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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shot at the other vehicle, and they took one gentlemen off on the gurney. >> reporter: you can see the car that that gentlemen was taken from a car still resting against the fence. that car ramming into the fence along burke lake front airport again. we don't have few many details other than what that witness is telling us. police haven't spoken to us yet, but we know at the two cars were head heed westbound before dead man's curve when the driver of a red jeep wi shot into another vehicle. we don't know whether it struck the driver, but certainly as you can imagine having to barrel across these two roads here, and ending fun that fence, that certainly could be enough to cause injury on its own. we'll stay on top of this and bring you details on compare on- line, as soon as we know horse. back to you. >> if you are a month the millions of americans hit it will the road this weekend, or really any time these days, there's a growing threat out there that police want you to
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lookout for. place across the state are watching for impaired drivers, particularly in the morning and early afternoon hours. those times are being called the heroin rush hour. odot said the state has seen a 25% increase in drugged driving crashes since 2012, with more than 3500 drug-driving crashes already this year alone. much more on this growing trend tonight on channel 3 news at 11:00. well, the frenzy continues. after millions of americans bowled through store doors hoping to get great deals last night and this morning, we were out at toys 'r' us in parma, where parents searched for the hottest gift, the hatchable, and there were none on the shelf, but thought didn't stop
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don has the latest. >> reporter: personally, i was trying to avoid it at all costs, like die every year, but i have taken one from the team and thrown myself into the middle of the mad tons take the pulse for you of the holiday shopper 2016. take a look here live. you can sit at home and basket ins this from the comfort of your home. there is expected tu increase in holiday sales this year, staying americans will -- saying americans will spent $655 billion in the period between this coming day and upcoming sunday. 6 out of 10 of you are expected to be out and about doing hole day shopping. that translates to about 137 million million americans. some of those millions of americans doing their part
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which makes kurt reddick here, a happy man. you're estimating maybe 8 times the number of people here than on a regular day. >> depending on the time of year, yes. it's a great day. the crowds have been fantastic, both last night and tonight. we're very happy with the start of the season. shoppers have been very enthusiastic. it's been great. >> reporter: and kurt said actually that if if this is any indication today, you said probably this is going to sure. >> it's one day, but it's a very encouraging start. so we're very excited. >> and we were talking to people here. we'll have more at 7:00, and again at 11:00, but they truly are, ever person we talked to, spending more than last year. they're already in here. made you a happy enough man you were giving high pressure fives around the house. >> that's great, yes. and i i would encourage them, if you're going to spend, spend here at south park mall.
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fiving the shoppers here. back to you. >> thanks, dawn, have fun out there. >> maybe you not all of your holiday shopping done today. if if you didn't, you might want to peruse facebook marketplace from the comfort of your own couch. the social media so it's recently launched a designated place where you can buy and sell things. we look at how it's saving people money in our area. >> every dollar matters, sofy can save money in on even a few items, it's a win. >> reporter: two turned to buy-sell-swap sites to find a deal,ial and hely around the hole did days. >> reporter: they have huge lists, so anything kind to save more than on those lists, you know, helps me. >> reporter: hillary discovered facebook marketplace about a month are two ago go. on the flip side she lifted brand-new beats headphones for
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she sold everything from a kitchen aid to children's clothing. >> kids stuff is huge. 0 our patio furniture. >> reporter: repurposes the night stand and posted it here on facebook marketplace for $149. it's here at transitional treasures in broad view heights, to not in someone's living room, but an actual business. >> a lot of businesses have jumped on the bandwagon. >> repr: shop connected to add seen inquire moving and downsiding business. >> the have women's clothing, jewelry, all kinds of furniture. >> on these particular facebook buy ask sell pages, they're looking for things that are a good price, a good bargain, and so i kind of look for those kind of things to post right there. >> reporter: like hillary, steve also purchases on facebook marketplace. >> a gas powered lawn edger. >> so from buying to selling,
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continues to connect. this time with the community marketplace. and facebook isn't your only option for getting great dealing on local items. tomorrow is small business saturday. a day in which you are encouraged to shop at local businesses. this is the 6th year for the annual event, launched obviouslily by the credit card company american express. >> a group of cleveland students is inner that small building, kids enrolled in peace in the hoods art program black friday sale. students were selling everything from acrylic painting to jewelry and craft items. pretty cool. well, the akron zoo is in the holiday spirit, too. the wild lights are are back
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you can have your picture taken with jolly old saint nick, also. the lights stay on now through december 30th. and speaking of family fun, you might want to check out to the new akron children's museum, which just evened today 0. as manny abranham shows us, this zoo has found a way to make for interactive play. >> reporter: you can actually touch all of the items display. we felt like this was something that akron really needed, so we knew that we wanted to make it a reality. >> reporter: bet and i ryan wanted something their kids could get their hands on. they opened their imagination, and that simple dream turned their vision into a reality, at the new akron children's museum, where the kid can have fun, and not even realize they're learning in the
