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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  November 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EST

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crazy on the inside.
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>> reporter: here in sharp din, we are bundles up. >> yes, the bridges, is where i am seeing the wind gusts. >> reporter: yes. >> so you are dead on there,
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you can decrease your chances of and didn't by er -of an accident by winterizing your vehicle the. and now eric--vehicle. and now eric works here at this shop, he shared with us, several things that you can check right now. he says, yes, you would put snow tires on your car. but a good all-season tire will do, too. >> i am making sure that you do not have a summer or performance rated car on your
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the tire on the left, no good. >> that is when you get your sliding. >> reporter: and he says to put your best tires on the back of your car. >> a lot of people think front wheel drive, they need to be up front. but it is actually better to have them in the rear. because most cars when the back end slides out, it is because the tires in the back are bald. >> reporter: and now vehicle is ready for winter. channel 3 news. car i , our best look at what happening often comes from you, the pictures on social media. snow covered cars, hail, slick roads, send it our way. send them to our facebook page or tweet us. well, since starting in 961- -in 1981, coats for kids has given away half than half a million coats to kids. and a group gave her be in
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we have a really great list already up on still athat he had this morning--still ahead this morning, president elect donald trump's cabinet cants to take shape. details on his meeting with mitt romney. >> searching for one number one, we are looking at the browns and steelers game, that
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what a difference a day makes, we have not made it to thanksgiving yet, but think about it this way, this time yesterday morning, a lot of you were still in the 60s outside. now, a live look from sharp din, they have not really
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is going to be here to tell us what we can expect heading out the door today. and now a jury in cleveland has a sentence for murdered a pan. the judge is going to decide his fate on december 5th. president elect donald trump continues to fill dozens of positions in his upcoming administration. he is meeting with potential candidates again today at his golf course in new jersey. he sent another mess an out as well, and here is a report. >> reporter: the trump transition is kicking into high gear over the weekend, he met with more than half a dozen
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out his--to round out his administration. among them, mitt romney, who try today defeat trump during the campaign. >> here--tried to defeat donald trump during a campaign. they buried the hatchet and romney has been mentioned as a potential pick as secretary of state. but trump advisors say it was a meeting of ideas. >> i appreciate the chance to speak with the president elect and look forward to administration. >> reporter: trump has announced his picks for attorney general, national security advisor, and ceo director. and now on sunday, he is going to meet with new jersey andrew de. and trump managed to sweet tweet on saturday morning, taking aim at cast of the broad way musical, hamilton.
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and from the stage, the cast urged pence to represent all americans. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america, who are alarmed and worries that your administration will not protect us. >> reporter: donald trump said that pence was harassed. the cast member said that conversation is not harassment. browns are back in action this afternoon at first energy stadium and they are searching for their first win season against their rival, the pittsburg steelers. browns are coming off of a 28-7 loss to the ravens ten day ace go. kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. --days ago. kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. just ahead, i we have a deal next in ways to save. >> but first, michael is tracking that snow and it is still coming down in a lot of places. >> yes, especially in our snow
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the water today, gale warnings out on lake erie, look at the wave heights, they could be over ten feet at times. we will talk more about how much more snowfall we could be get through the morning coming
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welcome back, we want to share some of the photos that you are seeing out the first snowfall this winter, this is over an inch of snow last night in chester land. and now a look in akron, right there. and then jessica has a photo of the snow in summit county. keep the photos coming on facebook and twitter. check that out, i mean that looks like the middle of january. and does not look like it was
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>> a record sitting high day, exactly. you know, some counties getting four inch plus inches of snowfall, stark county, you know, about a tenth of an inch in some spots. and downtown, about a trace or so. >> yes, the west side was about a trace, in case you are just joining us. an if you looked out the window, it looked like it was going the be a pile of snow. but it momented once it hit the gr. relatively warm, but back to places like chardin, the snowplows are out. and obviously, we also have the browns playing at home today. forecast, if you are heading down first energy, quickly, looks like this, it is going to be very chilly. temperatures in the 30s and the 4th-quarter. so bundle up heading down that way. one of the bigger stories today
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doing to the actual temperature. windchill in the teens for mansfield, back to wooster, akron, can tan, feeling like 18- degrees when you--canton, feeling like 18-degrees with a 40-mile per hour winds gust in downtown. sustained winds generally between 15 and 30-milings per hour. righted--miles per hour. and that is the trend through about lunchtime. think think that things start to taper after lunchtime. right now, what we are tracking for you, still, the lake effect snow. and now right on in and show you who is seeing what, you will notice where we are seeing the lavender colors, that is where the heavier snow bands are still setting up. cuyahoga county, we are still tracking snowfall there. and then further towards the west, here in downtown, not a whole lot, maybe a couple of little flakes here and there.
