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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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calvetta brothers floor show. time to fall in love again with your home and now channel 3 news today. right now at 5, healing and moving forward. what's happening on osu's campus after the attack this week and what we are learning new about the injured john. >> fire wind and now lightning. new problems for the crews fighting deadly fires near tennessee resort towns. >> and startling statistics. ohio now leads in overdose here's hollie. >> thanks so much. and last day of november. welcome to it. it's not going to feel like it and that's no new news but we will see cooler air after today. in the meantime, we will end up in the low 60s. we are in the low 60s right now at hopkins but most of you are 50s as you wake up. grab the umbrellas. we have got scattered showers in the forecast for today. as we look at radar you will
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this morning especially to the south and east of cleveland from akron to canton wet roads around dover and new philadelphia and so slow downs to be expected. as we zoom in a little closer it's drier close to the lake shore but even in cuyahoga county we have a few hit and miss sprinkles happening. this is just rain. this is not stormy weather but there's plenty of that happening to the south where we have a deadly tornado in alabama and storms this morning. behind that is where we see the clearing trend. hooks likes it's going to take sometime as we get in through the rest of your wednesday mike sure you've got the raincoats and windbreaker and patience because the roads will be wet from time to time and danielle has a look at your drive this morning. always keeping track of it for you so you can get where you need to go safely and on time. 5:01 the traffic map no accidents. i am not tracking any crashes this morning. to the south looking pretty
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u.s. 250 in wayne county near emerson road that's adding a few minutes to the drive of the to the north we are pretty much green no accidents to the north as well. i am tracking a little bit of slow traffic 71 north near 18 as you try to make it to 271 adding about 3 minutes to the commute. but as you get to 271 here's 71 at 271 no problems. everything is moving just fine. john and lynna back to you. we are following an overnight accident that sent one person to the left several east side residents without power. car crashed into a power line on ivanhoe road a.m. 2 -- road after 2 a.m. the man was ejected from the car at last check in serious but stable condition. as student staff and faculty begin the healing process after the adack at ohio state we are getting new information from federal investigators. >> tiffany tarpley is looking
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weapon the day of the the attack. >> reporter: he bought the butcher knife from a columbus area walmart that morning. and investigators also say that they have no reason to believe abdul artan's he family knew what he was planning. friends say he was a devout muslim and loved america. loved that he had the opportunity to go to school here and you are looking at video from his graduation at columbus state community college. last night, students staff and faculty gathered as state's campus as part of the healing process hours before one of thevictims spoke publicly for the first time about the attack. professor william clark says at first he thought it was just a crash. >> a little dazed and thinking how to get up and meanwhile, the perpetrator exited the vehicle on the roadside which is the driver's side and had begun to attack students and there was a lot of noise and shouting. >> reporter: at last check three of the 11 victims are
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morning. coming up in the next half-hour i will let you know where the investigation stands especially when it comes to them determining a motive for this attack. we are following developing news this morning at least three people are dead and many buildings damaged after a series of severe storms swept across alabama. storms ripped through jackson county overnight and a tornado touched down shortly after midnight. crews are now wo the damage to homes and treat injured residents. at least three people have been killed in the the wild fires raging in east tennessee near gatlinburg and hundreds of homes have been damaged. >> so far 14,000 people have been evacuated from the resort town. some made it out on their own braving the roads. others were escorted out by tennessee state troopers after fallen trees and blocked roads. firefighters have still not been able to get into many of the burned out areas.
