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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  November 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. we will talk about the snow and the total thes, and the strong,- -totals, and the strong, gusty winds outside. jasmine. >> reporter: well, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, just like you said, in downtown, no snow on the ground. but here in shardon, it is definitely looking like christmas. stay tuned. maureen. yes, and as we hit the easy roads this morning, we get three tips for driving again in the winter conditions. we will have those. it is channel 3 morning news, and it is made possible by universal windows direct.
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thanks so much for being with us on this sunday, november 20th. it is 9:00 a.m. and if you are on the east side, you are waking up to see this out your window. if you are west side, you are wondering where is all of the snow. >> yes, what is this on the ground. >> it was blowing around in the sky yesterday. >> that is right. but it did not stick. so thanks for being with us. we will keep you updated on the weather, going through the day, because maybe you already he >> yes, a lot going on today. and we are just a couple of hours away from the cleveland browns game going on. >> yes, a huge, rivalry game. >> at least in our eyeglass eye- -in our eyes. >> exactly. exactly. and of course i will, more of the snow here, and joe a be county--antrummable, some snow.
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trace of snowfall as we speak, with more on the way. and we have the winds outside. the white is showing the actual temperature, the blue numbers are windchills, 15 is what it feels like this morning in wayne county, and look at those wind gusts, by the way, those are the numbers in a parent cities. 44 miles per hour in downtown cleveland, as we speak. and that is going b trend through the afternoon, and the evening tonight. here is what we are continuing to track the snow, right onto southeast cuyahoga county. and then just on the edge, and the tip there, southwest portions of the counties, in towards places like garrettsville, looks like we are going continue into porters county, seeing the moderate and at times, some embedded snow
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though can not be ruled out from lorain into medina county. and then akron in that as well. take your time in you are jumping on 77 for any rhyme or reason. the roadways out east, jasmine will show us, still a little wet out there. the temperature is only in the mid-30s for highs. but maureen, it is the winds outside that with the big weather story today. and funny enough, you know, the th oh, let's go out and grab some coffee, opened up that door and we were just met with-- >> yes, no way. >> yes, tropical storm force winds here in downtown cleveland. we cannot risk the hair. >> my hair would have been flipped all the way over here. it would have taken a team to get it back 23 n place. >> --to get back in place, so we avoided it. all right, thanks, michael.
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she has been braving the wind, foe, and the cold for us this morn--the snow and the cold for us this morning. and jasmine, you are live in shardon square, which usual ligeti as lot so--usually gets a lot of snow. >> reporter: yes, i didn't know that you know, in downtown, we were downtown, there was nothing on the road. we come out here to shardon, and it looks just like christmas day. just take a the christmas tree and then a fall like tree and the big thing today is the winds. and you want to bundle up and have your gloves and hat, and maybe put on two layers. we had a chance to speak to o dot, nothing really to be worried about. but folks getting on the road today, you want to play it safe
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mix it and you can get the icy spots, slick spots. and parking lots, you want to pay attention to. and get your driveways cleared. because you do not want anyone falling on sidewalks this morning. so you are waking up this morning and you were in shardon, this is what it looks like. but downtown, looking good. but o dot did a great job here toy. thing planned, so perfect snow angels. and somebody from boston and pittsburg are tuning into our show this morning. so we have some special guests. >> yes, and they also like the snow. so you need like a snow angelical for them or--a snow angel challenge for them or something, all right, well, with snow and sleet continuing to fall for many of you this morning, we found many people yesterday were slowing down and
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who shared three specific things that you can do to keep safe until the car this season. --in the car this season. >> reporter: whether you like this weather or not, it is here. sleet and though piling up on the roads, causing accidents on this one, like i70 westbound, several vehicles collided and at least two people went to the hospital. you can decrease your chances of and debit by winterizing your vehicle. >> very, very busy. the fist tho w of tires. >> reporter: this man shared his expertise with us, sever things you can check right now to keep your car safe. he says yes, put snow tires on your car. but a good all-soon tire will do, too. >> making sure you do to the have a summer rated tire on the car, it is definitely very important. >> reporter: check your tread, you can see the difference
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sliding and you are slipping. >> reporter: and he says, put your best tires on the back of your car. >> a lot of people think a front wheel drive, they need be up front. but it is actually better to have them in the rear because most cars, when the back end slides out on them, it is because the tires in the back are bald. >> reporter: you may not be ready for winter, but at least your vehicle can be. channel 3 news. tanks. ourebis up to the minute look at what is happening often come pictures that you--our best- -thanks. our best, up to the minute look at what is happening often comes from you with pictures that you send to us. well, send pictures to facebook, or tweet us. there are some of the pictures from this morning. well, since 1981, coats for kids has given out more than
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kids. a group contributed a few more in north royalton yesterday, while they were able to stuff the bus. you can donate at other sites, too, we have a really handy and complete list, already up on almost 13,000 people are waking up without power this morning due to a transformer malfunction. take a look at the power outage map on the website. you can see the strong winds knocked out power stretching in north home stead to willow bee. first energy says they do not know when we restored. coming up, jury decision, a man accused of killing three people in in a cleveland barbershop. >> and presidential cabinet choices, president elect donald trump narrows the field by taking candidates on to the green.
