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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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hermine hitting north carolina.... heavy rain, flooding and rough surf along the coast.... we'll bring you the latest on the storm's path.. and when it moves out. plus, the storm knocking down trees and power lines all over the area... we'll show you some of the damage... those stories plus, a tropical storm threatening their big day... hear from the couple not letting hermine wash out their wedding. eyewitness news starts right now. tropical storm hermine... hitting north carolina right now.... north carolina right now.... the storm made landfall in florida early this morning and then headed right for our state. it's been bringing heavy rains and some flooding. this is a live look at wrightsville beach. here's what we know right now... one death is now
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one death is now being blamed on hermine... the death happened in florida. more than 18 thousand people in north carolina-- are without power right now. and we're getting reports of 'trees' down.. and some flash flooding. good evening i'm joel brown... in for steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell ... we've got reports from the triangle to the coast to keep you up to date as hermine moves through... chief meteorologist chris hohmann in the first alert storm center begins our coverage... chris what's the latest on this storm? the flow around the storm will he
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the effects of hermine-- as the storm moves through our state... we've got team coverage, tonight-- from the triangle, to the sandhills.. and eastern north carolina...
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athans is there now live as hermine bears down on our our shores... elaina what are you seeing? high tide....foam...the water is rough.. wave crashing water is rough.. wave crashing in town right now....several in town right now....several n town right now....several streets are power is knocked out at some street lights. this storm has certainly put a damper on labor day plans. at the hotel were staying....staff tells me originally ever room was booked for tonight. ..... half of people showed up, many cancelled thier stays. those who did made the trip have been wholed in their hotel and
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to get here.. the folks who are here are trying to make the best of it. we some people trying to make the best of it. we some people hanging out by the pool. this area is under a tornado watch. trying to make the best of it. we some people hanging out by the pool. this area is under a tornado watch. that is supposed to expire midnight live in folks down in the sandhills... you were the 'first' in the viewing area... to feel those 'effects' of 'hermine'. trees are down in parts of 'cumberland' and 'sampson' counties... and there's some
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fayetteville. it been a rainy and windy night here in fayetteville and across the windy night here in fayetteville and across the sandhills. we're hearing reports from nearby sampson county of trees and power lines down and flooded roads.. nothing that severe here in fayetteville, steady rain causing a few problems. crews have been out on dozens of calls about trees crews have been out on dozens of calls about trees down. this one partially blocked edinborough drive. the wind is picking up and we're seeing more frequent gust.. we're seeing standing water on many roadsides and curbs around town, and ponding in low lying
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raeford road and and streets around fayetteville are open, and passable. but police urge caution. several wrecks are blamed on slick pavement. as the storm gets closer, john glover says he and other city crews expect it will be a busy night. police ask drives to call 911 and report any debris or flooded cross creek is expected to flood over it's banks around 1am.. live in fayetteville greg barnes abc 11 eyewitness news. here in the triangle we've been getting lots of rain thanks to
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roads... dejuanhoggard live right now in the stormchaser... dejuan what are the roads looking live where you are tisha, so far the roads have been driving quite nicely, with the exception of a few patches throughout the triangle. nicely, with the exception of a few patches throughout the triangle. photojournalist shawn rep the entire evening driving around in breaking news 1. and we're out on the roads so you don't have to be. but here's what we have been saying all night long. lots and lots of rain making for driving conditions that you'll want to avoid by all possible means. we got word of a possible washout on sandy forks road in raleigh. no damage or flooding along that road to report as of now. and just a few blocks away, crabtree creek, an area that is no
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water level at the creek at last check was only 3 feet high. the dealerships moved their car to higher ground, but it appears they did so out of an abundance of caution and not necessity. the dealership parking lots are free of flooding. back live here in bn1...just want to remind you of the basics. turn around, don't drown. if you're approaching a large puddle, going to want to find another way around it. and allow for that extra distance between you and the car in front you. live on xxx road in breaking news 1, dejuan hoggard, abc11 eyewitness news. we've got a lot more coverage of hermine right now on abc 11 dot com
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hermine right now on abc 11 dot com and the abc 11 hermine right now on abc 11 dot com and the abc 11 mobile app... you can see the latest radar... and the storm track... plus, some pretty amazing video of the storm coming ashore in florida, last night. that's all in the 'weather' section... on abc11 dot com. presidential candidate mike pence postponing his trip to the tar heel state because of hermine... pence was scheduled for a stop in fayetteville tomorrow morning... no word yet on when that event might be rescheduled. and the clinton campaign announcing, today... that former president bill- clinton will headline a hillary-clinton rally in the triangle next week. the former president planning a stop in 'durham'-- to talk about 'early voting' and voter registration... the clinton campaign also says he plans to
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grow the economy. no details yet on when and where the rally will be... but we'll have that information once we get it-- posted on abc11 dot com and the mobile app. the trial over north carolina's house bill two... being pushed 'back'... until next spring. a lawyer for the a-c-l-u says the trial is being moved from its original november start-date... to may of next year. the case involves two transgender students.. and one employee of the u-n-c system. a court docket entry shows a magistrate judge-- partly grt but didn't explain further. h-b-2 requires transgender people to use restrooms in government buildings and schools-- that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate-- not their gender identity. new details tonight in a deadly 'officer involved shooting' in raleigh this week. raleigh police releasing the '5- day report' in the shooting on donald ross drive. police say officer 'b-k burleson' -- and 'jaqwan - terry' fired at each other at approximately the same time.
