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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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toledo. with the help of a k9, the 31- year-old driver went to drill. ohio attorney general announced the price -- freeze for narcan. he met with the provider to see how to keep it available and affordable. it will make sure more agencies have the truck on hand. it could between left and -- life and death. ohio is the only state in the country to secure this with the company. police need your help tonight for two robberies. first, the us bank. two young men approached a bank teller and handed him a note. demanding money. he took the money and ran away. they ran west. you can anonymously call in
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with the number on your screen. second, a man in three others robbed a verizon wireless store in highland heights. officers say the men demanded cash from the safe as well as electronics and ran off at the money. highlands highs police are trying to identify these guys. anything else that can help in that case. a 13-year-old west lake it is believed she could be in lorain county. she left a friend's home and has not been seen since. she has been known to run away, but she also takes medication and has not had it in for days. if you recognize her from the photo, please call police. turning to politics, here
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transition news. you might've missed over the holiday, is hilary golston. >> reporter: now that the turkey is digested and black friday shopping is done. we are turning our attention to president-elect donald trump's transition. i know you may have missed some important considerations. the possible appointments. were going to walk you through it. president elect donald trump with what comes next. let's review what we know, it requires the confirmation of the education secretary betty to about. she is a long time advocate for school vouchers. critics say she steers public dollars away from traditional public schools. secretary is eight, a big cabinet appointment.
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>> reporter: mayor julie does giuliani is in the running. they are not giving a hint as what way he will go. tweeting what we must do to a night is all than what divides us. >> a man who chooses not to disavow the [ null ], >> ambassador to the united nation. these are the first female pics. >> is my prayer that on this thanksgiving week he'll divisions and move forward as one country. >> reporter: diversity and unity is what he speaking of. >> a billionaire at the front of the line, secretary of
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james mattis could be the favorite. remember, all of these appointments have to be confirmed. by the senate. in politics, the greene party jill stein are calling for a recount of votes in wisconsin. the campaign filed a order with the election commission. the $1.1 million to fund the recount. this others to recount the election in some states. coming up, the story of a lovely lady, a tribute to actress and brady bunch start florence henderson. some of the hottest gifts already sold out. we will tell you how they can still get your hands on some of the popular twice. weather stations, and
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we will give you an update on the weather.
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lovely lady who is bringing up three very lovely girls. >> were remembering eight favorite tv mom, florence henderson. she died of heart failure last night. she is best known as the her role for carol brady. florence henderson was 82 years old. if you do not find what you are looking for, on black friday, popular twice like the nintendo classic quickly sold out. can still get our hands on those. reporter: hottest things to come around, nintendo's. again. walmart has had chewables for 48. 88. and 59. 99 fred nintendo's. you have to keep checking back. and if you catch them on the web, you can pick it up in
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store. you have pickup service you cannot even get out of your car. >> reporter: they are flying off the shelf. like many black friday favorites, you have a pretty strategic. the time to go into the store is behalf for the still. -- sale. you can even get notified of the shipments through the store apps downloaded right to your phone. you have to be ready to pounce. all-stars tossed they trickle the products throughout the day and weekend. so not finding one of try it does not mean you will get it later. timing is everything. >> tomorrow is also small business saturday, so several lowe said -- local business are asking for incentives for online. to encourage you to shop local businesses. it is the sixth year for the annual event. biafran z was in the holiday spirit after a 16 year