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it is now 9:10 a.m. catching you up on local headlines, the jury has reached
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barbershop shooting in cleveland. they recommended the death penalty for douglas shine jr. he was found guilty on six counts, including murder and other charges. the judge will decide his fate on december 5th. president elect donald trump continues to fill dozens of positions in his upcoming administration. he is meeting with potential candidates again today at his golf course in no, your honor and he sent across the social media platform. here is more. >> reporter: the donald trump transition is kicking into high guy over the weekend. the president elect meeting with more than half a dozen people as he tries to round out his administration. among them, former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, who tried to defeat donald trump during the campaign. >> he is a fraud. >> reporter: they burr riffed the hatchet in and hour and a half long meeting, romney has
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pick for secretary of state, but trump advisors say it was an exchange of ideas. >> i appreciate the chance to speak with the president remember and look forward to the administration. >> reporter: and donald trump has announced several picks. but he has been coy about whether more announcementments are coming. and there are meetings set with and despite the busy schedule, trump managed to seat tweet on saturday morning, taking aim at the cast of the broadway musical, hamilton. mike pence was at the show friday night. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america, who are alarmed and worried that the new administration is not going to protect us. >> reporter: trump said that pence was a hah assed.
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was not harassment. nbc news, new york. and this morning, president obama is telling world leaders to try to advance the 12 nation trade agreement. congress has ballinged at approving it and president elect donald trump opposes it. but the white house says that mr. obama urged leaders of the asian pacific nations to work on the trade agreements. back here at home, the browns are back in action this afternoon at t be searching for their first win of the season against the pittsburg steelers. cody is going to become the 13th starting quarterback to face big ben and the the steelers. -- and the steelers. kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. people are already tailgating. well, the magical world of disney is back in cleveland
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p.m. over at the q. you can see characters from your favorite films including toy story, and of course, mickey mouse will will b there. tickets are still available online. coming up,--will be there. tickets are still available online. coming up, a way to save on quality cook ware. >> but first, michael has the forecast. i was going to make a joke, but whatever enter yes a lot uphoist out there--whatever. >> and a lot of wind, too. winds from the northwest, 25 to 45, up to 50 50 miles per hour, huge waves out on lake erie, six to eight feet. gale warnings on the water. more about accumulation totals and the thanksgiving day
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here are some of the photos you are seeing out of your window. here is a look at akron from mary: and now to rick in dover. oh, that is what he saw. and now back up to john. did you see all of the snow out of the window? thank you so much for sending
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you can keep sharing your foe co-s with us on facebook and twitter. but yes, people are second send- -people are sending them to me. and when i folk up this morning, i rushed to look out the window, i was look okay. oh, oh, i am on the west side. we didn't get anything. >> contactually. maybe just a--exactly. maybe just a cup--maybe just a couple of little flakes. yes, and downtown, there is not a whole lot going hand the winds out there. and it is really cool out there, as well. i want to show you, if you plan on heading out to first enier i, of course, we have a- -energy, of course, we have a lot of folks in town from the philadelphia and pittsburg area, all over pennsylvania to come on in for the cleveland browns game, with temperatures in the 30s. it is going to be cold, it is going to be especially windy out there at first energy, so please make sure that you are
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temperatures in the upper 0s and post. but the bleu numbers are--the blue numbers are the windchill numbers, they are only in the teens. winds at time up to 40 plus miles per four downtown. i was just outside and i looked at the lot, a ton of people out there tailgating. but ahead of that is lake erie and the waves are just exploding on the brake walls. and the winds, by the half of the morning and the afternoon. as we mentioned before, we are still continuing to track some of that lake effect, you can see it right here, and i want to take you right on into the western edge here of cuyahoga county, and right here going north helm stead, where you are seeing the shades of purple and lavender, that is where we are going to see a quick accumulating snowfall there.
