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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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your -- right now at 6 if your family is like most someone will have to come out and get the last-minute thanksgiving items. tips from the experts coming up john. >> all right testify any and several people re-- tiffany. and several people are recovering after being exposed to carbon monoxide. we have the latest coming up. right now, greg is in hollie is off lynna is off danielle is off there's the pattern. greg is in for a look at the forecast. lots to do -- dudes in the studio today. goor the show. tune in it's going to look different than it typically does on channel 3 in the morning. 43 degrees in downtown cleveland. might have heard the rain overnight big rain drops and heavier downpours. this is what's left it's moving out of ashtabula county out of youngstown and trumbull and warren areas. starting to clear out as well. we are in a bit of a lull now but look what's happening to the west of us. there are additional showers now coming into lorain and
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getting the rain up towards sandusky moving up around vermilion and lorain and west lake and fairview park towards cleveland lakewood going to see the isolated showers later on this morning. 43 downtown. 46 in mansfield and temperatures are heading up thanks to a good southwest breeze. and that's going to be the pattern as we go through the day today. as you enjoy your turkey getting ready for today, last- minute errands looks good. temperatures in the 40s. rain chances scattered nothing to slow you down as you celebrate the big holiday today. john over to you. >> thank you. let's get to the news now here at 6:01. if you are like most families someone is going to need to head out to the grocery store to pick up the last-minute dinner items maybe something you forgot the first time. tf any tarpley joins -- tiffany tarpley joins us live from strongsville and grocery stores expect to see quite a few customers today. >> reporter: they are. they are expecting a steady stream of customers.
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market district in strongsville and we have seen a few people not a lot but they tell me soon enough customers will be here. make you need napkins for today. they have them. but this is a day you get that last-minute stuff and i mean maybe you need some seasoning and a basting brush and stuffing or turkey stock things like that. that's what they have here but there are things that you can do to make your shopping experience just a little bit ea and i spoke with the the best expert that i know my mother she worked at grocery store for 39 years. she is retired now but she saysyou want to make sure to have your payment ready have it read and rewards card ready as well. when you check out keep the express lanes express. don't go to the 12 items only lane with 30 items it's not
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workers. that's just a few suggestions from my mom. in the next half-hour i will have is few more and i am here to milling with greg dee and pat his -- milk for greg dee and pat his wife called and we will be busy shopping. >> you think that would happen you would get grocery lists from all of us. >> reporter: oh i know i was ready. >> you were ready. thank you. new this morning, several people were taken to got sick from carbon monoxide inelyria. 5 people have been treateded and two are in the hospital after -- treated and two are in the hospital after being exposed to carbon monoxide at lorain automotive systems. 80 pounce of cocaine were gotten off the -- pounds of cocaine were gotten off the street with one major arrest. 24 pounds of cocaine inside
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the 35-year-old is now facing several charges. also in akron a 4-month-old baby is in critical condition after he and his car seat were egeeked from a car in a -- ejected from the car seat in a crash. the ford f-350 struck the hyundai as it pulled out from an apartment complex. the impact ripped off the rear of the car along romming road in akron. both drivers suffered minor inju. a factor in the crash. an estimated 49 million are traveling for holiday weekend. that's the most since 2007. 43 million will travel by car and a lot of that is thanks to those lower gas prices. millions are pabbing airports across the country including at l.a.x. and experts say airlines are predicting the biggest thanksgiving travel season in
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extra trains for all the holiday travelers. most americans had give thanks for family and friends and others will be with coworkers. career builders annual thanksgiving survey finds one in four workers will spend the family with their work family. 28% say that they will be working today. that's an increase of 20% who were working last year. survey found those in the health care industry are most likely to be on for the final time president obama spared a turkey's life with the help of twitter users he pardoned a turkey named tot. each year in the spirit of thanksgiving the president is presented with two turkeys the one he pardons is the national turkey and while first daughtersmalia and sasha were not on hand he the president did say they -- the president did said they won't have to worry about missing the this tradition when the family leaves the white house.
