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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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prepare for the pipeline project to draw headlines. landowners don't want them there. another co poisoning scare at the same this is a backward last week. please hospitalize. we'll take you to the rain
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browns fall to the giants. the three things so make your cyber monday shopping experience safer when you serve and shop this week. thanks for being with us. the massive natural gas pili part of northeast ohio has drawn heat. tomorrow, that heat could get turned off. property owners who don't want the pipeline on their property are preparing for hard-sell as lansurveyor's return this week. lisa raymond tells us there if they are asked to leave, they been instructed to stay possibly. things could get testy. >> reporter: property owners
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county sheriff's office the minnitte surveyors shop. summer between 40 and 50 residents are on a list to get a visit from nexus this week. michael conley expects to see them on wednesday. lastly, an attorney advised them to post no trespassing and no firearms science. he says he's heard of surveyors showing of the properties with armed guards. these bullying tactics don't sit well with him. some of his concerns with the project include the loss of and to the impact on property values. the property value, the bomb threat, for you, don't have this right now, what if they come and take your your tomorrow? you want people to stand up with you. they're doing it in the decoders, they're doing it here. taking people's property for profit and not the public good.
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an accounting will enable them to do what they want to this week. we reached out to spectra energy for what they say they are doing on these properties. we're still waiting to hear back. we'll have more for you tonight at 11. we may know what caused that carbon monoxide scare wednesday. fire crews were back up this weekend, yesterday and today after the seating for two hours late this afternoon not bursting -- burning the propane fueled properly. no major health issues this weekend. copy should be back it up and running tonight. the losing streak continues for the browns. the giant sleep with another win. we look at the 0-12 browns. it's difficult to put all of this in perspective week after week. >> it's like groundhog day. >> you wonder right now, 0-16,
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that's a guarantee. they had more yards than the giants for control prior had a big day, still in the fourth quarter. the inability to score points and the giants have playmakers. i could go on. giants win by 14 points. josh was a started today. will they be starting in two weeks. the ball gets away in the hands of jason pier. the chassis 20-13. eli manning ends with second touchdown pass to odo beckham junior on the day. eli has three overall. browns lose 27-13. the 15th straight loss. for more on this latest loss let's check in with the voice of the browns. from first energy stadium for browns lose again, this time to the new york giants by
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there 0-12. when you're 0-12 like that. it seems as though it's always something. on this sunday with the browns played really good defense, they didn't have enough offense. when they needed touchdowns, they got field goals. when the got back into the game and made tight, down by seven, the giants went back down the field and scored making the giants a winning team, winners of six in a row and the browns still a team first win of the year. with the bye week approaching, sunday's run out for the bounds the spec for the browns to finally get that win. >> it's a mistake to see those four games as a whole. you have to take it one at a time. when it shows up, with the take that, if it's the last game.>> it's sad.
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good team. they are three license losses and we could have won that game. offensively, we just didn't do it. >> we have to score points and help them. i think we didn't do well on offense. on the other side of bye week, four games remain in the only thing that would be exciting, the last card in the deck for the browns to play would be the reappearance of robert griffin the third being healthy enough to come in and play as the browns starting quarterback beginning couple of weeks. that's all that's left. >> looking down the road, you continue to look to the win and they become harder and harder to find. giants win over the browns 27- 13. more from jim in the studio tonight on sports tonight to break it all down. plus will have a lot of ohio state's talk, a big win for the buckeyes. yesterday, chris and
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23, 30 of 33. their last win was a 713 2015. if they don't beat the bengals december 11, it will be a full year since they last won a football game. >> are these appropriately angry? i hear these soundbites, they sound very common adults. it almost doesn't there should be a little more agitation in their voice. >> i think we saw that last week with prior more reserved today. i think the veterans are more but up. the young guys don't know. they don't know anything else. in college, then you how to win but here in the pros, this is the way it is in cleveland. you lose her and it has to be changed. from browns sunday we turn into cyber monday. we have three things you can do to stay safe as you shop online this holiday season. he had to havana, the world
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fondly in the life energy of fidel castro. when we finally saw it. that son came out today. it felt good. it won't last long.
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the death of fidel castro continues to make news. in this country he's rumored as a brutal dictator. other nations remember him differently. venezuela the president holding attributes decastro this weekend, for residents hugo chavez was a close ally to cuba. it is also seen in spain and italy. member ely and gonzales who is shipwrecked on the florida shores 17 years to the day before castro died.
