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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a fight leads to a deadly shooting at a local barbershop, we're live at the scene. nearly 49 the play people on the move this thanksgiving. patsy has a travel forecast first it rain could run your holiday plans. a rule in the impact millions of americans, why you might not be getting it overtime pay you were counting on attention shoppers, our money matt matt granite reveals his fictions for black friday and cyber monday. see which items you will get the best deal on. we begin with breaking news. one man is dead and one injured following a shooting at a local barbershop. >> we're live in garfield heights with details. >> reporter: good evening.
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talking to witnesses trying to figure out exactly what happens. here's what we know so far. there was an altercation inside the barbershop around 530 or six this evening. a metric out a gun and began shooting. two men were shot, one died. police believe both of the victims were customers here you can see a pool of blood that we're not showing you. just outside the shop door. police say one of the victims stumbled outside and co the city don't have much information right now about the shooter, they are talking to witnesses hoping to id the shooter and eventually make an arrest. if anyone out there has information that can help find the shooter, you're asked to call 216475 21647556 216-475- 5686. another story, it's the
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travel days of the year. how will the weather be affecting you and your loved ones hitting the road tomorrow? jakarr chief meteorologist is tracking your thanksgiving eve forecast. >> keep an eye on things to very large storm system spreading rain and rain snow freezing rain mixed throughout portions of the tri-state. snow showers for the to the north where there still winter weather advisories going on. also storm system coming ashore that's where we go first in our forecast as we anticipate seeing rain showers come on shore. as we get into the day tomorrow, a lot of people will notice those rain showers will really start to fade away. at least from that northwest coast. 60% cisco with sunshine tomorrow. 67 in vegas, 68 in san diego. probably cloudy skies of 72 in phoenix tomorrow 40s and 50s in the intermountain west. central part of the country.
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the rest of the planes. snow in minneapolis, clouds in chicago, sunshine throughout the nation, southeastern corner and once you get into new england is a chance for rain showers for temptress in the 50s in the baltimore-washington dc area. you're expecting clouds with showers in the boston area. closer to home will start with clouds and temperatures in the 30s, i'll take it to 40 in the afternoon. cloudy skies continue, showers start to make their way into the area. we'll talk all about that coming u little bit. stunning new numbers up at the heroin epidemic in our area into perspective. the startling new case that unfolded today. today is a story of four- year-old who called his mom's father was passed out from authorities say is a heroin overdose. the word epidemic gets thrown around a lot.
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first, before we bring that's you, questions like this. when did you realize how bad this really is? >> this is and of the road. jurco was it in april when 16- year-old andrew fry of akron died of a heroin overdose with his mother and grandmother at this hotel? maybe it was later in the year, september when these parents new york's down ods in the front seat while their kids were playing in the back.>> someone call marcus clarke came across his son michael sco deed on heroin catch it on facebook live. >> was one of the scariest moments of my life. to think i am most of my best friends. i only lost many friends from heroin already. to lose another one, i don't know what i would do. trick him into a state one of four-year-old boy found his dad unconscious and later died believed to be over heroin
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apartment complex. >> how about when we reported order of all life-saving organ donations around here this year are coming from heroin addicts? >> this year, 20 are coming from heroin addicts? >> this year, 25% of our eligible donors had died in this manner. >> which take us as to the number we talked about. we learn from the cuyahoga county officials today that the county is on track to see three times the number of overdoses this year than we saw last year. here's n far in 2016, 667. almost triple. that's 5.5 weeks left in 2016. it's hard to process all that. thank you. new information& the school bus crash that killed five youngsters. police say the driver was speeding at the time of the crash. that driver has been charged
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homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving and is being held on bond. 37 students ranging in age from kindergarten to fifth-grade were on the bus. at least one mother when youngsters on the bus as she complained about the driver's erratic behavior. called the board of education, i called the school. jerk nbc news learned from state records that walker had his license suspended in 2014 for 25 days for failing to show insurance. he was involved in other minor school bus accident two months ago. no one was injured in that incident. president-elect on trump is in florida for the thanksgiving holiday. today, he tied up loose ends in manhattan. chuck met with editors of the new york times today, staffers tweeted the hour-long sit down same trump complained about how the times treated him but also said he respects the paper wants to make peace. in your times as also reporting trump said he does not favor another
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clintons emails. if you are one of the 4 million american workers looking forward to getting overtime pay next week, a federal judge is blocking the new regulation from going into effect. president obama announced the new labor department will back in may increasing the salary special for overtime pay the workers earning $47,000 a year. 21 states sue to block that will before it took effect on december 1. district court in texas at the nationwide culinary injunction until the rules legality can be examined. we are learning more tonight about why kanye west is in the hospital. several media outlets report he's been treated for exhaustion and psychiatric observation. this after abruptly canceling the rest of his national tour. phosphorylation follows a week of controversial
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rangers to the west.