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and boy, oh boy, ma data, you- -medina county, you saw a lot of snow. and that band of snow is not as heavy as what we went to bed with last night. but either way, i think we will see very light accumulation. area of low pressure, that is causing all of the lake effect snow, off to the west, mere is where things be--here is where things begin giving, i think that we will see another rain impacting system move on in. so just a quick heads up on the busiest travel day for the year, or travel plans on wednesday. and now through the morning, again, i still think that we see snow, mainly east of cleveland. and that will begin to again, accumulate around lunchtime, maybe around the 2:00 p.m. hours and then in the evening and overnight, other than just a couple of flurries, i think
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when it comes to the snowfall. 5:00 p.m. on monday, temperatures only in the 30s. snowfall accumulation totals from this point forward, not a lot. maybe another trace of snowfall, especially in the southern end of cuyahoga county. up to an inch in the east. going to the southern end of ashtabula county, perhaps another inch or of snow in your neck of the woods and it the snowplow is still out this morning. they are windy and cold, though, that is the theme through the afternoon. temperatures only in the 0s. notice the wins, though, at times, gusting up to 50 miles per hour. a couple of power flashes and power outans reported--outages reported in ashtabula county last night. tonight, upper 20s, lower 30s. so right around freezing, if not just below. window nation seven day
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thanksgiving holiday. i think that on thanksgiving, itself, temperatures at around 50. but the busiest travel day on the year, i think we are going to track showers here in northeast ohio. here is more, though, on ways to save. hopefully you have someone who likes to cook this your life and this is a great gift. >> my wife does not cooking. >> i can not weigh in on this. >> oh, i will tell you, the main take away from me on the cook ware set. an if you were looking for the seven piece knife sets,, a black friday door buster, we promised every door buster early, what i have learned, a lot of people are using cook ware that is making us sick. it cannot sustain heat. there are pieces of the pot
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>> yes, it is not pepper. >> no, it is not pepper. it is not spicy in a good way. this is meeting all of the check poxes, obviously,--boxes, obviously, i didn't put this to the test, a tv's chef did. >> difference between this and my pans, which i have here, this is a brand new pan, it is already starting to chip aa little bittern the--chip a little bit around the edge. once this that happens, this has to this pan, the entire surface and ex-superior of the pan is non stick. i have to say, matt, a win if w this one. i--a win with this one. i think i am going to have to give to one to my wife because she is saying mine. sorry, you are going to lose this one, but i really love it. >> chef banks stole our prop, which is why we are holding a box. but it is fine.
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set. the fact that it does have free delivery, and it is great. and do not let the stores ruin thanksgiving, is there no reason to leave your family when you can get every major door buster early. >> well, i don't know if it says it could kill me, because it is written in italian. so i am going to have to trust it. >> all of the description information online is in english, thankfully. >> okay, good. >> and i believe that sa year. >> yes, warrenty is in english. but no, they made sure that spanish, fresh. >> canadian. >> oh,--french. >> kaitlyn fadein. >> and you is a--canadian. >> and you have some items for you. >> oh, can i be vanna white? >> oh, the wireless pills, they are sold out. >> sold out?
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the clock. and this, giving all of our amazing weekend viewers a heads up. this will be a deal monday, on channel 3 tuesday today. >> are they in here? >> no, no, it is a fully loaded box. >> okay, i want to see--3 on tuesday. >> are they in here? >> no, no, it is a tulsa i will loaded box. >> okay, i wants to see it. >> and--i want to see this. >> if i got beats, this is what >> again, they look wonderful with your color. i mean seriously, monday, or if you follow me on social media. >> yes, when i wear them, i actually hurt the sales. when you wear them, people want to buy them. [ laughter ] >> >> thanks, matt. thanks, maureen and matt. well, the snow trucks are still out. but it is safe to hit the roads
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it is now 6:30 a.m. this morning. this is a live look from chardin. you are always one of the first to get the significant snowfall. but i think it is, you kn snow, as we have been talking about. west side didn't see as much accumulation, it is the snow belt snow this morning. >> yes, out in medina, they saw a lot of snow. the radar last night, it was the energizer bunny. it just kept ongoing and going. >> well, ifer going to have a snow system, let's do it right, you know, if we are going to
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record breaking heat, leapt's go all in and have a couple of i thinks on the--of inches on the ground. yes, and that is if it is not blown over by the winds outside. >> yes, driving in, driving over the bridges and overpasses, my car, i drive a mom car now, it was getting blown around. >> yes, think about driving a semi-truck and it is just all over the place. >> yes, people have to be careful. >> yes, not be concern--do you have to be concerned about the wind, but the windchill. at 6:30 a.m. this morning, the windchill was feeling like 18. look at the wind gusts thousand, ha that is right here. --that is right here. 45 miles per hour downtown. nearly 45 miles per hour in aleer yeah. and 45 miles per hour in wooster. so again, it is the winds that is going to--it is the wind that is going to help blow the
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and now sandusky, mansfield, the drive, but that is not the case where we are still tracking that leak effect snow band going to places in the south. money son, you are seeing that. and again, we are expecting for a light accumulation on top of what we already have on the ground. so 271, going to pepper pike, please take your time there. here is a look in shardon, still seeing a couple of flakes as north madison, it is looking clear up there. but again, how much more snowfall we could pick up through the rest of the day in just a moment. but temperatures, stuck in the 30s. it is going to be a cold second half to your weekend, my friends. so if you are getting out and about, maybe heading down to first energy for the pittsburg steelers, cleveland browns game, it is cold. we will talk about that coming
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our jasmine monroe is there this morning. and jasmine, i know that the wind, it probably feels like a hurricane. >> reporter: yes, how does my hair look? i mean, as long as it is just blowing in the wind. >> it looks beautiful. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well right now, we are in downtown shardon, i just wanted to take you for a look, so you can see how much snow they got up here, it significant. because coming up here, we didn't see anything on route 44. and now people need to pay attention. and in akron, nothing. but right now, o dot is telling us just to remember to take it low on the roadways, only because today is the first official day of our big snow. and sometimes you forget how to drive. so they are saying that the intersections is where you get
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start to slide into the intersection and you do not want to be that car that causes an accident. for overpasses, again, the ramps, at times those can be quite slick, too. so you want to plan athat he had this morning. so if you are heading out to the grocery store, grab the brush. and the snow here is light and fluffy. so you can wipe it off pretty easily. but do not be a on the road this morning. >> thank you so much. well still ahead this morning a rivalry renewed. we have is the browns, steelers preview coming up next--we have
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of.
