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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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is made possible by universal windows direct. you will be saying i love my windows and now, channel 3 news today. >> strike deadlock teachers ask the communities to come together after weeks without negotiations. will. >> reporter: the busiest shopping time of the year. but is it expanding is in the changing landscape of holiday shopping coming up lynna. >> all right will and check your fridge why a store shelves. michael is in for hollie. yeah guys it's nice and warm in front of the fireplace. not when you step outside. temperatures currently in the 20s and when you factor in the winds outside the blue numbers here, those are our wind chills. good morning to you andn akron canton feels like 16 degrees. winds outside fairly stiff from the northwest between 15 and 25 miles per hour gusting close to
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lake. just a couple flurries is what we are tracking for you. we don't expect additional accumulation. forecast for today looks like this, we are cool from start to finish temperatures in the mid- 30s for highs. we should be close to 50 for this time of the year. we are breaking down the turkey day forecast. that's just minutes away danielle. we look at the traffic map at 5:01 and we are tracking a traffic in certain spots. looks like 76 west as you are moving past brimfield and 76 towards rootstown and that's adding time to your commute and low for 480 east getting to 271 again it's 5:01. not so many cars out there. here's picture 271 where you see the express lanes and the
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and i-90 12 minutes north and 12 minutes south. so far we are okay. no accidents just a few spots of slow traffic. john back to you. >> thank you. a safety reminder that we have had the first batch of cold and know this season and bedford a garage fire spread into a family's home sunday afternoon. four fire departments responded and the garage completely burned out. the family got out safely. still not clear what started the fire. however, fire officials note season you should have the furnaces checked and serviced. check smoke detectors and be careful of opening the chicago any flewer. a akron man is in stable condition after he head himself on fire. police say the 69-year-old and was wearing a u.s. marines uniform and earlier he had gone into a highland square coffee shop and ranted about the need to protest president-elect donald trump. he then left the store doused himself with gasoline and set
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a passer-by tried to used his coat to put out the flames he was taken to the hospital withsevere burns. fbi helped police find a person of interest in weekend double shooting that killed a woman. it happened on the city's east sight saturday night on east 149th street south of lake shore boulevard. the survivor is a 36-year-old man who says he and his girlfriend got home and were unlocking the door to the house when the shooter opened fire. a parma heights woman will be in into a con-- accused of driving into a concert crowd killing 2 people. the 74-year-old pleaded not guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide. her attorney says she was confused and hit the gas instead of the brake when she plowed into the crowd at the outdoor concert at green brier commons. 6 other people were seriously hurt. lieu louisville teachers are starting another week on strike they have been on strike since november 2nd. tonight they are asking the
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posted on the facebook page that the rally would be tonight at 6:15 at metzgers park the board of education has not met with them since the strike started. it's unclear whether the board will have the regular meeting tonight. the teachers say the strike is not about money but language in the contract over evaluation and a reduction in force. do you plan to your holiday hopping online? or maybe in the -- shopping online or in stores? head to now to take part in the instant poll. this week begins one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. >> yep but do you still need to wait for black friday and cyber monday to cross things off your list. will uyek black friday may be losing a little luster. >> reporter: charcoal or gray friday here. it's more and more years go by,
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one specific day to do their shopping. retailers don't need to spanic because they will get their money. november and december is expecteded-- expected to be up over 3% over last year with 6 50billion dollars of things sold and the couple months as people do the holiday shopping. but people experts saying it's the millennials they are not going to wait for one specific day they are going to do hopping over an extended period and don't mind ha christmas shopping season extended. men may outspend women tours the -- during thanksgiving black friday small bit business saturday and cyber monday. more than half of us will do it online. a couple things to keep in mind ups will deliver more than 700 million packages four packages keep it sem pel get it off the porch. pick it up if you haven't or deliver on a day you know you
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as well. a lot of malware infections go up in a couple minutes here. use your phone's data -- couple months here. use your phone's data and the desk top laptop has the fire wall that's more secure. matt granite has more details on all the stuff checks out so you know it's going to be safe because this is when people will send you e- mails with different deals if it's from a site or source you don't know not familiar with, maybe a good chance you want to avoid that one. >> okay all good reminders thank you will. and matt also says you don't have to wait in line to get the best deals of the holiday he season. matt has door busters guaranteed in stock all week long. and he kicks it off today with
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year. that's coming up later this hour and now to the results of our instant poll and most of you saying you will do your shopping online this year. . >>i don't think we are surprised by that. this is not a surprise same for the bounce they lose and lose a quarterback. cody kessler was lost to aconcussion after a nasty hit and a nasty game for the fans to watch. he was injured on this play in the third quarter he and he threw the pass but was by lawrence. his head banged against the ground giving him the second concussion of the year. here's another look at it right there. now he could be done for the season. josh mccowan came in led the browns to one touchdown and then fumbled away this one late in the game and that put it away. steelers win 24-9 and kessler will now be in observation rgiii has been throwing the ball. so we will wait and see who starts sunday against the giants. the browns are 0-11.