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this is my final presidential pardon but what i haven't told them yet is we are going to do this every year from now on. no cameras just us every year. no way i am cutting this habit cold turkey. >> while president obama didn't pardons the other turkey which is named tater, don't worry his life will be spared. tot annotator will live and retire gracefully on virginia tech's newly built gobbler's rest. > thanksgiving traditions. some of the special guests the guys working on the show this morning will join me and talk about traditions from theirfamily. greg. >> hey john happy thanksgiving everybody. we are starting off our day with temperatures in the 40s right now. overnight rain that has now moved away. if you are planning your thanksgiving, temperatures are looking good. they will stay in the 40s. we are watching more showers from the the west though. the heaviest of the rain has moved out.
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or inside this morning. we are doing the shopping cart cam as we look at the aisles of giant eagle in strongsville. what do you need today? maybe that last-minute grocery store run. we have got you covered. we will put things in that shopping cart throughout the morning. good morning everybody.
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why did you kiss my ear. why are you holding my hand. where's your other hand. >> between two pillows. >> those aren't pillows. no. >> i know what you are thinking at home keep the movie rolling. stop with the news and let's get going with this. one of the best traditions of
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watching movies like planes trains and automobiles or just the tradition of trying to get home with the family. so we will talk about family traditions right now. joyce is watching the show. >> okay. >> good morning joyce. >> she says i am up watching the guys show and soon i will stuff the bird go to church eat and watch footballthanks for being with us this morning. john producer from earlier this morning at 5, you are now with us. david who is directing welcome to the table. >> plesh yew. >> >> frosty -- pleasure. >> thank you. >> frosty beverage. >> yes. >> we are starting new traditions. >> love it. >> okay, yes. >> david what's a tradition for you for thanksgiving. >> my level generation my cousins and my brother-in-law we get together and we have this huge video game tournament. >> do you. >> winner gets bright rights 365 and the loser have to live with the shame forever and ever and ever.
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>> i always win. here. >> very nice john. >> for me it's like a sunday with nfl games all day long. >> you watch football. >> all day. >> and you get to eat until you fall asleep because of the turkey kicking inthat's a day. >> that's a day. >> that's a special day. >> family and friends. >> greg yours has to do with shopping. >> one my favorite traditions is my family gets together and we take a family photo and we get a family photo the only time my cousin lives in australia and so my family is in europe so you don't get a chance to get us altogether until thanksgiving. so we always take the picture and i have one from every thanksgiving and the next morning, we are always black friday shopping with my dad. that's the thing. we would get up at 4 in the morning pack the car and all of christmas would be done in that two hour window. we wouldn't wait at line at 3
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growing up in connecticut driving to best buy in snowstorm. >> you had to get there. >> we had to get there. so that's what i remember. >> he had to get in his geek fix. >> the geek fix started early. >> yeah. >> i like that. you are getting us here to the next segment because you know a lot of the stores-- many stores decided we are not opening for thanksgiving. >> right. >> the regular stores the big ones are staying opened so we have a instant poll how do we >> i will go on my ipad and i am going to vote while you read the results. >> and the question is simple are you going to shop today? quick survey here at the table david are you shopping. >> of course right after work i am going. >> are you. >> i am going that's it. >> john i don't know if you can fit it with your day between football and. >> i will prepare for the games. >> so it's 1-1 shopping today?
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1:45 and they open at 6 so i think no. it will have to be tomorrow. >> and you know that's what's winning this is what you get at you get this options to vote. i just clicked no and that updated at the bottom of the screen. looks like john the nos are winning. >> they are not going to shop today. >> i like that. >> tiffany is at giant eagle so the grocery stores aring to be bessy -- busy but we are going retail. marine kyle is up consider maureen kyle says you-- maureen kyle is up and says you guys are hilarious. you are jealous you are not here. >> let's talk weather for anyone-- let's talk weather for anyone who is shopping maybe it's good day to stay in and have a video game tournament and bragging rights. >> i am going to be there david. >> i press buttons for a living so. >> hey right here.
