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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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to where we started: winless. >> we want to win a game, we have to help our defense out, and we have to score more points. >> great advice from terel prior, but can it be done. . stick around. this should get interesting on a special edition of channel 3 news at 7. >> from the st it impossible, this is channel 3 news, brought to you by universal windows direct. you'll be saying "i love my windows." now, channel 7 news at 7. >> here's -- running around in the end zone. then the ball comes loose. that's the way the steelers -- on it. he runs, and he zigzags to the 20. he got back at the 26-yard
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for the browns. now 0-11. hi, everybody. it wasn't just the score, 24-9 if you're counting, and it also not just the record, 0-11. we've been counting that off every monday night after a sunday game. it's the way the browns lost to the steelers yesterday. they got beat up on the scoreboard. they got beat up on the field, and it wasn't pretty at all, as it steelers physically dominated the browns offensively and defensively in that game yesterday, and we'll about that. we pick up the pieces with the quarterback story on this monday, and here's the way it goes. so sunday against the new york giants, it will be john macomb back out in center as the starting quarterback. he got sacked 4 times yesterday. that was the number for quarterbacks for the brown else. kessler got sacked 4 times. so did mccown. but mccown will be the starter again. as for kessler, he is out. he has suffered another
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now for kessler. he's out for this sunday, and you wonder now, will they shut him down? i mean, he's a young kid. he's taking a lot of punishments last year, all year long, and is it safe to put him back out on the field for the remainder of this season? or do you just ride it out? . >> mary kay cabot from josh cribs joins us now. i sat a few moments ago on channel 3 news at 6. the thing that really struck me d and more as i see the browns and steelers, its to incident grace of a once-great rivalry. where do you line up. >> absolutely. it's actually quite sad. it's sad to tornado watch the browns try to be there. it seems the steelers almost wanted to beat them up for being so wad. it's almost like they wanted to punch them for being out there and being such a horrible football team. >> wow. top that. >> it felt like the steelers were practicing. you know, the amount of time
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kicking a field goal. it's as if they were doing that for other teams. >> let me just point this out. you make an excellent point, because didn't it feel like the patriots came in here and just kind of practiced. didn't it really feel like the cowboys came out and kind of tipsed against the browns? >> it did. however, the score was -- they were only down by less than 14 points at the time. . it seems the browns were able to get a point on the board. they were in the game just like that. the game regardless. >> all right. you played on a browns team that i quite frankly thought had no business beating the steelers on thursday night, fringe id game. but you did go out and beat them. when you see that yesterday, what are you -- and go back to what you did, what your team mates did at that time. what do you feel? . >> i feel just the veterans, leadership on the team, there's not enough of it. the young guys don't embody what the rivalry once was, and they don't know what
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once was. the organization, i don't believe know what the rivalry once was. >> okay. so if there's a guy who should know what the rivalry is, it's joe thomas. if there's a guy who has really been the pied piper of the company line admirably so during his 10 years with the browns, it's joe thomas. the great probably future hall of fame tackle. but even after the game yesterday, for the first time that i condition remember, i wouldn't say spotted it off, but when it was brought to his attention that the offensive line done, he -- he lost a couple of really good players. i think best at their position, but that was our strategy the off seasonal. that's what we decided to do. got to lie in the bed that you've made. mary kay, he has never said anything like that. when people have said, "joe, do you want to be around with all of this losing." he said, "listen, i want to see this thing through." i am proud he said that yesterday. >> i asked him that question. i feel responsible for this whole thing. but, you know, i think he said
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matter-of-fact way. i don't think he was really trying to rip anyone or -- anyone. i think he stated it as a matter of fact. ''this was our string. this is what we decided to do now welfare to deal with quarterbacks getting hit. we have to deal with all the growing pains of this philosophy." . >> specifically we watched a great center walk out the door in alex mac. i don't know if he was saveable. he was of the mind set that wanted to leave. . . josh, what do you say about thomas -- >> -- that joe was talking about. you know, he was in talks with mitchell,, you know, two the guy on the offensive line, and he wants to keep those guys. when joe talks, when he finally speaks up after 10 years in the nfl, he -- listen to him, because this is a guy who doesn't say much, and he was right on track with what he said. >> now, coach hue jackson had a
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he came out against terell prior, saying, "the offense has to do more. we have to stop this. welfare to score more points." he then came out and said, "hey, that's not terell's job." what do you read into that? . >> right now "we need to stick together. we need to have each other's back." though terel was just venting, a lot of times he does not talk to us after the game, because he is worried he's going to say something say. he's very passionate. he needs to got this out. >> like he said, passion. that's what players do. he wants to show fans, cleveland himself, he holds himself responsible for not winning the game. >> i would like to step back and be part of a fandom here. i think we want to hear they care. i think we want to hear they're ticked off. i think we're tired of hearing this story about, "hey, listen, we're getting close, and we're practicing hard, and we're going to do this thing." i'd like to see a little salt
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>> but in the way you want to see it correctly. you don't want them to have too much emotion in it. that's why i think joe thomas did it best: "we made our bed. we're going to lie in it. we're going to look toward the future." that's a statement that needed to be said. that's how the atmosphere is. >> when you look at terel prior, he's fiercely protective of his quarterback. >> yes. >> he was very upset when kessler got hurt. >> absolutely. he was got hurt. so, you know, he's like the mother of -- >> very well put, mary kay. when we come back, we're going to role-play. what is going through the mind of that man there, jimmy hazlet, who boldly put together this regime, who boldly took a look at analytics, and right now
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>> we're going to role-play with mary kay and josh cribs. jimmy hazlin. what are you thinking? you're known as a guy who has an itchy trigger finger, and you've blown up coaches after 2 or 2 years. what is he thinking? he stepped out last january and made this plan. >> i think he's thinking, "you know what? we knew it was going to be painful.