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the roadways, maybe driving along 80 to strongville. you can see where the strip is right there. so, again, some periods of heavier snow bands contained within it. ma day that, oh,--ma die that, oh, still--medina, again, seeing some snow this morning. akron down to canton, right along i77, it is just a really light snowfall cleveland down hudson, just some flurries a few more thicker flakes up to 271. bigger picture is showing you it is all in response to that area of low pressure. on the back end of that system, it is helping to force down some cool air over relatively warmer waters and that is what is creating this lake effect snow machine. let's jump to thanks giving, because that is what everyone is looking forward to, right?
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workweek. on wednesday, it is this area of low pressure that is going to hop, skip, and jump across the united states. it is going impact us here in the buck eye state on wednesday with rainfall at that point. so i think that getting out and about on wednesday, this is also the busiest travel day of the year, it looks o but you will be running into wept roadways. so,--wet roadways. so now through lunch time, the lake effect some. and another evening hours, i still expect some lake effect to be seen up to ashtabula county and because of that, you will notice it is reflected with higher snowfall returns and snowfall totals. by top morning, and into tomorrow afternoon, it is a chilly start. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures only in the 30s. so a chilly ego-of things. here is how much more snowfall we could see from this point through about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. any where between say a trace
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outlined in that white coloring, blue coloring, i think that we could see maybe another inch, perhaps pushing two inches depending on how the snow bands set up. here is the window nation seven day forecast, showing you temperatures in the 30s both today and tomorrow. we are in the 40s, though, as we cruise towards your tuesday and your wednesday. thursday, just in time for thanksgiving, a chance for a couple of showers by that point. and if you are sitting at home and you you are just looking for a cuddle buddy, well, we have got one for you. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it, from multiple breed rescue. and tell me about our little feline friend. >> he is about 10-weeks-old. he was three ounces.
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he is ready to be adopted now. he is going to be fixed on wednesday and he can go home on black friday. >> yes, right by the end of the week. and tell me more about how people can do it. i want to make sure that people understand that multiple breeds rescue is a foster based rescue. >> yes, we are. >> and you don't have shelters. >> no, every animal that we have includes dogs and cats, they all live in on they are treat treated just like your family pet. the nice thing is that we provide everything for you, whether it is food and toys, for cats, you know, litter, and you guys just provide the love and the home. and if anyone is interested in fosters, they can go to our website. and all of the information is right there. >> okay. okay, easy enough. and do you have in other
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like prepare themselves? >> honestly, just make sure that your pets are fixed. and just make sure that you are ready to bring a new friend into your home. >> oh, yes. and maybe a new family member. you know, my dog, when i was growing up, it was basically like my brother. sometimes i loved my brother a little more than yellowed my twin the times. oh, man. well, thank you for coming--i loved my--than i loved my twin oh, man, well, thank you for cop coming in. we are--for coming in. hey, everyone, welcome to
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westbound. it is sunday, november 20th, 90:00 a.m. this morning. --welcome back, it is sunday, november 20th. 9:00 a.m. this morning. a live maybe you are wondering where is the snow. really, it just defends on where--depends on where you are. michael is here to let us know what we can peck through the,- -we can expect through the day. yes, the primary and secondary snow belts picked up a good healthy dosing of snowfall, especially down to medina. and now looking outside as we
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it feels like the teens. mansfield, wooster, 15 degrees is what it feels like. so the big weather story today is really going to be the wind, notice that going to the lake shore, 40 h 4-mile per hour wind gusts, that is easily capable of taking down----44 miles per hour gusts, and that is easily capable of taking down tree limbs. and now the heavier snow bands that are moving through right now. more sfl avon lake, north helm stead, strongsville, up and down 71 there. so, downtown, per happens a flake or two, a lot of this is just kind of being brown arnold as we speak. am hors, back to aleer yeah, and along 80. and going to the eastern edge of cuyahoga county and cleveland. going to warnsville heights, and shaker heights. your will notice the darker