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in all the areas. we pray we don't experience anymore fatalities. >> high winds and dry brush helped to fuel the flames with wind gusts reaching 87 miles an hour. this image from the fire has been shared on social media. showing wild fire threatening the ripley aquarium in gatlinburg. workers made an announcement they had to evacuate and leave 10,000 thankfully an emergency team of marine biologist got back in and all the animals are safe. >> wow. president-elect donald trump touched off a new controversy on twitter. he tweeted yesterday that anyone who burns an american flag should face consequences like the loss of u.s. citizenship or a year in jail. not all republicans agree though and the u.s. supreme court has voted twice to uphold the right to burn flags in protests. >> and in this country we have
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to support the supreme court's decision on that matter. >> not only has the court protected flag burning it has ruled that american citizenship can only be given up voluntarily. democrats in the house of representatives will elect the party leaders today. local congressman tim ryan will challenge nancy pelosi who led the house democrats for 12 years. ryan says it's time for a change in the party leadership e cites the losses of dozens of democratic congressional seat reason. ryan says the party has the right policies but not the right message. two bills moving their way through the ohio house and senate could mean freedom for chardon high school shooter tj lane who was sentenceded to life without parole for the shooting deaths of three classmates. one easily passed the house which will allow juveniles sentenced to life without parole to apply for parole
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the senate is allowing parole consideration at age 40 as many as 9 ohio inmates are serving life without parole for crimes as a juvenile. it's 5:07. an ohio -- ohio tops the list leading the nation in overdose deaths. in a report by the kaiser family foundation, the buckeye state had the most deaths due to heroin. one in 9 heroin deaths in the u.s. happens in ohio. the columbus dispatch reports ohio recorded the most deaths from ohio saw over 3,000 deaths last year and is expected to easilysur that is -- surpass that number. cleveland is known for state of the act health care and they are hoping to move that forward with the transport facial -- trns pourmation. they unveiled plans to construct a new hospital at the west 25th campus. the hospital will be borrowing the money through bonds to pay for the new 9 story facility.
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towers that will be coming down soon. the new hospital is expected to be complete by 2022. the buckeyes win over michigan has them in prime position for a playoff spot even though they won't play for a conference title. new rankings are out and buckeyes are still number 2. the win just added to the buckeyes' resume as they have three wins against the top 9. top 4 stays the same as i said in my take yesterday. alabama ohio state clemson and washington. with michigan as the on the outside looking in at number 5. so, what all this means for the buckeyes? michigan and the big 10 moving forward i will have that in today's take at 5:40. the final selection of the four team playoff will be sunday. it's 5:08. paying more for your morning coffee. with why prices could continue to rise and we wanted to know what age did you start drinking
5:09 am /vote now. >> i believe i was 50. decking the halls of the white house. we will take you inside that's coming up after the break. hollie you still not drinking coffee. >> i am not drinking coffee. >> it's been a long time. >> i am done. i am eating chocolate so there is caffeine in my diet just saying. happy november 30th. it's warm. and it's going to continue through today before we start to scattered showers to be grabbing the umbrellas as we talk you know christmas lights and who, who -- ho, ho, ho and all that. this is is a live look in strongsville where it's beautiful. a winder wonderland. whoa may be able to add snow to the picture before the week is through. i am just saying. i will explain in just moments. but don't worry, our instant school closing system is always
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5:13. and topping your morning news feed, the black boxes have been recovered from a plane that crashed outside columbia yesterday. the deadly crash killed 71 people including a brazilian soccer team. authorities are investigating all the ta hundreds of firefighters, police officers and staff from the red cross are still searching the crash site hoping to pull out more survivors from the wreckage. as cuban citizens continue to mourn for former president fidel castro president obama released the plan for how the u.s. will deal with the funeral. according to the plan, a presidential delegation will not be sent to cuba for this weekend's service. but two senior administration officials will attend the funeral.
