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eyewitness news... emergency crews investigating a teenage girl drowning at a north raleigh subdivision... what we're learning about the incident. plus, hermine moving out of our state... but leaving her mark on the coast. a look at some of the damage and an update on the storm's path... eyewitness news at ten starts right now. we're following several new and tonight... including the latest on hermine's path... as the storm continues to churn up the east coast. good evening i'm dejuan hoggard. and i'm heather waliga... we'll have more on hermine's impact here in our state.... but we start with story we've been following all night long in wake county. the sheriff's office investigating a drowning at a pool in a north raleigh subdivision... tim pulliam has been gathering new information. tim, what's the
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out to sea... gaining strength in the atlantic. but not before leaving a mark on our state. this is a look at some flooding in columbus county tonight. the storm dumped heavy rain all through the eastern part of our state as it moved up the coast. dangerous surf to our shores. at one point more than 20-thousand people were without power. at least one person in north carolina was killed in the storm. officials say strong wind.... caused this tractor trailer to 'crash' on the alligator river bridge. the department of transportation was forced to close two bridges in 'dare county' because of wrecks. also in dare county... the national weather service is confirming a tornado touchdown this morning at a campground. four people were
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treatment... but no one was seriously hurt. although it appears north carolina was spared we are not completely out of the woods. people in new hanover county also cleaning up tonight. tropical storm force wind blew the shingles off homes and brought down trees in myrtle grove. one family says the wind picked up their trampoline...tossi neighbors house. no one was hurt. but the family says the ordeal scared them. people in the northeast are now bracing for hermine... wind and surf starting to pick up along the coast there. ocean county new jersey is now under an official state of emergency as the storm approaches. area marinas are advising boat owners to get
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emergency evacuation trucks have been brought in. and in massachusetts, people hoping to spend the last bit of summer at martha's vineyard or cape cod, now deciding whether to evacuate. one ferry taking people back and forth from the mainland is already cancelling service through monday because of the potential for strong wind and rough seas. two nurses coming to the rescue of a child that nearly drowned at busco beach. the wayne county sheriff's office says the 8-year- old was in a side by side a-t-v driven by a 50-year old near the water when the a-t-v tipped. jumped in to try to rescue the child... luckily two nurses were at the beach and jumped into action to revive the 8- year-old. the child is now being treated at the hospital. tonight.... chapel hill police are still searching for a suspect in an early morning shooting. it happened around 3-30 at the red roof inn....on chapel hill boulevard. one person was taken to the hospital... but is expected to survive. police are now looking for 36 year old bejamin uhlenberg. crime stoppers is
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information leading to his arrest. fayetteville firefighters are assessing the damage from a checmical spill overnight. the chemicals spilled from a rail car being unloaded at the hexion chemicals plant off old wilmington road. workers say a line connected to a rail car carrying phenol ruptured... causing the leak. firefighters say the leak was not weather related and there is no immediate threat to the environment or nearby property. no one was hurt. phenol... also known as carbolic acid... is a chemical derived from petr plastics. 3 people taken to the hospital after a crash overnight in fayetteville. it happened on highway 87 near old wilmington road. our crew on the scene telling us the vehicle ran off the road on the wet pavement and into the trees. we're working to learn their condition. tonight....a manhunt is underway in union county for a suspect accused of breaking into a deputy's home. the sheriff's office says two men broke into the deputy's house yesterday
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one is still on the run. the deputy's wife was home at the time... but wasn't hurt. deputies say the burglars took off when she saw them and then crashed their getaway s-u-v. a nearby school was put on lockdown for three hours while they searched for the remaining suspect. officials don't beleive the deputy was targeted. one person was hurt in an earthquake that shook oklahoma today. the magnitude 5 point 6 quake was centered in the northern part of that state... and delivered about a half dozen ate protecting his child from a piece of falling fireplace... but he's expected to be okay. the earthquake interuppted one couple's wedding. the quake could be felt as far as nebraska... as tremors were
