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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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pipeline causing big problems here in north carolina. the action governor mccrory is taking tonight. plus--terror in manhattan. a blast hurts dozens of people. where authorities are focusing the investigation tonight. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight.....includin at the pump. good evening i'm dejuan hoggard. we'll get to that story in just a minute. but first we're tracking rain moving through our area tonight. liz horton is here with more on a flood advisory just issued,
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planned shift in the raleigh construction zone. the d-o-t has delayed it's traffic shift planned for tonight on i-40 near lake wheeler road. crews will try again tomorrow night if the weather clears up. they plan to eventually move traffic onto three rebuilt lanes. now to the concern over gas price running out of fuel today here in the triangle. many people waiting in long lines tonight. this all due to a major pipeline leak in alabama. the colonial pipeline runs from texas to new york. work is underway to repair it tonight. in the meantime--govern or mccrory says he's working to minimize any interuptions to the fuel supply. tim pulliam live in raleigh tonight with the latest.
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hours before the start of the work week -- drivers searching and waiting for gas across north carolina. lila hales/driver 190933 my husband just called from the mountains and he said that there's no gas up here. he better go get gas if you need it. but supplying the need is putting a strain on gas stations. here in the triangle, customers being greeted to signs like this---sold out. 191040 i just live right down here and i stopped at one, two, three, four, five. lila hales lost count.. the ortage is from the colonial pipeline leak. last week a 250- thousand gallon leak was discovered in its pipeline just south of birmingham.. the line carries fuel from houston, through
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the shutdown for repairs causing delays in the arrival of fuel trucks and wide spread shortages. retailers like sheetz, bp and exxon apologizing to customers: exxon releasing this statement sunday saying: "we are working to meet our customers needs including securing alternative supply, if necessary." the gas shortage forced ebony baxter and her children to park in line for half an hour. ebony baxter/driver 190732 i guess it's just a waiting gam wait. sunday, governor mccrory released this statement: "based on our ongoing updates from colonial, the construction of a bypass pipeline is moving forward which will soon allow fuel supply operations to return to normal," in the meantime, drivers can expect prices to keep rising.: the average price of gas shot up 8 cents since friday. aaa says the panic and uncertainty has some stations price gougingraising prices as much as 20 cents. sot 191103 tp: you see that price. what do you think of the sticker shock.
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meanwhile--there' s concern of price gouging tonight in tennessee. many people in the nashville area are reporting gas prices near 4- dollars a gallon. today, tennesee's governor reiterated the price gouging law is in effect--and warned that people who violated it--will be held responsible. raleigh police giving the all clear tonight--after a suspicious device shut down the greyhound bus station on capitol boulevard. officers had the area roped off for most of the afternoon. our cameras caught raleigh police suiting up in
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there was nothing hazardous inside the package. the whole incident--was an inconvenience for cab drivers who lost business. police have not released the type of package that was found or who it belonged to. a raleigh husband is behind bars tonight--charged of his wife. police took volodymyr kocherin into custody today. officers found olha kocherina's body friday morning near the kimbrell's furniture store on new bern avenue. still no word how she died. a fayetteville mother accused of slamming her car into three homes--with her four year old child in the passenger's seat. police identifying the driver as 28- year old shelley smith. it all started around 9-30 last night when officers say smith crashed her ford fusion into a chevy tahoe.
