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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's cyber before you purchase anything, some tips to keep your finances safe. >> we'll have the amazing secure information, and i promise savings to blow your mind. cyber monday's best deals in history coming right up. >> matt, you're amazing. i mean, wait till you see everything he's got going on that's planned for you. if you're just waking up, hold on. we're talking highs into the
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going to be a good 10 degrees above normal highs for this time of year. we're going to see is sunshine initially, and we notice this on future view with break nbc the cloud cover here. rain chances holding west. we could see a little passing sprinkle or shower through the day today, but, honestly, i think so much of this holds off into this evening, and even more so tonight after you've we'll see what else happening for your tuesday in just minutes. right now, danielle has a check of the rides. good morning to you. >> good morning, holly, and good morning to all of you. welcome to your monday. it's a great start to the commute, so for those who are trying to maybe slowly get back into the working school week, no problems there for you. no accidents or major delays,
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those of you who take the central interchange in akron. here is the picture in the area, where traffic is moving just fine, so, john, we are a- ok out there. >> one of the stories we're following new overnight, a shooting at a cleveland apartment causes residents to evacuate. it happened just after midnight. police say two men went into apartment, and they shot one man and left. but they shot so many bullets they hit a main water line, and people had to evacuate. police are still looking for the suspect in this case. well, it's the little guy versus big business and growing demand. for property owners in summit county, the next chapter in their fight begins this week. >> that's right. tiffany joins us live this morning. a huge natural gas pipeline could be built in their yards. >> yeah, we've been talking about this for quite some time.
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expected in that are area of summit county. of course this has to do with the nexus pipeline, a 255-mile natural gas pipeline through the midwest and on to canada. the company in charge of the plan said it will help meet growing demand for cleaner and more affordable natural gas, but over the last two and a half years, some have been fighting what they consider to be big business taking over their , potentable for danger just feet from their homes or businesses. about 50 property owners could see unannounced visitis from nexus surveyors this week. they have been with armed law enforcement officers in the past. >> the property value, the bomb threat, all of that is off personally and everybody around you, but for you who don't have this right now, what if they come and take your yard tomorrow? you're going to want people to stand up with you. >> and as you know, in north
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happening there over an oil pipeline, so today in akron, protesters locally will join with that fight. they're going to to be hosting a demonstration at 4:00 in downtown akron today. >> thanks so much. time right now is 6:04. new information as to what caused a cash were monoxide scare that shut down a factory in lorraine county on wednesday. they found that a pair forklifts weren't burning their propane fuel properly, causing the co2 spike. the factory remains closed today as this investigation continues. >> well, it's the same type of monday morning for the browns. yeah be, another loss, and they're now 0-12. hue jackson was a lot more emotional after this loss. same story, too. no protection for mccown at quarterback. he was sacked 7 times. just get no, sir time.
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touchdown, and they couldn't stop eli manning. 27-13 the giants win. the browns are 0-12. you saw almost more giants clue blue in the stadium than browns colors. tickets were going for $10 >> this will be the last time this year that we ever feel the way we feel. i know that in my heart. i know that without question. d said, if you're going to get us, you better get us now, week because we're not going to feel like this a year from now. >> hope not. all right. big story today, it's cyber monday. some experts predict this could be the biggest shopping day on- line in history. will you buy more today than
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we want to know, so head to and take part there in our instant poll. >> with so many logs on for deals today, will joins us now with more information on how to keep your information, and also your money safe. will? >> yeah, before you log on for those screen buster deals on cyber monday, cyber security should be at the front of your mind. here are some tips. shopping on familiar secure sights. look for the s address, https. that means it's secure. that's at the checkout. a lot of times you click on an e-mail or something and go to a landing page, the s may not be there. also, tonight use the debit card. they're not protected for on- line theft. also use a credit card for on- line shopping strictly for on- line shopping. that way in hackers do get your information, the rest of your credit line and bank accounts will be safe.