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concepts about physics and engineering, but really just picking legos, and reing to build a car that goes faster. >> reporter: and it's a chance for kids to learn about akron's history, which makes lock 3 a perfect back lock for the museum. >> this is going to be a game- changer for akron. he thought it would be so amazing to have that experience of really changing in the landscape. >> we saw it comes this past summer, and we were excited about it. we en this is exciting. >> reporter: there are more than a dozen exhibits here, and it's expected to grow and rotate, so we will see new exhibits throughout the year. some even connected to akron's rich history. tomorrow is when the magic begins in cleveland, as winter fest is back in renovated public square. danielle will he help host the
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now on >> next at 6:00, thank bite make something extra cash to help pay for christmas presents this year? look carefully. our scam squad is protecting you from phone degree holiday hires -- phony holiday heres. >> and as we look ahead, there will be some brighter skies coming. i'll have the latest on your forecast coming up. plus we are hono florence henderson. how the world is remembering her. and here is what is coming up tonight on nbc nightly news. >> ahead for us on nightly news this even week full coast to coast wrap-up of black friday, and why so much is banking on it. just how close did france come to another terror attack? we have the details on a plot thwarted in the nick of time. more on that and all of the
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coming up at 7:00, black friday deals are still out there. we did a stump check, and will tell you what deals you can
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what a lovely lady she was. tonight the world is remembering one of america's favorite tv moms florence henderson who died from heart failure last night surrounded by her four children. she is, of course, best known for her role as carol brady on the hit 70s favorite, the brady bunch. she was 82 years old. much more on the passing of florence henderson ahead tonight on nightly news. the green party and it's former presidential candidate jill stein are calling for a recount of votes in wisconsin tonight. they campaign filed paperwork with thes we with elections commission, along with the $1.1
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recount lawyers and is computer experts urged for an investigation of the election in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. >> a new development now in the june 2015 deadly shooting in charleston. the man accused of killing nine people there will stand trial. a location heel judge in south carolina ruled today, dylann roof is competent enough to face trial. he has been federally indicted on 33 counts in the murders jury selection if his death penalty murder case is set to begin on monday. well, earlier this week, we told you how cuyahoga county has set up a new scam squad, and everytry we'll be sharing tips. tonight, andrew pulling dibble duty this holiday week, shows us how bad guys are cashing in on the holidays, and what you can do about it. >> reporter: it a may be the
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scammers are out for the taking. cheryl harris heads up the county's new scam squad, which has a warning for job seekers who post resumes on-line. >> you'll get an e-mail that tells you we need gift wrapping help, and it looks like it comes from a store that you know, and when yousen, they send you an e-mail say i don't go view to go to this website and fill out our application, and the application asks you for all sorts of personal information, like your bank account number so they you, your social security number. >> reporter: another seasonal scam, history shopping. >> people will get e-mails or letters telling them they've been selected to be a mystery shopper. >> reporter: they'll then receive what they think is a check for items, only to 0 it have bounce. also, be wary of calls from bogus charities. >> there are forecasts who there call and use sound-alike
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before, but won't be be with that charity. >> reporter: also don't be pressured into making quick financial decision over the phone. a red flag anytime of year. >> if you suspect something a scam, or you want to report one, you cahn call the scam squad. we also have tips on how to avoid being scammed on our website, >> well, betsy, you said it, a little bit gray out there today. didn'tow counsel, i'm sure, but what do we have in store for the rest of this weekend? >> i think the good news is there will be improving conditions, but we're going to kind of have to go down a little bit before we come back up. and by going down, i do mean that the tells will go down -- the temperatures will go down. temperatures holding steady up. ourer 30s presently, right around 40, and rain showers coming down. everyone in downtown cleveland getting ready for winterfest
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should be a nice evening for it, very festive. no major showers going on, at least for now. temperatures are holding in the 30s inland. we have 41 along the lake shore, and it will just be kind of a cool and damp evening for us. there is cooler air aloft, and at the surface just to the west of bus somebody that will he start to move in as we go through the latter part of the night tonight. that will help to kicked off more scattered showers. you can see here in in michigan how these rain showers are coming down wof we will pick up some lake enhancement, and a bit of a wind shift will drive those showers further inland. a lot of cloud cover going to be around, so just don't count on seeing sunshine, but did you see how we start to see the rains changes over to a mix, and shen snow showers in the higher terrain areas west of cleveland. and those rain showers will be coming down as we go through the night tonight. now, wire not only in the primary snow belt here.
