrow. average high temperatures for tomorrow by the way 50 degrees.
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certainly going to be looking pretty. but remember, winds will be zipping as that storm system intensifies. we will get the cold front and the cold side of that storm system sweeping in here on saturday. that will mean big changes. we are talking lake-effect snow with accumulation and break it down for you as you make your plans for the weekend coming up in a couple minutes. back into you. >> we will see you soon thank you. addiction it's costing lives. but tonight, the nation's top doc is ready to fight. >> i am calling our country to action. >> one in seven people will struggle with addiction mothers fathers and children who battle alcoholism prescription drug abuse and the most recent health crisis heroin and fentanyl. >> and families feel helpless monica robins is giving us a look at what the surgeon general wants done now.
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time a u.s. surgeon general's report is focused on drug and alcohol addiction. nearly 21 million americans struggle with substance abuse. that's more than the number of all cancer cases combined. and cuyahoga county you can fill first energy stayed womb with the amount of people abusing prescription pills that's that switch to heroin can fill the q. ohio tops the states affected by the epidemic. remember the couple owe higho couple -- ohio couple the back seat a picture worth a thousand words to explain the crisis in america but it took 200,000 words and a new historic report from the surgeon general to explain the scope of the public health emergency. northeast ohio is well aware of the problem. >> in this county alone last year we lost 230 people. almost 230 people to heroin and fentanyl. this year we stand to lose double that. >> reporter: the doctor is a cleveland cline being addiction
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psychotics 80% are patient addicts. one in 10 get the addiction help they need. he hopes the reports sparks change. >> this is the first time that i really seen a report like this that speaks to focusing on not just throwing monday crate the prevention and treatment -- money at prevention and treatment but things that are scientifically proven to be effective. >> reporter: the surgeon general says the besides funding the culture needs to treat addiction as a disease a lifelong in remission or not. >> reporter: today, more people use opioid pain killers than tobacco. >> and hopefully, this report has the impact the surgeon general's report on smoking had 50 years ago. >> reporter: chances are good you know someone battling addiction and if you think you don't, your tax dollars are still being impacted by the
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strange law enforcement criminal justice and health care resources. >> how do the drugs get to northeast ohio. >> reporter: the bigger dangers are fentanyl which is 40 times stronger than heroin and car fentanylment to sedate elephants they are made synthetically in china and districted by mexican drug car tells into the u.s -- cartels into the u.s. and to give you an idea of how de this was a key low of car fentanyl it could kill 50ion people. this is not it but if it was 50 million people could die. >> dangerous stuff thanks so much. >> reporter: sure. now the same cat for yea story of hope a woman battling heroin addiction is sharing the story if the with the idea of helping others beat their addictions. channel 3 amani abraham -- abraham has the journal and the obstacles to overcome.
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ago she weighed in at 89 pounds feeling helpless fighting her addiction with heroin. >> i-- it's crazy because going into rehabe didn't know i looked so bad. and now i am just like oh. >> reporter: it was just days after thousands showed up for heroin rally in akron when kylie and her mother tanya wright knew they needed help days after that, kylie was on a plane traveling more than a thousand miles away for treatment. >> that was the best thing that en prepare her for what would help next -- happen next. >> sweating, couldn't sleep really, i was-- it was a mess. >> reporter: the road to recovery wouldn't be easy. 60 days away from her family and most importantly her two- year-old daughter but the trip back home meant mom could come home with a new view on life. >> it's going to be amazing to be able to be here and see her open up presents and makes me
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>> reporter: but she is one of 23 million people in recovery programs nationwide and in summit county alone the amount of drug overdoses has dropped nearly 50% from september to october. for kylie recovery begins with a good support system. and continues with focusing on your health. >> you know tough work on more than just -- you have to work on more than just getting off drugs. tough work on you -- you have to work on you your inner he self. channel 3 news. cleveland police union president steve loomis is off the job. suspend for 6 days. >> police say that this follows an altercation with another member of the cleveland police department city records show charges involving that physical altercation were dismissed. but a disciplinary hearing found loomis guilty of improper
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family matter and he is appealing the decision. big political news involving a local congressman representative tim ryan is tossed his hat in the ring challenging nancy pelosi to lead house democrats. the 43-year-old announced his candidacy saying it's what we are doing right now is not working.." pelosi says she is not worried about the challege. it would be easy to lose hope if i have didn't have it every week. >> next at the newest member of sara's circle is not giving up on those facing addiction in northeast ohio. >> a former teacher under fire after investigators say she became pregnant by her 13-year- old student. those stories and more when channel 3 news at 6 returns
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we woopt to go back -- we want to go back to breaking news. the rta bus accidents kills one alyssa raymond is there and gives us a update. hi. >> reporter: not much changed out here. it will along i-the 0 -- still along i-90. traffic is at a standstill. police shut down the highway between mckinley and west 140th street. a lot of the police activity on right near west 117th street that's where the accident happened. and cleveland police say that the call came in first that a woman's car broke down on side of the road and then for some reason, that they are not sure of yet, she got out of her vehicle and started crossing the highway. we are working to get more details about that. and any details about this rta bus. also you can see how many people from rta are here.
