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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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news...the search for answers. troubling calls to 9-1-1... after a wake county teen is found face down in a pool. what authorities are saying may have contributed to her death. a wild chase! a driver caught on camera weaving down a triangle highway. what we know about the woman behind the wheel. and...the wake county baby makes waves on social media. it's the must-see video of the night. eyewitness news starts right now. 9-1-1 calls... revealing 'new' details... about what may have caused the sudden 'death'-- of a 17-year-old wake county high school student. good evening everyone. i'm joel for steve and tisha. "rachel- rosoff".... a student at 'enloe high'.. and a lifeguard... found lifeless in a swimming pool saturday afternoon.
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classmates... enloe high school tweeting this afternoon... our hearts are broken... rest in peace, rachel. heather waliga is live outside enloe... where student will return tomorrow. heather? some students here have already heard the news on social media...several of them posting messages about the high school senior and what she meant to them. but as students return after the long holiday weekend...many will just be learning about her questions linger about what 0:16...i just got in from my shift. i can't get into the pool. the water seems to be electrified. a troubling 911 call shedding new light on what may have caused 17- year-old rachel rosoff to drown saturday. 2:57 she was right up against the ladder looking like she had almost just gotten in and something must have happened 3:04 sheriff's deputies confirming....the water in the heritage point pool in north raleigh was
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the teen....a lifeguard....was found floating face down in the water. 3:58 her cell phone is on the table here, and i can see where she texted someone to ask them a question about how to check something in the pool 4:06 4:43 i realized immediately that if i dive in there to get her out, i am not going to be able to handle that shock and i might join her 4:50 investigators are now trying to figure out 'how' the water became electrified. a spokesperson from aquatic management group telling abc-11.... "we are shaken by the loss of such a vibrant young life. our deepest sympathy is extended to the family in this time grief. we are cooperating with investigators in every possible way and are hopeful that the investigation may provide an explanation for this tragedy." friends at a student run charity that rachel was part of took to social media....including enloe high....tweeting from a sports account: " were apart of the enloe family and you will always be remembered." grief counselors will be here at the school tomorrow to help students with the grieving process. also tomorrow....we've
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meet with aquatic management company. live at enloe hs, hw, abc11, ewn. now to breaking news right now in charlotte. a shooting reported in the bus parking lot...outside carowinds theme park. our affiliate in charlotte is reporting that a teenager was shot following an argument that escalated. the teen was taken to the hospital with serious police say they shooting was an isolated incident...and their investigation is ongoing. what's new with this breaking story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. also developing right now in charlotte...a 'gun' scare-- at a crowded mall. authorities evacuating "northlake mall"... after police say someone opened fire outside the shopping center. paramedics and emergency crews responded... but they were unable to locate any victims. the mall reopened for business a few hours later. you may remember last christmas eve... a shopper was 'shot' and 'killed'-- by an off-duty police officer-- at
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a fight-- then pointing a gun at the officer. prosecutors ruled the shooting was justified. to fayetteville, now... and the growing memorial, tonight... as a community mourns the death of a well-known business owner. this is the scene outside 'first place auto wash' in fayetteville. the owner.. michael- mansfield.. was beaten to death, early sunday morning-- in the 'parking lot' of a 'bar'-- down the street. 37-year old hubert- underwood and 26-year old steven-rosser.. both charged with first degree r there was a verbal fight inside the bar.. and it spilled outside. the entire altercation-- was captured on surveillance video. tonight, friends tells eyewitness news-- that mansfield was making a big difference in the community. friends say mansfield was a recovered addict-- who turned his life around...
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addicts-- by offering them jobs.. they say he created a 'ministry' at his car wash-- and fed the homeless. tonight in durham -- police searching for three suspects-- wanted in a 'home invasion' and 'shooting'. police releasing very few details at this hour. what they do say... is that three people broke into a house on 'east main street'-- around nine last night. one person inside the home-- was shot in the leg. so far, no motive.. or suspect descriptions. now to an eyewitness news exclusive... a 'reckless' driver... nearly causing accidents-- along a 25 mile stretch of eye-40-- in 'durham' and 'orange' counties. it began when thedriver of that small sedan-- passes the dashcam driver on i-40... just west of the durham freeway. he says at times-- she was going as slow as 55 and as fast as 90. after 25-miles of her swerving back and forth... she almost hits a state trooper! he turns on his blue light... and starts chasing the driver. about four miles
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crashes just before the i-40/i-85 merge. the man with the dashcam-- who shot the video thursday-- doesn't want to be identified. but today told eyewitness news-- he was surprised no one was hurt or killed. according to the wreck report the driver-- "danielle-evans"-- medical center. the highway patrol-- plans to charge her with 'drugged' driving-- speeding to elude.. and reckless driving. now to vote 20- 16....and "hillary - clinton" and "donald - trump" kicking their campaigns into 'high' gear as they enter the 'home' stretch... in the race for the white house. both campaigns planning trips to battleground north carolina....this week. trump....coming back to the tar heel state tomorrow. he'll be in greenville.