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we are still tracking some snow flakes. minor accumulations there expected. temperatures through this afternoon, only in the 30s, by friends. so bundle up, grab the hat, grab the scarf, find of like the t--kind of like the snow man here. and i think you will okay. but again, it is a cold and windy sunday here for us in northeast ohio. but it is the weekend, and that means you can sit back, relax, grab a cuff of coffee, orer cocoa, if cow have a fireplace, turn and--if you have a fireplace, turn that on and just enjoy it. pause really, it is late, note late november here in northeast ohio. this is what we come to expect this time of the year soft just embrace it, enjoy it, and you know,--year. so just embrace it, enjoy it, and you know, lover it. >> yes, take a nap. >> oh, yes. >> all right, thanks, michael. well, jasmine has been life for us all morning taking a look at the conditions that we are seeing outside.
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morning. and jasmine, a lot of worry ant the roads. what have--about the roads. what have you been seeing? >> reporter: we, we have seen a lot of salt trucks. if you had to go out this morning, everybody was covered in salt. as for here in shardon, they were working since we got here around 5:00 a.m., the roads were all snow covered. right near, clear as day. so i think like if you are co if you are, you know, shopping, this is the time that--this is the time that you want to go out. it is funny because thanks giving is just thursday, and there is christmas things out here. so it looks like christmas out here. so if you are interested in having some fun, or looking for something fun to do, this is the perfect way to bring in old man winter, that is proper snow angel. so happy birthday to my friend,
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watching us. and also, my other friend, she is 25 today. so, happy birthday to you guys. and welcome, winter. oh, it is going to be a tough one. >> you are making it look really tough, jasmine. [ laughter ] >> well, have fun out there. there is a really great coffee shop in shardon square, so go get something there. >> oh, yes. >> yes. >> i go there all of the time. all right, thanks. well, ways to , years number one tech request for this holiday season. and browns verses steelers, account browns get their first
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and now, the sports report. hi, everyone. and good morning, here we go, the browns and steelers, can of the year? 0-10. the steelers have not been playing well, of late. but against the browns, they always seem so get it done, they have won 10 of the last 12 and they are favored by eight points and they of course, bring big ben roethlisberger to town and when you look another the drowns and the rhs, and what they are about to face today, it is the quarterback situation that continues to be the problem. flacco owns the browns.
9:38 am
2 in his career against the browns, and it is a reminder that the browns just have not had a quarterback, cody will become the 13th starter to face big ben and the steelers suns the browns passed on ben roethlisberger in the draft. december her, 0-7 as a starter. throwing down the field has been a folk on him. it is time to take more chances. phrase--has been a knock on him. it is time to take more chances. >> you know, you want to be able to extend the drives and at th and keep it in your possession. but you have to find a happy yum in that. you have to protect the football and take some chances and that is something, you know, we will continue to grow in the offense with the guys. all right, college football, what a scare for the buck eyes yesterday, you foe, michigan state has ruined a few buck eye seasons in the past. and they came close yesterday. but the keyword is close. they were not able to get it done, and the buck eyes get the win. the weather was a huge factor
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of wind, three wins, alethia stall the spar--that is all the the spar toons had. and then complete to scott. the ohio kid making buck eye fans nervous, 7-0 spartans. he had 3 2-2 36 total guards. the buck eyes answer later in the quarter. j t, just 10-22 for 26-yards, but now it is tied at 7. the buck eyes do no running back from droid mike weber and that touchdown. 17-10 ohio state, authority. the spar sons score again and it is 17-16 with 44 1:00 p.m. to play no. extra points, they go for two. mark is going risky, it does not work. the buck eyes pick it up and ohio state survives a 17-16
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>> we came over there, it is always a grade it out type of game. the defense came up big for us at the end. and so it is something that we prepared for in the off season, these this time of games. >> a win is a win, like i do not care how it comes, we could win 2-0, and i am really happy about it. >> tough day at the office right there. so we will take the win against a team that we know very well, get ready for our rivalry week. yes, urban sweating it out and it is time for rivalry week, michigan had to bounce back yesterday from a loss last week in iowa. they were dun 7--down 7-3 in the half. and michigan wins 20-10. and the woman very reaps control their--the wolverines control their destiny. and look at thewet they are.