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statements after purchases for unusual microchargers. hackers here you won't miss a couple of dollars from your account. if you're a regular viewer, you know matt has you covered with deals all year long. maureen? >> we want to give you the instant poll results right now. 80% saying black friday wins out, and only 20% saying they're going to shop more today than keep weighing in. we want to know when you're shopping online today. >> that's being, because as matt has been telling us more months, some of the best deals are today. you have to wait for cyber monday. hello, matt. >> i really hope those poll numbers change. those must be the people who have never watched us before, because cyber monday right now is off to a beyond epic start. i've been charting the deal drops since may, have been working around the clock to
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news today. fy had to showcase five items this hour which are make or break bargains, best beats deals the country, $165 off. deal number one. deal two, a 60-inch blue tooth sound bar for home theater. that's deal number 2. deal number 3. all of the amazon products. deal number 4, the 12-piece cuisinart this is mind-blowing, 500 bucks down to $189. that's on if i had to end off with two deals that have me very excited, we'll give you a bonus one, this charger two pack where you can charge anything from across the room swab $130msrp, down to $29, and you
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back packs from swiss gear, 50% off., we have an ongoing list. i'm constantly updating it. all of our teams are secure. everything is in if stock, and everyone watching right now, congratulations you've just owned cyber monday! >> all right. so you have been working on this since may, but the day comes, it's cyber monday. are you surprised by any of the deals? deeper discounters than you expected? >> for me, no, i wasn't really surprised by anything. the two things i was surprised about are stock, and also how many people were smart enough in not to buy certain things on black friday, waited until today, the stores are rewarding them. >> you're helping to teach all of us about this, matt, so thank you. >> black friday laws? find out how much shoppers spent compared to year's past. >> and no more hopping.
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this dog gets an artificial paw. >> we'll all be smiling after that story, for sure. hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend. we're back in the groove today, and the commute weather is really working out. it's a chilly start. temperatures are in the 30s. think we'll see peaks of sunshine as the sunrises. cloud cover increases, and then the chance of rain. pretty spotty, up until early evening. we'll talk what happens that. it is november 28th. our instant consume alert system is ready for when it does snow, though, and so are these kids. >> you're watching channel 3
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was dead and nine more hurt after a shooting an bourbon street this weekend. police have not found the two men behind it, but they do know who they are looking for. >> several activists held a slow moving water is life march in washington d.c. yesterday, supporting the dakota pipeline protests. protest verse gathered in standing rock reservation to protest against an underground oil pipeline that would ru protesters say the nearly $4 billion pipeline would threaten drinking water and culture
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take a look here. tigger, a two-year-old terrier mix is recovering this morning following surgery to attach an artificial paw. donations helped fund the dog's $16,000 surgery. tug her get rehabilitation therapy, and then if he's comfortable withth will be scheduled, so he will be able to finally walk. what a sweet face. >> look at hat face. it's amazing how much the medical surgeries are. >> oh, i know, $16,000, is an artificial paw. >> and he'll walk and on start running very soon. let's check in with holly. i missed you all thursday,try. >> well, we missed you back.
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>> it looks like as you're heading back, the weather is okay. so that makes a big difference. it's not only okay, it's going to warm up. chilly at the bus stop, temperatures are in the 30s. 33 normal low, and we're mid and upper 30s in a lot of locations this morning. so you grab the jacket to start, and i'll tell you, you'll probably get away with just lighter sweatshirt or fall coat later on today. so probably a layered look is a good way to especially as we get into tonight. but 55 degrees late november, pretty amazing, isn't it? and we're all going to be boasting about these numbers as we head through the first part of this week. no question. i think we will start with some sunshine, and sunrise time today is just around 7:30. quickly seeing the increase in cloud cover, he, but staying dry for now. until this arrives. and on the left-hand side of
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tracking, all that wet weather. most of it is not going to really begin until this evening, and tonight. but ahead of it, we're definitely seeing the potential of some scattered passing showers, most of it, as you'll notice here, is really spotty, until later today. so once we get into this evening, that's when we start to notice more steady rains. a lot of you are still dry even at 6:30 tonight, but then as we approach midnight, it's soaking wet, and looks like we're going to have a soaker on our hands throughout the overnight hours, and by tomorrow, it's already moving out this i'm. so the beauty is in the timing. we'll deal with most of this hopefully while you're sleeping, and then looks like things start to clear, and, and we'll warm its up even more for your tuesday, if if you can imagine. middle 50s today. we're low 60s for tomorrow. most rain chances will happen tonight into very early
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around 57 degrees. upper 40s on thursday. scattered showers. overall, it is an unsettled weather pattern kind of week, but most of it is rain. we get into this weekend, and it's finally seasonal again. we'll have chance position are some rain and snow showers. our instant school closing system i alert is there and ready to go, whenever we need it. the beauty of i alert is it is instant, so as soon as a closing or they occurs, you know about it, and we take all of that industries. 6:18. let's get a check on your drive. >> it repapers an accident and delay-free commute for those of you waiting to hit to the roads
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also closing, straight twin east thornton street, and your last closure today, this is all around act drop central interchange. between south broadway and south main. i've tweeted thee graph ins out, if you're look okay for the detour, and i have mosted them on facebook. back to you. >> have to check this out. another case of where fans goes nuts and just things on the ice. the place was covered. the home team asked for it, and, boy, did they get it. this is coming up in biggest winners and losers. one of my favorite stories of the year. >> and tweet storm. donald trump joins this chorus of people questioning the results of the election. hear his new allegations coming up. holly? >> all right. weather out your wind time here. and remember that super moon?