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house on berridale driver--then drove through a fence and hit another home. it all ended when officers say smith hit a third house a quarter mile down the road. smith suffered minor injuries. her four year old daughter was seriously hurt and is in critical condition at unc hospital. charges in this case are pending. also in fayetteville a woman recovering tonight after being attacked late last night. it happened around 11 o'clock drive corridor. police say the woman was knocked unconsious. she woke up several hours later--a few hundred feet away from where the attack happened. so far no arrests have been made. fayetteville police are also investigating--a shooting at a nightclub that left two people injured. it happened shortly after two this morning at "big shots" on yadkin road. police say a fight broke out inside the club. moments later--someone fired shots in the parking lot. a woman was hit in the leg--she's
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was shot in the chest--he's in fair condition tonight. so far no arrests have been made. federal investigators are heading to the scene--of a deadly charter bus crash in richmond county. the crash killed four people and injured 42-others. it all happened when troopers say the bus blew a front tire--sending it into a concrete column on i-74. the driver died- along with two men with the ramahjuco academy football team. an 8-year old child also died. the team was on its way from rock hillo play "the university of god's chosen". witnesses describe the moments after the crash. the n-t-s-b will look at the bus's tires. the injuries from yesterday's crash are said to range from critical to minor. tonight--there's an urgent manhunt for a bombmaker who
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the bomb detonated by a cell phone. the blast hurt 29 people--all are out of the hospital tonight. meanwhile--there' s fears the bombing could be linked to a blast yesterday in new jersey. linzie janis has the latest. script: nats tonight the massive manhunt for the person or people responsible for this terrifying scene. diblasio "we know there was a bombing. that much we do know. " surveillance images capture the moment the powerful blast 8:30 in manhattan's popular chelsea neighborhood. people out strolling suddenly running for cover. nats - "a bomb just went off in new york. this man walks toward the scene in shock, debris everywhere building alarms blaring. nats police - everybody clear this street" within moments law enforcement descending on 23rd street nats police "let's go let's go let's go now, get off the street with
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a garbage pail, have units stay off the block. the force of the explosion blowing out windows of buildings and cars. witness : we heard the shatter of the of the windows and everything else and we just ducked. shards of glass and shrapnel flying like missiles. nats - everybody get off the street. ramon lopez i thought in my mind that a building was collapsing. ramon lopez racing to help this woman bloodied and dazed nats - " come with me. come with me. come with me. i'm holding you. ok, come with me. u happen" first responders leading the injured into ambulances deborah griffith : all of a sudden we hear boom! it was loud. it shook the building. investigators begin sifting through the debris the bomb placed next to this dumpster. now a heap of twisted metal. de blasio: that this was an intentional act. then word that a second suspicious device had been found just four blocks north.
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moved out of this area near 26th st the police telling us it is a hotzone and they are looking at another device. two former ny state troopers patrolling on foot finding this pressure cooker. residents told to stay away from windows. the neighborhood still an active crime scene as authorities say they have not found a link to international terrorism diblasio: was it a political motivation, a personal motivation? what was it? we do not know that yet. linzie janis tag i spoke with the fire commission those injuries 2 c1 3 spree at a mall a "potential act of terrorism." nine people were injured before an off duty police officer shot and killed the attacker.. who was dressed as a security guard. today isis is claiming to have inspired the attack. releasing a statement calling the man a "soldier of the islamic state" who acted in "response to calls to target citizens." authorities say the attacker made references to allah .. and asked at least one person if they
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authorities are searching the attacker's home trying to figure out exactly what motivated him. an end of an era today at fort bragg. next--the base says goodbye to the 440-th airlift wing. more on today's emotional ceremony. plus a new report of a 'samsung galaxy note 7' exploding. where it happened....and what he says the company told him to do next. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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440-th airlift wing. today, people gathered at pope army airfield to honor those who served the wing over the past 73- years. the last plane from the 440-th was flown away on june 29th--and most of the airmen have been transfered to other units. the wing's colors were also cased today--mar process. a florida man suing samsung after he says he was burned by a galaxy note 7 that exploded in his pocket firefighters say when they got to the sceen the phone was almost completely melted... leaving him with second- degree burns on his right side. he says he tried to grab the phone out of his pocket but couldn't. he was hospitalized. he says an hour after the phone exploded... he got an email from samsung telling him to exchange
