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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a carbon monoxide scarce and several to the hospital at a local business. we will go live to the scene. hazards on the road, investigation uncovers startling information about uber and lift cars you could be ready. local homeowners for the worse. why come monday, armed guards will be arriving at their property. back friday and cyber monday, matt reveals how timing is everything. you tell us what time to buy certain items for the deepest discounts. explosion since customers running in one store that will show you the common device a worker had in his pocket. that is to blame. we begin tonight with breaking news. crews take it several people to
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monoxide. >> we're live in elyria outside the lorain county automotive systems willing with details. here's what we know. this located in industrial park north of id, you can see the loading dock doors architect. you're trying to clear out the air missiles. treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. those five, two people are hospitalized. authorities tell us they believe it may have been a heating system on a rooftop that malfunction. there are 70 people working here at the tyler of the sins that we can tell you one of those people cleared to go home the winners had called and let's have been brought to
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families want to approach this thanksgiving holiday. once again, by people traded, to possibly three hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning professional, that's something we should all be paying attention to because it's colorless and odorless and those detectors or something we should all check regularly. from elyria, channel 3 news the commute across the country. they hit the road and were to thanks giving destination. >> look at grand central parkway in your. the roads around lax and los angeles and instead for an orlando. as a roads near and far fill up with travel traffic, excuse gas prices are partners in aaa says 43 million americans are on the road in a fill a few million more fly. how will the weather impacts
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>> we of what roads run in ohio but so far, so good. things have been going smoothly through the evening, low traffic coming and going. there's one hiccup, i and eastbound was close for time. it's now open again but traffic is sluggish in is eastbound lanes. as far as the airports go, we checked and everything is all green. the major airports still flying the only slow down in the country is minneapolis st. paul and that's 30 minutes or so. there's the picture. the storm system brings us rain still has more rain to provide. there's rain on the west coast as well. we take a look out you can see temperatures for tomorrow will be cooler. they try out along the west
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entire rocky mountain west of 54 in albuquerque. it is the sunshine in kansas city, 30s for the north into., you get into minneapolis and there's the cloud cover. chicago has clouds and 42. showers in our forecast as well as areas further to the east. we'll have a look at that's coming up in a few minutes. taxi uber! are part of your plans, you want to play close attention. joint investigation with our digital partners uncovered alarming number of open vehicle recalls. the fixes that are simple but could save your life. getting ignored by people you pay to keep you safe. a report on these hazards for hire. check of fresh off the plane in tampa, they're anxious to get on the road. they could start their five-day cruise through the caribbean. they are truly uber people. >> with your cat was the most
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town.>> they also had no idea the cab they helped it was rolling around on parts and had been recalled. parts like takata air bags, jim ignition switches were sticky toyota accelerator pedals. >> with every major city in america has some sort of oversights on taxes, seems almost none bothered to check if those same vehicles have dangerous defect replacing. safety recalls, they impose safety risk in a mini case it can be very serious. check that kelsey mays is with partnered with us and dozens of stations across the country to examine how often the vehicles that drive you around have rescue recalls the got ignored. >> you get into these cars, there is a one in four chance that these taxicabs may have unfixed recall. >> reporter: city by city we
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taxicab regulators. most of it they did not include recalls in their record vehicle inspections. q houston to seattle, a study startling percentage drove around outstanding recalls. some ignored for up to seven years. >> we took our findings to a representative for taxi company. how does it come -- ball to the cracks, these are things in one notices the car owners. they just don't get done. >> since we haven't seen the data, we t >> reporter: white inspections after that any inspections. >> he makes a good point. [uber say those recalls of the individual owners with tom petty vehicles that need work from airbags that can explode to engines that can shut off to door latches that can open the drive. how widespread is it? we don't really know. >> huber took us to seattle to dr. reese of public database. evidently we found the recall
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the same lousy lottery you hope to never win because without access to the vehicle identification number or then, passengers have no way to tell. >> you inside the car, buckle up and be in the backseat. >> reporter: fixes are typically free. checking could not be easier. just get your cars identification number and type it in online. do it for your own jakarr identification number and type it in online. do it for your own recalls. rate of unrepaired recalls and consumer cars isn't much better. also nearly 25%. the odds are you aren't a professional pay to get passengers around in your car safely. . northeastern ohio residents got notice that surveyors for the nexus pipeline will scope other properties with an armed guard. what are your rights? are required to let them on your property?