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>> the ultimate game controller. >> i got the finishing move combo on this remote. >> who argues at thanksgiving turkey dinner. >> at least it's not politics. let's get to the weather. here's what we are talking about. cloudy skies we saw some rain move by overnight. and that is now kind of in a holding pattern there. are additional showers from the west around the lorain towards erie and huron and wellington and towards norwalk this is kind of what we will see throughout the day. a little area of passing light rain and sprinkles. this is nothing to worry about. yeah it's going to be cloudy and gray and kind of cool in the 40s but it's thanksgiving in northern ohio. this is kind of on par for what we expect this time of year. 47 mansfield. this is a preview of what all of us will see by this afternoon as southwest winds are pushing in.
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cloudy and that area of drizzle or a shower or two possible. thank goodness we are in the milder air today because as the moisture is moving into a much colder air mass upstate new york portions of central pens sane yeah look at snow -- pennsylvania. look at snowfall rochester and albany they are watching for winter weather advisories. for us in the 40s and much of ohio will just stay in the 40s and even low 50s down to ohio river valley later on today. 40s through the mog. isolated hit and miss spritz of rain not a big deal you will have to use the windshield wipers. drizzle possible too. and we will start off friday very similar to today and stay cloudy areas of drizzle but friday night heads up everybody. there's going to be lake rain and i think some inland snow. now temperatures are in the 30s this doesn't look as big an event as earlier in the week. i don't think accumulations are going to be a kesh but it's just going to turn wet --
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sunday we take break upper 40s for your temperatures then. and another storm system approaches next week. that one is going to take a track to the west and that means rain chances and much milder temperatures too as we move into the start of next week. actually looking pretty good out there. >> temperatures not bad though. >> no not too bad. 50s to start next week. not bad for november. a couple shout outs rick is joining us saying i am up and watching my tradition family dinner at my home with cocktails at 3 p.m. >> there you go. >> didn't say anything about an invitation. eve says enjoying the show he thanks for wochg happy thanksgiving. >> we -- working. happy thanksgiving. it's geek fix. >> we will do this very, very quickly. i want to tell you if you head out this morning and need an app on the phone or device it's called the flip coupon app you put in your zip code and it down loads every coupon with
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local retailer. so if you are going out there and you don't know what you are going to get it has the black friday ads in the app and automatically gives you all the coupons that are available for the stores. and it's based on zip code so even if the store doesn't have online coupons this thing will finite. >> how about that. >> flip coupon app. we will do biggest winners today here with the biggest biners i -- win he is for the -- winners for the day. the jets season guys every player on the team scored. >> there you go. >> that's bald scoring undefeated season. players are second and third gradeers from hillsdale elementary school. and the coaches are joe justin and cliew and great job and con- - klu and great job and congratulations. >> if they have a quarterback they should step in for the jets. >> that's a jets tweam no trouble. the other one if you want to
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stars e-them to me morning or tweet them to me at john wkyc. we had the shopping poll and here it was mixed. here are the the results right now. 85% of you at home say you are not going to shop today. >> yeah. >> taking today off. >> you can vote and see the results update live at the bottom of the screen. many of you staying home today. i like that. >> i do too. >> family first on thanksgivi tradition when we come back because if you are staying home you can watch on nbc to new york live where they are getting ready and here's a live picture right now of the 9 0th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. jay, jay gray is going to join us live. greg. >> and weather out your window he this morning. here's what we are looking at. this shot is the back door from jeff looking out the back door
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this was earlier this week. the dog out there having a lot of fun jeff thanks so much for sending that in. no snow in the forecast for today. there may be some in the holiday weekend forecast. details on that coming up in a little bit. >> we are-sighted to party could be -- we are invited to the party cocktails at 3. happy
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and welcome back. 6:23. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to stef who says no could be aing here just relaxing and watching you guys. stef we appreciate that. we hope you have a happy thanksgiving with your family today. let's check had with jay gray live at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city where i would imagine it's pretty busy already this