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thanksgiving and ohio state and michigan. today we look at browns and the steelers. we will see you later on tonight, sports tonight, that is after the late news, which comes after football night in america tonight, packers and the redskins. have a great great sunday, everyone--have a great, sunday, everyone. hopefully you have someone who likes to cook in your life and this could be would be a perfect gift. >> my wife said my cooking is offensive. >> that cow cooked. so i can not weigh in on this. --that you have cooked. so i can not weigh in on this. >> well, the main take away for me, and you are looking for the seven piece knife sets, they are on the website, we promised every door buster early, no lining up or selling out. a lot of people are using cook wear that is in fact,--cook ware, that is it in fact manging us sick. there are pieces of the pot that are peeling off.
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>> yes. yes. >> it is not pepper. >> no, it is not pepper. you do not want that in you. it is not spicy in a good way. this means that all of the things are great. i didn't put this to the test. tv's chef banks did. >> the difference between this and my pans here, and this is already starting to chip a little bit around the edge. once it happens, unfortunately, this pan has to go in the this pan, the entire surface, and exterior of the pan is non stick. i have to say, mat minute a win, really, i like--matt, a win, i liker it a lot and i think i am going have to give this one to my wife because she is saying it is mine. sorry, you are going lose this one, but i really love it. >> chef banks stole our prop, which is why we are holding a box. but it is fine. $90 off of the six piece cook
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there is free livery and the same item that people will be lined up for, we have it early. there is no reason to leave your family when you can get everything early. >> that is true. now i don't know if it says, but it is written in italian. >> oh, right. all of the description information online is in english, thankfully. >> okay, good. >> and i do believe it says five year. >> oh, five is in english. no, they made sure that anyone who speaks spanish, french. >> and now you have some door busters. these, these, wireless beats, sold out. i am really excited.
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clock. >> they are sold out? >> giving all of our amazing weekend viewers a heads up. that is deal on monday, on channel 3 news today. >> are they in here or did chef banks steal them? >> no, no, it is a fully loaded box. okay, i want to see them and i want to try them on. >> okay, comes with a case. >> oh,. >> and again, i do not care for beats, but this is the number one tech request in north's ohio. >> i got beats. --few got beats, i would--if i got beats, i would want these. you,, i mean, seriously, monday, or if you are following me on social media--when i wear them, they want to get rid of them.
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welcome back, on thursday, families will gather for avoid politics and religion, this year, lit be hard. and now kathy is here to talk about how to handle the passionate conversations this holiday season. >> yes, it is something, i think that will come up. >> but, do you think there is a way to avoid--there is a way to avoid the conversations? >> yes, if you absolutely know
9:48 am
conservations, let everyone know who is copping, we are- -what ciao is coming, we are not--who is coming we are not going to come here. and you will want to nip this in the bud. >> people are almost, from when i have talked to friends and family, they are going into sop of the parties,nd it is not just--parties, and you have holiday parties with work parties, spouses work parties, they are kind of expecting how do you navigate those difficult conversations when you start to get into them? >> well, you to go into a situation without a story in your head that you are going butt heads. >> all right. right. >> but if you go into a situation and somebody brings up a political topic, you is a choice, if you get a view that is opposite from yours, you can say, oh, that is interesting, tell me a little more, and they are going tell you.