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it's important for us to start with this. many residents got a letter saying armed guards are coming onto their property with pipeline surveyors. all about the nexus pipeline and potentially putting it through their property. it says, do not consent, even if friends. we talked to a man here who says he has no plans to. >> if there are my property with sheriff and hopefully get here in time. >> reporter: michael conley got a letter from his attorney. >> people are scared. >> reporter: the letter is all about getting efforts to put a massive high-pressure pipeline undergrounds that would move natural gas from southeast ohio to canada. >> tell me where you will go. >> reporter: >> we don't know because we have met them on the survey. would they take for your
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sitting in the decoders, the trade here. >> reporter: the decoders, reference to what you probably know are pretty intense clashes of please. over the dakota access pipeline construction sites. >> that's what made this so scary. they believe their rights are superior to the rights of the property owner. >> back to david not only said michael manotas for represents 100 writing the current pipeline plan. >> what are you telling people tonight? >> don't allow them on your property and call law enforcement right away. >> prosise property rights, the cans concerns over danger, some residents in native american artifacts and trees been around for 350 years. they say they want that to be undisturbed. we put a call to the people behind the pipeline didn't get an answer by his time. their new details in the bill school bus crash in
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as a result of injuries from the crash. lisa the bus was carrying 37 kids melody school with crash into a utility pole and a tree. investigators say the bus is not on the street is normal route at the time of the accident. the driver has been charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving, by other users are still in the hospital. their shocking video from new york. and ecigarette explodes working at grand central terminal. surveillance video shows the blast after the ecigarette explodes. you can see everyone in the store runs. the workers suffered minor burns. coming up, black friday deals, many mensch plane test time you shop can be the big difference in scoring the best price. >> we went to a local tree farm to find out how to pick the perfect one and keep it looking
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to holiday tradition, will show you the finishing touches underway the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll be right back. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out.
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parade. crews spent the day playing giant balloons, featuring favorites like charlie brown, and mickey mouse. for the 3 million people are expected to line new york's streets and security will be tight. more than 80 new york city sanitation trucks filled with sand will be used along the parade route to create a physical barrier. the parade steps off at 9 am and you can watch it right here on channel 3. favorite. did you know what time you can shop can make all the difference on the deal you get? >> that's credit is watching the clock to save you hard earned cash. >> reporter: great to be with you this evening. my machine continues! my mission continues to get you the big deals, no lines
11:16 pm take a look at the three times to wash. 6 pm thanksgiving was with the big-screen tv deals drop. amazon's product deals also dropped tomorrow call to you about those in the second. and that is in the apple deals begin on light as well as gaming systems and by 8 am, storewide sale and all those big box retail desperation begins to try and grab your business. tomorrow on the morning show, the $30 fire tv tablets and echo. at the landowners would be surprises. back to you. when bellies are full, place are cleared. the special magical time of year just to kick into high gear. >> mainly families choose a like chris history as part of their holiday tradition. they visited a local christmas tree farm to see what goes into raising your tree and how you
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others. >> they know every inch of this farm. >> just a duck's father started the business in night team 54. a family affair for more than six decades. we have customers who have been with us for 40 years. check out these two as well as three other siblings the farm year-round planting the spring, trimming over the summers and harvesting just before thanksgiving. >> they go for a year. >> take seven or eight years to reach 7 feet with 15,000 to raise from saplings, the semi- knows how to treat a tree. here's what you can do to make yours last. >> take a fresh cut on the trunk. >> we tell people they have about an hour to get it into the water.>> reporter: give it plenty of water.
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da >> reporter: keep your house as cool as possible and place your tree away from heat source. >> it smells like an orange. >> they sell their treason will be held. a happy to make christmas there is us and provide tradition for families in northeast ohio. you can't get the smell the christmas tree from artificial tree. there's nothing like a real tree . >> the greats have cared for these trees rears. follow their advice will last well throughout the holiday season. nothing like a live tree. the smell. >> i was sick of the movies take on everything. also christmas story. this was a great tree. >> i was sick of the charlie brown tree. my first tree.
