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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to seeing kids hang out in some and said alexander was there before.>> he was at this house? back yes.>> reporter: friends and family flooded social media with condolences. the school had counselors on hand for students.>> it had search for him are asking anyone with information on the killer to come forward.>> he was low-key. he was a quiet guy. he mind his own business.>> reporter: we lost jan -- jasmine there but the family is holding a visual as we speak this evening at this point the
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there's a decision by the mayor to keep out of public square. there is political pushback. $12 million from the government that uncle sam wants back. tom beres has new developer's.>> reporter: he wanted 40,000 riders taking buses around the public square. >> this is ridiculous. there are so many of us that take buses every changing weather makes her mad. >> it's an inconvenience when you have to walk away to get to a bus because they want to cancel. spoke they say this is paid for as part of a budget an it will disappear. the mayor made the call last week. >> it would be best to keep superior avenue closed. >> reporter: several say that the rta bus was pressured into going along with this.>> we can have the best of both worlds
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they are making the case to keep that out of the public square, safety. they claim they have a risk with buses in the midst and an [make a horrible to a terrorist attack like the one in easy with pushback from zach reed.>> we should not have one person making this decision. the mayor is the mayor and the city of cleveland. he has not the dictator for the they are working on a plan b to convince the transit authority not to demand payback of money. the lettuce -- latest letter says closing superior would breach the contract and leave rta out of the hope for $12 million. one has this idea. >> consider allowing buses were here in the winter.
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would like. critics have complained of the were no public hearings for this. the committee will hold one next week to take public comment. mayor jackson believes that making people are priority in the public square is best. why did he wait so long to decide this? and now you have the expenditure of war taxpayers. >> it goes back to the $12 million. that is a big hit to system. >> it would. we know they had a fair height and rob.and they are contemplating more cuts and possibly having layoffs unless they can help absorb another big loss of tax dollars. this would make a bad situation worse.>> thank you. you bet. >> thank you. thousands of you watched this after the ball
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abraham had an exclusive look at where this will live on forever. it might be closer than you think.>> reporter: another year includes processing up to 2 million 2,000,000 tons of scrap metal. this is part of the rolling acres mall.>> as demolition continues, it is a new journey for the materials -- materials that once held together the mall that is a memory of past. >> just because it is old and is by way, it can be turned into something new and viable.>> the materials go to the field in canton. each tile is an ingredient to create new steel products. scrap metal is melted down and refined. it is created into what is called bloons. >> that has been cut to
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they are shipped out to manufacturing sillies.>> the car you see going down the road, the rails down the track, they use these. >> the next time you head into your car, you may just be driving around with a piece of rolling acres history. i am manny abraham. get ready to skate into the holidays at the public square. today's slider is the first skate on the ice. this is joined by the championship and the pastor. >> the ring is open to the public and they will open free skating with a 45 minute session this friday otherwise,
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american has got talent is coming to cleveland. we are giving passes to send a link of your talent, you can send it to us at you can use the # on three. and in tune in on wednesday morning where you can win passes. we are getting into the spirit of thanksgiving. we want to know why you are thankful this holiday season. all you have to do is post a video or status showing why you
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as more people turn to online shopping for holiday gifts, we had a warning about scam on facebook. is called the city -- secret sister gift exchange. they ask you to buy guess for $10 or more and a promise to
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do not fall for. it is a modern version of the chain letter scheme and it is illegal. that is one of several games popping up. low andrew.>> this is a new initiative called the scam squad. there is a new number if you have been scammed. we will share this at the end of the story. there are things to look for.>> there is $3.1 million. >> stories such as the one we heard today on doctor l where the woman gave more than $500,000 joe manchin ever met is all too common. this is the director of consumer affairs. she is part of a new initiative called the scam squad with --
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agencies with the police department. >> we feel that it is important that we talk about current scams and we see what is happening around. we wanted to make sure that reports about scams wind up at the agency that is most suited to investigate. three flags to look out for is based on recent complaints. do not agree to used gift card as a former parent. be leery of anyone who tries to rush you into spending money. be extra cautious induces panic by presenting a problem that you alone have to quickly solve. >> stop, when you start to panic, if you think this is a big problem, do not try to solve alone if you panic, that is the worst time to make a decision about money. >> here are the numbers you need to know.
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we're getting to the time of year where scammers are in for fast -- force and we will have more and is. >> we are partnering now with the scam squad and accounting to deliver reports on friday.>> thank you. i sat -- iphone users listen up. they are fixing an issue with free battery replacement. this is not a safety concern. they are reporting that the replacement only applies to the iphone devices that were manufactured between september and october of last year. you can check up your phone is eligible by taking it to an apple store or your service provider. i feel like i have been given a huge gift.
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people and to have the gift of time to do it. eating disorders are very real issue for thousands of people. one young woman who you just met at cuyahoga falls wanted to share her story after nearly 12 years of being misdiagnosed. dozens of doctors thought was an eating disorder was a congenital disorder that may claim her life. she shared her story with monica robins.>> reporter: caitlin way 65 pounds. most would think she is anorexic. they would be wrong. she is always hungry. this is what she consumes every day, 30,000 cal. her story begins at age 12 when she started having severe stomachaches. >> my symptoms were constipation, bloating, my stomach was hard as a rock.