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tough. we have to stick wit. we have to preach patience. we have to hold everyone together. i don't think any changes are planned, and he's going with it. >> do you think he should have spoken last week rather than sashi -- >> yeah, really. i think jimmy needs to calm the waters. >> i don't think he wanted to be in this position. you know, rebuilding doesn't mean, "we're going to go 0 and 11 or 12. it means we're not going to do playoffs. that's evaluate means. th have spoke. i think he will in the next weeks or so to calm the water a bit. >> i think really the message should have been, "hey, listen, we didn't think we were going to be 0-11. we also thought we were going to have rg 3." there are reasons why this has happened. all right. go to the head coach, hue jackson. and he thinks out loud to us. we more from him. sometimes i think this is a wrong move by this franchise, is that the head
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way too much, and a lot more than just football and why he punted, why he threw too much. any regrets? . >> no, i don't think i don't think he has any regrets. i think he's really struggling with this whole thing. i think he's having to rely on his support networking, people in the media he's been close to. i'm sure he's talking to marvin louis ever week. he's probably maybe even talking to john carbaugh, and other people that are of in his inner circle. he's really, really having a hard time with this. i think he starts to question a bit, "are we picking the right players." . >> i think at times, he does have regrets. that's because of his passion. maybe he does say some things that will go a little too far, but that's because he's passionate, and he wants to be transparent when it comes to the media and the direction -- >> so you think he has regrets maybe about some of the things he says, not regrets about taking the job? . >> no, not regrets about taking the job at all.
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saying, because he's passionate. when i play, i regret some of the things i said in the moment, like terell prior, but he's passionate about where he is, but -- he wanted to do so much good for the city, for the team. >> let me get back to your point and that was perhaps he said, "we didn't select the right players." is that what you're saying? . >> he has to be questioned. h and saying, "you know, did we get the 14 right guys? and as we look to next year's draft, are we going to be able to get the right 12"? . >> look at the injuries. we couldn't have foreshadowed they would have had this many injured, that higgins and corey coleman would get hurt after having a dynamite game, that josh gordon -- i moon, the list goes on and on. we never could imagine that.
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are going to become, you know, relevant guys out on the field? we're going to look out there and say, "you know what? i'm glad we hung with this kid, because he's really starting to play." . >> definitely not off the team. unrealistic, but a select team a. select team will carry on to next year. the rest of them, get rid of them. fill them up with free agency and the draft, and let's go from there. >> they didn't seem to like free agency. >> they're going to have to add some players in free agency. they hav no one can wait 3 years for this to start to turn around. they've got to get -- and they've got to pick pro bowl players, which is the key. they have high draft picks. if you're getting them in the 1st, 2nd, even 3rd round, you've got to be making pro bowls. when we come back next at 7, a local family, a car comes crashing into the their home. >> and temperatures did, indeed
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>> those stories are part of 77 seconds at 7 >> tonight cleveland police are looking for the person or person who is killed a 16-year-old. alexander mullens was found yesterday in a vacant
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mullens was reported missing back on november 10th. >> one man is dead, another hospitalized after a car they were in crashed into a house on canyon road in maple height heights. the impact was so severe that beams had to be put in to brace the basement so the house wouldn't come tumbling down. >> it's thanksgiving week, and gas prices are up at the pump. triple a says the average price in ohio is 2.09. we paid 1.86 a gallon just year ago. it's estimated more than 2 million ohioans will travel between wednesday and sunday. if you have an apple 6s phone and it unexpectedly shuts down, apple has a fix for you. it will provide a free battery replacement. just visit an apple store, or service provider to see if your phone qualifies for the new battery. >> the cleveland foundation's ice-skating rink over on public scare is now open. it's $10 a person, which includes state rental. however, there will be free skate being saturday
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at night. tickets are required, and will be passed out that day at the rink on affairs- come, first-serve basis. the same system that brought us some sleet, snow, and high winds on saturday night is making its way east. take a look. this is northwest katie, where more than a foot of snow fell today. most schools closed, or they were delayed because of that weather. and here's what syracuse, new york looks like. over a foot of snow is mardi gras driving conditions. it's not over yet. areas of up state new york can have 20 inches of the grown tomorrow in time for one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. when that wind was blowing through the browns radio networking booth yesterday, i said, "betsy nailed this one." . >> once in a while, it actually all works out. it's amazing how that goes. as far as the big picture goes, you can see there are still snow showers going on in new york state, portions of new england