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jay happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: yeah back to youjohn a lot of excitement and energy building. the last couple hours before we get into the parade. get underway here people making sure everything is ready including things like the floats here. it will be led by tom turkey as it is every year. and that is the great news this is how you want to start off your thanksgiving morning right? with a big old turkey. more than two dozen floats and you have the giant giant balloons as you can see behind me here. just beyond the two stars the macy's stars, you've got thebaldhead of charlie brown who is leading the balloon charge here. we will have bands and clowns and everything you would expect as you get the parade started here. again, we are a few hours away. strong police presence on the ground so security is a big deal more than 3,000 officers a
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task force but no credible threat according to federal agents dhoa. this every year to -- agents. they do this every year to make sure it's safe. john i got a pretty good seat and i will watch the parade. >> hang out there for the whole parade thanks so much and happy thanksgiving and we hope you get to spend a lot of it with your family as well. thanks so much. >> reporter: thanks. >> jay is always working holidays for news good assignment to be on. >> it is. thanksgiving the macy's thanksgiving day parade maybe you are watching with your family af always a good show. >> travel weather. there may be family coming in especially if you have family in state driving in from columbus or youngstown or dayton. look at that forecast. it's actually not looking bad. they won't run into rain until they are closer to cleveland and they are just isolate showers. the rest of the area is pretty dry. region wide maybe you have somebody flying in today. chicago looks okay. cloudy philadelphia and charlotte looks good and nationwide, man going south was
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thanksgiving. look at the forecast las vegas denver dallas atlanta orlando 60, 70s and 80s withy skies. can't get better than that -- cloudy skies can't get better than that. >> orlando a popular spot greg thanks. 6:26. coming up back to tiffany at giant eagle as she joins the last-minute thanksgiving day
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happy thanksgiving. and thank you for being with us i am john anderson lynna is off greg is in for who will cry with the forecast coming up in a moment. but first here's a look at some of the stories we have been following for you. several people were taken to the hospital after reportedly getting sick from carbon monoxide in elyria. 5 people treated and two are in the hospital after being expokesed to -- exposed to carbon monoxide. 70 employees were there at the time of the incident. akron police got of cocaine off the streets with one major arrest. officers report they found 24 pounds of cocaine inside jerry davis junior's car earlier thismonth and found another 50 pound in the new franklin home. the drugs have a street value of 3 million dollars. 35-year-old is now facing several charges. a 4 mong old baby is in critical condition after he and his car seat were ejected from a car in a crash.
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as it was pulling out of an apartment complex. the impact ripped off the rear of the car along roaming road in akron. both drivers suffered minor injuries and investigators say speed may be a factor in that crash. 6:31 let's check had with greg to get a look at that turkey day forecast now. and i know there's a big race this morning too a lot of runners will be taking part. >> the turkey trot run. not doing it this year. too late in the morning for me. i got too much prep but a lot of you will be out this. what great family race and it's not -- what a great family race. and it's not too late. it's 1 mile run and 5k and southwest wind 5 to 10 and isolated shower or two and temperatures in the 40s. there's a great finishers medal a long sleeve t-shirt and you can bring your dogs or a stroller the whole family can get involved. and than you feel better about eating the seconds and third
6:32 am
five miles will burn a good 600 calories and that's a single plate probably erased from what you will eat today. look out to the west. there are a couple isolated showers. they will get through before the turkey trot run in downtown cleveland. they are moving by now through lorain county in cuyahoga county in the next 30 minutes light quick showers that's the pattern for today. no big washouts or flooding and no winter weather to worry about. temperatures generally in the 40s now. and it will sneak up through afternoon. thanks to a southwest breeze which will makey feel cooler there could be some gusts over 20. 43 to 48 we will watch for the it lace the -- isolated shower and sprinkle chances as we go through the rest of the day. the storm system spinning around off to the north. we will take a look at where it's going coming up in your full forecast in a few minutes. and another storm system in another area of rain that we will be watching for in your holiday forecast.
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minutes. >> thank you. time is 6:33. just hours from now families will get together to enjoy thanksgiving. and that means most of the kitchen preps are happening right now. we have been hearing from many of you on social media saying you are up and you are starting the preparation. tiffany tarpley has been in strongsville getting ready as the grocery stores are getting ready for the last-minute rush. hi tiffany. >> reporter: hi john. we have been showing you around the market district here in strongville all morning long. and now we are produce department. you can see the workers are stocking getting ready for the day. lots to do here and people are busy. i was able to stop cindy for a minute i wanteded her to talk to me she is from strongsville what brings you here. >> picking up a few groceries and we are heading to findlay and git to take the vegetables and dessert and salad. >> reporter: you have a lot.