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dozens of wastewater disposal wells in oklahoma are being forced to shut down because earthquakes have been linked to the disposal of water from oil and gas production. flooding in louisiana last month caused nearly 9 billion dollars in damage. that's the early estimate from governor john bel edwards. he says the total will likely rise as officials finish assesing damage to roads and other infrastructure. edwards is asking congress to approve 2 billion dollars in federal aid for louisiana to help with housig efforts. he also says more than 55-thousand homes have been damaged... most did 'not' have flood insurance. controversy following president obama's arrival in china for the g-20 summit after a fight breaks out between a chinese official and a presidential aide. the official wanted to keep journalists traveling with the president away from him. also at the g- 20....the u-s and china signed on to the paris agreement on climate change. the plans will now be submitted
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campaign trail.....where donald trump is making his appeal to african american voters. the g-o-p nominee attended service today at a black church in detroit. former ben carson....joined trump....before taking him on a tour of his old neighborhood. the real-estate mogul giving brief remarks at the church--saying he would bring economic change. trump has faced criticsm by talking about problems in american community in front of predominantely white crowds. tuesday is a big day for the presidential campaign in north carolina. bill clinton campaigning for his wife, hillary clinton in durham... while her running mate tim kaine is also set to deliver a
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and republican presidential candidate donald trump will give his immigration speech to a crowd in greenville. if you head out to downtown raleigh this weekend.... you're in for quite the experience. the african american festival features a variety of art, food and entertainment. the two-day event is an annual celebration of african american culture. there's a family village complete with storytellers, drum circles and dancing. visitors are also treated to an art walk.... where they can see paintings, jewelry, sculptures and going again tomorrow afternoon at 1-30. a trip to the fair taking a
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about the accident that sent several people... including children.. to the hospital. plus, the moving tribute to fallen first responders... why these firefighters were climbing so many stairs today... but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. involving an accident on a fair ride in tennessee. officials are now saying 8 people... including 6 children were taken to the hospital after a malfunction on the moonraker ride.
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people were thrown from the ride, but officials say that was inaccurate. none of those hurt appeared to be seriously injured... the ride was shut down. and in illinois... six children were hurt on a carnival in the city's south side. they hit their heads when a roller coaster stopped suddenly. they were taken to the hospital .. but their injuries were not considered serious. the u-s is preparing to mark the 15-th anniversary of the september 11-th terrorist attacks. today....greensbor o firefighters honored the lives stair climb. firefighters dressed in full gear as they climbed each step at this parking garage. 343 firefighters and 72 police officers lost their lives that day. firefighters climbed the deck nine times--representin g 73 flights of stairs--the highest floor new york firefighters reached on 9/11. this is the sixth
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similar events are taking place across the country. a fallen officer making his final trip home today. a motorcade brought the body of officer clint corvinus to a funeral home in alamogordo new mexico. corvinus was shot while chasing a suspect yesterday authorities say his shooter joseph moreno was killed at the scene. n-f-l hall of famer lawrence taylor is in trouble with the law again. taylor faces a d- w-i charge after police say he side-swiped a patrol car and a motor home this morning in palm beach florida. no one was hurt.... and the vehicles only suffered minor damage. the 57-year old played 13 seasons with the new york giants... winning two super bowl titles. taylor also played his college ball at
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more than a dozen chemicals used in anti-bacterial soaps. the reason--regulato rs say manufacturers could not prove the products were safe or effective. limited research also shows that two of the ingredients can impact hormone levels and spur drug resistant bacteria. mother theresa is set to become a saint tomorrow. pope francis held a prayer vigil for mother theresa today.. ahead of tomorrow's canonization. she was known as the saint of the gutters... and recognized for her compassion working poorest of the poor in india. mother teresa founded the missionaries of charity, which has more than 45- hundred nuns working in more than 130 countries... serving the sick and dying, as well as the poor and orphans. she was awarded the nobel peace price in 1979. a trash mix-up leads to a toddler getting ticketed in washington d-c. it all started when the two year old's mother....theresa westover...receive d a letter claiming
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harper violated the city's litter code. the citation came after a city employee found an envelope on the ground addressed to little harper. the westovers say the letter must have fallen out of their trash. the city later rescinded the 75 dollar fine....but insisted they were just doing their jobs. the atlanta zoo is celebrating a pair of new arrivals... its giant panda....lun lun.....delivered a set of 'twin' cubs and it's not the first time for the 19 year old mom. zoo officials have been watching her around the clock for the last month to see when she might deliver. lun lun previously gave birth to 'another' set of twins .. and three 'other' cubs that now live in china. officials expect zoo members and guests to meet the cubs in december or january. you can get your fill of seafood at the nc-state fairgrounds this weekend. it's all for the second annual
