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threatening the north carolina coast. the governor warning folks to be prepared. how your labor day plans could be affected. plus .. a murder suspect admitsto killing a person on facebook. but that's not all he posted. the manhunt underway at this hour. and a wake county high school coach .. arrested. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. new tonight .. governo the north carolina coast to prepare for the possibility of two tropical storms. good evening... i'm dejuan--hoggard. and i'm heather waliga. two tropical depressions that formed today .. could impact our coast and your labor day plans. the governor .. issuing a statement within the past few hours.... saying in part... "five years ago much of eastern north carolina was still reeling from the effects of hurricane irene. these tropical systems can pack a
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time .. will fare better." meterologist liz horton is tracking both systems the first alert storm center. liz .. there is a lot going on in the tropics tonight...
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news for the latest on these potential storms. we'll have the updated forecast models on eyewitness news this morning starting at 4-30. plus constant updates from the first alert weather team on abc 11 doc blanford will be live on the outer banks starting tomorrow at noon. and .. you can keep track of the storm's path even when you're away form your t-v. check out our interactive hurricane tracker on abc 11 dot com. or look for the 'hurricane tracker tab' on the first alert weather app. new tonight .. raleigh police are asking for help tracking down the man in this surveillance photo. officers say he touched the back of a woman's leg under her skirt while she was shopping in a department store on brier creek
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name of the store but a google search of the address pulls up the t-j maxx in brier creek. the incident happened on july 26. if you know anything .. call raleigh police. tonight .. a manhunt continues around cumberland county for a murder suspect who took to social media while on the run from law enforcement. sheriff's deputies were called this morning to a domestic situation on wake forest road in the 'college downs' subdivision in northern fayetteville. they say 32-year- old "anthony macneill" killed his child's grandfather. .. macneill posted several times on his facebook page .. writing he just killed someone .. he was leaving north carolina .. and then... he threatened suicide. tim pulliam is live in cumberland county with the latest, tim? > this was a targeted attack. > we know that the suspect and the victim's daughter were dating. > but the relationship was deeply troubled. > the tension came to a head when the suspect came to her house where she and father and grandfather lived.
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and saw this morning. > francis racine/victim's father > sot > 160614 > all i heard was three shots. i called up "what's all the noise? what's all the ruckus?" my. granddaughter came down and she was screeching at the top of her lungs that her father had been killed. i came out the door and there he was laying in the pool area. > > > francis racine points to where he and his granddaughter cindy were awakened to find hi n, eugene shot and killed. > > francis racine/victims father > sot > 161739 > by him coming out he saved either cindy and i from being shot at - or both of us being killed. he's a hero in my book. > > > officers say macneill shot eugene racine, his child's grandfather. > sunday morning
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the shooting on his facebook page. > telling his followers he killed someone and is skipping town -- even threatening to commit suicide. > > > in another post sunday he tells his estranged girlfriend, racine's daughter this: > > "goodbye to my friends and people who gave a damn.. cindy racine you might not believe in god but i think whoever is in charge spared your life today.." > > the victim's father says a restraining order was sent to the suspect saturday evening. > > sot > i just hope they catch him > > > investigators are using the help of k-9's and military officers to track the suspect down. > we are told that the suspects child was not inside the victim's home during the shooting. > we are told the baby is with the suspects parents. > family members say investigators have confiscated cindy racine's phone to review text messages from the suspect. also in
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the shooting deaths of two people. officers found the victims just before five this morning at the southwood apartment complex on southwood drive. police aren't releasing their names .. or many other details of the crime. so arrests have been made. a missouri fugitive on the run for the past three years .. has been arrested in fayetteville. 24-year-old "corey hotsenpiller" was wanted for the 2013 abduction of his son. u-s marshals say they forced their way into a home on hotsenpiller .. and hauled him off to jail. a wake county high school baseball coach .. under arrest. police in wake forest say 29 year old joseph--john.... broke into his girlfriend's house last night.... without permission... and assaulted her. they say he left the house earlier in the evening after an argument. john is the coach at heritage high school. bedtime came a lot earlier tonight for thousands of students across the triangle. tomorrow is the first day for traditional calendar schools.