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sending them was the best way to show respect while remembering the history between the two countries. donald trump is following up on the campaign promise to keep jobs in the u.s. air conditioning company carrier says it reached a deal with the president-elect to keep the indianapolis plant opened. carrier had planned to move production to mexico details on the deal are not clear. we do expect to learn more about the agreement tomorrow. and it's beginning to white house. the 2016 decorations the final year of the obama presidency have been revealed. the 19 foot douglas fir in the blue room is the official white house christmas tree. the preamble to the constitution can be read on ribbon wrapping the tree. this year's theme is the gift of the holidays and it's a winter wonderland from the main entrance to the green room to the red room. 92 volunteers around the
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thought that was a lot. >> that's a lot john. >> 8 trees. >> in your one house. >> in one house yeah. >> you will have to tweet pictures of the tree. >> okay some are really small. >> that's okay. >> there you. -- there you go. we are talk about one of the biggest christmas trees. tonight the big tree will be lit for the first time and you can watch the ceremony. it's the rock fella tree. thousands are expected to come out and how about the gees guest list how brooks d. guest list. how about garth brooks dolly parton the rockettes. and then. >> dolly. >> and then neil diamond. how about neil diamond. >> she is-- >> and al rokeer. >> al roker -- roker. >> yeah al roker. >> al roker he is always the one with the tree. >> you will have it on maybe you are decorating your tree it's tradition? christmas music playing in the
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andpayton was in the chair listening to christmas carols how did that happen. >> amazing what the pets do. now i know kristin did it. >> i am glad you brought that up because as we talk bur pets send in the holiday photos because i know a lot of them like to get in the santa hats and stuff. >> they love it. >> antlers. >> at the bus stop we go. there's nothing wrong with a holiday sweater on your po day. so it's mild. it's been low 60s in hopkins: it's 5:16 the last day of november and we are warm to end the month but colder air is on the way and we could be talking snow by late tomorrow. but a warm wednesday with shower chances throughout. we will be low 60s and that's well above normal. you know that. we have been talking about it through the week. mid-40s about where we should
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scattered showers right now are predominantly to the south and east of cleveland. that's where they are steady and that's where we are seeing most of the light to moderate rainfall. we have got spotty showers a little further north. but, it's nothing that's causing any major problems as far as wet roads along the lake shore at this point. but i think we will see the precipitation spread throughout the course of the the day. this is good old fashioned rain showers we are not forecasting thunderstorms or anything like that. but we do weather on the south end of this front where conditions are very stormy and even at this hour, which is typically unusual, we still have tornado watches in effect for numerous states including a portion of georgia and into alabama and also mississippi and louisiana and this is all in association with the very same front that's moving through here that is going to cool us off big time as we get into the end of the work and school week.
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you know it's actually going to feel like it. here it's window nation 7-day forecast. and if you are getting your workout put together and not staring at the television let me say tomorrow night is when we could experience a little snow. temperatures will fall into the 30s and i think rain and snow will be a potential. maybe we will see a little dusting as we get into early friday. friday's highs in the low 40s we will continue with rain and snow chances and over the weekend, we have got scattered chances in it is seasonal but we warm back up next week as we approach tuesday, 50 degrees. our instant school closing system any closings delays you know about them right away and that's what matters because we scare about your schedules and know how important they are. speaking of schedules, how's -- how it's drive going? >> wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal mured at mike bass ford. 5:18 and looking pretty
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no accidents to report. we are seeing a little bit of slow traffic on state route 21 southbound as you approach copley. so that's adding a few minutes to your commute. here's the picture on 77 at 21. we know we had construction overnight construction in the area. but traffic is moving around the curves just fine on the north and southbound sides of the highwayp we take a look at the drive -- highway. we take a look at the drive teems between 21 and 480, 19 minutes north and 20 minutes headed south and drive times. and don't forget when you hit the roads, tune into the partners at wtam, 1100 total traffic. john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. time it's almost 5:20. how about this free frosties in the new year. how to get the free famous treat from wendy's all year long. >> wow. >> and we want to remind you the annual coats for kids campaign is going on right now. from now through early january donate new or gently used coats
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locations including malls and howard hanna and td garden centers. for more information head over to coats for kids
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time is 5:23. trending this morning how about all you can eat ice cream for a next year you will be able to buy a 2 dollar frosty key tag to get you a free frosty with every purchase you make for a year and 90 cents on the dollar goes to the dave thomas foundation to help children in foster care find a forever home. so great deal all around. you can get the tags in most stores or on the foundation's website. >> very good. >> okay. if it soms like the morning cup of coffee ask -- seems like that morning cup of coffee is