6:34 am
findly to columbus tomorrow so that's the list for the tailgate. i have to make jambalaya. >> reporter: why shop today why didn't you do it a couple days ago? >> i have been working. we were on vacation last week so i had a lot of catching up to do at work so, you know 6 in the morning coo good time to get --morning is a good time to get in here and it's not too crowded and you can make up for time i guess you know about that right. >> reporter: i sure do i know all about it. thanks so much cindy shopping and have a great thanksgiving and one thing you can do cindy mentioned it, if you need to get to the grocery store get here early. john. >> 6 a.m. is a great time to do it. and we have a big football game to get ready for. thanks so much tiffany. many people are spending the day giving to those in need st. augustine church in treemont will serve thanksgiving meals to those less tort any. over 21,000 people will be served on the imrowntdz of the church and volume un-- grounds of the church and volunteers
6:35 am
to home bound an those withdiseablghts. they have been -- disabilities. they have been preparing and distributing meals for more than 40 years. greater mount calvary church in cleveland garfield heights unite methodist church and michael's family restaurant in rocky river are some of the places that will open their doors today to help out. for more information visit our website you might not be concerned bur diet during thanksgiving dinner look at how calories all the favorites contain. eating two to three slices of turkey is 424 calories. want stuffing that's about 320 calories. green bean casserole is 361. you could eat more than 3100 calories with just one plate today. not that most of us will let that stop us from digging in because it's a special occasion. the crew abore the
6:36 am
the international space station will -- space station will celebrate the traditional dinner. >> this is our turkey in a pouch. we will heat it up and it will taste good leek you are having at -- like you are having at home a few more items. we have cherry blueberry cobbler for dessert and that's going to be awesome. >> and other items they will have on menu cannedied yams mashed potatoes and grain beans. mission control will send up won't miss the games. when bellies are full and thanksgiving is a memory westart another special time kicking into high gear. families choose a live christmas tree as part of the holiday tradition. carly flynn morgan visited a christmas tree farm to show us what goes no into growing. >> white spruce blue spruce
6:37 am
every inch of the 300 acre farm in ashtabula county. jeff and doug's far started thepart-time business a family affair for more than 6 decades. >> it's fun at christmas seeing people we see every year. some customers have been with us for 40 years. >> reporter: these two as well as three other siblings kids nieces and nephews tend to the farm year-round planting in the spring trimming over the summers and harvesting before thanksgiving. >> they grow about a foot a year. >> reporter: it takes 7 or 8 years for the trees to reach 7 feet tall. with 15,000 to raise this family knows how to treat a tree. this is what you can do to make yours last. before you put it in the stand, take a fresh cut on the trunk. >> we tell people they have about an hour to get it into water. >> reporter: give it plenty of water. >> there's some trees that will drink a gallon of water in a day. >> reporter: keep your house as cool as possible to keep the
6:38 am
heat source. >> smells like an orange. >> reporter: the gregs sell the trees on eddie road in willoughby hills and they are happy to make christmas their business and provide tradition for families in northeast ohio. >> you can't get a smell of a christmas tree from a artificial tree. there's nothing like a real tree in the house. >> reporter: the gregs have cared for the trees for years. follow their advice and yours will last well through the holiday season. in ashtabula carly channel 3 news. >> okay. still lots to come we are talking deals.>> reporter: door busters live. all on and three times you want to watch that's coming up after the break but first, i mean this is a man show. now over to my favorite man greg dee good morning. >> happy thanksgiving to you and everyone at home. we are starting off with cloudy skies this morning. that rain overnight that's gone and i think we will see couple isolated showers through the
6:39 am
not a washout. you will be able to get outside and do whatever you need to do to get ready for the big holiday gathering this afternoon. 46 for the afternoon temperature. we are tracking more rain and even some snow in the forecast details on that coming up good morning john. >> good morning greg thank you. and winter is not that far away. the annual coats for kids campaign is gearing up in cleveland now through early january donate new or gently used winter coats of all sizes at variety of location hanna office and td garden centers wkyc is a sponsor of this drive providing warm coats for kids across northeast ohio. for more information go to
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all right. you know what that is. like the day before the super bowl right here for matt granite.