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teachers stocking up on those last minute supplies. some teachers .. taking advantage of a day before the first day .. ten percent discount at target. we ran into one teacher.. who had advice for parents. along with plenty of sleep .. teachers also urge parents to ma s breakfast before heading off to school. tonight....governo r mccrory is welcoming students and educators back to school. in a video message .. the governor remembers his former teacher from ragsdale high school in jamestown, north carolina .. who inspired him to earn his education degree in college. the governor also highlighted
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efforts to improve education .. saying the teacher salary to 50-thousand dollars.... tripled funding for textbooks and connected all classrooms to high speed wi-fi. folks in fayetteville .. helping students get ready for the start of classes. the 'gotcha back backpack drive' took place this afternoon in festival park. the supplies .. are being collected so underprivileged families have the tools they need for the start of school. going back to school with you. gloria rodriguez will have you covered in wake county. in durham county....anthony wilson will be keeping you updated. a greg barnes will be live in cumberland county. we'll also have our breaking news vehicles on the roads monitoring the bus routes and chopper 11 h-d high in the air to give you up-to- the-minute traffic reports. f u st something we should know.. using the hashtag abc 11. an airport security breach .. a man crashes a truck into a plane
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plus .. incredible video .. an officer pulls a man off of ain trks with only seconds to spare. you'll want to stick around to see this. also still ahead .. an n-f-l quarterback .. taking a lot of heat tonight for his refusal to stand during the national anthem. why he says he'll continue to sit .. and what upset fans are now doing on social media. plus .. how would you like a 30 hour work week? the major company .. testing it out ... but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news cente
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hero .. after saving the life of a man this past week. victor ortiz is a 16 year veteran of the new jersey transit police department. he responded to a report of a man having a confrontation on a train at secaucus junction. that's northeast of newark. this video .. was is from radio station new jersey 101.5. when ortiz arrived .. he says the man jumped onto the tracks .. ran along them .. then laid down and refused to move. officer ortiz him for a short time .. before pulling him off the tracks. a joyride on an airport tarmac lands a man behind bars tonight. police say 35- year-old "delairo koonce" parked near a terminal of the omaha airport and started screaming that pepole were trying to kill him. when officers tried to calm him down .. they say he scaled an 8-foot barbed wire fence- hopped over, and stole an airport pickup truck. he then drove that truck onto the tarmac .. eventually ramming into a southwest
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several crew members suffered minor injuries. none of the 18 passengers were hurt. koonce went to the hospital where he tested positive for methamphetamines. a deadly charter bush crash in louisiana today. at least two people killed, including a firefighter - dozens of others injured. and tonight....investiga tors have discovered disturbing information about who was driving that bus, and who else was on board. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest. pkg script: sot - "we need help! ? we firefighters struck!" chaos on interstate ten in louisiana? sot - "we've got the whole interstate shutdown." a charter bus crash shutting down the busy highway? state police say earlier in the morning - a pickup truck was speeding on a slick roadway - when it hit the guard rail. firefighters responded? and minutes later - the charter bus slammed into the scene? hitting three firemen, two more vehicles - and finally the pickup truck itself. sot - "get another ladder. we've got another fireman who needs to be pulledup! those three firefighters were
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water below? one died from his injuries. here you can see a helicopter waiting to tranport the most seve wounded. another person who was in one the cars the bus hit - that red camry - also died. the interstate littered with debris. sot - "we need some help out here quick." officials say the bus driver - denis yasmir amaya rodriguez did not have a drivers license, and was in this country illegally. the dozens of people on the bus were workers - heading to do construction and hior e rlier thisoth.policbeliee those workers are also here illegally. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. lar fhs broke out on the corell campus in upstate new yor .. leaving one student dead and another injured. police say the fights happened ouside a student ganized evnt.... attended by hundreds of people. officers found two victims with stab wounds..... one later died at the hospital. the other is expected to be o-k. so far no arrests have been made.
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reillance footage taken from the area. now to the earthquake in italy. rescue workers are still combing through debris searching for victims. tody, ed three bodiein the bble of a hotel in amatrice. the death toll now stands at 290. italian authorities are also looking into whether building codes were adhered to in many of these ancient towns devastated by the quake. the controversy surrounding san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick--is reaching new levels tonight. fans are posting videos to s jersey. this all comes after kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem friday night. he says he cannot stand for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. and he says he'll sit through the anthem for as long as he feels is appropriate .. and until he sees significant progress in america. amazon could make the weekend a little longer for its employees. the washington post reports...the company will experiment with a 30-hour work week. it's a pilot program which will have a small team working a shorter week.