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'b-s beausoliel'.. saw terry pointing a gun at burleson and fired. burleson was shot in the leg... terry was shot several times and died from his injuries... beausoliel was not hurt. police say dash cameras didn't capture the shooting... the officers are on administrative duty while the s- b-i investigates. new tonight-- our first 'one-on-one' interview... with the man 'freed' from prison, this week, in durham... after a judge threw out his murder conviction. darry h behind bars... since his 1995 conviction for a double murder-- he always said he didn't commit. his case was taken up by the 'innocence project'-- and barry scheck of o-j simpson fame. the lawyers cleared howard-- using d-n-a evidence-- that wasn't available at the time of the orginal trial. howard was prosecuted by then-durham d-a mike-nifong... who was later disbarred for misconduct during the duke lacrosse case. tonight, howard told us-- he wants to encourage other innocent defendants-- who
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the north carolina center on actual innocence... carolina center on actual innocence... is now investigating 20 other cases-- of possible wrongful conviction in durham county... 4 of those cases were also prosecuted by nifong. hermine heading up the coast.... outside the raleigh eyetwitness center... you can see the wind and rain... we'll have the latest on the storm and the effect it's having here in north storm and the effect it's having here in north carolina... plus chris' full first alert forecast. and.. meet the couple not letting hermine 'wash out' their
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o. adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
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y23ugy yi0y we're following tropical storm hermine as it moves through north carolina... this is a live look at wrightsville beach... hermine came ashore early this morning in florida and has been moving through the southeast... it's bearing down on our coast right now. we've been getting reports of trees down, power flooding folks in our 'eastern' towns and counties... are expecting the 'most' rain from and counties... are expecting the 'most' rain from this storm... but that is 'not' stopping one couple's 'wedding' plans, down east. tim pulliam live in goldsboro... tim? adlib we have seen a steady flow of rain this evening. we have seen a steady flow of
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long periods. that's a good thing. emergency service managers in wayne thing. emergency service managers in wayne county, nash, edgecombe and wilson have been watching the conditions. so far, no flooding, no major issues to report. just some inconveniences. we met a bride and groom tonight braving these weather tonight for their rehearsal dinner. the couple is from indiana and they drove all the way to goldsboro for tonights dinner. they were so scared the restaurant and their wedding venue were going to close because of the weather. so the wedding
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wedding party was able to make it despite flight delays. but there are some cancellations. wayne county schools cancelled all school related activities tomorrow. live tropical storm tropical storm
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looks great with low humidity, 70s to low 80s. the rest of the holiday weekend looks great with
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the rest of the holiday weekend looks great with low humidity, pleasant temperatures, and
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feeling the effects of hermine... we'll have feeling the effects of hermine... another check on conditions... plus see what it looks like where you are, after the break... we're tracking tropical storm we're tracking tropical storm these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks sweetie. the labor day sale is on now at havertys. life looks good. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. hermine... moving through the carolinas... this is a live look at myrtle beach... there were some serious high surf and rain there a little earlier tonight... hermine now
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some power outages and flooding across eastern north carolina. all across the southeast people are sharing their photos, videos and thoughts about hermine... abc 11 viewers sending us their
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shots you've been posting on abc11 dot com showing the cloudy skies and rain... we want you to show us how things look where you are... you can send us photos or video anytime... just use the abc11hastag... or email us at-- eyewitness at abc11 dot com. wind and rain battering beaches in the carolinas.. and we're feeling the effects all the way here in the triangle. you're looking live outsie the raleigh eyewitness news cetner... we'll have another check on conditions at the coast... as hermine moves through... afte the break
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at wrightsville storm hermine... this is a live look at wrightsville beach... you can see and hear that wind.... flooding power outages, trees down updates all night
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can stay up to date updates all night long as hermine moves through... but remember you can stay up to date anytime on abc11 dot com... the abc 11 mobile app, facebook and twitter... join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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