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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and now, the sports report. hi, everyone. and good morning, here we go, the browns and steelers, can the browns get their first win of the year, 0-10?
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biogens the brown--but against the browns they have won 10-12. and they are favored by eight points and they are bringing big ben roethlisberger to town. and when you look at the browns, it is the quarterback situation that continues to be the problem. flacco owns the browns, so does ben roethlisberger. 9-2 in his career death and the browns just have not had a quarterback. and how cody is going to face big ben. he is 0-7 as a starter. throwing down the field as been a folk on him. it is time to take more chances. --has been a knock on him. it is time to take more chances. >> yes, obviously, as a quarterback, you want to be able the extend drives but be smart with the noble and keep
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happen--with the tool, and keep it. --with the football, and keep it. you know, you have to find a happy medium. all right, college football. you know, michigan stated has ruined a couple of--state has ruined a couple of buck eye seasons in the past. but they were not able to get it done and the buck eyes get the win. the weather was a huge factor yesterday, it was cold, a lot of wind. three wins, that is scar sans had. and now a thighs fake, coming back the other way, complete to scott. the ohio kid making buck eye fans nervous. he had 236 total yards. buck eyes answer, later in the quarter. and it is now tied at seven with a touchdown. and now tied 10-10 at the half. and pickup puck eyes do not win
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touchdown, 17-10 ohio state, 3rd-quarter. and now it is 17-16 with 4: 41 to play. they go for two, mark, going risky, it does to the work. the buck eyes pick it up and ohio state survives a--it does not work. the buck eyes pick it up, and the ohio state survivors. they are now 10-1. >> a good team over there. it out type of games. our defense came up big for us at the end. and it is something that we prepared for at off season. >> a win is a win. i don't care how it comes. we could win 2-0 and i am really happy about it. >> tough day at the office right there. so, we will take the win against a team that we know very well, on the road in
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next week. >> yes, and nobody it is time for rivalry week, michigan had to bounce back yesterday from their loss last week in iowa. they get it done, they were down 7-3 at the half. but a big 3rd-quarter, 17 points. and michigan wins. and now it is ohio state, look at that weather yesterday. and thanksgiving and ohio state and michigan. but today we are looking at tonight. sports tonight, that is after the late news, which comes after football night in america, tonight, packers and the red skins. have a great sunday, everyone. dave, thanks, and good morning. if you are going be heading to first energy, here is a look at the forecast, temperatures by kickoff, 35-degrees with a lot of clouds and a whole lot of wind at first southern. we will talk about just how strong the wind gusts are and
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week make it back into the 50s.
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the magical world of disney is back in cleveland this afternoon. disney live begins at 1:00 p.m. over at the q. the audience is going to see characters from snow white, and toy story. of course, mickey and mini- mouse will also be there. the tickets are still available online. so it is as to steelers,--so it is a toss up, downs, steamers, or disney on ice. >> oh, yes, i would love to see the footballliers out there. and you know, this is great for snow white, elsa would love the type of weather. >> yes, she probably made this. >> i did look out the back window, which looks at where a lot of people tailgate, nobody is out there tailgating at the moment. there is a short line of cars waiting to get in. it opens in about 15 minutes.
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in that, and windy there. if you are heading out to that lot, you got to bundle up--you have got to bundle up. here is a live look at shardon, downtown cleveland, again, maybe a couple of flakes on the windshield. you go over to shardon, and look at all of that snow, i would say an inch to an inch and a half there, if not a hit lightle more. --if not a and again, that lake effect snow machine is still with us. and it is cloudy and windy. and that might actually knock down a couple of power lines, or cause some power flashes, we saw that last night. and by the way, for thanksgiving, a couple of showers, here is what it looks like temperature wise, outside in the post. with the winds, though, it feels more like the teens,
6:47 am
like. the actual winds themselves, sustained downtown, at least, going to the lot, 40 miles per hour, however, gusting over that to 45 near 50 miles per hour. it is going to be very breezy knot afternoon and in the evening--in the afternoonnd in the evening. the winds are dying down during the overnight hours and then during the day tomorrow, on monday. and here is the lake effect though right now, notice that in the going to huron county, we are drying out. and now the lake effect snow band is still with us east of cleveland. and now the lavender color, it is the heaviest snow burst that we are seeing right now. and it could put down another inch of snow going to chester, russell, and chi show go--and
6:48 am
see the snail. and now downtown--snowfall. and now downtown cleveland, things are not looking as intense as yesterday. and in ma data, it was--me dina, it was almost whiteout conditions. that is to the the case right now. the area of low pressure is on the back end of the system, it is where we are seeing the lake effect snow, given that we have the northwestern i will flow of air out there. going to the west, though, our attention begins midweek this week, we are looking for this area of low pressure to make its way across the country and then pack right into us here in northeast--and then smack right into us here in northeast ohio. so we will have rain on wednesday. so again, lake effect snow showers continuing through the morning. i think around lunch time, it is con finned to the snow belt.
