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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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welcome everyone. i'm hilary golston. some of you have been holding
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some of you are ready to go. like it or not, it is here. to what extent are we seeing the action and primary and secondary snow belt tonight? hillary, the lakes or act of. that is for sure. we are going to be dealing for snow with at least the the setup is around the greek -- great lakes. they are very act him from michigan casa period, -- superior, erie, and huron. some are still contributing to the snow that we are seeing here. that is around northeast ohio. the final dumping ground for some of these no pants.
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water to see those. check out only area, gusting to 43. lake and coastal portions of that, under a wind advisory. we expect wind gusts up to 450 miles per hour. it will bring down treat ranches especially when you start to put down snow with temperatures in the 30s, it winds. those of you right on the lake, will see temperatures in the mid-30s because of the warm lake water. you are right around the freezing mark and that is snow. it is sticking. here is what the models are looking at. they are really under doing the numbers. here's what i'm going with. the secondary snow belt, as
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should get to plus. them as primary snow belt is starting to fire up with a snow bend. highest elevation in portage county. they can see 3 -- 7 inch range. those of you here, will notice very little. eastern side of cleveland, from westerners university circle to others. will see a couple just in the last hour, this band is starting to fire up. have not seen much of this today but parts of eastern lake county are firing up. speaking of the south, carol, portage, trouble to summit county. additional areas of snow falling this fairly.
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80. husband by far it. that is looking okay. it was looking spicier but speaking of/, and big snow, it is the secondary snow belt tonight that has really stolen the show. right in the middle of it all, are chief meteorologist has been excited to be there. betsy, you have already seen quite a but of mu >> reporter: i am just north of dinah and south of brunswick. there is doubly some snow on the ground, but this is what i wanted to see. watch when a step, it immediately said -- is/. this is exactly the scenario we told you about the last couple of days. we would get heavy bursts of snow, that would put an
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accumulation. without that might be more prominent out these, but the sweet spot is worth that. is take a look at the radar. you could see we still have snow coming down. we have a burst of heavier snow coming in. had thunder snow not too long ago and brunswick. hear the traffic patterns. there deftly some slow spots, this is 303, just up the road from me right here. 303 and 71 and there is some/in the passing lane on the left, is very slushy. further south, this is at 271 literally three miles down the road. to get the snow that is on the road there. definitely slushy conditions along i 71 here in the brunswick area. i will tell you this, greg, i hope you're listening because we are seeing stars overhead right now. cold temperatures. and that could help to take a
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patios to ice. be careful. heavier snow scrapers tomorrow ready. that is what's going on here on the west side. let's go out east. carly, you are out there? >> reporter: hello betsy. up here and mayfield heights, no snow falling from the sky right now. but there is some crazy stuff on the ground here. none has accumulated on the road. although, the still west is going down and earlier snow we were to drive through. it is pretty clear they are trying to readjust how to drive in the snow from last season. we talk to an expert and got advice. >> whether you like this whether or not, it is here. sleet and snow piling up on the road. like this one of my 97. several people cited in two
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you can decrease your chances by winterizing your vehicle. >> a lot of tires. reporter: he works at this might his and mayfield heights. >> ideally, put snow tires on your car. but a good all season tires will do too. >> i'm making sure you do not have performance or summer rated tire on your car. those barely get traction depth. the tire on the left, no good. >> that is going to get to sliding. >> reporter: put your best tire on your back of your car. >> a lot of people think that they have to have them upfront with front wheel drive, it's better to have them in the rear. most cars have the back slide out on them because the tires in the back are completely bald. >> reporter: you might not be ready for winter, but at least
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some more things you can do, is check your tire inflation and make sure your brakes have the healthy life left. also a good time to swap out your transmission. and, cooling fluid. from a very windy mayfield heights. you are dealing with the wind very well. i love the detail. our best up-to-the-minute look usually comes from you. snow-covered cars, hail, slick the cleveland indians are getting in on the action. it captures the emotion of some of it. you can send a picture to us on facebook or tweet us. shooting of a local barbershop.