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moon rising. this photo was captured of it. we have had so many beautiful pictures of the super moon from just days ago. >> thank you so much. 6:0 your time on this cyber monday. if you're not already logged on, i would advise you get there. matt granite has some amazing
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time now for my big err winners and losers. just winners. today's honor goes to a home hockey team and their cleanup crew. mostthly their cleanup true. it's the annual tradition at the calgary hitmen games. when the team scores the first goal, the fans throw teddy bears and other stuffed items on to the ice.
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the 17,000 fans tossed almost 24,000 stuffed animals on the ice. all of them picked up and delivered to children stays in hospitals over the holidays. since this started in 1995, the team has collected and donated 323,000 toys for kids in canada. and then the mascot is going to jump in them. 323,000. mile ot are from coyotes falls. the marching band there was picked at cleveland's best high school marching band, and picked to play at the thanksgiving parade in chicago. they have extended their band camp from 8 to 4 weeks over the -- 2 to 4 weeks over the summer. congratulations to the cuyahoga falls marching band.
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>> we are in the 40s yesterday, but the sun really made a difference. 50s for highs today. 10 degrees above normal. we are tracking rain on the travel map. coming up, i'll let you know when when this does arrive, because we are expecting rain likely at some point over the next 24 hours. i will fill you in. >> all right, holly. the future is here. where ohio drivers will now share the road with a self- driving truck. hey, will. >> good morning, john. it's cyber monday, a lot of people logging on, so we have you covered up a both sides,
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>> from now through early january, you can go nail new or slightly used coats of all sizes. wkyc is a proud sponsor of this annual do it drive which provides warm coats for churn all across northeast ohio. for more information, go to
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if you're waking up, here is a look at what's going on. wisconsin officials will meet today to talk about a timeline for a presidential vote recount, which was requested by the green party's jill stein, who will also likely file for a recount in pennsylvania today, a. she feels it's affected the results. so far they say there in is no evidence that voter results were hacked. president-elect trump also took to twitter to say that millions of people voted illegally in several states, but there's no evidence backing that claim either. >> a memorial ceremony is planned for hash he an in a's revolution plaza today for fidel castro.
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his body was cremated, and his ashes will be taken around the island until the funeral on sunday. >> we told you about ohio's push to be a leader in he self driving trucks with the self driving truck with ohios a a key testing ground. it is expected to be the bi inover the next decade. and let's bring in holly, because so many will be returning to work and school today. let's get our forecast. >> back in the groove. it may be a little rough after a long weekend, but the weather is going to make it easier for you today. we're going to warm up. 30 to $near 40, we will see some sunshine, and sun up is around 7:30, and then cloud comp increases along with our chances for rain. this is how it's all going to
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vast majority of the day. we'll see rain chances holding west for a lot of it. a spotty shower can't be ruled out this afternoon, but most of the rain chance really doesn't start until this evening, into tonight. this is 8:00 tonight. steady rain falling from sandusky down through manfield, and we continue to see that spread eastward. some moderate to even heavy. it's going to be breezy. bought lotth of this is g to occur overnight while you're asleep. 2:00 a.m., it is still pouring, but looks like by this time time, thinks should start to dry out for us, and we're going to warm up even more for your tuesday, wait and see. first, a check on your roads. how are things going, danielle? >> it's going well on the roads right now. to the south, though incidents, and we're all green.