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snow belt. and--confined to the snow belt. and then at 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., it is going to fade, and it is still in pennsylvania there, still seeing the snowfall through the evening hours. but again, most of us, though, nice and dry. notice the windchills, though, by the way, 13 in mansfield, waking up tomorrow morning. that is the big weather story tomorrow as you are waking up with. and we are talking about just how cold it is to start off the new temperatures tomorrow afternoon, only in the 30s. welcome to northeast, ohio. here is what it looks like through 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, in terms of how much more snowfall we could get, between say a trace upwards of an inch on the southern end, going to lake county. so shardon as well. maybe on the lower end of an inch there. and maybe even two inches on the southern end of ashtabula county. so watch for that: other wise,
6:50 am
tomorrow. in the 40s, though, on tuesday and wednesday. we will jump into the low 50s on thursday, just in time for thanksgiving, but it is maybe kind of a wet turkey running around on thursday. >> there's wet football gapes out in the backyard. >> so true. but at least it is not snowfall. so traveling and going to and to from, we can handle it in the rain, just take your time on wednesday, especially. >> yes, everybody is de >> who wants to be doing things outside when you have a belly full of good food. >> start to wear your stretch pants now. all right, thanks, michael. after the break, some people just love nutella. they cannot get enough of it. so, find out why mcdonalds is now testing it on one of their products. >> and shopping for the holidays, find out why analysts believe you need to find a new credit card to make the
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ?? well hello! wow! we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something
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it is now 6:54 a.m. this morning, amazon wants you ask its digital assistant for help with your holiday shopping. they are offering deals to its prime members who order through one of the devices with her on it, including the dot and echo. you can access deals by stating, what are your deals? the country deals last through tomorrow. --the current deals last through tomorrow. well, just unveiled a new burger. and it is really more of a dessert, it is just nut fella on a bun with a chocolate stripe baked into the bun, to make it look like a meat patty. and the nation's biggest retail fors are trying to get you in the holiday spirit. they are offering black friday discounts now, and to pay for it, credit card companies are
6:55 am
you need to know about the offers. >> reporter: the best way to save on gifts this holiday season, may be how you pay for them. credit card analysts say there has never been a better time to shop for a new ward, especially rewards cards. >> we are seeing an arms race in the yesterday card business, because people are spending, the recession if is in the credit card business because people are spending, the recession is in the rear view window. >> reporter: and some places have rebates and travel point. and because shoppers are already spending more during the holidays, meeting the higher requirements of the cards can be easier. chase sapphire requires spending $4000 in the first
6:56 am
expensive, ranging from $95 to $450 a year. paying off the balance every month is a must because vest rates are high. >> --because interest rates are high. >> they are a great thing if you know you can pay them off. >> reporter: and you can also get a credit card with instore rewards but experts say it is best to skip it. the interest rates here are 24% verses 15% for regular cards. whatever you pick, shop around. >> the need to think about is how you want to use the card and what you want to get from it. if you never travel any where, do not get yourself a miles card. >> reporter: using credit wisely stretches that holiday budget further. nbc news, new york. first, here is jasmine. >> reporter: hey, maureen,
6:57 am
roads are looking and running wet. give yourself a little bit more time this morning heading out to your destination. we will have more when we come
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good morning, thanks for being with us at 7:00 a.m. it is sunday, november 20th. a live look outside, the winds are kicking up for you are either going to need a snow shovel or you are asking where is the snow. and we all know who gets the snow, it is the snow belt. and michael is here, because like i have been saying, i am on the west side, it was coming down, but it didn't stick. yes, the ground was too warm for some of us.
7:01 am
coming down. and new here, upwards of four inches in some spots, north canton, just over a tenth. and downtown cleveland, just a trace of snowfall outgate side right now. let me know what you are seeing. duoto facebook--go to facebook and let me know how much snow you are seeing to get a good running total here with the first snow of the season. temperatures outside in the 30s, but you factor in the winds out there. and it swat teens in mansfield, wooster, akron canton, it feels like 18-degrees outside. winds gusting over 40 miles per hour downtown. maureen walked in looking beautiful, so clearly the winds did not brother your hair. but for the rest of mine, even mine was messed up. so watch for that, the snow is still being seen just east of cleveland. the areas that you are seeing
7:02 am
menner, still seeing some intense snow bands as we speak. so 271, take your time there. pepper pike, same story. chester, you are seeing the snow there as well. shardon, it is coming down, a live report for you from shardon in just a second. and now the eastern edge of the state. so take your time on the roads, it is wet in some spots. temperatures today, only in sunday, maureen, will be the cold, chilly, brisk winds out there. a lot of folks want to know if it is going to last into our thanksgiving day. we will wreck dune the thanks give forecast and then the busiest travel day on the year of wench and then it is snow- -on wednesday. and then it is not snow that we are concerned about.
7:03 am
we can only hope. >> exactly. i wish. >> will the, michael, thanks so much. well, we sent our own jasmine monroe to the snow capitol of northeast ohio. you know that shardon has that reputation. and jasmine, how do the roads look? because a lot of people will be heading tout to get the church services, or the grocery store today. >> reporter: right now, so this road is basically what o dot says is running wet. you know, it is your safe bet. but still, always play it safe when it looks like this, because it is the side streets that may not get handled as fast. so here, take a look at the intersections, these guys have been work thugout the morning, we have been here--working throughout the morning. we have been here since about 5:00 a.m.
