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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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the charlotte police shooting death of keith scott. the video now fueling a fight night of protests. plus--we take you inside the new smithsonian museum in washington d-c. we speak exclusively with oprah and stevie wonder. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. dramatic video released today--showing dramatic video released today--showing the charlotte police shooting death of keith scott. the footage raising new questions tonight. the video igniting new outrage. protesters taking to the streets of charlotte for a fifth night. this is a live look at the scene right now.
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police released the video after several days of protests. the department giving their version of events leading up to the deadly encoutner. they say they went to the apartment tuesday--to serve an arrest warrant for another man. while at the apartment they say they saw scott rolling a marijuana joint in his car. they ignored that activity. police say officer brantley vinson l the tapes show what happened next. in this dashcam video -- the frantic final moments of the fatal standoff -- as recorded by police. keith lamont scott is seen exiting his vehicle and walking backwards, his hands down, then: nats gunfire as video freezes nats up: "we got shots fired, one suspect down ...." this bodycam video -- partially silent -- has another perspective. an officer wields a baton in an
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of his vehicle. scott is seen briefly standing in the parking lot. then the 43-year- old is seen lying mortally wounded -- as police advance with guns drawn. nats up: "handcuffs! handcuffs!" officers appear to administer first aid. nats up police: "we need to hold the wound." though no firearm is visible, police insist: sot chief kerr putney charlotte- mecklenberg pd " ... based on totality of what we see, he was absolutely in possession of a handgun." still with object on ground they say that's it police also released this photo of what they say is scott's gun -- and an ankle holster they say he was wearing. sources tell charlotte a-b-c affiliate w-s-o-c that testing on the gun police say they found at the scene -- allegedly matches scott's fingerprints, d-n-a, and blood. lawyers for scott's family continue to cast u on thelice account. t justin bamberg scott family lawyer approx 19:26:50 did not lunge, hands by side, no definitive object in
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as you can see right here---people taking to the streets for a fifth straight night in charlotte. this was the scene earlier in the dayahead of the release of that video. demonstrators marched in the street yelling "no tapes no peace". hundreds also gathered outside the charlotte police department chanting "keith scott. for the first time, groups from the triangle mobilized to participate in the charlotte protests. jonah kaplan joins us now with more on the protest - and their reaction to the newly-released videos. with charlotte being 150 miles away, you can't exactly be spontaneous and make your way to uptown to join the protest. with it being the weekend, folks had the day off from work - we spoke with participants before and after
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accomplished. the official hashtag - "get on the bus", but the whole point of the trip was to get off the bus and get moving. "it's so important right now to change direction and be there on the ground with our sisters and brothers." hundreds of demonstrators have tried to communicate a message ever since a charlotte police officer killed 43 year old keith scott at a traffic stop on tuesday afternoon. investigators maintain scott was armed, despite scott's family's ob peaceful protests unraveled into destructive chaos. the national guard deployed on thursday - the rallies went on, but without any riots. lamont lilly helped organized he trip and recruited nearly 60 other triangle residents to join him. "i consider it justified and quite honestly i consider it righteous." participants we spoke with said the triangle group's motivation for traveling was really two fold: show investigators that race relations is a state-wide issue -
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release of body cam footage from the shooting. by the time the bus returned at 8 p.m., police did release the videos, but group members never saw the footage until we showed it to them. "here's the thing - owning a gun, being a possession of a gun or being in possession of drugs does not equal a death sentence." durham resident rachel storer said the videos only raise more questions - and the quest for complete police transparency. "it's s document everything becuase otherwise our story won't be told." to watch the videos and see more of what police released today, just head to our website, dajuan? raleigh police officers are in charlotte tonight--helping local police forces. about 50 r-p-d officers left earlier today. they will provide temporary assistance to charlotte police. the cooperation comes due to a mutual aid agreement
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coverage of this still developing story continues online right now at abc 11 dot com you can watch the entire videos charlotte police released today. new tonight- the highway patrol releasing new details about a fatal crash in eastern wake county last night. 22 year old chauntice henderson died when she was ejected from the car. the crash happened on lizard lick road, between buck road and glory road. authorities say the driver, 30 year hockaday, lost control of the dodge stratus, struck a ditch, a driveway culvert, went airborne and struck a tree about 8 feet in the air. troopers say speed played a role in the crash. they also say they could smell alcohol on the breath of hockaday. so far no charges have been filed. raleigh police make an arrest in a shooting. 25-year-old anthony neal is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and other
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minivan at the walnut woods apartments complex yesterday morning. 23 year old travis malloy was shot in the head. he's being treated at wakemed. another man, who was also in the minvan, wasn't injured. police have not released a motive for the shooting. a wilson man--behind bars tonight---charged with murder after an early morning deadly shooting. police say joshua brockington shot and killed christopher molson--shortly before 1-am in the 18-hundred block of london church road. brockington is charged wh he's being held without bond in the wilson county detention center. an update tonight to a motorcycle crash in durham. we learned today, the driver of the motorcycle died. police say carl capps collided with a ford focus yesterday evening on freeman road. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the driver of the focus was not hurt. no charges have been filed. neighbors rescued a dog from a burning house in johnston county. the fire broke out
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no one was home at the time. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. tonight surveillance pictures providing new evidence in the manhunt for the person seen here who police say opened fire inside a washington mall - killing five people - then escaping. four women and one man all died. joe zavala and his wife were inside macy's when chaos broke out in the makeup department. they not only saw the gunman - but the victims too. on for the gunman - considered armed and dangerous. so far, no name or motive for the attack. the f-b-i says there are no indications that this is tied to terrorism, but agents are not totally ruling it out at this point. a historic day in our nation's capital. coming up next--we take you inside the african american