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chance to sample crawfish, lobster, shrimp and gumbo. there's also an all you can eat blue crab session. organizers say people should arrive hungry. the event picks back up at 11 tomorrow morning. tickets are 7 dollars at the gate. under 12. meteorologist liz horton is here now with the forecast. hermine is now a post-tropical cyclone, brewing out in the atlantic. although the
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the effects of the storm, the forecast across central north carolina should improve in the coming days. if you're heading to the coast, expect seas of 8-15 feet, strong rip cure erosion, and gusty winds for the next 24 hours or so. parts of the outer banks may also see a few more rain bands move through late this weekend. here, it will he a different scenario. sunday
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and high temperatures will likely reach the low 80s. humidity will be lower as well, so it will feel quite pleasant. labor day will be sunny and beautiful, too. temperatures will warm to the up by mid-week an area of high pressure will be in full control, and temperatures will begin to warm to the low 90s by wednesday. at least the humidity will stay in check for the foreseeable
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is back... and unc took the field in the georgia dome... ngozi ekeldo will have highlights from atlanta... and from the showdown in
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s-e-c opponent is what carolina wants. winning this highly-touted game against georgia is what the tar heels say the program needs. larry fedora emphasised that point during the offseason...callin g this game at the georgia dome a measuring stick for the program. u-n-c's defense also trying to measure itself against nick chubb. first quarter -- chubb got to work early....two yard run helps the dawgs strike first. scored stayed at 7-oh till the second quarter. mitch trubisky play action -- from se notches his fourth career rushing score. unc trailed 14-10 at the break... but got the best possible start in the third quarter -- t-j logan rips off this 95 yard kickoff return touchdown...tar heels back out front 17-14. logan scored the heels' following touchdown -- and u-n-c led by ten... but a momentum swift kept the dawgs in it. u-n-c's lead down to three...and
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near their endzone..mitch trubisky finds elijah hood...but georgia instead comes away with the safety to cut it to a one point game. dawgs used a fourth quarter field goal to take the lead...and nick chubb used his legs for the exclamation point. chubb finished with the second highest rushing total in his career with 222 yards and 2 scores as the heels swing and miss for the second straight year in an opener against the s-e-c. mark armstrong joins us live now from the georgia dome with the postgame reaction. mark?
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start at q-b for the blue devils vs. n-c central. pretty easy for jones to feel calm with jela duncan on his side. on the handoff -- duncan with plenty of space and no one will catch him. 50-yard run gives duke it's first touchdown of the season for the 7- oh lead. blue devils defense gets it done later on. blitzing on third and nine...malcolm bell's pass is picked off!! breon borders grabs his eleventh career i-n-t. and then duke's offense capitalizes.
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from a shorter distance this time...3 yards out and the score. he finished with 115 rushing yards while jones finished with two t-d tosses and a rushing score in duke's 49 to 6 win. the panthers' final 53 man roster is set...and a few of the names left off the list shocked some folks. plus scottie montgomery got his first taste as e-c-u's new head coach...highlights from the pirates' opener are coming up... it's a day that
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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e for some n-f-l hopefuls, the dream was either crushed or continued for panthers fifth round pick zack sanchez and seventh round tight end beau sanland...the unfortunate cuts came. second year back brandon wegher also couldn't find an edge over cameron artis payne...while veteran defensive tackle kyle love suffered the chopping block. in good news..undrafted rookie jeremy cash out of duke made the 53-man roster. new head coach scotti making his debut with the pirates at home versus western carolina.... pirates took an early 10-nothing lead. second quarter...phillip nelson here goes to the air...finding quay johnson with the leaping catch over his defender for the score. 17-0 e-c-u later in the second on third and goal...nelson connects with anthony scott for the five yard score. scott finished with 3 touchdowns and 210 all purpose yards while nelson had 398 passing yards in the 52 to 7 win.
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coach adrian jones also made his coaching debut with the bears vs. limestone. untimely turnovers would cost shaw in the second quarter. here on second and nine... darron downing's pass is picked off by p-j brown...who would hug that sideline all the way in for the join us sunday morning on abc-11 beginning at six a-m for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted. pat mccrory: stop taking north carolina backwards.
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