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looks great. here is a picture near the airport. as you can see, 71 north ask south track get big just fine for those heading into downtown on 71 north between 480 and 490. it's your normal 7-minute commute. i don't forget when you hit he the roads, tune into our partners at 1100-am, total traffic. not in my yard is the message. people who live in summit county are bracing for the the pocket of a natural ga pipeline running right through their property. >> this has been an ongoing issue there. tiffany joins us live from the newsroom this morning. surveyors are expected there this week. >> reporter: nature. about 50 property owners expect, these unannounced visits in the coming days. this is just the latest county in our area to go through something like this. we saw resistance from home owners who didn't want these land surveyors on their properties. this week, people who live in
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next. the the propose sell to run part of a $250-mile natural gas pipeline through this area and on to canada. i'll tell you about the group that is working to real route the nexus pipeline coming up in my next segment. it is cyber monday. we want to know which day do you spend more money, black friday, or cyber head to to take part in our instant polls. >> we've been keeping an eye on this this morning, and black friday is winning. we'llle check in in with matt, though. as there are more shoppers, there are definitely more scammers. >> and this is all month long here, because you can almost
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sort of a black november and december. today, though, cyber monday has the reptation, so a lot of 0 people logging on today to try to find those deals. whether before you do log on, a couple of things to remember, security. forbes with some tips here. like shops at places you're familiar with, the secure sites. you look for the s in the web address, https in the beginning. that is in the cart. they're not reimburse abouted for on-line theft. however, some credit cards do off summer protection. avoid wi-fi terminals. and of course keep your security software up-to-date. they also suggest you use a separate credit card for online shopping. that way in hackers do get your information, it's just that one card you're using for shopping, and they don't get access to
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credit cards, as well. >> so let's keep an eye on these results now. are you going to to shop more black friday or cyber mourn, and about two thirds have been saying black friday still their day to shop, but we'll definitely keep an eye on these instant results. >> cyber monday has created a firestorm on social media. >> yeah, we have a secret weapon in our newsroom here, too. matt joins us with his deal making army. he >> we are back! i've had no sleep for a week! when is the law enforcement time you slept? >> i think thursday. >> we'll sleep after today! we've been answering your questions in re-time. i'm also going to flag the biggest deals. do you want to begin? >> amazon. >> again? >> still. >> after black friday? >> amazon, havlett -- tablets, echo, and tv.
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deals one last time. this is the last time of the year where you're going to to be able to find the $33 tv stick. this is the last chance to link to make sure you get the right products on our web is site. we found found out why we have so many luggage requests. so many traveled for mlb, and then realized your lugage is not that great. the colors that amy is stack on our website. andrew, what questions do you have? >> a lot of people are asking if the beats by dre are still in sock. >> it sold out black friday, i did find stocked for cyber monday at $160 off. remember, these awesome people are standing by all day long to
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we have more cyber monday deals than anyone else in the country. happy savings! bye! >> and they're working until midnight. straight through today, and then maybe a nap. >> blame him for your large credit card bill next month. >> but it will still be less than normal. >> we're going to check in with holly keeping an eye on that forecast. >> and we are tracking rain, but not yet. in the meantime, it's going to warm up for your monday. temperatures wll 50s, november 28th, you're never going to know it by later today. we're 30 to around 40 at the moment, bull we will he end up with 55 the high today with rain showers, especially tonight. tonight is going to be a a real soaker. we'll go hourpy hour, and then see what is coming up the rest of the week, as we get a live look this morning at downtown cleveland, festive as can be, and in the 50s today. wait until you see how warm we
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welcome back. topping the morning news feed, one suspect is dead, and an officer is in the hospital being treated for minor injuries, after a police involved shooting at a kansas wal-mart. police encountered a man holding a blunt object, and refused orders to pu down. during the encounter, one officer was repeatly struck by the man holding that blunt object. other officers shot the man who later died at the scene. tokyo and olympic organizers held a debriefing earlier today to help them learn from the rio olympics.
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should be used to make their olympic games a success. nike's self lacing sneakers hit the shelfs today, 27 years after they showed up in the movie back to the future. but they're going to cost you. laying your hands on these high tech shoes will set you back, get this, $720. matt, is there a cyber monday
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>> there's many different signer -- cyber monday deals, all how i wouldn't put them to that level. but i'm going to save you cash now on a whole new level. give me 45 second ross your time, and i will save the and viewer $450. that's easy up. i'm going to go through items very quickly. for those who findmy aknowing when i speak quickly, mute me, and watch the closed captions. for those who want everything, go to beats by dre, $165. great deals from black friday. a lot of people excited for that. best fashion deals today, vera bradley bags down from $100 to $47. if if you don't like-like this pattern, as my wife did not, there are other patterns available. swiss gear, $50 bucks of, down to $47.