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local football start ted ginn junior will head home to give back. he will pass out more than 100 turkeys to families in glenville with the help of students from the ginn academy. he is familiar with the area because that'ser with grew up he he graduated from glenville high in 2004. a police officer is in the hospital after a shoot out during a traffic stop late sunday night. >> maureen is following the story coming up right now in the morning ne f a lot of details to come into the newsroom on this but police say both the officer and two suspects were shot. we have learned one of the suspects has died. the conditions of the officer and the other suspect are not known as of right now. but a spokesman with the kansas city fraternal order of police says the officer is expected to survive. we will keep you updated on that one. a st. louis police sergeant is fighting for his life this morning after being shot during another ambush style attack. the 46-year-old officer was
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marked police car when another car pulledp alongside. someone -- pulled up alongside someone fired two shots hitting him in the face e was able to speak after the attack. the did-- he was able to speak after the attack the suspect led police on a hour lon chase and was shot. we saw our share of lake- effect snow but nothing like rochester new york. look at the snow they have been slammed with. snow is falling at a reported rate of 1 wind are gusting more than 30 miles per hour. flights are delayed or canceled and police are warning people to stay off the roads after two people were killed on friday night. and hundreds more got into accidents over the weekend. before you pack that lunch double check the fridge sabra hummus is recalling many products due to possible listeria contamination. it includes classic, garlic and red pepper hmmous with best
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january 23rd, 2017. if you have any of the products throw them away. no one has gotten sick but they don't want to take chances. of course so many people including myself you hear this it's look i already ate it so far so good if you want me to be the guinea pig i am okay on mine but throw them away for sure. >> very popular brand. >> i think i've gone through three of them since . for everybody. >> all right. glad you are feeling okay. the holiday travel rush is underway. what to expect before you hit the road this thanks giving. >> and staying -- thanksgiving. >> and staying away from scams how to keep your wallet safe this shopping season. hi michael. >> good morning did you notice over the weekend the enormous waves on lake erie at times over 10 feet? things are subsiding some. waves down to 3 to 5. but we
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out. you have plans for thanksgiving, we are breaking down the forecast.