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system coming eastward. as it does so he can help but notice these rain showers coming into indiana. through my name we're still dealing with partly sunny we will have to contend with the chance for showers west as we get into the middle part of the day tomorrow. not expecting this to be raising. you could see random snowflake nextgen if you're in masel. mostly would be rain showers that come and temperatures, southeasterly breeze will continue. it's not a big swath of rain through the day. the better chances for rain will actually come in the evenings to overnights. if you leave our people coming
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rain showers. temptress likely to be in the upper 30s. we could have snowflakes mixed in from time to time. thanks giving morning will start of the scattered rain showers around, if you're going to do some jogging this different five case and what not. you have to deal with scattered showers. the showers will be few and far between. is look at one donation forecast. we have a dry start today with cloudy skies. shower chances will pick up slim in the afternoon. better chances in the evening as we head into the overnights, will be in the upper 40s for thanksgiving day. trying things out slowly as he had for the weekend. things will warm up as we get started monday. commute, college football playoff rankings came out tonight. where did ohio state land? >> we have-ahead of the big game after the break.
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played his college will ring is released tonight. we have number two versus number three on saturday. saturday will be the 100 saturday will be the 113th all- time meeting and ohio state michigan. t team ranked in the top five of these is it possible. although, orchestra all-time the series, and officially 12 the last 14 meetings. this is urban meyer is doing what tim tressel did. but so much emphasis on this game working on it all year long. >> i appreciate rivalries. probably more than most because
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always been. i think that came from coach hayes. that was the classiest both programs have tremendous respect for each other. both coaches. i just remember that. jim harbaugh is old one in the game as head coach of michigan. over his last last year. score like that would be a shock this season. wolverines were rolling. 9-0 after defeating radical the second-best team in the country they've lost in iowa classic they struggled against indiana. as the season goes on, can the saturday at noon. what's the best part? >> fair, healthy, honest competition. every game i don't look at it as a pie chart. that was my favorites. this is a server. it's like your kids. i love them all 100%, each
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regular-season game. buckets when you get three field goals. that's the final seconds. akron had a few chances, they dropped this one. it was a touchdown to win. ohio is 9-3/5-7. ncaa ordered notre dame to vacate or 21 wins from the 2012, 2013 football season in an academic list strike misconduct case. the game will appeal the situation. the average are four and seven on the year. browns are off today. i was loved the stories. the time the players give act on their day off. current players helped the families at townhall restaurant. this is the fourth year for the team to meet. for those in three males were
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we also gave their time to surf. replay the schedule game, i don't think it's happening against the giants, maybe the bengals. is there one win in their? cavs tend to. lebron james had to give a deposition in a lawsuit involving former players union. afsu emanation and is seeking 10.5 million in salary and benefits. the claim is undermined it to a lockout. this fire 2013. you'll be with the team tomorrow . you thought she was applauding your sportscaster.>>
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thanksgiving eve tomorrow. the forecast looking at the next few days. it's not too bad. rain showers around but the snow will not be a factor.
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have a great night, we'll see
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sarah jessica parker, scott patterson, liza weil, and sean gunn,


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