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get enough of it. >> when did this start for you? we have a poll question how long were you when -- how old were you when you started to drink coffee go to now. >> overcaffeinated millennials may be to blame. we have the story from dawn kendrick. mu company bloomburg says global demand for coffee is at an all time high and millennials are to blame. >> lattes black and tans like hot chocolate with a espresso. >> reporter: bailey is a connoisseur. >> i grew up drivenning it so much and now i am just willing to pay whatever for coffee and i am so used to drinking it. >> aid latte with half-and- half. >> reporter: young people 19 to 34 make up 34% of coffee
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getting a lot more money from millennials at the root cafe. >> i think coffee culture is something that kids are growing up in to now and it's normal absolutely. >> i am a small. >> coffee and a shot of espresso will mess you up. >> reporter: it's part of the rhythm that defines the grind of our lives. fritz drinks 8 cups a day but you are not a millennial. >> no. well, i don't know what that is. >> reporter: more and us get caffeine and coffee prices hiked up with that demand coupled with a growing supply shortage.did you need a pick me up? >> huh? >> reporter: don't blame it on this 10-year-old she is having cocoa. watching the kids grow up in the coffee shop and now they are adults. i saw that happening. i have been with this and it's cool. >> that's why we are here now. >> reporter: dawn kendrick
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hasn'tslept in 20 years. >> good morning. >> we know you are awake. >> i started when i was in college and that matches the majority of 18 or 21. you why 50. >> no i was jobbing but that was my -- joking but that was my second coffee life first year in college i thought let's take 8 a.m. classes and get the day over with that lasted a semester so did my coffee. so. then we started scheduling noon classes hollie. >> i can't believe 9% said under the >> i know. >> what is going on. >> that's crazy. >> i will tell you i remember my brother used to love coffee as a child and special occasions my grandparents would give him a little cup. >> it was in his baby bottle. >> it was totally fine and he would have wine with dinner too. >> there you go. >> kidding. so we have got a look at the forecast for today and it's going to be wet at times. it's very, very warm. we are in the 50s to near 60
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and we will talk about colder weather moving through after our front pushes through over the next 24 hours on the travel map that's exactly what we are seeing. and notice the cooler air in chicago and minneapolis today, 30s and 40s and john and lynna it's heading this way. >> all right thanks hollie. time is 5:27. the fire continues to spread across tennessee. how the weather is now affecting crews as they fight >> and taking a course on donald trump. the low he cal school offering a class on the president-elect. -- the local school offering a
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we start your morning rush with new developments in the campus attack at ohio state. investigators say abdul artan bought the butcher knife he used to cut the victims that
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what set off abdul artan but they say there was no established contact with isis or other terror groups which disputes another claim from the islamic state's media agency a post was left on the facebook page expressing anger over attacks on muslims and they have no reason to think his family knew what he was planning. three of the 11 victims are in the hospital this morning and are expected to make a full recovery. ohio lawmakers could vote on a bill as ea that would allow concealed handguns on campuses. the house passed the bill last year and is in the hands of state senator letting college decide whether to allow concealed handguns on school property and allows guns in day care facilities and police stations. president-elect donald trump is coming back to the buckeye state to lawn. victory tour. he wants to say thank you to the swing states that helped put him in office. he will hold a rally in cincinnati thursday night.
5:32 am
pennsylvania michigan and florida and coming out -- up at 5:40 more on thing about announcements he will make today. university of akron announced it will be offering a course on donald trump's historic election beginning next springch the chas trump's triumph will examine how he gabe broad -- gained broad support and the political science course will study the polls and why they were wrong. the class is opened to undergraduate and graduate students. three new to move into the crop complex in the east bank of the plat. the pizzeria will move into the smallest places which was the crop sticks duty developer of another eatery coastal taco would take over the former crop rocks and akron based thirsty dog brewing is eyeing the final spot. the complex closed in september. hollie another warm one when you are talking about this
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>> november 30th. 5:32 right now it's the last day in november. low 60s for highs. we are low 60s in hopkins. most of you are in the 50s but you are all above normal highs already. this is the same boat we were in yesterday at this time. we have rain showers likely in the forecast today. so make sure to grab the umbrellas. i go with a light fall coat a raincoat works or windbreaker something like that. scattered showers right now especially to the south and east. this is just rain showers are not forecasting any storms. you've been hearing a lot about severe weather outbreaks to the south and we don't expect any of that. the energy with the storm system further north is much weaker. so we see the rainy weather. it's pretty dry along the lake shore at this point in time. but as we travel south you can see the numerous tornado watch boxes that continue and this is exactly where we are talking deadly tornadoes overnight while you were sleeping. makes you feel very thankful as you wake up this day for sure.