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american tourists have a slightly different take. is an important time for the cuban people. for everyone. we hope it will also be a new beginning. >> caches remains are committed. his ashes will be taken around cuba which we held accident. >> one person dead and other hurt that there were shots coming of the clothing store saturday. it happened outside the city blue clothing store on east 116 and cleveland. as they walked out, car pulled up, started shooting. they tried to run the bullets caught them both killing one, hitting the survivor in the back and the like. no description of the shooter or suspect car released just yet. please give under fire overnight. here the collinwood neighborhood outside slovenian hall on holmes avenue. the police pulled up the came under fire, officers chased two suspects. because one, the other it away. witnesses say the suspects had been shooting at the building
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searching for a suspect. folks lining up to head home over hopkins airport. with a crew on the southwest side this morning. smooth sailing, a few delays to speak of. whether improved to dry and sunny this hitting the road which was nice. hopefully you get we need to go. with the end of the weekend comes cyber monday. cybersecurity timeline force was smart tips are keeping identity safe tomorrow. check before you click. watch for misspelled web addresses or fake look-alike websites. don't click on ads, hackers can use us to track you. update your photo -- you want to have the latest software and security updates. more tips like this coming up after football tonight. also at the newscast. i first looked cyber monday deals. he spends almost as whole year
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its use. here at six. a spectacular weather day. we taken the football game look
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i drove back from chicago yesterday. birthdays are pretty nice to hit the road and head back to regular routines. as we will start with tonight. maybe way to squeeze out the last few minutes of your holiday weekends. here's what things look like. maybe catch a flight tonight out of cleveland. >> this is a pretty good travel day. these are airport delays across the country. i'd love to see all those zeroes. one delay area, new york city airports, 35 minutes on average that had a few showers around there and gusty winds, that's causing more space in between aircraft when nothing major. as far as the roadways, as a turnpike 71, 77, 76 and 90 all working fine. lots of green here. we had good conditions in terms
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and that's keeping traffic flowing smoothly. we're in the 40s and 30s. will be falling slowly due to two things. the southerly wind tapping into slightly milder air in the second thing, clouds cover starting to really sick and in western and central ohio. columbus is overcast and cincinnati. these are high, thin clouds. you may not notice the later but they help temperature from bottoming out too fast. 43 two 241 this evening. this is a comfortable evening. if you want to have a site to see the new lights, this is a perfect evening for that. >> the storm system, it's taking shape in the central plains, rain, snow and thunder aloneness. a typical plethora of all kinds of watches and warnings. let's see if i can point to this one.
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that's a tornado warning in south central nebraska combined with that, we have a winter storm and winter weather advisories for portions of the dakotas. hot and cold air mixing in the storm system and that's really setting up for a dynamic storm. warm temperatures surging into the 60s today in the central plains. with majority of the storm, missing as to the west and northwest, we're going to get a ch the next 24 to 36 hours before the rain arrives. i think after. chilly start tomorrow, cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30s. most dry and cloudy today. we'll get into the 50s by noon the mid-50s by 3 o'clock in the afternoon. the rain moves in. heavy at times tomorrow. i tuesday morning, because the lightning and under and
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the kicker. the rain gets out of here and skies clear tuesday afternoon before the cold front arrives. it when that happens, we see low to mid-60s in northeast ohio tuesday. that's the day to play hooky this week. it should be a beauty if the rain gets out early. timing is still a big question but i'm being very hopeful. settled back down into the extended forecast into a typical late november and by frederick chris, early december. cavs as they fell behind early, could they rally and keep their
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the browns are 0-12 after bye week. they lose at home today to new york giants 27-13. hugh jackson has a team that can score points and keep up. one thing, you can't do when you don't score is fumble. karl does that in the second quarter. eli manning a touchdown to dwayne harris, his first of the season.
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32 yard touchdown, 14-3. it's 14 six giants at the half. the still alive for the ball down eight. jason with the present takes a 43 yard for the touchdown 20-6. brown's fight back. hundred 23 yards passing in this touchdown to wide open court coleman 20-13 was 870 left. manning and beckham junior gets a quickly with another touchdown. six for 96, 27-13 is the score. that's the final as the browns lose and they have four chances left to win a game this season. these players, this organization, they need too much to me for me to ever feel like that. do i get disappointed? >> yes.
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disappointed. i go to all those emotions. >> that has to be tough to go up there each week like that. >> next up, the bengals come to town tuesday. joe flacco to reshod, herrmann touchdown 7-0. they never give up the lead. they have shot to take the lead but andy dalton fumbles after being sacked. ravens and the five-game skid against the bengals winning winning 19-14. they are 6-5 with the steele a win friday night at home, a trip to columbus and then 1 o'clock tip in philadelphia. they went with al schober and channing frye and chairs the shooting 0-11. it is the cavs a while to get it right. they missed their first four team shots. lebron with the big-time dock. 26 points. we go the outside in his three- pointer 1000 triple in the
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for 90 points. another double double. watch this one. just at the free-throw line. lebron cleans it up, throws it down, 45th career triple-double . kaz trailed by 14 in this game for the third member of the trio, kerry irving with a huge fourth-quarter they give them their first lead of the game. 39 in the final quarter. they went they won four straight seven of their last heat, they are 13 and two. there it milwaukee tuesday. the buckeyes remain number two. their playoff fate is in the hands of the committee because ohio state will not play the big ten championship game. penn state and wisconsin is stellar. what do when snl sports the
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some think it may be good they don't play next week. they can't lose. others say how can they make it by not being picked 10 champions. is ohio state a playoff team?>> i don't know. i think we are one of the top teams in the country but i don't know that. i figure we tweak and i love my players. college hoops this afternoon. kent state loses to northeastern 73-dish packets for three on the year. cleveland state will loses coming up tonight after football night in america. the chiefs and broncos have sports tonight, much more on the cavaliers and ohio state chris, i will be shocked if ohio state is not in the playoffs. and she taught but this is it those cool to see the whole cavs team down there with lebron. it's the team chemistry they
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with a video of them on the sidelines. they're so loose. there better this year. >> that's going to do a press. nightly news is next. see you back year after the chiefs and the broncos.
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. on this sunday night, questioning the vote, president-elect trump claims millions of americans voted illegally saying that's why he lost the national popular vote. uncertain future, new reaction from inside cuba tonight after fidel castro's d and many wondered what's next for the island country. >> bourbon street shooting. ten people shot in the new orleans french quarter. hometown hero, melania trump, tiny hometown in europe, the residence hopes her success will make it a tourist hot spot. a busy travel weekend, "nightly news" begins now.


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