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inch sound bar. the fire tv stick $2. those of you looking to charge several device at once from your couch. two of those have mrsp of $29. right at the top at cuisinart, induction safe, ready to grab, $500, down to $189. if i was going to grab a tablet deal today, the surface, that is on that is fantastic. fire tvs. they're down to $84.99. a repeat of a deal from black friday, and the number one item people right now are buying, $39 echo dots, also a repeat from black friday. there was one other grab. well, a $520 five-piece luggage is it, down to $159, that's on, where i have also just posted the three surprise tv deals. so, as i send it back over to
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of the anchor desks i've been talking to today, we have you covered at, where you will a also found a list of the top 10 amazon deals by your request. >> you know what i love? the faster you talk, the more money we save. >> a lot to share. i know a lot of people at home are saying what just happens? >> we were able to keep up, though, and see what was actually on sale. >> i apologize for interrupting, just all of these thoughts coming through my stupid head. all of paid products, are all safe. we have vetted the merchants. you don't want to do a google search, and please don't randomly click on those links you get in e-mails. this is not a day to do that. >> all right, thanks, matt. he's like just wind him up and he keeps going. >> he's like an auctioneer. >> he said he'll be going until midnight with special deals. >> you know, holly has had a lot of days with those weather
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and beyond because of snow, but nothing like that right now. >> no, and all of 0 your comments on social media about your shopping, we appreciate it. it's a lot of fun. it's chilly out at the bus stop, but not too cold. so make sure that you are grabbing a coat of some sort. but i would layer it today, because they will end up 50s for highs. 10 degrees above normal for this time we are talking rainy weather eventually, better chances coming tonight, but in the mean time, mild for our monday, 55 degrees the high today. should be middle 40s. we are going to feel nice for november 28th. as we track hour-by-hour, or at least over the next several hours, we see the increase in overcast skies, and i do think it's going to be a mainly cloudy kind of day once we get
6:48 am
left-hand side of your tv, there's a lot of weather. nothing is going to slow you down too much for today, though. i think a lot of this holds off until late this evening into tonight. we're starting to see rain from cleveland and west, and then it spreads eastward throughout the whole time tonight, and by midnight, it's pouring everything. we continue with the steady rain while you're sleeping. by this time tomorrow, it's already moving out, so we'll have wet roads to wake up to from the rain that's fallen, but do i think it's going to be a pretty easy start to our tuesday, compared to what will have happened overnight. and then we warm up even more in the window nation seven-day forecast. low 60s for highs tomorrow. it will be breezy, as we're heading into the next 24 hours, as well. more rain to track for
6:49 am
overall, but look at these highs, 57 on wednesday. we're back in the 40s thursday, and, yeah, finally a little seasonal weather this week year- end again with the scattered chance of some rain and snow. our instant school alert system is always there. and don't forget about dog gone weather. we have strike. this is a recent picture taken after a browns game. so, yeah, he is a fan for life. you see him there in his chair. barbara sent the picture in. >> saw a lot of fans with that exact pose yesterday. >> i was going to say, that's how i watched the browns game yesterday, in a chair. thank you so much. well, weather, traffic, and everything you need to know where you walk out the door, coming up in the morning rush. >> well, john, the little guy versus big business. i'll let you know the latest in
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new overnight, a shooting at a cleveland apartment causes residents to evacuate. it happened just after
6:53 am
apartment at east 49th, and they shot one man and left, and they shot so many bullets, they hit a main water line, people had to evacuate. police are still looking for the suspect. are you tired of all of these teams yet? probably not.
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logging on and scoring on the deals of the de. matt has more coming up, as well. but a couple of tips to remember, use familiar and secure sites. look for the s in the web address, https. that mines it's secure in your cart. also don't use a debit card for credit cards have a little but more protection for you on the back end. >> no accidents to report at 6:54. we too see a little bit of slow traffic, 77 north, as you're trying to get to 90 east. holly? >> 6:54. it is a mild cyber monday. we're in the mid-50s for highs
6:55 am
off until tonight. rain is likely. it's going to be breezy. overnight lows in the upper 40s to around 50, and then we'll have some rain showers left over really early tomorrow. 63 for your tuesday. 57 scattered showers wednesday. that is going start to feel more seasonal towards the end of the week. we should be mid-40s for highs this time of the year. >> matt, what a day this started. >> that's right. i will be on the wkyc facebook page at 9:00 a.m. o, streaming live. cookware, headphones, everything is on sale. i'm going live to midnight. i am possibly even streaming live tonight from my corn dough. going straight to midnight. not one deal will be missed.
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keep things straight for you. are you free till midnight? >> i am. i'll help you get some deals. >> come on over. >> happy cyber monday. thanks for being with us. >> and the next time we see you, it will be, like, 60 degrees. thanks, app, holly. >> isn't that weird?
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good morning. sore winner? donald trump now claiming voter fraud cost him the popular vote. this just hours after hammering hillary clinton for backing recount efforts in key swing states. but is there any proof of illegal voting? and at this point, does any of it really matt bidding farewell. cuba begins nine days of official tributes for fidel castro. but not everyone there is mourning the former dictator's death. we're live in havana. chaos on bourbon street. visitors of the popular new orleans tourist spot run for cover as gunfire between two men erupts in the french quarter. one person killed, nine others wounded. officials vowing to track down the shooter. >> we will find them and we will go to the ends of the earth to


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