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are back. a mix of life -- wildlife and traditional displays. they are up now through december 30. from 5:00 to 9:00 each night. tomorrow is when the magic begins in cleveland. winterfest activities are back. general threes reporters there to host the kickoff. we have a list on a little ice-skating on public square, will the day cooperate? >> things are looking good for winterfest. for a game that happened at noon tomorrow. i think it looks fantastic. mostly cloudy analyte trees. temperatures in the low 40s. if you are headed the game called to make sure you have a good jacket with you. the weather will not be a big
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of weather. it is low moving through right now. a wave of energy. we have had some wet snowflakes mixing and from time to time. this is back out to the west until lorain county. you probably won't have some snow and one half to have just it will be coming and going. as we go through the night this little wave will move out. this is where he might have light accumulation to start the day tomorrow. it will continue on and off for periodic rain and snow. i mentioned flurries of the top
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year. towards pennsylvania. there is a disturbance in the upper part of the atmosphere moving through, but the wind has been generally out of the west. usually will take it out of play, but the difference is that the surface winds will be out of the southwest. just above the surface is a northwest wind. is very much a blake at play. we will continue have the lake effect is again in the day tomorrow. if you are tt early, pick up some small business saturday deals, you're going to get some snow showers. and/or rain showers. temperatures in the 30s. low 40s for the afternoon but look at how the lake you scored. remember we're dealing with just above the surface, it really opens up the lake. late in the day, those winds
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are surfaced when are more westerly. it will come back around two more westerly direction as well. meanwhile, drier air will come in from the west at 9 pm. while we're still dealing with rain and snow mixed to the east, we will start to see breaks in the overcast. we are going with a partly cloudy day on sunday. how much still, i project that will not be maybe a coating up to an inch, possibly two, and some of these persistent snow showers coming down. especially to the east. for tomorrow we are anticipating seeing cloudy skies. and rain and snow showers thrown in from time to time. it will be in the 40s for the afternoon. the forecast shakes out like this. upper 40s sunday, then 50s return. as we get into tuesday,
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coming up, the red-hot cab, back in action tonight. taking on the worst team in basketball.
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pawlowski and with good news. >> i have some good news. it was a fun night over the queue. when the cavs are rolling they are rolling. they were posting the worst team in the nba. you can imagine how this one went tonight it was kind the irving stern, look at that layup. that was 19 in the first quarter. 25 for the night. a big night for him. 27 points, 10 rebounds. he had 19 points and 11 six.
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they take on michigan before holding to columbia on sunday. to take on the sixers. we are about 12 1/2 weeks from this game. tomorrow between ohio state and michigan. this will be the 113th meeting between these two schools. they are playing for their share of the big division title. is a championship game in indianapolis. it is in the college football in the playoffs. the wolverines, armed rain third. >> our guys are better than your guys. is one of those kind of things were we will do our best. and prepared to make sure we win. from a good football team to a rough one, they lost.
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the browns are looking for their first win of the season. >> this is been their first -- worst season ever. neither here the team are going to throw in the towel. >> this is an opportunity. we get a get ready to go for sunday. high school football, state semi. st. ignace taking. the travis pop 44 yard touchdown 14 -- nothing wildcats. quarterback, patrick ryan, this time rushing. 69 yards.
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there at the shoe in columbus looking for the 12 state title. they move on to the championship game tomorrow against mercer. there now 4 -- 1 on the season. while state is going pretty well as well. here is marked with the triple. he had 20 points. he also had a pretty move here. today shawn had the buckeyes. 111 -- 70. ohio state 6 -- 0. ohio state looking good, cavaliers looking good, all good on the basketball friend. >> and they are favored tomorrow right? >> yes. anything can happen, because it
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winter is here, which means the annual coats for kids campaign. from now until early january you can donate new or gently used winter coats of all sizes in a variety of locations. wkyc provides warm coats for kids across northeast ohio. people probably be hitting the most this weekend. >> snowflakes and whatnot. >> in a big game tomorrow. >> it will be exciting.