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a lot of people are starting their holiday shopping early or thinking holidays but there are scams out there that we want you to avoid. kevin meyer is here with mca financial break it down and it seems like every year er are the the most concerning. >> well the first one is the fake charity scam. holidays pull on your heart strings and you get thecharities that will show up at the door and sometimes it's a kid saying can we have money. before you give money to charities make sure it's reputable one if it's one you know one of the big ones feel free to give if you never heard there's many websites to look it up when you look them up 80% of the money they keep to run
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that's if it's legitimate bad charity and thridz illy jit mit charities noon we have heard of the grand parent scam. >> it happens maps -- happens more during holidays they call and say middle of the night happens to a number of clients grandpa grandma we are in trouble can you send 50 bucks. here's where to wire it to and it's amazing how often brand parents will -- grandparents will send the money. >> the the gift card scam. gift cards are are they getting scammed. >> the biggest way to do sit is when you get it and pi for it open it -- pay for it open it and look at back if the scratch just doesn't fall off someone crashed it off and are waiting for you do it because they know when you buy that card, you have couple weeks before you give it to somebody and so they have time to call every day to see if it's activated and they will use it. >> extended warranties how are
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most extended warranties are not worth it and by the time the original warranty is over the product is not valid anymore you know they have gone on to the new mod neil okay awesome avoid all the scams. thanks kevin. back to you. all right. you want to go skating. >> sure. >> that looks good guys. >> this week open on a public square. >> you can do -- you can't do it when it's 72 degrees. >> no you know the open this-- i think it was over the weekend but it was mid-70 os-- 70s on friday. so the ice didn't have time to freeze but the weekend, man that looks great. there's going to be guest skater. >> and free skating on saturday november 26th thanks to the cleveland foundation. >> what are you doing on saturday. >> hey. >> you are looking at it. >> you know this morning we are ice cold as well. temperatures outside in the 20s
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ready be on the lookout for a few flurries out there. so bundle the kids up as they are making their way out the door. factor in the wind to the temperatures and you get the wind chill. check it out elyria feels like 18. mansfield feels like 14 degrees. 16 in both wooster and akron and canton feeling like 16 this morning. so bundle up as if it's 16 degrees outside. winds sustained from the northwest between 15 to 25 miles per hour. but gusting close to 40 miles per hour. that knocked down a few trees and power lines over the weekend so watch out as you're making your way perhaps into work this morning. a live look at radar shows most of us dry but a couple hit and miss flurries dancing around say 77 so watch out down towards new philidelphia dover and it's in association with
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rochester new york and upstate new york compliments of the same system that brought us upwards of 4 inches of snow in some spots. by wednesday, however, we are tracking this area of low pressure that's going to ride towards the east and rainfall is on the way my friends for one of the busiest travel days of the year. now through lunchtime, temperatures notice stuck in the 30s that's where we will be through the afternoon wind chill temperatures in the 20s with just a through the day. first thing tomorrow morning a cold start. temperatures back in the teens for wind chills but by tomorrow afternoon, we rebound in the temperature department with highs in the 40s. your forecast for today looks like this, partly to mostly cloudy temps in the 30s. winds well, not going anywhere any time too soon. tonight we will dive down into the 20s and lower 30s but again it's still going to be breezy and gusty. window nation 7-day showing you tempsp in the 40s.
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tomorrow. but as we round the corner into thanksgiving thanksgiving morning is wet. thanksgiving afternoon looking a whole lot better. but with the winds out there this morning danielle folks will take a 10-2 grip on the steering while it's breezy. >> wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford. get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. i am here to help you on the commute so we look at the traffic map at 5:19 an the white on the traffic map which means the snow flurries. see them down here in stark county as well as in summit county in western stark county but the white as you can hear on the kenmore lakes 76 at battles avenue. you don't see the snow so don't let it concern you. we are looking pretty good. no accidents. here's the picture actually we are seeing a little slow
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near east-93 add -- east 93 adding 2 or 3 minutes to the commute. hitting the road this week? find out why it may be busier
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out.
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now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. 5:23. thanksgiving week is here. kids will be out of school a lot of people are getting a break from work and millions will take a trip. aaa predicts the holiday will decade. >> one of the hot spots is o'hare airport in chicago. and nbc jay gray is there early this morning with a closer look. they've labor problem there too don't they jay? >> reporter: hey lynna john you are right. later this morning we should find out about a strike that some of the workers here are going to do bagage handlers wheelchair attendants look for a higher wage $15 an hour and grab union rights.
