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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  November 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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here, there's one other item here. >> at least -- >> let's show this one. what is this? a life hub? >> it charge all of your devices. >> i thought it was going to take care of my organization. >> it could. and i'm glad you said that. this has a cable management system. if your life is like mine, you want to get this. it's a really cool thing. i know a lot of you are watching with a tablet on your lap or a laptop, this would be a great way to keep it charged. >> i see how it works. so you plug this in. >> got it. >> okay, this is one of my favorites. >> you always love the book
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tests with them with the swiss line. >> you put wine glasses in here? >> yeah and you can see all the tests on this is great for the holidays, because if you haven't heard us tell you -- >> is your mic okay? >> yeah, i was cutting in and out. >> they are charging us now for the carry ons and these backpacks you can fit a lot in. >> you travel a travel with these? >> i do and i have a very similar model. for me, i can pack a week worths of clothing and my tech. you won't pack a week, but down from 100 to 49. and you get a really great warranty too. >> a lot of kids may have a beat up backpack here too.
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lucky i make it to the mail box, with two babies. i can do this. >> this life hub will help me? >> yeah,. >> you can find all the deals on >> i so appreciate you this week. >> i just like that i had a little bit more time >> all right, thanks matt. still to come, a big announcement for the pro football league. and jasmine is at the
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thanks so much with us. 9:30 here on sunday morning. a beautiful sun out there today. the tailgaters are out, a lot of people are hitting the roads depending where they're traveling after the holiday. we'll keep you updated here and first we want to start with the weather forecast. because even if people are staying home, they might be like me, throwing up some lights outside. >> right and that's a perfect day for it.
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because more showers are heading in tomorrow and tuesday. really things are looking great now. so if you jump on the roadways now, literally now, things are green and clean. at the airport, looking along interstate 77 and in the meantime, the temperatures outside in the 30s. so it's a cooler start and you'll need the jackets. the lower 30s downtown the and we're not seeing anything on the radar until you get into some showers and snow showers there from buffalo to syracuseand the -- coast line here in california also. we'll hop skip and jump to the40s into the afternoon. you'll need the sunglasses perhaps even some sunscreen.
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period of time. then the west coast, we'll detail the plans out there soon. >> thanks michael. new overnight, two people killed and others injured in louisiana. about 30 police officers were in the area at the time. they were part of the security detail for this week's buy you've cla. and they don't know what led up to the shooting. the municipal court says they want to change the way they set bail and they want to make it for fair for the defendant. they agreed to partner with a houston base company, they will
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on the age and offense, keeps poorer defendants in jail. the pro football hall of fame announces a 600 million- dollar agreement with johnson controls for the naming rights of the village. it had them becoming the official smart village. it's the largest under construction in ohio and projected to bring in more than $15 million it's expected to be finished sometime in the year of 2019. well a busy day of travel as many people heading home after the holiday. jasmine is live this morning at the airport. how are things looking now as we get later and later into the morning? >> reporter: well they're saying that noon is when it will pick up. it's not bad at all.
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plan accordingly, but it's not bad at all. no long lines and a lot of people are checking in on their phones and outside. so joining me right now is lindsey and >> well, it's all her here. >> reporter: did you miss cleveland? >> yes, but not the weather. i did miss all my family, so it was nice to see them. >> reporter: you want to wish them a happy holiday? >> if they're watching, i'll tell my mother to watch. >> reporter: because channel 3 is your favorite. >> yes it is. >> reporter: thank you so much.
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>> reporter: merry christmas now, right? so if you're heading out here, 4 flights have been delayed, one with american, delta and frontier. so these flights are gettingupdated as we speak. the flight to detroit is now taking off. so plan accordingly and today today is a great day so far. >> well, there's black friday and cyber monday, but yesterday was small business saturday. it puts the emphasis on community. it all started in a village in massachusetts in 2010 and every year it continues to grow. many businesses here had a chance to grow here and get noticed. >> i think more than anything, it was just a awareness.
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who don't stop and think what supporting a small business actually means. you know, it's the difference of going to amazon or going to the local bookstore and having the money stay in our economy. >> some local businesses say they will offer great deals were cyber monday as well. there's a winner in the 421 million jackpot. tennessee. no one has yet claimed the prize. the winning numbers 17, 19, 37, 24 with the power ball of 16. coming up, you have been paying more for it at starbucks, but may not have
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hi everyone and good morning. what a game around here. game 7 of the world series and almost a title and yesterday, ohio state with an incredible win over michigan.
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our cavs were there to show support. what a game before they take on the 76ers today. good morning and what a morning, the buckeyes have a great victory over michigan yesterday. they're still alive to get into the playoffs and it's in what a scene yesterday at the shoe over 110,000 fans there, a record crowd. the flashy black helmets and not a lot of offense. third pick six of the season and 7-3, buckeyes. just before the half, michigan with the power play.
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this, irvin goes for for the punt, but doesn't get it. 14-17 the buckeyes down at the three. he hits from 23 and we go to overtime. in over scores. fourth down and what a connection here. we go to double overtime. 37-24. the buckeyes facing the third down. they go for it and they get it. the replay upholds it and the very next play, curtis samuel, they get the touchdown and they win it, game over.