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? >> tonight, black friday frenzy. tens of millions hit the store in person and online, but not everything goes as planned. why must-sell may mean life and death for some retailers. found alive, a woman emerges in northern california nearly lee weeks after her apparent abduction. the details still largely a daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life of florence henderson for her years on "the brady bunch" and so much more. and a thanksgiving
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right now. ? from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." >> good evening, a holiday ritual some say is living on borrowed time in this age of internet shopping appeared to be alive and well on this day after thanksgiving, despite some problems black friday shoppers crowded bricks and mortar stores from coast to coast to jump start the christmas and holiday shopping season. but the buyg traditional stores, as more and more companies look for ways to cash in. but it is an especially critical weekend for retailers whose bargains and unbeatable promotions mask a bottom line reality. nbc's jolene kent has details. >>. >> reporter: black friday fever gripping the nation. shoppers grabbing deep discounts on towels at this walmart in georgia. streaming into the
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finally open after being closed on thanksgiving day. >> if you want something, you're willing to wait in line. >> in is your one time to go out and throw down and get out there and get dirty. >> reporter: amazon and target reporting record online sales, too. >> it is a great time to be a consumer. interest rates are throw. there's deflation in food. if you're at the pump, fuel prices are low. >> reporter: walmart says 70% of its web traffic during black friday has come from mobile devices so far, but a spike in online traffic was not good news for its website crashed. macy's saying high volume was to blame. several instances of violence threatened to derail the day. a j.c. penny and sears closed in chattanooga after a shooting in the parking lot. a fight over a parking lot spot in reno left one man dead. near atlantic city a police investigating a fatal shooting outside macy's hours before it opened for the day. for some stores the holiday shopping
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break. for retailers like these, poor holiday sales could signal bankruptcy. >> if you can't keep up with the competition you will be under a lot of stress. >> i got a $230 coat for $70. >> reporter: while shoppers may score a great deal, experts say be wary of where you make your purchases. >> if you know you're buying something that a gift recipient might not love, perhaps go to a store that will definitely be around and able to accept returns. >> reporter: shoppers going strong here at the mall and online. those deep discounts expected to continue through this weekend and through cyber monday. the national retail federation expects 40% of americans to buy something online that day. lester. >> jolene kent in new jersey, thank you. in northern california they know she is alive and well. woman who was apparently abducted more than three weeks ago is free and back with her family after
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interstate. little is known about the circumstances of her disappearance. nbc's goti schwartz is there with the latest. >> reporter: around 4:30 a.m. thanksgiving morning, 23 days after mother of two sherry papini, went missing, a call over the police radio. >> chp is advising she is heavily battered. >> reporter: dispatchers saying the kidnapping victim appeared to be shackled to something. and advised she is chained to something. >> reporter: a driver spattered her and called 911. an emotional papini found 150 miles away from where she was abducted. within hours the 34-year-old was reunited with her husband who police cleared as a person of interest after passing a lie detector test. >> her husband keith was immediately responded down to the area, and is remaining at sherri's side. >> reporter: the search for her began right here over three weeks ago.
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now, her neighbors reported seeing her out for a run and when she didn't come home her husband used the find my iphone tracker that led him right here where he found her phone and her ear buds right next to the road. >> reporter: for weeks the community of redding joined friends and family out searching for her. today her sister thank ink everyone for their help and prayers. >> we are overwhelmed with joy of how supportive everyone has been to help bring us together as a family again. >> rte the sheriff's department has not gone into specifics on what papini has told them but say they are looking for two hispanic women armed with a handgun driving a dark suv. >> reporter: and we just heard from sherri's sister here at the church. she said her family is incredibly grateful to all of the people that shared this story online, saying it may have played a role in bringing her sister back home safe. lester.
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new details are emerging of how an isis large-scale attack was thwarted in france coming days after the state department warned americans to be vigilant during the holiday season in tourist areas overseas because of a heightened risk of terrorism. we get details from chief foreign correspondent richard evening el. >> reporter: france already under a state of emergency after isis attacks killed more than 200 civilians foiled a major and imnant icy attack officials said today. the base of the alleged terror cell was in strassbourg where the christmas market is up. four suspects were arrested there and another on sunday. but the orders french officials claim came right from icy leadership. the attacks planned for as early as december 1st. the instructions were given by a commander from the iraqui, syria region via enkripted
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prosecutor said. french authorities say the cell already had automatic weapons and plans to acquire more. screen grabs of potential targets and a hand-written letter professing loyally to isis. president hollande congratulated security forces for preventing a large-scale attack. just this week the state department issued a travel alert, warning that credible information indicates isis and al qaeda continue to plan attacks in europe around the holiday season. now, isis is taking a beating on the battlefield in syria and in iraq, and security experts expect isis or its sympathizers will try to avenge losses in the middle east with attacks overseas. >> they try and link up with individuals they've already planted in the west or they try and send individuals out from behind the front lines. >> reporter: isis may be under attack, but that could make it at least in the near term


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