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flights over the holiday weekend. take a look and we have seen lines early this morning. but tsa is moving very well right now. remember, it's very early just before 4:30 in the morning so we are not seeing the bulk of travelers this point during the day that we will see. the crowds are going to grow as we move through the holiday week. and in fact, we expect to see the busiest travel day here probably wednesd the holiday on sunday it will be the busiest for return travel. if you want to avoid the crowds the best day is thanks giving day but eat the turkey and stuffing quick if you traveling on thursday. back to you. >> i tell you what if the strike continues, you might be able to earn a few bucks carrying luggage around i am just throwing that out there as an idea. >> reporter: hey, it's good cardioi think i am in for -- cardio. i think i am in for it.
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airport for thanksgiving. >> reporter: i am a giver. >> make sure to stretch. >> all right thanks so much. time is 5:25. >> all right how about our weather. michael is in for hollie today. >> especially if you are traveling. >> no kidding. >> you better believe it. that's one of the big weather stories. if you are traveling to upstate new york today, forget about it. there's a whole lot of snow that we are seeing. that's the same system that brought us snowfall this past weekend and most of the center he from minneapolis minnesota down to the sunshine state of florida but the west coast seeing some rainfall there. if it has been too cold for you not to worry just jump on a flight down to florida. temperatures in the 70s there but we have a little warmup to talk about just in time for thanksgiving and our backyard will breakdown that part of the forecast in a couple minutes. guys. >> all right thanks michael. 5:25 right now. losing the luster.
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>> and toy truck recall. the item you may have to cross off your shopping list. >> you are watching channel 3 news your instant.
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welcome back to channel 3 news today. we begin the morning rush with the busiest shopping time of the year. november, december together over 160 billion dollars worth of sales and those -- in those two months incluesing here and gets going with lack friday -- black friday small business saturday thanksgiving stores open early cyber monday as well. but, things are changing a
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possible upside less hectic black friday smaller crowds and black friday kind of a few shades different maybe a gray friday. experts say no need for retailers to worry. it's going to be one of the busiest retail shopping of the year. black friday shopping is losing its luster some say cyber he monday as well driven by millennials who actually like a longer christmas season. and after again this year, men will outspend women shopping. more than half of us will be doing our shopping online and if you are going that route acouple things to remember. don't use the public wi-fi. use your data plan. also, don't use your phone where it doesn't have a fire wall. use if you are going online use your desk to or happen to -- desk top or lap top. public square is opening up the ice skating rink later today.
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skate in a big way our favorite indians mascot slider will be the first to take on the ice. it's something to put the skate over the feet of his. it starts this morning at 10 a.m. cleveland indians are in the holiday spirit right now. spreading some thanksgiving generosity. they served thanksgiving meals at the stadium. advisers from the boys and girls club city mission and our lady of the wayside were invited for the meal at progressive fiel chris and his wife were there helping. good morning i like the idea of heading down to public square to do ice skating. if you plan to head down that way, temperatures throughout the morning at 10 a.m. in the 30s. perhaps an isolated flurry not putting a whole lot into that here locally but through the afternoon temperatures in the 30s. after a chilly start this
5:32 am
temperatures in the teens down towards mansfield and worcester waking up to wind chills at about 16 degrees. winds themselves generally from the northwest between 15 to 25 miles per hour. gusting at times closer to 40 miles per hour with a few very light flurries that we are tracking for you too. southern and summit county an stark county perhaps a couple flurries out that way. so again, watch out for that otherwise again just a chilly afternoon. you will want to make sure to turn up the heat as you drive into work danielle. thank you so much. 5:32. the commute looks great. i-90 at west 84th street you can see the east and southbound- - i need to wake up. east bound and westbound sides of the highway look great. no problems to the west. we are seeing a little bit of windy conditions on the east shoreway and as michael told you about the snow flurries but they are not impacting your commute. no accidents so far in fact here's picture 480 at