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from their organization and traffic out here looks like it's going to be stuck hike this for quite a while. we will continue to update you continue to ask questions to find out just how something like this could have happened. for now reporting live in cleveland alyssa raymond channel 3 news. thanks we will talk to you soon. in other news this evening a former houston texas teacher pregnant by a 13-year-old student agreed to a plea deal. alexander vera was charged with sexual abuse with a child an charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child. investigators say she what 9 month sexual relationship with the then 8th grader. but veria said she had an abortion after child protective services began to question their relationship. on thursdays we like to introduce you to women who see the possible in northeast ohio. this woman finds it
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introducing judge joy malic oldfield in to sarh's circle. >> i believe in chances. you know i believe in the right amount of chances. >> i haven't used since then. >> reporter: akron municipal the recovery courtroom feels like aclassroom. >> i think we will clap for that. >> you see impact of the decision. as a judge, you don't always see everybody on the best day and they are gone. and recovery court same people every week. >> reporter: this special docket the two rules are simple. you have to show up and you have to tell the truth. >> a you know it's funny people say -- and you know people say it's funny isn't your top rule don't be drugs if you show up and honest about what you are doing, you will soon come to the realization and accept the help to not use the drugs. >> i wish i could believe that but you haven't given me any rhine. >> reporter: -- reason to. >> reporter: from the ben of she sees solutions a way to
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in help instead of criminal records. >> change attitude change thinking, change behavior. >> we he know heroin is an issue around northeast ohio and certainly here in summit county. is it frustrating at times to know what you're up against? >> it would be easy to lose hope if i didn't have it every week but i get it every week. every week we clap for somebody who accomplished something. whether it's 90 of sobriety you don't get to 9 years until you hit 9 days. so for me, you know those are celebrations. >> i don't think i've been in a courtroom where people were clapping. >> i know right it's really nice. >> reporter: akron is and will always be home for joy and says she found herself and her husband in law school. >> made it clear early on you know i love you but if you are moving i am not the girl for you because i am not leaving summit family i have my family here. >> reporter: her parents five
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girlswith three girls and the job you have, how do you find balance do you attempt? >>i doesn't think you can be the best at every thing you try to do in your life. you are not going to be the best mom and best judge and best community volunteer and if you are then something is wrong. you are missing something. so i do try to do my best in all the areas. >> reporter: she was given another chance after the ohio supreme court issued a reprimand in 2014. she cred et cetera those early of being the judge she is now she was elected to summit county common fees court. >> within months of taking the bench, i knew the substance of the job it was something that i was meant to do i just love it. >> reporter: even in her new courtroom she says she plans to maintain her connections to the recovery community. >> another great win sara. betsy kling talking snow what's up with that. >> well first we get to talk
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breezes continues getting through the night tonight and they will change and that's what russ is talking about. but we will not be the debbie downer we will be pretty happy because these warm temperatures will stick around. clear skies going on out there. 50s and 60s across the buckeye state. 70s not too far off to the west. and it's the big push of southwesterly wind that will dry temperatures into the 70s heretomorrow. mostly sunny skies is the rule. but i think we will have high clouds. those clouds will be on the increase through the is going to be whipping out of the south anywhere from 10 to 20 and getting gusty by friday night. here it is. here's storm system. finally coming coming together. big -- coming together. the big jest energy across the plain states getting this ramped up and will intensify greatly in the next 24 hours and the line takes it right up into the up of michigan. as that line will kind of be the dividing line between the cold side and warm side of this
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there's blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings off to the northwest and we are more concerned with the high wind side of this because initially, that's really going to be the thing you notice. we have been really foe he cussing on saturday and -- focusing on saturday and the big changes will be coming in on saturday but we have got the record hypotension tomorrow. bumped up the highs tomorrow to 74 for greater cleveland i think all of us will make it into the low 70s. wind will be picking up as we go through the night and we are expecting that front to come through in the morning with very windy conditions. rain will be ly day goes on temperatures fall and that will then initiate the rain to snow changeover that will take place. then, the lake-effect begins so it's going to be kind of a 1, 2, 3 step quite breezy for saturday night with the lake snow getting going and we anticipate accumulation. thundersnow he is a possibility but we could get hail in this. and as the cold air continues to come in we go through sunday into monday and we have kind of fine tuned the total a little