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farther east, actually there's a little extra ocean effect happening, too. we have been clearing out. temperatures tonight will drop back into the upper 20s. it will be chilly. while we're keeping an eye on an area of low pressure that will be developing coming out of the four corners region, this will be getting here by the time we head to tuesday night into thanksgiving day. for tuesday still looks great. we'll have a mix of clouds and sun in the morning, but windchill else will be down around the 0-degree mark. by afternoon, though, things should start to improve. we're going to make it most likely in tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. the breezes will make it feel a little cooler than it will actually be outside. windows nation forecast. there you see the 42 for tomorrow. 43 on wednesday with the rain chances increasing later in the day. as far as the weekend goes, well, once we get through black friday's rain chances, looks like we have improving conditions. all in all, the travel through and out or into northern ohio should actually be pretty good. jimmy? .
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sunday, another one of
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>> the once mighty afc north is not so mighty. look at that. steelers now tide for 1st with the ravens. baltimore lost in dallas. pittsburgh wins here. so they're both 5-5. the ben gals lose a.j. green and giovanni bernard
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yesterday. they'll be coming to cleveland in a couple weeks. but the giants, mary kay and josh, come to town this sunday. they are 7-3 on the year with eli manning now playing really, really well. a lot of these teams coming in here and that they play on the road through the remainder of the season need wins when they play them >> the giants have won 5 straight games. going to tough football game for the browns. >> i think they're awe septemberable to a loss, because of how bad the browns have been playing and how good they have been playing. >> do you think they're taking them lightly? . >> taking them lightly. >> one of the great games at the new stadium was that monday night win. i think, if there's a win out there for the browns, i think it's the ben gals team. i think the ben gals are ripped apart emotionally. been a disaster of a year for
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>> that's possible. the other thing is the browns players lost huge after so much that they would want to win that game for him so badly, and that's what they wanted to do the first time around. >> that would be a big plus for hugh emotionally and, you know, winning in his old stomping ground. >> by the time that game is played, mary said -- they'll play the giants this week, then the by, then the -- come in. might not the quarterback be rg3? . >> it could possibly be. >> he is going to practice this week. he has not been cleared for full contact. he might be ready to go. they have to decide, is it worth the risk if the protection isn't what it used to be? . >> i'm a player, so i would advise him against playing at this point. >> you would advise him against? . >> as a fan, i want to see the action out. there but coming with this beat and battered offensive line and his style of play, i just don't
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in this situation. >> what do they do if he doesn't go in and play this year? i get it: if it's not safe, it's not safe. . i assume he would have a roster bonus. how do you do that off of 3 and a half quarters per play? how do you go to him again? . >> you do that because they are 50, 60 million under the cap, anding this afford to. they use that money for ee chance to play out his career. this is his last opportunity, some say to do a good job in fc that he's a quarterback in the league to be reckoned with. >> his salary is not exorbitant for what could be a back-up quarterback. they don't have a lot of money invested in the quarterback so they can afford to coop him. >> if we're going to live after that one game he didn't finish and put all our eggs in his basket again, aren't we looking at the
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same position next year? . >> i think they still would need to go out and draft a quarterback or trade for one or sign one in free agency. >> happy thanksgiving to you all. >> thank you. >> you were exceptional here tonight. "entertainment tonight" is next. see you back here at 11. >> thanks for watching channel
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tonight, kate gosselin on the record after being accused of child abuse. >> i've been investigated many times. >> what her ex-husband, jon, old told "e.t." >> i had to stop. >> after a selena gomez's emotional confession on live tv. >> i was absolutely broken. >> we count down the biggest show-stopping moments from the american music awards. >> plus -- >> you're not going to believe it. >> james corden breaks karaoke news. >> and only we are with oprah. >> it's going to be spectacular. >> and one question on everybody's mind. >> everybody can take a deep


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