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get into portions of lorraine county, northern summit, and northern portage, so keep that in mind. s they will condition as we go through a good part of the morning tomorrow. late day, we should start to see this backing off, but it's not going to be like somebody flips a switch i, suddenly the sunshines. looks like we're going to be stuck in the clouds. but late day, probably after the sun sets, unfortunately, we will start to get some drier air in here. that will help to break up the clouds, and then once into sunday, it looks like we're going to start to shut down these rain chances. we starts to get drier air pushing in, even though we still have those slim chances for that rain continuing out to the east. temperatures in the low 30s to start the day on sunday, but then we start to get that sun coming in, and that should help he us out quite a bit. i think temperatures will make us into the low and mid-40s. the sun still does it's thing.
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does not look any lyle any travel problems in ohio for this sunday. so that's good news. we have this rain-he snow mix changeover tonight. it is generally in the primary snow belt areas. we need to get up into the colder air to allow that accumulation to happen,, and it's really nothing for these snow built areas out to the east to get an inch. so it's not go doing be too bad for us. you're window nation forecast has highs tomorrow only in the low 40s. but then a nice jump coming our way on sunday, as we dry things out. upper 40s expected with partly sunny skies. rain chances will be on the increase late monday. this will be a southern storm system that comes our way. it's bringing warmer air with it. that's the jump into the upper 50s on tuesday, but rain and wind is likely will hang out in the 50s, and upper 40s on wednesday, and then cool it back down into the low to mid- 40s as we dry things out thursday and friday of next
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there yet, sunday looks like a decent day. >> sunday is nice. >> yeah. i is a o saw a lot of people with trees on their cars today. >> i saw that, too. >> so maybe the rain helps to kind of 0 wash the dust off and all of that. >> winter is here, which means the annual coats for kids campaign is gearing fun cleveland. from now through early january, you can donate new or gently used winter coats from all sizes and a variety of locations including malls, and the t.d. garden centers. we sponsor this annual coat drive, which provides warm coats for children across northeast ohio. for more information, you can go to coast for kids's website --
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al joins us for sports on this lovely black friday. thanks for being here. it's a good night to come downtown, because the cavs have a pretty good chance tonight, right? >> i would say it's pretty good against the dallas mavericks, who simply are not very good. the cavaliers will play their second game in three nights as
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mavericks to "the q" to close out their home stand. they are coming off their hist he oric night on wednesday, when kevin love hit 8 three- pointers in the first quarter, and totaled 34 points. lebron james also chipped in with his 44th career triple- double, and cleveland the best team in the east with an 1-2 record. the -- 11-2 record. the mavericks their the worst team in the nba. only two wins. sad news, though, the cavs will he tonight. his father -- channing frye tonight. his father passed away yesterday. >> the browns will be hosts the giants, looking for their first victory of the season. they have lost 29 of their last 32 games, including 14 straight. they have not won a game since last december 13th. that's almost a year, but despite outline of that, hur hue jackson is determined to right the ship.
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anything i've ever wanted to do, and i will do that, with the help of everyone else here if in this organization. there's no question in my mind. i do not like being 0-11, but there's a reason why i'm here, and i'm not running from it, and i understand everything we're dealing with, and we're going to get this right. >> well, we are now just one day away from the game in columbus tomorrow between ohio state and michigan. for the if first time in a long time, everyt be on the line. this will be the 113th meeting between these two schools. really none bigger than this one. they're playing for a share of the big 10 east division title, the right to go to the conference championship game in incidence next month, and berth in the -- indianapolis next month, and a berth in the play- offs. no matter what the records say, though, it's all about bragging rights.
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the top 5, both teams, i don't think it's changed. we're approaching it like it's really big, but not being because of the rankings. >> lebron jameses and the entire cavs team plan to attend tomorrow's game before they head to philadelphia to take on the sixers on sunday. the king is a huge buckeyes fan. he has attended many games in the past. he said this game has been on his bucket list. well, he gets to fullful that illinois this afternoon. third quarter, flash is down 14- 7. earnest calhoun with the 57- yard score, and the game is tied, but the huskies would go back to went 31-21, as they beat kent state this afternoon. so the flash finishes the season 3-8, and have lost this much last 3. but the cavs 11-2. best in the east.
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we are all back tonight at 7:00, the nbc nightly news is justs away.
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? >> tonight, black friday frenzy. tens of millions hit the store in person and online, but not everything goes as planned. why must-sell may mean life and death for some retailers. found alive, a woman emerges in northern california nearly lee weeks after her pa the details still largely a mystery. daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life of florence henderson for her years on "the brady bunch" and so much more. and a thanksgiving


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