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6 inches not out of the question completely. but because of the warm ground we have going on and the temperatures really are not that crazy cold, we are not going to get fluff it's going to be sloppy wet snow we get. and that's going to cause compaction so 2 to 4 for the primaries and elsewhere trace to 2 inches and may not just be that primary snow belt area we are talking about. window nation forecast, see 7 # for the day tomorrow with -- 74 for the day tomorrow with wendy conditions. saturday note it's in the 50s. big blue arrow that drops goes, we will kind of go hour by hour. you can see this is 8 a.m. rain coming in and there's the rain to snow changeover and that looks to come through probably early afternoon. once we make that rain to snow changeover and this is not a completely clean we have rain now we have snow. it's going to be going back and forth just nasty and remember the wind is blowing this whole time. what a great day it's going to be. but by the afternoon, you can see that main band of rain and
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as we get into saturday evening. lake-effect continues saturday night through sunday as highs are only in the 30s for sunday. we hold the 30s even into monday and then finally that whole storm system moves out and the winds begin to shift and the sun begins to shine and northern ohio is happy again as the temperatures get back into the 40s. but that big change really, it's going to be the most dramatic thing. this is one of the weekends everybody on monday is going to be like what did you saturday? wind, rain, and then snow. and it's not feet of snow it's not snowmageddon. but it's our first hit of wintry reality. >> jumping right in. >> yeah 74 tomorrow. that's insane. and then snow this weekend. >> yeah. >> thanks betsy. >> n-e-o does codeey -- cody kessler
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about
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turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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and now the k a bedford and honda of bedford sports report. >> hi everybody browns and steelers cody kessler ready to reclaim the starting job and trying to get the browns to the first win of the year. now kessler was yanked out of the lineup last thursday night in baltimore. and everybody has been
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he okay. did he lose his confidence i am worried about throwing the ball through the wind on sunday at the stadium. but let's go back to the first issue. his confidence okay? >> the guys have come back and done a great job this week of rallying around me and helping me out and getting me out there and it's been great and josh and robert and everyone helped me out a ton so i am fortunate to have the guys i do on the team to be there to help me out. >> now over to the steelers. steelers once upon a time were lost 4 in row and have not played well on the road and won one so far on road. big ben says hey it's time that we get going. >> we need to step up. we pride ourselves in being a great road football team and need to do that and we have to start this week. >> football tonight right here on channel 3. thursday night football. saints and panthers. football night in america begins at 7:30. nen then the-- then the opening
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college soccer right now the opening rounds of the men's ncaa division i cork tournament and at home the university of akron scored with 5 minutes to go in the first half and lead villanova in the second half 1- 0 the score. good work by lebron james donating 2.5 34eu8ion to support -- million to is for a muhammad ali exhibit at the smithsonian museum. it will support and continue the store iest great ali and will encourage athletes to realize how important atet is in terms of social justice. michael jordan has been a big donateor to the cause too. >> this is just another way to link two very famous athletes and philanthropist to help other people. so, who knows maybe it will even spur other athletes to sort ofgive back. >> i would imagine it might do that. now to the cavs, they lose last night as they lose by 10 in indiana to the pacers.
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no need to worry. it was just the second part of a back to back and cavs are back home tomorrow taking on the detroit pistons over at the q. >> you know these off nights for lebron they pay off in june. >> yeah. >> that's when it pays off. >> unless i bought a ticket to the game hoping to see lebron james. >> it didn't pay off then. >> not for you. last night or coming up in june. >> wow. thanks very much jimmy. cody kessler you think he is because i watched dr. phil all week long and cody has not been the subject of any of the shows. >> there you go. >> so far that's not the last game he probably will get pulled out of he is a rookie. >> hope he didn't hear that. >> we handle the wind okay. >> i have no idea. i guess it will be a big tester. >> i guess so. wow. >> a tough day. >> yeah. deaf in thely -- definitely. >> big ben never has trouble in the wind. >> i heard he is the second
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roethlisberger. >> that's sued. >> we thank you -- sad. >> we thank you for watching jimmy and betsy back. >> the nbc fightly news is ahead.
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tonight, romney surprise. a stunning turn. events as two bitter rivals prepare to meet and mend fences. also, raw emotion as hillary clinton opens up about her devastg "your money." why the price you pay for everything from your credit card bills to your mortgage might be about to go up. fire and ice. dozens burning across the south as the first blizzard of the season's about to hit. caught on camera, outrage as video shows an officer punching a woman in the face. what police are saying about it tonight. and thanksgiving text message mixup. how a grandmother's mistake is bringing strangers together for dinner. "nightly news"


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