9:49 am
might get into a debate. say, that is interesting, i have to agree to disagree. and during the break we were talking an opinions. >> yes, and you made a good point about trying to change someone's opinion and the motivation of having that conservation. if you go to change someone's opinion, what do you run up against? >> it is not good. you have to do it really quickly, what is my motive? to change the person's opinion, then do not get in the conversation. if it is really, i in and find out their thinking on this, then being open to hearing things you may not like and be able to say i resect your freedom to express your opinion. >> how does alcohol play a factor? >> oh, it makes it worse. you know, most people are much less inhabited and they say things they my not have said.
9:50 am
you think, what mind frame should we have? >> grad gratitude. i mean, let--gratitude. i mean, talk about thanksgiving. and we pick out a name and say this is what i am grateful for in you. that will set the tone for the evening. it is going to set the tone. >> oh, yes, think gratitude. >> okay, kathy, thank you so much, great points, thanks for being here. michael, over to you, to check out that snowy forecast. and kathy, maybe after i need to talk about whether or not there is know snow on christmas day, no--is there no snow- -there is no snow on christmas, i get blamed. and now we are tracking the lake effect though, it is light to moderate at best. if you are wondering, by thanks giving,--by thanksgiving, rain, yep, that is in the forecast as well. current temperatures in the 20s
9:51 am
the blue numbers, they are the windchills, in the teens in many spots, bundle up. it is chilly and boy, it is breezy outeat there. notice the wind gusts in downtown, right on the water at 44 miles per hour. i was looking at lake erie and the waves out there are absolutely huge. only experienced mariners should be on the water. and there is a gale warning out there. notice, again, we are still tracking lake effect snow fo if you are waking up with thus morning, not only in parts of cuyahoga county, but lorain county, medina, and it looks like a couple more flakes are going to continue to fly around north holement stead.
9:52 am
again, minor activities there. and if--accumulations there. and if you are aiding down 77 to akron or canton, again a couple of flakes in your neck of the woods as well. this is an area of low pressure, on the back end of the subpoena, it is that really cold air over the relatively warm lake erie. and as the system is kicking out of here, in its wake, well, by the busiest travel day of the year, we are looking at another system going back to la and san francisco, all of this energy is going race across the country and then impact us, again, this upcoming wednesday with rainfall. so snow should not be an issue by thanksgiving. let's show you the remainder of the morning, again, still going to be tracking some of those embedded areas of banded snowfall. i think that was we move
9:53 am
through the morning and then into the afternoon, it is going to slowly push to the east as that big l, that area of low pressure is also pushing off to the east. but notice, though, even this evening, there is a chance that up towards places like the eastern edge of lake county, going to ashtabula county, we could still be dealing with a couple of snow flakes there as well and it is a reason that the snowfall forecast, that we could see late bit more ow snowfall before everything is said and done. torn morning, very--tomorrow morning, very chilly. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are not making it out of the 30s. a cool day ahead of us. mostly of us, dry through 2:00 p.m. but trace amounts of snowfall, seen in cuyahoga county, but also, as we just mentioned, i think that we will also see, maybe up to an inch or so of snowfall in some of the primary snow belt regions through the
9:54 am
of the afternoon. forecast, looks like this, again, temperatures in the 30 both today and tomorrow. and again, that wind donation seven day is showing you 40s by your tuesday. i think wednesday, we will be at a wet 49-degrees. 50s just in time for thanks giving. so i think thanksgiving itself looks pretty nice. but, a couple of showers may dance around northeast ohio by that points. ab hey, if you are heading out to the game, 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. maureen, it is so chilly outside. just be prepared for it. i want to hear more about 1:00 p.m. today, a loft things going on. --a lot of things going on. all right, we will be right
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all right, here is what it looks like going downtown, it is going to be cold, my friends, bundle up, temperatures in the 30s.
9:57 am
and tuesday and wednesday, it is cooler. thursday, just in time for thanksgiving, back in the 50s. it is and i have few thursday thanks giving. >> oh, yes, get on the couch. >> oh, yes. >> thanks, michael. and thanks so much for being with us. and we will see you back here tonight at 11:00 p.m.
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