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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good is underway in downtown cleveland. >> hillary is there. please set the scene, what is going on? >> this group is walking in the middle of euclid avenue it's not the way it was supposeed to go. the way it was supposed to go, they were supposed to be on the sidewalk. a group has taken to the streets
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deal with this, they've been blocking off euclid avenue as they get closer to cleveland state campus. there's about 150-200 people here. some of them are staying on the sidewalk. the reason they're here, they're protesting a trump presidency. they say they're worried about the affordable care rolled back. they're worried about hate. we spoke to one man who said, this is his first protest ever. >> 29 years and we're really against everything trump stands for. we're here to support women's right.
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who are scared. that's why we're here. >> there are the democratic socialists and just individuals who have showed up like that dad. officials have continued to block off of the streets to make sure it's safe. the majority staying in the streets we're going to monitor o what happens and what they do. they can turn on east 23rd street. >> thank you very much. we want to tell the viewers. looking at the president elect's relationship with the media. >> did you get outside and join the nice fall weather today? i hope so because the bottom is about to fall out. we found people enjoying the warm november temperatures around the city, but the
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recognize returns tomorrow. we're in for it. >> record-setting temperatures in the low and mid-70s and tomorrow, wintery smack to the face as temperatures fall back into the 30s through the day and snowflakes fly. let's look at what is going on with the forecast. with i -- we have temperatures in the 60s. we're sitting pretty. but major changes are coming. chicago in the last four hours have seen th about 20 degrees. minneapolis in the low 30s. that's the cool side of the storm. you can see the storm continues to hid the region. there's thunderstorms across indiana causing damage with high winds. that continues up into michigan you can see the different warnings going on for much of the chicagoland area and then the lake snow watches and warnings are generally to the east of us those are the higher terrain
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snow showers on the ground. none of that is going to come our way until tomorrow night. in the meantime, we're going to keep an eye on showers. we'll be dry through the midnight hour and rain showers sneaking in through the morning. notice the temperatures in the 50s tonight. fall back to the 40s for the start of the day. rain changes to snow and we'll have accumulations in northern ohio. we'll talk about it in your here's a live look at traffic now. odot tells us starting at noon tomorrow, they will have 63 trucks clearing the roads and clearing away snow accumulation. crews will not be pretreating the roads because of the predicted transition from rain to snow. they want you to remember, when you see ice and snow, take it slow.
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in tiptop shape. they have 60 snow removing equipment. they can clear a runway in about 20 minutes. well, tonight's nice weather, a welcomed relief for communities we're kicking off tree lightings this weekend. >> one is where andrew reports that the business hoping that lots of shoppers show upped a mist the holiday cheer. >> now the christmas tree and the fun continues throughout the weekend when it should start feeling like christmas. it was just starting to look like it with the nine block historic district prepping for guests this weekend, there will
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thattivity at the high school. the holiday parade of lights will feature floats to the square. santa will arrive, small businesses are counting on a boost while some say it marks their official start to the holiday season. >> our grandparents come, we're excited to have a grand think about christmas? >> no. not too early. >> it's hard to believe it's already that time of the year. >> thank you. now at 7:00, changing directions, an overdose live on facebook. the 11 and a half minute video shows two men overdosing on heroin live in sandusky.
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we need to know so we can save his life. >> michael williams is laying on the ground, both survived we spoke to williams and his family today. he said he wants help and he's been wanting it for a while. >> definitely, chills, it's hard, i'm a strong person, but holding back the tears, seeing yourself dying, it's hard. i never expected it to happen to me. >> his family wants people to share the video in hopes that it convinces users it's time to stop. new developments in the case of an 18-year-old man shot by a cleveland police officer. first we want to show you this picture, it's a thermal image at the substation on east 146th street. it shows four intruders inside the fenced area.
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intruders, shots were fired at them. officers returned fire hitting the 18-year-old in the shoulder. the fourth suspect got await. a handgun was found at the scene. two are on leave while the investigation continues. we have learned the identity of the man hit and killed by an rta bus last night. police say he was trying to cross the highway af vehicle broke down. >> president elect donald trump has finalized three important picks for his white house team. they announced today that mr. trump has chosen michael
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work toward inauguration day, his relationship with the news media continues to generate a lot of talk. it's a whole new world for both sides. >> reporter: when donald trump left reporters shadowing him when he went out to dinner. there's always a small pool tracking the president to provide coverage events like assassinations and president bush's reading to grade schoolers when he got word of the twin towers trump has to give up privacy he used to enjoy. the media must adjust to a
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them out, bypassing them to reach millions of followers. he will be the first president to go to the people giving his take calling out stories he doesn't like. he needs to accept a constant press presence and the press must deal with his right to second guess them about at they might say. it needs more respect and less tension. >> coming up, door buster deals we have another one for you. our money man saving you big money this holiday season. >> mcdonald's is changing the way we order and eat fast food.