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drive. hopefully we will be thankful on the roads could be wet. we will keep track of this and you can go to we have live cameras for you everywhere but right now we are not just tracking any big delays. we are looking pretty good. one accident on the west side at lorain road at west 85th street. no road closures because of that so if it's your commute, use caution as you try to get around that accident. here's picture 71 at 480. as movingjust fine. drive time on 71 north between the turnpike and 485 minutes. topping the morning news feed lightning and high winds are adding to a dangerous situation in eastern tennessee where three people died in wild fires. >> 14,000 people have been evacuated from the resort towns near gatlinburg and pigeon forge. some made it out on their own.
5:35 am
blocked roads. firefighters have still not been able to get into many of the burned out areas. one of two inmates who solved their way out -- sawed out of a california jail has been recaptured. campbell was taken into custody but the search continues for chavez. police say the two escaped last wednesday by cutting through bars covering a second story window and repelling to the ground on a bed sheet rope. pulling the ads from bright -- run by steve bannon a spokesperson says the company works to ensure that the ads doesn't appear on sites not alined with values as a company. critics condemned breitbart for featuring racist sexist and antismelt -- anti-semitic content. breitbart called the decision unamerican and said the company
5:36 am
trump. group of workers at a manufacturing plant in tennessee are the talk social media. they became million airs after going -- millionaires after going in together on a lottery ticket. the 20 employees are sharing saturday night's power ball jackpot of more than 420 million dollars. get this the group plays twice a week. they spend 120 dollars as a group each week. >> what? >> and they have been playing for 8 years so i figured it tickets if they played every week during the 8 years and it sounds like they do each one will get 6 or 7 million. >> that's great return on the investment. oh my gosh the odds wow. good for them. >> 49,000 into 7 million.
5:37 am
browns starting quarterback. head over to wkyc poll at now and buckeyes are in prime position for a playoff spot. the committee and i total hi agree on the top 10 but the new rankings have they diminished the importance of winning the big 10e title. my take is next. >> and wkyc steamed up -- teamed up with live nation and transsiberia orchestra to bring chance to win the grand prize a home holiday light controller preprogrammed to tso holiday hits. and front row seats to the concert at the q. head to and enter the holly lights sweeps takes here are some of the entries. this is from brian in stowe the front yard is ducked out in colorful lights. this from courtney going with
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5:40. more big announce mense expected out of trump tower. >> tracie pott it is is live in washington with the latest -- potts is live with the latestfrom washington. hi tracie. >> reporter: it's another busy day. good morning everyone the starting in washington, vice
5:41 am
talking to republican leaderstwhile transition continues in new york. keep in mind all the people in and out of trump tower are not necessarily candidates for cabinet positions. some are new members of the transition team and we are hearing early this morning maybe within the next hour there could being about announcements. there could be big announcements. >> i think the american people are seeing the leadership and the energy that our president- elect is going to bring to the white >> reporter: two more announcement expected today goldman sachs alum steven mnuc hin and wilbur ross as commerce secretary. >> it's a good enough meeting they gave me a proper hat. >> reporter: still up in the air secretary of state. >> he narrowed it down to a very small group of people. >> reporter: including mitt romney he had dinner with trump last night. >> the people he selected as
5:42 am
>> reporter: candidates and advisers are swarming trump tower. >> we talk about secretary of labor and something i may consider. >> reporter: vice president- elect pence will meet on capitol hill they are ready to confirm trump's cabinet. in sync on governing but not flag burning. >> and in this country we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech and i happen to support the supreme court's decision on that matter. >> reporter: mr. trump suggest punishment jail or citizenship. we will see if he talks about that when he heads to ewho io tomorrow. it's the beginning of his thank you tour starting out in since in the they. estopping through -- since in the they. estopping in -- he is also stopping in today talk about the company carrier that is going to keep the jobs in the u.s. >> big victory for him there certainly. thanks so much tracie potts in washington. strongville gorgeous.