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get enough food. >> reporter: i what lot of chicken and ate coleslaw from the floor. >> nice recap. we have an instant poll question go to and you hit votenow and you can-- when do you shop for your spouse. >> reporter: apparently you shop for your spouse at 6 p.m. according to the graphic. >> there you go. black friday weekend is off and running with the first look when do you buy for your early or wait until the last- minute that's what we are after. >> reporter: the smart shoppers and wonderful people watching right now hopefully know you don't need a lineup we have you covered on every door buster and major deal. three times to watch take a look. other than all the deals that have dropped 6 p.m. big screen tv deals will be online by that point midnight apple deals and gaming systems drop and the next time to watch is when stores get desperate at will in the morning. but -- 8 in the morning.
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posted to at the lowest prices completed the cyber monday dealist. i will ask the producer to show me items i want to showcase what is dropping. pass me a item. >> i will be the your vanna white. >> reporter: beats by dre wireless lowest recorded prices is on the website. keep it going you are an excellent vanna. this is the 130 dollar item down t89 favorite tablet deal of the year, the 55 dollar hd and 33 dollar tablets that's on and the blue tooth speakers open the box and be a real vanna. this is a smash proof water proof and the full door buster list for amazon and all your other retailers we have tv
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wkyy.cosm. john well-done. >> yeah -- john, well-done. >> i could use john when it was time to bring in the coleslaw and you wouldn't have to eat it off the floor. >> reporter: i didn't know that was your work. >> i didn't know you are a huge fan of coleslaw that's one thing i learned. >> reporter: i love my sweet cabage. >> all right we will talk health news now how about that you good with that. with a chill in the air that means for a lot of people they are then suffering with eczema in the home remedy segment we look at remedies around >> reporter: little leonardo is 3 months old. already dealing with a skin issue millions struggle with daily. >> it looks like eczema and you can see that it's usually discolored and a little bit this area looks different than that and it's thicker and rayed and bumpy. >> reporter: this adorable baby is my baby. you don't think he is in pain. >> he would display that. >> reporter: i wanted to make sure what i used to treat his
6:46 am
many doctors prescribe patients of all ages hydro core cortisone but this do recommends against it. >> it makes it go away on the skin but it comes out someplace else in the body. the most commonplace is in the lungs and comes out as asthma which is keeper and more difficult for somebody to treat. >> reporter: dr. harris says it can lead to problems in the gut like irritable bowl syndrome. he suggest turning to your kitchen cabinet for >> raw honey that hasn't been heated and what it has in it is enzymes and antibacterial agents as well as it seems to be very helpful for healing wounds. >> reporter: coconut and shea butter keeps it moist to keep it from cracking and bleeding and for another cure grab the oatmeal. >> what the oatmeal can do is absorb whatever toxin the body is trying to get out and help
6:47 am
internet shows a the lot ofcreels on the market. it's safer and cheaper to start healing from home. >> thanks for that. couple viewers watching. >> i tweeted so someone should tweet us back. >> jody says happy thanksgiving been a fun morning watching youcrazy guys. betty ann says get a getting ready for family and friends coming in for thanksgiving. our wedding is on saturday socongratulations to betty ann. >> where is the exactly?tweet me at greg dee weather. >> and you will get a forecast. >> you may want to hear this would be. this is what -- this one this is what you get in northeast ohio in late november. >> stories for years. >> love the stories. you may get a good one depending where the wedding is. i've got your forecast for your wedding too. here's what we are looking at at the radar. congratulations by the way. we are looking at a couple
6:48 am
county. lorain county and more rain over the lake. and a closer look strongsville where tiffany is at the giant eagle. a couple light sprinkles moving n oberlin had sprinkles lorain had showers towards vermilion avon west lake it's going through the bay and down towards lakewood as it approaches downtown cleveland. widely scattered. 5 minutes of light rain at th off through the afternoon but southerly winds will push the temperatures well up there. this morning, the southerly winds will give you a wind chill in the upper 30s so if you are coming down to the turkey trot long sleeves and long pants. humidity is going to stay high throughout the day. so if you are running out there trying to get the exercise before you pile in the food this afternoon. you are going to get hot pretty quickly.