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kaine in the state. kaine will give what is being billed as a major national security address.. in wilmington. hillary clinton.. also dispatching her husband, "bill - clinton" to north carolina tomorrow.. the former president.. scheduled for a campaign stop in durham.. to discuss the importance of voter registration.. and access to early voting sites. and.. hillary clinton, herself.. will come to north carolina later this week... she'll rally supporters on thursday in charlotte-- at johnson c.. smith university. her campaign says will be on national security. and what a scene in the battleground state of 'ohio' today... for a few brief moments... hillary clinton's and donald trump's campaign planes-- were both parked 'next' to each other-- at the 'airport' in cleveland. trump spent the morning in cleveland-- attending a roundtable discussion-- and having lunch with union workers. clinton was in town in, this afternoon-- to attend a labor day festival-- with her running mate senator "tim - kaine." you can keep track of all the latest happenings in vote 20-16...right now on abc-11-
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politics section. "labor day weekend" -- is always one of the busiest driving holidays. breaking news one -- out in the holiday traffic on i-40 all evening-- as people made their way home from the beach. for some...the ride home took a little longer than expected. angelica alvarez.. in breaking news one tonight...with an update. angelica? right now... traffic free and clear... the height of traffic was really earlier this evening... go... and bumper to bumper for hours. taking a break to fuel up... and walk the dogs. rob denune is heading back to yanceyville after spending the long holiday weekend on emerald isle. "saturday was great, sunday was great, today was beautiful." but this beautiful trek taking a little longer. "typically it's a four hour trip for us, it'll be five
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triple-a says denune and his family join more than a million people traveling in north carolina this labor day weekend... and they say the majority... chose to drive. lugging campers.. surf boards... and of course plenty of four- legged friends. this spot on i-40 westbound.... near the johnston county-wake county line seeing a lot of congestion... we watched as it stayed packed for hours with people scrambling to get on the interstate. meantime... over on u-s 64...this car fire sparked a traffic jam. three accidents so far." brima lamin... and his family.. one of many taking their time in all this. pulling off at a gas station... on their journey to mcleansville from wrightsville beach... and hoping all the traffic won't extend their three hour trip home... by too much. i've also been monitoring rdu's flight status.. but we haven't noticed any major
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still to come tonight - president obama's rocky trip to southeast asia-- gets even bumpier. why he abruptly 'cancelled' a meeting with one country's leader. and.. 'still' packing a punch. high surf and tropical storm warnings on the east coast. where hermine is stirring up trouble. good. how one triangle restaurant owner is showing his appreciation-- for law enforcement officers. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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that's my plan. a political 'dust- up' forcing president obama-- to call off a meeting-- with the new president of the philippines. the president touching down in laos...for a three-day visit-- designed to rebuild 'trust' between the u-s and laos. president "rodrigo - duterte".... ripped the president-- with profane language... warning him not to challenge him-- on the killings of more than 2- thousand suspected drug runners-- since he took office in june. the president called duterte a "colorful guy." labor day weekend cut 'short'-- for many along the east coast... as post-tropical cyclone hermine spins north. hermine is hundreds of miles 'off shore' in the atlantic ocean... but it's still powerful enough to whip up dangerous waves
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the holiday weekend. out at sea-- the storm made for a rough ride for passengers onboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas-- headed to bermuda. forecasters expect 'hermine' to hang-around in waters off the northeast coast-- through tomorrow. it's a night many in the triangle will never forget. 20 years ago, tonight-- was making landfall here in north carolina.... the storm was a 'category three' hurricane... when it roared ashore near bald head island... packing winds of 115 miles per hour. fran then traveled up the i- 40 corridor... causing billions of dollars worth of damage. hurricane force winds were felt as far inland as raleigh. some people in the triangle were without power for two weeks. hurricane fran killed 24 people in north carolina... including four in
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must-see video of the night. we start in austria... with a mountain of mud consuming a small town. the "tronitz" creek 'burst' its banks and destroyed a dam... causing the mudslide. about 100 people were forced to flee their homes.. and parts of the village-- no longer have access to drinking water. this is the 'second' time in a 'month'-- a mudslide has hit the town. a driver in england-- witnessed a bizarre scene-- when he was stuck behind a truck loaded with hay. in a video posted to youtube... smoke. in a matter of seconds-- it is engulfed by flames and dropping flaming piles of 'hay' onto the road... much to the distress of the man in the tractor behind it. fortunately, no one was injured. this crane climb is not for the faint- hearted. this daredevil has no problem climbing the one of the tallest structures in hong kong-- without even a safety harness. the 'new world centre'-- in is currently being developed-- as a
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just watching the video is enough to give you vertigo! and a 6 month-old in wake county is making waves across social media. "auburn - aher"...can't quite crawl... but that's not stopping him from water-skiing. with his mother, heather, by his side... auburn rode is custom-built trainer ski-- as his dad towed it on falls lake. his dad claims that the record for world's youngest water skier. while hermine
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concern for southeastern new england and a slightly lesser concern for the mid-atlantic coast, our local weather in central north carolina will feature fine late- summer conditions. an expansive area of high pressure will provide us with abundant sunshine day after this week. after another pleasant night with lows in the upper 50s and low 60s, temperatures rise close to 90 tomorrow. then we go into the lower 90s for the rest of this week.