5:33 am
-- just fine and same to the south no problems. so don't forget when you hit the roads tune into wtam1100 with updates every ten minutes. protesters clashed with police while demonstrating the dakota access pipeline. hundreds gathered on highway 1806 north of the main protest camp. protesters say police fired tear gas and rubber bullets while they were trapped on backwate accusing firefighters of intentionally spraying them with water cannons. but a spokesperson for the fire department says they were putting out fires started by the protesters. the man who confessed to kidnapping and killing an 11- year-old boy in minnesota will officially be sentenced today. danny behindrick could spend 20 years in federal prison afterpleading guilty to one count of child pornography part of a agreement involving his
5:34 am
tomurdering jacob wetterling. he led police to his remains after he was missing for 27 years. san antonio police released a photo of the person they hesuspect during the shooting of a police officer. benjamin marconi stopped a driver and was writing a traffic ticket when the suspected pulled up. suspect is believed to have gotten out of the car walked up to the passenger windows and fired twice and fled. hospital. and another recall on tonka trucks and after one caught fire in washington state. look at this video here. grandparents got a tonka truck from toys r us as christmas present over the weekend but as they headed home it burst into flames. toys r us issued a apology refund and recall. the company says it appears to be a isolated incident but they are stopping the sale until
5:35 am
it caught fire in the back bed of the pickup truck but when they took it back to the store the toy caught fire again so that same toy caught fire twice. they don't know what's causing it. >> wow. >> how are they making tonka truck because i have my original when i got -- i got the when i was 3 and it's metal and plastic. >> reporter: i was looking to see if it has some sort of a alaurel and i couldn't see the details on -- alarm or something and i couldn't see the details of what would caught fire but i bought one a couple years ago for my nephew two or three years ago and it was metal and plastic so i don't know. >> right. >> it had to have something. >> yeah. mine is 48 years old and made out of steel. >> i would say it's safe. >> mine is after all these years under the tree. 5:35a big travel week for the thanksgiving holiday this week. >> so greg dee shows us the top three favorite travel apps if you are driving in the geek
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special edition this week for travelers. many of you will travel for the holiday season so my first three favorite travel apps if you are driving, long distance short distance ways the only way to go it has crowd sourceed information. drivers actually report or passengers things like potholes hazards in the road traffic and police officers and speed traps and the app reports it as you drive. it's owned by google so it has maps and it is going to get you to the destination but going to have extra information and it also includes gas prices. so when you are low on gas on the turnpike, you can find out where the lowest price is just by using the app and navigate to it along the route. you've got to have that not just for the holidays but at any time. if you don't like packing yes there's an app for that called pack point it's an app on android and ios and i love
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the app where you are going the dates and what you will bedoing. the app goes in and checks the weather and the location and your activities and gives you asuggested packing list that you can then share with friends and family and let them know what to take. and finally, my last favorite you heard this before, google trips. if you use g-mail to get your reservation confirmations this is the app to down load google trips will go into mail and automatically pull in your trip information and present it to you in one simple place. no searching for e-mails or looking. open the app and it's all right there. have safe travels this holiday season everyone. enjoy. >> all right thank you greg. 5:37. putting teen trump together. what we know after a weekend of interviews for open positions. >> you know i am sad to say but they are no longer bitter rivals and you can tell the steel verse no respect for the browns.
5:38 am
no fear coming to cleveland. boy what happened.
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer.