7:04 am
handling the road conditions. and now o dot was telling us in the north and south, you want to play it extra safe in those areas, because it is still set pretty slick. and the parking lots are looking like this, and they are still slick, and it is turning into the slush right now. so it is not as bad as the snow. but, the wind is the big deal. so if you just take a look at down and then the wind is picking back up again. so today, it is time to bundle up, look for the hats and scarves basinetter is here, maureen. >> all right, jasmine, thank you so much for that--was winter is here, maureen. >> all right, jasmine, thank you. we spoke to an expert who shared three things that you can do now to keep you safe in the carer this season. and now here is more.
7:05 am
here. sleet and snow piling up on the roads, causing accidents like this one on i70 webb. at least two people went to the hospital. you can decrease your chances of an accident by winterizing your vehicle is. >> very, very busy. the first snow, a lot of fires. >> reporter: eric works here in and he shared what we knows with us, several things that you can check right now to keep he says yes, you would put snow tires on the car. but a good all-season tire will do, too. >> making sure that you do not have a summer rated tire on your car. it is very important. >> reporter: check your tread, you can see the difference here, the tire on the left, no good. >> that is when you get the sliding and the slipping. >> reporter: and he says put your best tires on the back of your car. >> a lot of people think, you know, front wheel drive, they
7:06 am
have temperature in the rear because most cars when the back end slides out on them. it is because the tires in the back are bald. >> reporter: you may not be ready for winter, but at least your vehicle can be. channel 3 news. and check your tire inflation and make sure that your brakes are okay and swap out your fluids. kepts for kids has given out more--coats for kids has give coats for kids and a group of parents and students gave a few more in royalton while they stuffed the pus. we have a list of places up on our website, still athey had this morn- -still ahead this morning, president obama met with foreign leaders to talk trade.
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welcome back. a jury has convicted a man who shot up a local barbershop and is recommending the death penalty. 23-year-old douglas shine killed three people and wounded three others in february of last year. he was found guilty on six counts. the jury recommended the death penalty but the judge will make the decision in the days. and president obama's election rival in 2012 met with donald trump. and now it is said that mitt romney would be the president elect's secretary of state. they met for about and hour yesterday. during the 2016 campaign, romney criticized trump but they have started to make amends. president obama is telling world leaders they should keep trying to advance the 12 nation trade agreement. congress has ballinged at
7:11 am
but the white house says that mr. obama urged leaders of the faces meeting in peru to work on--nations meeting in peru to work on trade agreements. why putting your phone up for sale may be more than you bargained for is there also, a russian--for. >> also, a russian spacecraft arrived at the space station. >> maureen, we are still tracking lake effect snow for you on this early sunday morning. more snow are we going to get by the type everything is said and done? and how does it look for the cleveland browns later on this afternoon? that is coming up, just minutes
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we want to share the photos that you are seeing of the
7:15 am
and brian share third-degree one from chesterland. and then a look in akron. and then in summit county. keep sharing your photos with us on facebook and twitter. >> yes, did you sigh any snow? >> --did you see snow? >> well, some, but nothing like this. 124 a live picture--this is a live picture from shardon. it is and you can see the snowplow trucks are out. you just asked me what i saw, no foe accumulation on the west side, it had all melted, but o dot was still out early, early on the highways, just waking sure. >> it is incredible to see the haves and have notes. some folks got four inches of snowfall. and in some places you are like
7:16 am
it is kind of a case of that this morning. so i hope that at least you had a chance to enjoy a couple the of the flake--a couple of the flakes last night. and now a look if you are heading downtown, of course, there will be thousands of people, not only packing the lot, but going to the cleveland browns game at first energy stadium. kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, 35-degrees and very windy through the game. so if you are heading downtown to first energy, and ha higher sections, please make is is that your you are bundled up because that is how you are going stay warm at first energy later on today. so actual temperatures, those are in the white, in the 20s and 0s, but with the--and the 30s. buff with the winds outside, and by the way, that is the big weather story of the day, feeling like 19 in mansfield, feeling like 16 down to wooster and wayne county.
7:17 am
upwarteds of 40-mile--upwards of 40 miles per hour downtown. because of the winds, by the way, last night, some power flickers and flashes up towards ashtabula. and through the day today, the winds are really strong through lunch time before finally starting to dissipate some tomorrow. the lake effect snow, still tracking it for you east of cleveland. and now going to the primary bands and where we are the heaviest snowfall right now, just right along 271, it is the shades of lavender that you are seeing, that we have circled here. they are heaviest going to chester, russell, just west of new berry, as well as moderate and heavier snow bands embedded within all of that. and it will continue flu the better half of the morning. of course, going to me dina and
7:18 am
-going medina and ma die no ncaa county, it is wont--medina county, it is continuing to work up the east coast, and then the winds and the snow will depart. and now let's focus on wednesday, it is the busiest travel day of the year, it is this system going to california that is going to rocket towards the buck eye state and it is going to with it. so if you are deathing off of work on--if you are getting off work early on wednesday, expect rainfall by that point. and now this morning, snow showers through about lunchtime and then really tapering after the 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. hour. we could see some flurries in the evening, the overnight hours, and then to start the morning tomorrow. but again, i do not expect too much more accumulation after about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon.