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come along until late this this weekend when spotty afternoon and evening thunderstorms show up as a cold front reaches us from the west, although most of the time will still be rain-free.
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eating for free at nearly 125 restaurants across the state. it's part of the 'feed the force' movement which was started by a triangle business owner as a way to tell law enforcement officers they are appreciated. "yaniv - sharir" owns o'malley's. sharir says he's disappointed by all the negative things-- he's seen people do toward police-- and he wanted to do something to
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other restaurants and communities across the state-- have been posting pictures on social media with similar stories. still to come... from the 'clearance' rack-- to a hot seller! the n-f-l jersey that's surged in sales this week. friends. a little boy's lunch table-- is about to get very crowded...thanks to one college football player. how a viral changed this sixth
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oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know, some people, i just go to publix, find the signs with the deals and save. when you add it all up... it's a lot. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. national anthem-- apparently has made his san francisco 49ers jersey very popular. kaepernick's jersey has been the seventh best- seller in the nfl... over the past week... and third among quarterbacks behind only behind "cam - newton" and "tom - brady."
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continue the protest-- into the regular season. an unlikely friendship between a florida state football player.. and a florida sixth grader... has become one of the feel-good stories of the early college football season. you may remember this ing florida state wide receiver, "travis - rudolph"... having lunch with "bo - paske." paske has autism and often eats by himself. today, rudolph surprised paske and his mother-- by giving bo a personalized f-s-u jersey-- during an interview with our sister station, e- s-p-n. later this week... been invited to eat dinner with the entire team. the panthers just three days away from that seaosn opener in denver...and thomas davis tells us why he's feeling some extra motivation for the game in
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-up action in high school football. those highlights are next... time for new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery! first tuesday! first tuesday! what's up? how ya been! i am so sorry. first tuesday. right through there. tuesday's kinda my lucky day. and yours. and yours! singing: getcha scratch-offs on the very first tuesday.
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good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. z23nwz zy6z y23nwy yy6y thomas davis played in super bowl 50 with his right arm stitched up. and the months after that loss still haven't healed or cooled his desire to beat the reigning champs now in denver. after last thursday's
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state gets to tack on a few extra days of prep versus east carolina. and the wolfpack want to soak up the advantage of a lo expecting an absolute showdown in greenville come saturday. as for e-c-u... the
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got off to a great start. so now the new head coach says the best way to keep that momentum rolling is by grabbing a win over in-state rival n-c state. weather wiped out most of last football we saw plenty of make-up games tonight... southern durham at hillside one of those rescheduled games... not a lot of scoring in this one... 2nd and 19 -- jalen green connects with caleb mccray. spartans had to settle for a field goal on this drive for the three- nothing lead. hillside would break it open with a touchdown and that would end up being the difference for the hornets in the 7-3
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home opener in week fuquay-varina... bengals with the first punch -- up 3-nothing...david honeycutt there breaks the plane. 10-oh fuquay- varina. cats...though..cut the deficit thanks to larry rountree. rountree on the right edge finds a gap and brings it in from 12 yards out millbrook's game-winning field goal attempt was blocked at the buzzer...and the bengals escape 31-29. middle creek hosting garner... mus third quarter. dominique shoffner goes over the middle here to deandre jones. mustangs got a field goal out of the drive. later in the fourth...shoffner keeps it himself to extend the lead with the touchdown. middle creek has no trouble in the 30 to 10 win. wake forest on the road versus south east raleigh... early pick-six for the bulldogs had them out front...but the visitors took over from there -- pass
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hodge...and he takes it back all the way. game tied at 7-all. later...cougars q-b chris james fakes the handoff...rolls right and hits chris vaughn for the 42 yard strike wake forest rolls 48-13. join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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>> today on "tmz" harvey: ok, -- happy labor day, everybody! [cheers and applause] we are going to do something different today. shevonne is going to take these ping-pong balls and she's going to try to get them in the various cups you ball into the cup, or she's going to throw them into the cup. like that. for each one you get in the cup, i will give you a clue. the clue will reveal a celebrity. if you guess the celebrity, you will win a bottle of champagne. are you ready? >> katie, make sure you throw these well. harvey: and go! >> nice! confusing. >> no, you're going too st, fa dude.


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