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promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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a good idea -- getting a good idea who has been considered for top position of the trump administration. >> tracie potts is live in washington with the story and much more. good morning tracie. >> reporter: hey john and lynna good morning. if you watched pat raid of people going through bedminster that's where donald trump's golf resort his golf club is located in new jersey. today, those interviews are moving back to trump tower. president-elect trump in candidates at his new jersey golf club over the weekend including former massachusetts governor an republican nominee mitt romney. >> governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> reporter: so is former new york mayor and campaign confidant rudyualony. chris -- rudy giuliani. chris christie had a 30 minute sit down with the president- elect. >> very talented man. >> reporter: kansas secretary
5:42 am
retired marine corps general james mattis is a favorite for secretary of defense. mr. trump tweeted that mattis was impressive. >> i know that president-elect trump loves leaders like general mattis. >> reporter: billionaire investor ross was in reportedly being considered as commerce secretary. and the new administration will have to deal with democrats in congress points to put up a fight but signaling cooperation in some air glues we could get areas. >> we could get a major infrastructure bill done. >> reporter: but first securing a cabinet that continues today. and today we expect that former texas governor rick perry is going to meet with the president-elect. we are told he is up for three possible positions secretary of defense, secretary of energy or secretary of veterans affairs. >> okay tracie. the notion of requiring muslims
5:43 am
the chief of staff for trump. >> reporter: no he said it's not something they ruled out but they don't plan to set up a system where people are signed up on a registry based on religion but at this point it sounds like they are developing what the policy will be. >> okay very controversial issue. thanks so much tracie. 5:43 right now. >> i looked at public square this morning. >> that little bit of sn i am getting in the mood for the holidays. >>lins if you start to play christmas music you know you will hear me singing in the weather center to it. >> i will sing with you. >> i like it. >> really? >> lynna you will join. >> i will have the camera rolling. >> i love it. but again the ice out there is going to be beautiful to skate on. we have our public square ice skating rink that's all opening today and slider from the indians will be there so if you want to head down there 10 a.m.
5:44 am
at 5:43 in the morning but the one i want you to pay atext to is that -- attention to is the 48 degree reading because temperatures today 10 below where we should be at this morning. we are in the 20s wind chills by the way in the teens from mansfield at 14 is what it feels like to exposed skin. worcester feeling like 16. 17 is what it feels like down towards akron and canton with the 14-mile-per-hour sustained wind. wind gusts that are adding the insult to injury. nearly 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts is what we are seeing so not as strong as yesterday that actually helped to topple a couple trees and power lines but strong enough for you to need that thick coat this morning. a couple of flurries being seen as well as we head from say just west of canton along 77 in towards stark county and so watch out for that won't accumulate to much whatsoever.
5:45 am
area of low pressure that really is piling up the snow he fall back towards upstate -- snowfall back towards upstate new york. further towards the west low pressure will ride towards the east. this will impact us on wednesday. again, one of the busiest travel days of the year. and, that means it could be a slow going commute for us. this is what it looks like throughout the morning for the most part it looks good. notice temperatures really n' 30s is what we expect for highs with wind chills even this afternoon only in the 20s. so bundle up. tomorrow morning a chilly start tomorrow afternoon temperaturesfinally back in the the low 40s. your forecast for today temps again stuck in the 30s but i think we enjoyed a couple peeks of sunshine mainly after lunchtime. temps overknight night in the 20s and lower 30s with the window nation 7-day showing you
5:46 am
40s. rain and wet weather in store by wednesday and early thursday and then into the holiday weekend, a chance for a couple rain drops friday and perhaps even wee early morning on saturday but overall not a bad look 7-day. warmingp back -- warming up back in the 50s. doggone weather looks like thisour doberman pincher friend thanks for this photo she likes to eat breakfast watching >> very nice. very nice. and well let's look at traffic because we want that to be very nice for you. your commute as you prepare to head to work and school. no accidents a little slow traffic. 71 south trying to get to 271 in medina county. here's the picture. 71, 271. see the snow off to the side but not impacting the commute
5:47 am
and it's 16 minutes headed north. 18 minutes headed south so we are still a-okay. back to you. thank you. browns kicker was part of an nfl record and this is not a good one for kickers -- kickers. kickers missed a total of 12 extra points. the old record was 10 during the 85 season. and this is the new nfl rule making the extra point a 33 yard kick but they are paid to so for my take the browns lost another game to the steelers and they further lost once what was once viewed as a bitter rivalry. joe hayden called the steelers a division opponent that's all the browns are now in the eyes of pittsburgh too. a division opponent. the steelers have no respect for the browns. especially their defense and that showed yesterday here right before the half. 3 times the steelers could have