7:19 am
this point, up to about the 2:00 p.m. hour. i think that most of us will stay relatively dry, joining us from erie, here on down to mansfield. and then going to cuyahoga county, another chase straus possible. ab then--another trace is possible. and then heading to the snow belt, isolated higher nt going to the southern end there of ashtabula and northern tumble county. 30s for highs today and tomorrow. thank goodness, this i, i think on monday, tomorrow, we will see some sunshine out of the deal. tuesday, looking good at 43- degrees. wednesday, as we just mentioned, just for some showers by this point. and then thursday, the temperatures are nudged just in
7:20 am
it is not a wash out of a turkey day, so if you do the annual football game, you get theister is, brothers,--the sisters, brothers, everyone together for it, you know, maybe a rain drops here on thursday for thanksgiving, but if you are like maureen and i, we talked about this earlier, if you have the thanksgiving, the pies, you know, the last thing you want to be doing is being outside. th >> there is always a big run, called the turkey trot downtown, where people, you know, go and run a 5k before they go and stuff their face. so wear the ponchos while running. >> yes, i think it is more isolated on thursday. but if you are doing anything on wednesday, it is the busiest travel day on the year, rainfall locally. well, a russian spacecraft
7:21 am
space station last night with a record breaking astronaut on word. peggy has become the oldest woman in space. she and her crew mates will spend six months in space. they joined and more than and two russians already on board of the lab. mcdonalds had plans to expand a self order spot and table order service nationwide. it is for people who do not want to wait and table sir vis employee to bring them their food. it is going expand to select major cities next year. a new privacy alerted, this one about--alert. you can make good money selling used phones online, so you delete your files, but it turns out the files are actually still there. and jeff went on a shopping spree and wait until you see what he found.
7:22 am
on our cell phones and laptops, endless personal data, all stored right there. when i delete stuff, i assume it is gone. >> yes, a lot of people think that, but it is not. all of that information is still there, easy accessible by anyone, even thieves. >> reporter: richard is a computer expert. how hard it is for a thief to get that stuff out of the phone? >> well, anybody can do this and cause problems in your life. >> reporter: we ourselves, so we are going shopping. my producer pouring through thousands of ads online, buying dozens of phones. and set ising up meetings to pick them up. --and setting up meetings to pick then up. laptops, too. >> another laptop. let's see what is on it. >> reporter: we bring them to be analyzed and right away, we get hits. >> this would be a bad thing.
7:23 am
family we bought it from. >> home address, phone numbers, personal family pictures. >> reporter: it is scary. >> we found tax information, social security numbers of the kids and the parents. >> reporter: right down to bank routeing numbers an account numbers. and it belongs to this mom. hi, sorry to bother you, jeff from the today show. i am sorry, do to the be scared. we are doing a story. how are you? you sold an used laptop to mirror deucer who works with us. we are doing a story about people who sell eyed computers and--used computers, i want to show you all of the things we pulled off of your commuter. >> my taxes, my current place of employment. >> reporter: social security numbers. >> yes, social security numbers of everyone. >> reporter: people can do some
7:24 am
but you do to the want a changer having those. >> no, i do not. >> reporter: think that is bad? wait until you see what we find on this next device a cell phone. we could steal every dime this girl has, 3000 private text messenings, her phone call log, secret passwords to her student scholarship, social media accounts, and shopping apps. and when and where she goes to class. we set up a meeting to tell her what we found. jeff with the are you? >> i am good, how are you. >> reporter: you are probably wondering what we are doing here. i want to tell you what we were able to get off of your phone, your bank information, your college information, the code to the lock box for the key to your house, plus your home address, and i could break into your house. >> that is just scary. >> reporter: look at the passwords, amazon, pinterest, your student scholarships.
7:25 am
get that off of a phone. >> you could lose everything just from a phone, because i have all of my information on there. >> reporter: every single thing. >> yes. >> reporter: as for that data, do not worry, we took tear of that, too. we have clean third-degree phone off, so you can have it back and you can resell it now, safely, plus, take all of your personal information, because i do not want it anymore. and we also do it >> well, thank you. >> reporter: we all learned something today? >> oh, yes, perfect from and now--perfect. >> and now how to delete the files, just do a factory reset. that located on the settings in your phone. as for laptops, it is actually harder to remove old files, and the safest thing to do is replace the hard drive before you sell or donate.
7:26 am
press's chuck todd is here to talk about the latest on trump's mooting with candidates for his cabinet. >> and jasmine is on snow watch for thus morning. >> reporter: good morn--for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, it is starting to look like christmas here in shardon, but not for everyone. we have the latest road
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
if you are just waking up with us, it is just about 7:30 a.m. on this sunday. and boy, depending on where you live, you are seeing snow. that is a look at downtown shardon, in the square, which is already getting decorated for christmas, if you are on the west side, you might be waking up looking out your window thinking where did the snow go? where is it? we are going to update you on
7:30 am
a moment. but first, president elect donald trump is starting to shape his cabinet and still holding meteorologistings this weekend. --meetings this weekend. and now chuck todd is joining us with more. hi, chuck. so what do you think of the choices so far? some people like the choices that he is making and the people that trump is still meeting with this weekend? >> reporter: well, so far, nothing he has picked people that were with him in the campaign, or people that shared his world view, when you look at mike, the choice to be the head of the ceo. so so far, it is all loyalists. now he is very meetings with mitt romney, he has been a critic and the question is going be is he going to be comfortable appointing a critic into one of his inner circles, you know, mr. l it is at the white house or the wider one
7:31 am
was all about a tour of the world, it was definitely focused on international issues, on national security issues and they had the final 15 minutes, just to themselves, just the two of them, no aids. but i was also told that rudy is until the front runner to be secretary of state. and if he picked him, he would be picking a loyalist. and if he picked romney, he can tell the story of hey, comforteddable having a team of rivals. so far, i think the pattern is normal. >> and a lot of people are asking, as a businessman, how does he distance himself from conflicts of interest? >> reporter: look, i think it is going to be nearly imposessable, especial lay- -impossible, especially because they have so many businesses. and the wall street journal is