5:43 am
>> they do a great job. >> it's fun to pack family up in the car and put the holiday tunes on and just look. even from neighborhood to neighborhood they are so pretty. and i feel like everybody is going really crazy with the lights this year because it's been so mild. my neighbors keep adding lights. we keep saying. >> they keep adding to that electric bill. >> look at that. don't you want to run through the tunnel. >> run through th >> don't even tempt me. we have warm end of the month and cold air is on the way. it's going feel more fest he have by tomorrow december 1st finally. but in the meantime, we are low 60s today. grab your umbrellas maybe a raincoat or light jacket but light yak is all you need. shower -- light jacket is all you need. shower chances through the day but well above normal. low 60s yesterday and we will go ahead and do it again. we have got rain showers on radar to the south and east of cleveland is where we are seeing most of them.
5:44 am
a lot of stark county is dealing with wet weather. dover new felly you too. closer to the -- philly you too closer to the lake it's drier but we have scattered wet weather over the lake itself. and you can see the general movement of all this we have got plenty more to come so as it continues to track up towards the north and north east, our chances will continue throughout the course of the day. expanding the view we have got stormy weather on the southern end of this front. that's where we still are talking tornado watches spots. even at this hour i mean typically as you lose the daytime heating this time day we don't see as much, but it goes to show how strong the front is. let's track and put timing on it and we bring it back close to home where we see on and off showers through the day and it will never be a all day kind of rain. 10 a.m. shower chances. 50s to near 60 degrees by 2:30 we are still talking very mild weather. but then as the front finally makes its way through later on
5:45 am
see temperatures drop into the 40s by 11 and then overnight i think upper 30s to near 40 degrees. starting off your thursday. and tomorrow, we are going only end up in the 40s for highs. that's exactly where we should be for the first day of december. and yes, rain and snow in the forecast. tomorrow night into friday, maybe we get a little dusting and get us all in the holiday mode. speaking of which, our instant school closing system is ready for any i alert has you covered. 5:45 and this is case. a -- case. a -- casie. a therapy dog that loves to travel so thanks for all you do you cassie and owner don for sending in the photo. we will check the drive. tanelle is -- danielle is keeping a eye on the road. we have a alert quincy is
5:46 am
66th street because of a broken water main. no word on how long it will be closed so take central avenue as a detour option that's north of quincy. i will continue to update you on this and let you in when quincy reopens. also, an accident lorain road at west 85th street in cleveland no road closures because of that. other than that we have normal drive times. john and lynna back to you. in sports browns head coach hue jackson has a decision as all thre ready to play. instant poll question right now, who do you think should be the browns quarterback for the rest of the season? vote at now and results coming up in a couple minutes. now rgii. was back at practice yesterday you would think he is the front- runner to return to the starting position all the money and time spent on him. that's who i think should start but he is prone to get injuredand you better have the the other guys ready and even
5:47 am
future starter on the roster. kessler is back from the concussion mccowan is in the mix as well. so let us know your vote. ugly night for the cavs in milwaukee. but they had highlights. love to a cutting lebron for the jam. we have seen this next play work so many, so many times. it's the long pass so accurate. full court love to lebron. lebron 22, love with 13 points 13 rebounds but they and deli had 3. not good. cavs lose 118-101 and they are 13-3 and clippers are here tomorrow night. for my take the college football playoff committee and i agree on the top nine teams these were my rankings yesterday in my take alabama ohio state clemson and washington. we both keep michigan at number
5:48 am
st the committee told me several things with this week's final poll so here we go. ohio state strength of schedule is still too powerful to drop them even without playing for a conference title. buckeyes have 3 wins versus top 9 and with penn state at number 7, there seems to be a real separation between the buckeyes and nittany lions even though penn state beat ohio state and could win the big 10 title. let's look at michigan. i clemson or washington will have to lose for them to move up. head to head wins they matter. because michigan is still ahead of wisconsin and penn state and colorado who can can all win conference titles but michigan beats all three of them. now remember, this is a week to week beauty contest. the committee can go a different direction any time and change their mind completely with the final vote next week.