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>> the defense is doing our job, and we have to do ours. we have to do our part. they were doing everything we prepared for. >> we went in at half time and we knew we didn't play the buck eye football and we knew we had to play our game. >> the biggest thing i try to instill is keep our head up and keep what we can in control and before we know the game. >> a career high of 15 here and made the sack. this interception late third quarter and when it didn't promising here making it a 3- point game. >> when my number was called, i just do what i do. have fun and play.
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others you know, had their head on. >> ohio state has won five straight. 19-1 in november and 5-0 against the wolverines. it's the first game to go to overtime in a long time. last time michigan won at ohio state. last time that the browns one, seems like years ago. they are the first win of the season today as they host the giants. a big problem for them is scoring touchdowns. new york is faved by a touch down today -- they rank 30th in the nfl and the defense is ranked 31st. the defense is just on the field too much. >> we got to put points on the
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better on third down. we can't get that third and long. so we know that and that's the major point we're making. we have to help the defense and get the points. >> a big win for the buck eyes and the cavs are in action. see you late on today. do you wear a fit bit or other fitness tracker? do you ever wonder if they're accurate? we'll put them to test. >> starbucks favorite and the price hike you may not have noticed. that's bad news because i go there all the time. >> a big destination of us. well, if you're going to -- to new york, we're partly sunny and look at the winds from the west here. a bumpy flight to detroit and chicago. minneapolis and la, rain is an
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there. we're breaking down the brown's
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some fans of starbucks are having to pay a little bit more the sweet fix. they have raised their prices between 10 and 30cents. the price hike went into event
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taken to their accounts to complain about it. this isn't the first time they have raised their beverages. everyone is talking about that thrilling game yesterday with michigan state and ohio. the coach is tweeting that he's a regular guy. check out the press conference after the game. >> -- ringing -- >> that's my wife. i'll get all right, bye. she said to bring home milk on the way home. >> that's hill airous. you -- you know, sometimes i text and say you know, on your way home -- >> and i ask, what do you need? >> i love that.
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headingout the door, one thing to pick up is a pair of sunglasses. >> yeah. >> you will need that. no complaints, the sun outside is looking great and will be all day long. pretty close to 50 degrees. current temps in the 30s here. 37 down towards here and wane county at the lake. from the south here. one thing to bring to your attention from the south to north, notice that you'll see that flow of air and that is going to help pump in more heat through the day today and tomorrow and even into wednesday. further to our west is our next disturbance that will make its way into the buck eye state.
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that enhancement of cloud cover and the rain chances on monday evening into tuesday. if you're a third shift worker,keep that in mind. because the rain could be heavy. lots of sunshine and a beautiful afternoon. 1:00 p.m. is kickoff at the first energy. temperatures in the 40s and a great day for football. i think that through the afternoon and looking day ahead of us. first thing tomorrow, here comes to clouds and i think that by late morning into the afternoon we'll start to see the scattered showers really pick up into the evening and overnight. that's the moderate and the heavy flow that moves into the area on monday and tuesday. tonight, a great outdoor day.
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above freezing. the forecast shows 50s and certainly coming with rain on monday and tuesday. we'll make it to 60 before moderating back to the 40s. where ever your travel plans take you, it's looking good, but you will urgently need the sunglasses. i hate to drive when it's like right there at the horizon. you know, you should be a. okay. well chances are someone on your list wants a fitness ttracker. they have done a month long study and showed the results. >> they're very affordable and fashionable, but what we found
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apart. he's one of the cardiologists here and none of them proved to be exact, especially the harder the work out. >> you could be off by 30 to 40 beats here at some of the higher intensity. >> reporter: so let's put these to the test. i'm hooked up to a monitor here an test here, and then i'll have the wear ables. i had a fit bit on one wrist and an apple watch on the other. after five minutes of fast pace running, ekg says 144. a second ago it said 160. >> so it varies dramatically,
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keep exercising or running, because the motion affects the sensors. >> reporter: so now it says 135 and 128. what am i on the ekg? 111. so as you said that the apple watch said 112. this still has let's try walking. 149-149. 141 -- 141. >> well, it was not all the time they're off. it's when they're off that is when you have the problem. >> so the danger here is when someone has a heart condition. if they rely on the device, they are possibly getting a dangerous reading.
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we have a final check of weather. also this burger is a first of its kind, let's hope it doesn't
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all right, hang on to your breakfast. this one is made from kill. the burger is simple and made from a river rat. it has nutritional benefits and the fda describes it as a two foot long evasive rodent. >> i have eaten weird things, but i don't know if i would be
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>> oh my goodness, don't sign me up for that. >> i know, that's right. okay, rain moves in tomorrow and tuesday, so make sure yougrab an umbrella. i am feeling confident for my browns later today. >> double fingers crossed. thanks for being with us, we'll
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this sunday, the death of fidel castro, what it means for the u.s., cuba and american politics. >> he destroyed a country. he destroyed practically a culture. >> andrea mitchell is in havana. i is trump backing away from some campaign rhetoric. remember this? now trump says hillary clinton has suffered enough. from the border wall to global warming, is there a change in the air? i will talk to trump area former campaign manager kellyanne conway. shades of 2000. the clinton campaign joins the effort to recount the vote in three states. is there any chance it could make a difference?


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