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crashes into an arizona home bursting into massive flames. video captured the fireball streaking across the sky. the cessna burst into flames during the flight. four skydivers on board--jumped out--without a scratch. the pilot also parachuted to safety. the plane then slammed into the home. thankfully, no one inside was hurt. witnesses described the sight. the n-t-s-b is now investigating the cause of the crash. president obama declaring this week prescription opioid and heroin epidemics awareness week. the president wants to draw attention to the dangers of opioids... like prescription painkillers and heroin. he says the number of deadly overdoses from
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past 17-years and opioid use disorder is a disease that touches too many families. president obama says the victims are often stigmatized, which prevents them from getting help. keeping kids safe. law enforcement agencies across the state will kick off the annual child passenger safety week campaign tomorrow. car crashes are the leading cause of death for children..... up to 13 years old. during the week officers will educate people about the importan belts. public safety officials will kick off the week of action with an event at cape fear valley medical center. people in garner got a taste of latin culture this afternoon. the town held its fourth annual "carnival latino" at the garner performing arts center. the festival featured mexican pop rock, salsa and merengue music. there was also plenty of latin american cuisine and vendors. meteorologist liz horton is here
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monday will be cloudy and wet across our region. central north carolina is sandwiched between two systems. tropical depression julia continues to spin of the south carolina coast, bringing rain to of the state, and a cold front is moving in from the west, bringing rain to the mountains already this evening. on monday, the front will move into central north carolina just as tropical depression julia gets closer to the north carolina coast, as a result we will see more clouds and the
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some of the downpours could be heavy at times. as the front pushes to the east, we should see a slight decrease in shower activity, but you can rule out a little rain. most of the clouds will likely linger as well. high temperatures will respond by staying in the lower 80s. depression julia will likely get absorbed into the front, and continue to impact us through the middle part of the week. increased cloud cover and a
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a decisive victory against san francisco. next in sports we'll show you the highlights and how the team had a little fun on the
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pass was tipped and intercepted. after that mis-hap newton was nearly flawless against san francisco. newton set two team records during the game -- the panthers first at the bank this season. niners back-up qb continues to kneel during the national anthem. the teams exchange turnovers early in the game -- the panthers cash in on theirs -- charles johnson strips carlos hyde -- shaq thompson scups and scores -- cats up 7-3. newton would set the franchise mark for touchdowns == he know has 122 and counting -- greg olsen with his longest t-d ever -- 78 yards. panthers up 14-10. second half -
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involved -- over 500 total yards of offense for the panthers today. newton also broke jake delhommes team record with the most 300 yard passing games. he finished with 353 and four scores one interception. -- benjamin a huge game -- panthers get their first win by 19. 75 million dollars lured josh
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little return on investment. norman was once again used on one side the the field instead of primarily matching up with dez bryant -- the cowboys top receiver who had over a hundred yards. former duke star jamison crowder puts washington up after this 11 yard score. he also takes a painful smack against the wall in the process. where's norman -- he does get a key strip on ezekiel elliott -- washington to put the game away - but field goals -- and then kirk cousins with a red zone interception nursing a three point lead -- barry church with the pick. alfred moris returns to his former stomping grounds and puts a foot on the neck of the home team. that's the go ahead points -- washington drops to oh and two -- 27-23. jimmy garoppolo and led the patriots to an
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threw three first half touchdowns and had new england rolling. then things changed when kiko alonso brought him down. reports are he has a sprained a-c joint. former n-c state qb jacoby brissett replaced garoppolo and led the pats to a score and a 31-3 lead. but they missed a field goal late in the game giving mimia one last chance. picked off in the endzone in the final seconds -- new england holds on 31-24. still ahead -- a guy who made it to the final four in nascar a season ago starts this years playoff chase with a huge win in chicago.
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chance at winning a championship. that number gets whittled down to twelve after the next three races -- first up -- chicagoland speedway. kevin harvick dropped to the back of the field after unapproved changes to his car. he was one of the favorites going in -- first caution -- aric almirola's crew mishandles a tire which finds it's way to the infield grass. jimmie johnson led the most laps today -- but ended up finshing back in 12th place.
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lead with five laps to go -- but a caution comes out for the car of michael mcdowell that would change everything. martin truex beats elliott off pitt road -- ryan blaney assumes the lead - truex junior - with two laps to go -- gets by on fresh tires -- truex holds on for the win -- that means -- he's automatically advanced into the final twelve. louisville highlights this weeks ap top 25 -- after ripping florida state. bama stays at one -- ohio state up a spot into second. the noles plummet 11 spots down to 13. after a big win at ap state -- miami is up to 15th. notre dame drops out -- north carolina received
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