6:49 am
we are looking fine thanks. typical november weather. thank goodness this moved to the east because look at the snow he now out in the alleghenies and upstate new york finger lakes they have winter weather advisories up for temperatures there only in the 30s. we are in the 40s and we will stay that way for the rest of tonight. and here's the forecast. we will breakdown your thanksgiving hour by hour starting off at 9:30. last-minute run to the grocery store looking goodched the cl-- good. 9:s gets going. notice the temperature doesn't change downtown cleveland all afternoon. basically stays at 46. that's what we have got. clouds will kind of keep the temperatures stable and stays dry through friday morning and into friday afternoon. now friday night, here is what i am talking about lasting into saturday. we will get a wind off the lakeand lake-effect. most of it is rain but it will be inland and high elevation
6:50 am
last into the day on saturday and there's the window nation extended forecast. we are talking 40s and 30s on saturday. that mix and sunday is the best day of the holiday weekend. heading home, perfect travel day here around northern ohio. and next week temperatures warm up into the 50s with heavy rain likely on tuesday. doggone weather this morning. this is bowser good morning bowser and he has green paws as he loves helping me when i mario thanks for sending that in i love a dog that likes to help out. he he does have little grown paws for the frshly cut grass he likes doing yard work. he likes to get involved. good morning houser happy thanks giving. >> we are asking the question on instant polling when do you shop for your spouse right away black friday and start doing it then wait a while here are the
6:51 am
voting. black friday, 33%. >> okay. >> 13% christmas eve. already bought it. 64%. >> wow. that surprises me. >> yeah. >> you think that's the ladies for husbands or husbands for wives? >> look i've done shopping before on december 23rd that's the wives who have bought for the husbands okay. >> i think so too. >> it's like guys-- >> it's like christmas is a month away. the guys out there. weather some bonus black friday deals before you walk out the door that's coming up. >> guys listen up. >> we have another segment to go we will go to tiffany and she is out there at the grocery store or is it just us? there she is. >> reporter: we finally made our way here to the check out. and coming up, we are going to let you know some tips before you head to the grocery store for that last-minute
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
you start your -- we start your morning rush with last- minute thanksgiving shopping at the check out at giant eagle market in strongsville. we have tips from you from the experts my mom a 39 year cashier now retired she says make a list before you come to the store. and she also says make sure you check the store ads and ask cash years and workers questions. that is what they are here for
6:55 am
here in strongsville they will be closing at 4:00. of course these workers they want to spend that time with their families matt. >> reporter: bonus time for the last-minute shoppers on every major door buster is live. 30 dollar fire tv stick one of these 30 bucks and one of these bad boys or bad girls 36. you can skip the lines spend today with i have my family and they are look wonder newly a great time this is fun. >> matt kevin has been watching this morning from ontario. across the lake and says loves the informal format happy thanksgiving to the guys. >> reporter: i love you thank you. >> let's get more katherine says happy thanksgiving thanks for the great laughs today. she must have been watching another show. just kidding but we had fun and guys thanks for being hereand,
6:56 am
us on the air and we couldn't do it with the great ladies here too. >> happy thanksgiving hopefully you have are great one with your friends and family. >> there's gail. >> hey gail happy thanksgiving. >> hi gail. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news. take channel 3 news and weather with you wherever you go text wkyy to 25543 right now to down
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good morning. unprecedented. security stepped up across new york city with the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade about to get under way. a record 3,000 police officers at the ready as 3 million people gather for the festivities. we'll talk to the nypd's new up to speed? donald trump's holiday message. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> as officials reveal he's turned down several intelligence briefings since winning the white house. this as trump picks a second woman for his cabinet. mixed reactions to his new controversial choice already pouring in. freak accident.


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