5:48 am
have settled for a easy field goal taking a 2 score lead in the half knowing they get the ball first i think every other team in the nfl against another opponent would have done that. not the steelers. they kept going for the touchdown. penalty after penalty gave the steelers another chance and they knew they were going to score. then to rub it in, they go for the 2-point conversion. because, again, they have no respect for the browns defense. and really why should they? the steelers play with no fear that is also lost in the series. 0-len browns play the giants this week and they have the bye. maybe the only true rivalry is the bye. because then after that, another division opponent the bengals are here. they are losing something with the former rivalries. tweet me your thoughts at john wkyc. so how many guys give cred it to taking a nap on the job
5:49 am
championship. gymmie john -- jimmie johnson does he won. he ties the record of 7 sprint cup championships with richard petty and dale earnhardt and said after the race the key was taking a nap during the red flag delay. he fell asleep in the car and that helped him refocus on the race. more proof to the bosses out there that napping on the job by your employees well maybe it's a good in look at champion jimmy johnson as an exam -- gymie johnson -- jimmie johnson as an example. >> how long was the delay. >> it was a red flag and they had to do cleanup and a car fire and they took care of thateverybody is okay but he took it as a time to catch sleep. >> we should follow his lead. >> there you go. let's follow matt's lead. >> reporter: i have black friday's best laptop deal. you are not going to believe
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>> reporter: the same laptop so many people will be lining up for we found at a better price. that is deal drop i predicted months ago black friday's single best laptop dead. it -- deal. it comes loaded with windows 10 pro i want to dive briefly into why windows 10 pro is so significant. take a look. it brings moreau bust security features that are typically -- brits more robust security features that are typically 32 and 64 gig version that means using the solid-state drive it moves faster and a cool feature on this laptop is a swivel webcam so if you wanted to capture what's going on on the other side of the camera, there is an easy way to do that great for skype calls. windows 10 pro is worth 200 dollars on its own. i found the laptop for less
5:55 am
four gigabytes of ram free blue tooth headphones and free delivery and unbelievable if you were to add up each component it's worth more than 300 bucks. it is a very good brand and they are he not paying us to talk about them. it's light weight and i want to mention that you don't need to line up it's on right now. one other final thing. which i am excited about if you want to upgrade to a larger solid-state drive which i recommend it's i believe only 30 dollars. >> 30 dollars. >> i would not buy the base model. >> wow this is very light. it's great for students. >> reporter: absolutely. it's great for students. >> you have been praising them for a while before people heard of it. >> reporter: and a little insider information on le envelope ovo they make -- lenovo they make motorola phones. >> thanks so much. thanks matt. top stories are straight ahead. >> let's check in with will. >> reporter: good morning.
5:56 am
little shade lighter he here as more and more people go to different days and online. details coming up. maureen. >> thanks. the kick off of the holiday season means family tradition and recipes. john and i show off some of the traditional foods we make this time of year. john. >> kristin makes. thanks mo. home remedies we launch a new week long series with some easy ways to boost your immunity ahead of the cold and flu season. >> ander auditions are coming to cleveland. you can vote on which local singer should win their way to the front of the line. coming up, in the 6:00 hour. danielle. me. vote for me i wish i could sing. anyway, we are seeing snow flurries that mikeel will give us the full details on but coming up shortly after 6 a.m., we will check the drive into downtown to help you stay on time. michael. >> yeah. you know a chilly start this
5:57 am
speak in the 20s but when you factor in the winds outside it feels like we are in the teens to get your morning going. so bundling up before you run out. winds outside sustained anywhere between 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. and yes if you are waking up with us in stark county a couple flurries. we are tracking that and your
5:58 am
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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will be saying i love my windows and now, channel 3 news today. >> reporter: it's busiest shopping season of the year but are people headed to the stores on black friday? or do they spread it around a little bit? we have got updated numbers this morning as you prepare your holiday shopping john. >> will it's like deja vu all over again. it worked for baseball and now football. another loss and another quarterback knocked out of the game. >> thanksgiving recipes from our family to yours and a look at the rain. show off your grandma's lemon cookies and john shares the family's favorite dessert. >> thank you maureen.


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