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dozen people will work monday thru thursday. amazon's team will work on tech products within human resources. meteorologist liz horton is here now with the forecast. when the kids return to school on monday, skies wi temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s. we could see a slight chance of a shower or storm, but most of us should stay dry in the afternoon. the tropics are heating up though, and by monday afternoon the coastal plain could be seeing some gusty winds,
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from tropical depression eight, which is now a few hundred miles off the coast of north carolina. "eight" is expected to become a tropical storm in the next 24 hours, and will likely be named hermine. the path takes it toward the outer banks on monday before curving it back out to sea on tuesday, away from central although the coast could feel the effects of this tropical system, we will likely see below average rain chances west of i-95 as sinking around the storm build in. we will likely see partly sunny skies through the middle part of the week, with temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s. another system, currently known as tropical depression nine is currently moving toward the southeastern gulf of mexico. while there is some disagreement in
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models show this system strengthening into a tropical storm, possibly moving into florida by friday. a few models show the tropical storm exiting northeast back into the atlantic ocean, just off the south carolina coast for the start of labor day weekend. we will be watching this system very closely for the potential for impact here by weekend. our bt advice, is to stay tuned in the coming days!ot wil beeveloping and changing. if you have beach plans next weekend, don't cancel anything yet. just keep a close eye on the first alert forecast.
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some tough cuts today. we'll show you who's no longer on the team.. and .. a great shot at the barclays... to help clinch victory. the highlights ..
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ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce.
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panthers made a first round of cuts today as far as two duke alums are considered -- it's good news and bad news. former blue devil tight end braxton deaver is one of eleven guys released. he was waived meaning the other 31 teams av he becomes a free agent again. deaver probably saw this coming after he didn't play a down on offense against the patriots. here are the other casualties - stephen hill -- who was a second round pick by the jets four years ago. he is coming off a major knee injury. tackle willie smith -- a former pirate was signed just ten days ago. the panthes also cut receivers mike shuler and avius capers who played at j-c smith. not
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survives for now. the panthers must cut four moreo tuesday's deadline. meanwhile ron rivera and his charges were back at work today. that includes tight end greg olsen who missed the last two games with back spasms. with two receivers being released - the panthers are down to eight on the depth chart. hill worked hard to make up ground after missing all of last s plays to stand out. the cowboys
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back brace for the next two weeks in hopes of avoiding surgery and returning with a broken bone in his back. dak prescott takes the reigns of the offense as of now. the rookie led the first team in practice today. the assies making a move at the first playoff tournament -- adam scott with a biride at nine to get within two of the lead. rickie fowler was the leader going into the final round -- but he's going in the wrong direction -- this ball will come
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bunker. fowler with a messy three over and tied for seventh. patrick reed assumes the lead there jason day looking to make things interesting down the stretch -- how about this putt -- the 15th green -- he was 71 feet away -- no problem. what a putt! but as good as that was -- day would bogey at 16 and finish seven under in a tie for fourth. patrick reed -- with a great shot at there to get his lead up to two -- he would hold on for the one shot win -- still ahead -- we'll hit the home stretch including nascar -- after a quick stop for some fuel -- or as in jimmie johnsons case -- a slow stop nascar zoomed to
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just three races left before the playoffs start -- the drivers who haven't won yet this sso metal to try and secure their spot in the chase for the championship. a win puts you automatically in the chase - the four hundred miles took less than three hours lap 26 -- kyle busch has a tire issue that will cause him to wreck. busch finds the infield grass which was super wet. busch struggled to get out and finished
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earnhardt again this week - had some engine issues - he comes home in 30th - 9 laps to go -- the key restart here -- kyle larson will get pushed by brad keslowsky -- larson with the better start than chase elliott and larson takes a relinquish. ver larson becomes the thirteenth different winner this season -- and now only three spots are up for grabs -- and just two races remain before the chase. a team from takes on south korea in the ltte gueinal - james fellows makes the great laeping catch into the wall conner rush gets the rbi single to put a run on the board.....jude abbadessa scores with the potential game winning run
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gets minho choi out swinging to end the game harlost pitched complete game 2-1 the final - they finish the season at 24-and oh -- join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 beginning at 4:30 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on 'c-w 22'. our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! new lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills bacteria on big, soft surfaces.
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