5:49 am
they diminished the importance of the big 10 title game because ohio state and michigan are just too strong of options. tweet me your thoughts at john wkyc i will say it i think michigan should be in there i think they are one of the top four teams. i think that would be a great four. so let's go through the results right now. of the quarterback battle with the browns. there you go. everybody getting votes. but rgiii seems to be the guy leading the way. i am not surprised at that. like whatever? >> well hey by the way. >> just saying. >> that is good point dan dierdorf of the michigan radio guy who played in the nfl he says with the ncaa we are argue and discussing and debating over three teams that are going onto get beat up by alabama. >> that's true. >> that's kind of the way it's looking. >> i don't know who can stop alabama. >> i think ohio state has the best chance honestly. >> i hope to see it.
5:50 am
himatt. >> reporter: good morning we are protecting your identity cutting down on baggage fees and saving you a lot of cash. ways to save is right after
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5:53. cleveland beer scene is getting recognition this morning for having one of the most festive favorite seasonal brews. great lakes christmas ale put cleveland on the list piled by travelocity and 14 other seties. the study analyzed nearly 1.5 million social see which beer seties and festivals people are talking about the most. cincinnati also made the list. well, cyber monday hit a new record this year making it the biggest sales day in history. adobe digital insight says online shoppers shelled out 3.4 billion dollars on monday. that's about 12% more than last year. and black friday was not too far behind.
5:54 am
dollars less in online sales than cyber monday. >> you know who save the most? >> people who watch you. yeah. >> uh-huh. >> the biggiest shopping season of the year we have to talk about id theft because that's on the rise. >> you have an interesting backpack deal but it's not just any backpack. >> no and today we are targeting id thieves and we are targeting airlines i heard you report on it i think it was last week some of our favorite new airlines will start charging to put your stupid ca >> right. >> reporter: so the only way around that is to find items to store under the seat. today a backpack crowe know my wife -- you know my wife lives in a different country but i can put this here safely under my seat lined with radio frequency id protection we heard from a mom who had her identity stolen i will learned that our intern casey her mom
5:55 am
is lined with radio frequency id protection and it has the seal on the interior of the bag so when you put whatever it is you want you know i will show you as i fidget. we will show you that in a moment. i am fidgeting like a idiot. this is your wakeup call someone can walk up within 50 feet of you and grab your passport number and credit card number and your passport information or are driver's cases. this backpack is 70% off. it's a great bine it's a little bit more expensive than the typical backpack and it's a kenneth cole model but will accommodate clothing tech and lined with the radio frequency id protection which is what makes it a little bit more expensive but worth it. you're dodging airline fees and protecting your identity and belongings and as john assisted me so i didn't have to fidget, that seal which is very, very
5:56 am
are protected. >> good looking bag too. >> reporter: your choice of colors >> time to get you two together more often. >> kenneth and me. >> your wife. >> reporter: lovely lady. >> she misses you dearly. the day's top stories is straight ahead. >> let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: after the break what we are learning this morning about the victims in that attack at the ohio state. lynna. >> all right and unlimitedfrosties for year saturday satisfy your tweet -- satisfy your sweet tooth. >> and moments ago we revealed who's in the top 4 of the college football playoffs. did the right teams make it into the top 4 of the playoff rankings. take part in the instant poll at now. we know ohio state is number 2. is that the right spot for them? we will talk about it dani. >> so far 100% say yes. right now, let me help you through the commute because
5:57 am
66th street because of a water main break up after 6 i will give you detours around the closure. >> and we are talking a very warm ento the month of november. last day -- end to the month of november. last day low 60s for highs. scattered rain showers with us so that means yes. umbrellas and just a light fall coat will do. a little top winter coat. yep.
5:58 am
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this:3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. >> reporter: right now at 6 healing and moving forward. what he happening on osu's campus after the attack this week and what we about the injured john. >> tiffany also freedom for tj lane. troffers controversial push for parole for juveniles serve -- controversial push for parole for juve nails serving life behind bars. >> the house votes on whether tim ryan should replace nancy pelosi. you are halfway there. and happy wednesday and he yes it's going to be-- it is another warm day.


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