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the conviction is done. he did it. he shot up a local barbershop. the question what penalty does that warrant? the jury says, death. by lethal injection. 21-year-old douglasc killed three and wounded three others. he was found guilty on six counts of murder and other charges. now, the judge in this case will ultimately decide. he was president obama's election rival in 2012. mitt romney could be the president-elect secretary of state. he said his meeting today with romney went great. the two met privately for about
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course. during the campaign, romney was critical of him. conmen in a fraud is what he called him. then he started to make amends. mister trump also making news because he was at the -- wants apology from the cast of hamilton. he got cheers and boos when he entered the theater. after the curtain call, the diverse cast is alarmed and anxious about the new administration. he harassment. adding that the theater must always be a quote safe and special place. since starting in 1981, code for kids has distributed a half 1 million codes to local kids. the group of students and parents contributed. while they were able to stop the bus, this afternoon, you can certainly donate at other
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do that. we have the complete list on our website. you see the snow, so that means you are wondering when it might come to a close. we are going to look at that and tell us what it might look
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the story of the day as the
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but it definitely has transformed. we are talking about it just a little bit ago. >> it does. the whole world looks different now. especially when you wake up early tomorrow morning, think, this morning we started the day in the mid-60s. we have snow underground now. welcome to northeast ohio, right? let's talk more. it is all about the wind. and the wind direction where is coming from. ke of the great lakes. you are looking at northeast ohio. right there is lake area. -- erie. watch the wings, they start off near lake superior and go over northern michigan and make that perfect turned right into lake erie. this is a snow been that is going to be enhanced by portions of lake superior and now into lake area. this is our ride snow band.
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bit farther west. it goes through portions of lake michigan, and write down south of cleveland. that is the second snow band. you folks down here, you are getting snow part of which is the moisture that backs up to lake superior. there's her primary snow, that one located, the primary snow belt. we're going to zoom in and show you what's going on here. we take you to east wheatland first, geauga and asked to buell county. down toward bloomfield, the areas of snow as well. some of it is heavy and it is heavier than it has been over the last hour.
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starting to pick up. scattered around the east side of cleveland, nothing too bad here. down toward summit county and starting to break off. strong back towards 271 in the turnpike. looking pretty good around akron, getting a break. picking up additional heavy snow down 71. light to the dinah county to lorain county. and huron and erie county. the snow band continues here. if the sticks around how we are going to see some heavier snow amounts show up. the dinah towards lorain county. we saw betsy talk about the skies clearing in my dinah and lorain county's. that is going to allow temperatures to drop and things will freeze. if your car is out there, the initial roads will melt and
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freeze. will have to get up early to clean it out. wind gusting 30 -- 40 miles per hour. lake snow continues and strong wind overnight. 30 -- 36. the browns play together -- tomorrow. if your tailgating, windproof. in the 30s throughout the morning and kickoff. is get that wind, 25 -- 30 miles per hour with higher gusts. th west, we are looking to a big area of high pressure off to the west tonight. that will bring a sunny weather, but temperatures will stay cold. another storm system for rides for thanksgiving. that one however is likely to bring us rain. not snow. morning so tomorrow, clearing by the afternoon, sunny and cold on monday. upper 30s. low 40s on tuesday, and take a look at thanksgiving.
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late wednesday night, in 20 thanksgiving day it's all. coming up, a pretty stressful date to the buckeye
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the sports report. hi everybody, michigan state is ruin the buckeyes season a few times in the past. it almost happened again today. the key word is almost. is still alive in the playoff chase. the weather was a big factor. cold and the wind was the major factor. tyler o'connor comes back the other way. complete sell j scott and the buckeyes stay 64 and seven nothing spartans. buckeyes answer later in the quarter, he had 36 yards. the skirt is samuel were tied at 10 at the half. mike weber, hundred and 11 yards rushing. is 17 time and ohio state at the third quarter. they do not score again. the spartans do in the third
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starting down 1 with 44 to play. antonio decides to go through 2. it does not work. buckeyes pick it often they survive with seven. it does not work. buckeyes pick it often they survive with 72. it does not work. buckeyes pick it often they survive with seven 215 victory. the second break -- ranked things -- team used to 10 in 1. >> it is a good team over there. with that, we got our defense to come up. it is something we prepared for >> a win is a win. i do not care how it comes. we could win 2 -- 0 and i am happy. >> a tough day at the office right there. we will take the wind. when against a team we know very world. we want to get ready for the rivalry. >> it is rivalry week. lately this spartans are a
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one teams ranked top. the wolverines got 7 -- 3 at the half. 17 points and evian smith had too long touchdown runs. they control their destiny for the playoffs got the buckeyes are ready for the week ahead. >> it is hard to describe, in less you've been in the facility. they redo our whole scout team to wear michigan uniforms constantly playing. 24 -- seven in preparation for the game.'s -- the nfl is focused on big bend. they have quarterbacks the browns don't. because he becomes the 13th
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on him. as far as kessler, he is zero in 7. it is time to take more chances. >> obviously, the quarterback you want to take more chances. you want to build to extend drives but being smart is in football. keep it in your possession. if the find the meaning of that. take some shots and chances, that is something that you grow wi >> i am not sure what's going on back here, but hopefully it is not a bad time. >> it is going to array. the little bit of a flashback right there.
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