7:32 am
thing. they are saying is no way to get out of it. if he wants his kids to run it, there is nothing that will be a real blind trust soft i don't know if there is think way around--trust. so i don't know if there is any way around conflicts of interests, if it is existing under any, any way that they could create, if a trump is involved. so i think it is something he can not get out of. >> much. well, he is back at 10:00 a.m. and of course, that big snow, that is what we are all talking about here in northeast ohio. did you get a snow total the out of your window? or are you just, you know, seeing grass? or leaves, better yet. michael is here with more. yes, it is a case of the haves and have notes. and some of us have seen more
7:33 am
much. and thumbable county, an inch north, canton, about a trace of snow reported in downtown cleveland. the big weather story today is going to be the winds, on the water, by the way, gale warnings, if our there. six to eight foot waves, but look at the winds and the actual temperatures, windchills in the teens in mansfield, wooster, akron, canton. at 40 miles per hour, the wind gusts have been there since this morning, right on the shoreline here. so, watch out for it. here is what it looks like, some of us are nice and dry, going over to sandusky, things are looking good. but going right on in and we have highlighted where we think we will continue to see the snow bandings set up. south, right along 271, moderate and at times, heavier bands of snow. so now going to the band from
7:34 am
eastern edge of cuyahoga down. and going to lake county as well. parkman, just south of town, still seeing moderate snowfall, so just take your time, again, if you are driving along say 303, lords town, along 45, also, seeing that snow. so what does it look like for today? again, most hi in the snow belt regions, we will track the light snowfall through the stay. temperatures only in the 30s, it is very windy, if you are one of the folks that are going to be heading down to first enier i, of course--energy, of course, we have the cleveland browns taking on the sealers, it is--steelers, it is doing to be really cold right on the lake. so bundle up, as we said earlier, just like an eskimo to keep yourself nice and warm. and now, our focus is going to shift to what things look like around thanksgiving, the busiest travel day of the year,
7:35 am
point, no though--by that point, no snow showers, and we have 50s to talk about. >> it is going to feel tropical. >> oh, yes compared to where we are at. >> thanks, michael. and we have been live in shardon squaw all morning. --square all morning. jasmine monroe is out, taking a look at the roads. when i woke up, i didn't see the snow, and i was wondering if the roads were icy. what are >> reporter: so we didn't hit any ice patches today. but when we came in, the roads were slick, and that was just because of the snow. but just take a look, we have been here a since 5:00 a.m., the roads were all snow covered. within a few hours, the roads are quite clear and they are going back and forth over what they do, just to make sure that the roads are clear. it is the back roadways that you want to be careful on, the
7:36 am
little slicker than your driveways, too, as well. but this morning, when you are waking up, some people may see this and other folks may see a clearer road. so it depends on where you live. and make sure that you play it safe on the roads. as of right now, you are looking representty good. but--pretty good. but here is shardon, they are having the lovely christmas like weather and i think they are excited to have some snow, county. so life all morning with the road conditions, we are heading out. and maybe in the 9:30 a.m. hour, tim and i are going to make a snow angel. >> hey, just go with it. you know, it is definitely, at least the first snowfall always feels festive. all right. thanks, jasmine. still ahead this morning, an afc north rivalry renewed.
7:37 am
7:38 am
for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown
7:39 am
the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own.
7:40 am
and now, the sports report. hi, everyone. and good morning, here we go. the browns and steelers, can the browns get their first win of the year? 0-10. the steelers have not been playing well of late. but against the browns, they always seem to get it done. they have won 10 of 12 against the browns and they are favored by eight points and they of course, bring big ben hl and the ravens, and now today, it is the quarterback situation that continues to be the problem. flacco owns the browns, so does ben roethlisberger. 19-2 in his career against the browns: and it is a reminder that the browns have not had a quarterback, cody will become the 13th starter to face big ben and the steelers since they passed on ben roethlisberger in
7:41 am
has been a problem. it is time to take more chances. >> yes, i mean, obviously, the quarterback, you want to take perchances and get the ball down the field. you want to be able to extend drives but be smart with the football. but yes, you have to find a happy medium of that. and you have to take some shots and chances. and that is something, you know, we will continue to work on with the offense and the guys. >> all right, college football what a scare for the buck eyes yesterday. you know, mich has ruined a few buck eye seasons in the past and they came close yesterday. but the keyword is close. they were not able to get it done and the buck eyes get to win, the weather is a huge factor yesterday, it was cold, a lot of wind, three wins only for the spartans, but they came to play. and now the ohio kid, scott, making buck eye fans nervous,
7:42 am
he had 236 total yards. and now j t, 36-yards but hits curtis there to tie the game at seven with a touchdown. tied 10-10 at the half. the buck eyes do to the win out mike weber from detroit. and that touchdown, 17-10 ohio state, 3rd-quarter. scott again in the fourth, to make it 17-16 with 44 1:00 p.m. to play--44 1:00 to ay work, the buck eyes pick it up and ohio state wins, a 17-16 win, the second ranked team in the college lawful is now 10-1- --playful ranking is now 10-1. >> a good team over there. it is also a drain it out type of game. so we got the win, the defense came up big for us at the end and we prepared for it if the off season. >> is a win is a winker--a win
7:43 am
comes. we could win 2-0, and i am really happy about it. >> a tough day at the office right there, so we will take the win, against a team that we know very well, on the road in november, 10-1, and get ready to go. yes, and now it is time for rival i will week. michigan got it done, they were down 7-3 at the half. points. mesh is winning 20-10 and- -michigan is winning 20-10. and it is ohio state, look at that weather yesterday there in an arbor. so it is a fun week, thanksgiving and ohio state and michigan. but today, we look at browns and steelers. we will see you later on tonight. sportstonight, that is after the late news, which comes after football night in america. i am dave, have a great sunday,
7:44 am
here is what it looks like if you do plan on heading out to first energy later on today. we are cloudy and boy, we are windy, temperatures themselves at 1:00 p.m. for kickoff, 35-degrees. windchills in the 20s. we will talk about just how much more snow we are going get through your sunday.