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the daughter of a firefighter, we have artificial tree. that's what i grew up with. i am so debbie downer all of a sudden. it's practical. there's something else that's really nice about popping it up like an umbrella and carrying it and shoving it in the basement down. we have rain moving through northern ohio. these raindrops are light they will be passing through from time to time. heavy rain chances coming in as we go to the overnights. as you can see on 80 westbound we have rain coming down, a lot of what roads as well. us 250, same story as well as 42. that's through most of the county into ashland as well. further south, and richland
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wayne county, holmes county, nice lights, soaking rain. that will continue eastward. if you don't have the rain yet in places like akron, you can see we have dry weather now but that what weather is coming your way. it all continues to move them. the same goes for lake county around painesville. you pick up rain showers as we go through the night. all this dealing with chilly temperatures but everything is above freezing. we sits at 40 degrees now. the bigger picture, all that's cold air sitting further to the north, dealing with snow and portions of the northern lakes and eastern in the adirondacks with a had 50 inches of snow thanks to lake ontario. in ohio, it's just rain and that will pass through as they go to the knights.
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will still be around in the early morning. it looks like you may have to dodge a few raindrops. cool and damp for good part of the day. scattered showers hanging around to the afternoon into the evening. temperatures not making it much above 50. will be in the upper 40s across the area. southwesterly winds continue to buy the evening as you have your pie, hopefully catching your goodies. still be around the house make sure you have good jacket to take out the door with you. as far as tomorrow, it's festive. temperatures start in the 40s and will top out in the upper 40s in the afternoon. rain chances come and go. dry periods during the day but will be damp out there. we have a chance for rain lingering into black friday. those showers and saturday,
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ready for more rain coming tuesday. i also had artificial tree growing up. >> sarah had a real one. >> spec -- historic night for the cavs and kevin love as it rains threes all night. we have the eye-popping numbers straight ahead.
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to say the cavaliers are red- hot shooting the basketball tonight does not do them justice. they scored hundred 37 points tonight and beat portland 137-
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amazing. >> right after the national anthem tonight he just went off. he had eight three-pointers and will show them all to you. in the first quarter he had 34 points in the first quarter. that's an nba record for most points ever by a player in the first quarter of the game. the point shy of the lead is likely record. trey thompson holds that. love finished with 40 points in the game. lebron only had a triple-double. you count playoff games, that's the 60th triple-double of his career. more math for you. if you add in what sky irving did in the game, scored 91 points. in the website. the cavs went 137 125, they'll play friday at home against dallas. what a wonderful world this would be.
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giants. a sight for sore eyes. rg three practicing getting closer to be ready to play. their 21 days to activate him onto their active roster. he still has to pass one more physical test to make sure that none official is completely healed and in stand up to contact. he says was the was the happiest day for him and he was happiest guy in the building. we all went to gain -- we the stock room for the front office deserves the record we have. we work too hard for that. i commend to those guys are putting it on the line every week. i want to be able to help more by playing and help this team gets a few wins. which answer your sunday and they are red-hot. they won five in a row. they put themselves toward the playoffs. they bow they will not take the
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browns come in at 0-11. >> team and not have the same record is always at risk of playing to your competition ever gets paid anybody has a specific talent level to play. treadway that record out and take it for what they are worth. >> let's go to the indians use. they signed a player putting daniel robinson. 31-year-old outfielder to a mile try to make the team, the angels and the mariners, utility player mike martinez but the doors, they would still like to bring them back. college basketball a lot of it. kent states a winner. 66-59 and they are or-two will be at northeastern. ohio state at home taking up jackson state. more clinical hits a three, 19
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7847. they are 5-0. cleveland state at number one kentucky. they came in 30 point underdog and lost by 31. roberts district brought edwards had 21. they could be the next. 101-70. pittsburg over the weekend to play for the >> carmelo anthony on line 1.
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we want to wish you a happy and safe holiday. we begin again at 4:30 am. join us back your tomorrow
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- leslie mann, jonathan groff, fallonventions,


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