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her doctor thought it was a dairy allergy. >> i cut it out and i lost weight. >> reporter: the stomach aches continued the diagnosis changed.>> because i lost weight, he was saying that i was anorexic. >> reporter: she went to an eater disorder clinic where she knew she did not belong but the reaction is the same. >> he accused me of doing it myself. >> reporter: over the years, nearly 4 dozen different doctors, most believing her problem is psychoca voluntary regurgitating anything she ate. >> i was starting. i was continuing to eat. >> reporter: she dropped to 80 pounds and was admitted to the hospital and the test read -- revealed a very rare disorder called chronic superior artery syndrome. >> it is coming off of your aorta. your small intestine is
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reporter: she was given a feeding tube in treatment options but because she was diagnosed early comedy options are limited, not guaranteed>> the damages done. there is nothing that can be done at this point.>> reporter: she removed the feeding tube 11 weeks ago and accepted her prognosis is terminal. >> i would rather have a shorter life with a better quality of life. that is exactly what i've gotten. >> reporter: she finds solace is -- in a facebook group and copper from family. her day revolves around eating and throwing up every 12 hours. or outlook is amazing. and like her to do, she is fearless about the future. >> i feel like i have been given a huge gift to be able to say goodbye to so many people
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do it.>> reporter: this is difficult to diagnose and usually down after other issues are rolled out. caitlin hopes her story will help though she hopes others will never get -- give up an advocate for the -- their health. she hopes her story educates the medical community. i am met a lot of amazing people. i can tell you, she is one of the strongest i have met.>> that is a difficult story. thank you so much. we are following news that a tsunami warning has been issued off of japan. evacuation order has been issued.
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you been following the story. >> yes. it is relative. 2011 wise and exceptional earthquake and tsunami event. this is, it perils -- pales in comparison. it was a three-foot tsunami not expected to do major damage. everybody is waiting and seeing how things will go through the rest of the night because they could have aftershocks. in northeast ohio, it is comparison -- comparing. we have like moisture coming in. the brisk wind will be with us and so with a wind chill. our current temperatures are and 30s. the wind chills are no low and mid 20s. tonight, the wind chills will drop down to 20 20s. tonight, the wind chills will drop down to 24 tomorrow. the wind will drop off tomorrow. the gusty wind is expected to be. you could notice everything is
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flow. that means we are back into the change of things. we are not expecting like affect to put down snow for us. it will be hard-pressed to find snowflakes at this point. that is different down what they are dealing with in new york state. what a nasty setup they have. they have feed off of the eastern section though section of lake huron. they are in the things. they will have a another 12 some areas are reporting over a foot of snow. the next weather maker is in the four corners region. you can see the snow gearing up. this will head eastward and move through northern ohio and skimming day. we have a nice set up for our day on tuesday. we fewclouds around with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we have cloud changes --
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in the afternoon, we have partly cloudy skies. the eastern storm system is reporting and the western is coming in with high clouds. the daytime temperatures are in the low 40s for the area. the clouds are on the increase. if you have travel plans a wednesday, we will have rain to the west. if you of westbound plans, flying to chicago, you will be off to a dry start here but as the day goes on, you will see rain and snow working into the forecast. we will keep an eye on your travel forecast tomorrow. we are at 42 tomorrow and on wednesday, here comes the clouds. we chances of rain in the afternoon and evening. that lingers into thanksgiving day. showers will be on and off on
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the weekend, things are looking good. the trip home from randy's house -- grandma's house will be good. shoppers will be happy. >> thank you. the browns are black and blue after the game with the steelers.>> they are playing the quarterback shuffle and we will tell you who is in
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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hello everybody. 0-11. the tribe is getting there first when. i want to tell you what hit me yesterday afternoon at four clock when the game was over. that was the disintegration of a once great rivalry. the steelers/browns, the top of the list, as good as it gets. wending games were played when i can get down and monday night football was in its heyday, you knew this steelers and browns would be on monday night national news. when they made sure the browns and the steelers played, that was like army navy. that was the a game. but the disintegration of a great rivalry is upon us.
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empty stadium, bad weather, and the reason the team does not win now is because they do not have the talent to do it. that is how far they are way. the news today, it as bleak as far as the quarterback situation is concerned, because the steelers went after the browns quarterback and sacked him eight times and gains, joshua will star. i do not know how he is ready to go. he took into really. he will start on sunday. as for kessler, he is in precaution protocol. he has had two concussions last ride games. i wonder for safety reasons, if they should even play him anymore the season. he is out this week. the only card they have in the deck to play as quarterback is to get allergy on the field. i predict after the giants, admin they have a bye week, i would be surprised to see our
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interest in the team and see what they have. they only played 3.5 quarters in a game of the season. joe thomas spoke out yesterday when people criticized the officer line. we let guys go in the off- season. rolf pryor had things to say.>> we went to win the game and we have to help the defense out. let's go to the big rivalry. michigan and ohio state. this is the deal. you have to win this game to stay in the college football layout picture. if you are a ohio state senior, you'd never lost to michigan in your career. >> this is the toughest rivalry that i is seen playing. >> this is physical.
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people.>> what an extreme. when i saw yesterday afternoon and what we witnessed saturday afternoon in columbus.
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breaking news tonight. school bus horror. several students killed, many injured, when the bus slammed into a house and wrapped around a tree, splitting it in half. we have a late report. manhunt for a killer. police officer ambushed and assassinated, a deadly stretch for law across three states in just 24 hours. holiday week storm blanketing a big part of the country threatening to make a travel nightmare for billions. beating black friday, skipping the crowds but not the savings. how knows those in the know are already getting big deals right now. and glory days, our monday inspiring america. the 55-year-old father who just made college football history proving it's never too late to live your dream. "nightly news" begins


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