7:45 am
7:46 am
?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
7:47 am
all right, well, it is like everyone is gearing up for the holiday se a overnight. i think it was time. >> and you know, it felt like summer on friday. and then saturday happens. >> and now everyone wants to decorate for christmas. >> oh, yes, so so today, i might not actually do a whole hot of outdoor deck races, if you want to get out on the rooftop because of how windy it is today. but let me talk about snowfall accumulations, in some spots,
7:48 am
mono. in downtown cleveland, it is just a trace of snow. so getting to first energy, not going to be an issue. lake effect snow bands still being seen, especially east of cleveland. we will show you that coming up. other wise, we are cloudy and boy, we are windy. that is going to top the weather headline with rain coming in for thanksgiving. and temperatures outside in the 20s and 30s. but windchill temperatures if the teens. 18 is what it feels like in akron, canton. the actual winds outside, sustained in the 20-mile per hour range, gusting closer to 40 miles per hour at times, over tropical storm force winds is what we are seeing on the water. and it is a reason why we have a gale warning for parts of lake erie, i think the winds will be subsiding more so during the day tomorrow fortunate and now here this- -form. and now here for this morning a
7:49 am
though, from say--the band, though, from eastern county, going there here. and now i want to take you right on in here and show you, this it is this--you, it is this band right here, that i think will continue to see accumulations. so university heights, auburn, down towards say, right along 80, i think that the band here may produce at least another so take your time there if you are heading out this morning, it is all with that area of employee pressure, around as you--of low pressure, and as you know, it is on the back end of the low pressure that helps to drag down the cooler air over the warm lake erie. that is kaitlyn what is causing the--that is what is causing the lake effect though showers. and then we shift to thanksgiving, by wednesday, it is this area of low pressure this from san fran down to san diego.
7:50 am
for the buck eye state, and then on wednesday, i think that we will see some showers because of that and keep if mind, that is the busiest travel day of the year. millions of americans on the roadways and taking to the skies. so watch out for them. here is what it looks like through the morning, we will hold ton. ? somehow--hold to the stow snow showers--to the snow showers from lunch time to 1:00 p.m. and then things are g get lighter. hour, ash tabby ha letitia county, and eastern, say,- --ashtabula county, i think through tonight, maybe lighter snow showers through the evening and the overnight hours. so a little more accumulation expected out there that way. but by tomorrow morning, it will be cold and boy, our morning meteorologist is going to be highlighting this tomorrow, how about 14 is what it will feel like in mansfield
7:51 am
morning: tomorrow afternoon, temperatures post. and now this is a--temperatures in the 30s. a no one now--and now this is a good time to look at the tv set .n terms of snowfall from this point forward, between say a trace to an inch expected. we could see some isolated higher amounts in eastern cuyahoga county, going to the southwest. and then generally, cutting into portage county. and then of course, in our primar the system is continuing to to the east, another inch, maybe around two, could be seen on some of the roadways. so take your time this morning, and if you can, make it a sunday fun day by just parking yourself in front of a tv set, getting a good little blanket, maybe starting a fire and just enjoying a big cup of coffee or cocoa. 30s today and tomorrow, 40s. and rain is moving in on wednesday, i think by about
7:52 am
in on thursday. so i think that by thursday, going to the evening, so right around thanks giving, i think it looks a little bit better. but i know that my family and i, we will sometimes celebrate thanksgiving at 1:00 p.m. >> yes, a lot of people do more of like a late lunch. >> right. right, so just prepare for showers. temperatures are in the 50s. so snow is not an issue. >> oh, football is on tv. we are good. >> true. coming up, if you want to get in the macy's has already decorated in new york city. we will show you what they have come up with. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology.
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7:55 am
the holiday season has officially kicked off at macy's in new york city, the famous holiday windows have been unveiled. the theme, believing the magic. it is thought that around 15,000 people will walk by and look at the windows, per hour. ileusessed to live in new york when i went to college, and--i
7:56 am
was in college, and it was so fun to look at them. >> i want to start decorating. and mother nature is decorating. yes, temperatures outside right now, let's look at the windchill temperatures, in the teens this morning, gusts over- -wind gusts over 40 miles per hour downtown. you can see where the lake effect snow is, the counties, and our snow belt could get trace to an inch. and in some spots, an inch to two inches. other wise, temperatures today in the 30s. if you are heading downtown to first energy, it is going the be freezing cold. so eskimo style clothes. >> all right, we will watch it.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome to the dawn of a new republican government. >> all i want to do is curl up with a good book. >> this is my final trip overseas. >> we didn't do our part to stop the spread of misinformation. ?? good morning, welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. president-elect trump has spent the past few days filling in his cabinet. he met with mitt romney, who was a harsh critic, this amid new questions about trump's business entanglements. also up early and on


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