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a consumer alert today. the bagged salad you see in grocery stores might be convenient, but a new study suggests it could make you sick researchers found that bagged salads are more likely to harbor and grow salmonella. researchers noted the nutrients leaked out of the greens which breeds bacteria. mcdonald's going to a major upgrade.
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expand kiosks and table service. next year, the offerings will be expanded to more cities and then the entire country it will introduce the mobile pay option for next year. black friday is one week from today. but the single best laptop deal is available right now. we were the first in the country to spot this door buster. >> i'm so excited to be with you this evening. don't let the stores ruin your thanksgiving i have you hooked up. and tonight's laptop deal is an early door buster. it's fully loaded and it has windows 10 pro. >> it brings more features that
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there's a 32 gig version and a 64. this computer moves faster than the competitors you get a swivel webcam, if you want to capture it, there's an easy way to do that. great for skype calls the laptop with a solid state drive, $179 no company is paying us to talk about them. this is awesome. great to be with you. back to you. >> thank you. the iconic form-fitting dress worn by marilyn monroe during the rendition of happy birthday to john f. kennedy sold for a hefty price. it was bought by $4.8 million. it originally cost 12,000
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in 1962. it was so tight, she was literally sewn into it. wow, what had her twirling in glitter. more about her stage debut coming up. the most up to date information on the first real snow.
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tonight, betsy is getting a behind the scenes look at the production. >> you got to be a part of the glitter vortex. >> i got a glitter vortex, i went whoa, what? you had me at glitter vortex. you have to go when they call, you go. finding neverland is still in town. it's one of the coolest parts of the show and i got to try it out. >> there's the glitter vortex scene which is my favorite. on each side of the stage, there's the blowers that we
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on and it has plastics that funnels under the stage you see everyone walking on. they all blow at the same speed and it turns into this cyclone effect on stage and we take glitter and glitter into it and you can see the effect and it's just magical. >> it was so cool those fans started, the winds start and they in and i was in a glitter vortex. it was like snow but sparkly and awesome. there's double shows on saturday and sunday. it's worth it. it's very cool. >> kind of like betsy. sparkling and awesome. >> now i get to talk about snow we have big changes coming up. we're going let's get to the maps we have thunderstorms to the west. the line of storms that moves
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get the cooler air. we're expecting the rain showers from around the indianapolis area to get here. we're still clear and dry as of midnight but by morning, the rain starts to move in. we have some showers around, look at the temperatures, low 40s, falling back. we get a break in the action and then things start to ramp up as we go late afternoon into the snow showers fall. at times it will be a rain-snow mix especially along the lakeshore areas but further south, we're anticipating seeing the snow showers. it's not just cleveland, we're getting snow going on west. and this is a result of priming from the northern lakes, lake michigan, lake superior and it starts to accumulation over
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get some snow rock throughout the night. we're going to get some western extension also with the northwest flow. sunday, 29 mans field. we can support some snow accumulation and it will continue into sunday morning before tapering off. here's how much, we have the possibility of a little bit of lake michigan collection. that could bring us a little built of a dusting. primary snow belt and the sweet spot where we could get 1-4" of snow. keep in mind, once it gets going, we will be adjusting all of these numbers as for now, 50 and fall forking the day tomorrow. staying in the 30s for tomorrow. it's going to be a cold browns game. look at that, the thanksgiving holiday will be in the 40s. but it looks like we could have
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with. >> thank you. and the browns running game. it's been pretty nonexisting. >> looking at weather that changes when the steelers come
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the cavs have a nice stretch coming up. the cavs will be at first
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rest on wednesday in indiana the game they lost. smith is back, he missed the last three games. having him back will be a big deal. browns and steelers coming up on sunday. the steelers have won 10 of the last 12. here's what i would like to see. this, the yo big ben and brown off of the field. he was second in the league in rushing what happened? >> i take responsibility for that. i think he's a good player we have not rushed the ball as well over several weeks and that's disappointing. i have to do a better job.
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>> everybody has to do a better job. >> he seems like such a nice guy. i feel so bad for him to come out. >> maybe sunday. >> i'll take his paycheck >> okay. >> et is next. back at 11:00. constant updates on the app and
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?? oh, my mariah. >> don't you dare! >> teasing, flirting all over her backup dancer. >> have a crush on >> sexy new scenes from her docuseries, are they real or could she be taking revenge on her ex? >> marc anthony lock lips with his ex-on live tv. it has everybody talking. plus, we're inside the recording studio with the actress bringing whitney houston back to life.


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