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presidential candidate--mike pence---making a stop in north carolina today. what he had to say about the police killing of keith scott. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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hundred protesters are taking to the streets tonight after the release of the video showing the killing of keith scott. so far, the protests have
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the nation's first african american president opening the new national museum dedicated to african american history and culture. the ceremony packed with dignitaries and thousands attended the opening- including our tim pulliam... who has more on the historical day. > the opening of the african american museum brought out some big celebrities. >> actors robert dinero, angela bassett, and oprah winfrey. >> she was one of the museums largest donors. >> >> >> 00:59 >> this building is essentially a crown. it's the crown that's been paid for, so now we as a culture need to put it on our heads and wear it. >> >> that's how the queen of television
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culture museum. >> the 10-story bronze structure, which sits next to the washington monument, costs more than $500 million dollars, and took more than a decade to build. private donors covered most of the bill. >> one of the largest donors was oprah. >> her foundation shelled out more than $20 million dollars. >> >> sot >> :37 >> from the beginning it wasn't about being a donor for meit was about making an investment for the future. i think our generation up until this point has not done a good job passing on to young people a sense of the price who we are and were we come from and the path that was created. >> >> other celebrities contributed their talents to the museum's grand opening. >> patti labelle sang. >> >> >> >> >> stevie wonder performed. >> >> >> >> sot >> stevie wonder/r&b singer >> 02:01 >> we're living history and i think that the key is that we keep history going in the right direction. >> >> >> will smith recited words from a legend. >> >> sot >> will smith/actor >> 033818 >> a man cannot ride your back unless your back is bent. so said dr. martin luther king junior. >> >> >> three thousand people toured the new museum. the maximum allowed each day. >> leroy lindo from sacremento
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>> >> sot >> 124027 >> we'll be there 5:15p. can't wait. >> >> north carolininans can be proud of the museum. >> artifacts from civil rights leaders, entertainers, educators are on display. >> congressman g k butterfield says exhibits will show african americans experience through slavery, civil rights and beyond. >> >> sot >> congressman g k butterfield >> 130023 >> it tells the african-american story in its entirety. >> >> sot >> phil freelon/lead architect >> sot >> 100751 >> it's about celebration, resilience and it's about triumph. >> >> >> archite design team. >> his say the 3600 bronze panels are inspired by iron- work from charleston, savannah and new orleans, where african-americans were slaves. >> >> terry arwood of raleigh came to see the new museum. he enjoyed president obama's message of unity. >> >> >> terry arwood >> 122905 >> it's certainly historical and a proud moment for
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candidate made a stop in asheville today. he praised state officials and the people of charlotte for "restoring order"--following wednesday's violent protests. pence made the remarks during a national convention on home schooling. the indiana governor did not mention keith scott by name but urged the audience to pray for all those involved. the new york times editorial board--throwing its support behind hi appear in tomorrow's print. the newspaper says clinton's experience as secretary of state makes her better qualified to shape u-s foreign policy than her republican challenger, donald trump. the times also backed clinton during the democratic primary fight. donald trump threatened today to bring gennifer flowers to monday's presidential debate. bill clinton admitted having a sexual relationship with flowers decades ago. trump's taunt is in response to mark
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the clinton campaign. cuban has been a vocal critic of donald trump throughout the presidential campaign. downtown raleigh revving into action for the annual ray price capital city bikefest. the event is expanding this year.. and now includes west cabarrus street and an outdoor stage near the raleigh convention center. the three day event includes family activities it wrap ups tomorrow at 4pm. the weather also cooperated today for the international folk festival happening in downtown fayetteville. the parade of nations marched down hay street. more than 1- thousand people participated waving flags and dancing behind their nation's signs. members of the army ground forces band lead the parade. the festival wraps up tomorrow at festival park with music, dance, arts and crafts and international food.
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gather in 'downtown raleigh' -- tomorrow -- for "la fiesta del pueblo". it's the triangle's largest latin american festival. there will be music, dancing, food and art. the event is free and will go from noon until 7-pm. a-b-c 11 together is a proud sponsor of la fiesta del pueblo. you can read much more on abc-11 dot-com. meteorologist liz horton is here now with the
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with another program changing win on the road against a national power -- and north carolina -- with an amazing comeback win - highlights
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conference play with a thrilling finish at kenan. pittsburgh led from opening kickoff until the final couple of seconds -- a couple of tar heel mistakes get them behind - first a safety -- then elijah hood --
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recovers. they would turn that into a touchdown to make it 12- nothing panthers. mitch trubisky with another record setting day -- career highs in attempts, completions and and yards. it's mack hollins hauling it in here. trubisky went 35 of 46 for 453. in the second quarter -- trubisky -- to ryan switzer -- the tar heels take momentum into the half -- trailing by three. the panthers led by 13 into the but unc's offense overcomes -- trubisky -- bug howard -- panthers can't stop that - it's a six point game. carolina gets the ball back -- they convert three fourth down's -- switzer with the snag there to keep the hopes alive. clock ticking down -- under five seconds -- and it's howard again-- fifth t-d toss by turbisky -- unc with a stunning finish -- 37-36 --
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notre dame with a freshman q-b, a missed three straight field goals and during the game lost one of their best players when devon edwards went down with a knee injury. none of it mattered. the irish score the games first 14 points. but duke ties it up -- then deshone kizer drops the snap deep in his own end. ben humphreys jumps on the lose ball. david cutcliffe is fired up. next play -- it's jones the rookie
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duke - 21-14. the irish score the next 14 to regain the lead with less than seven minutes to go -- but another big play by the blue devils. anthony nash -- breaks a tackle -- and there is nobody to bring him down -- a 64 yard tying touchdown -- it's 35 all. nash with two touchdowns. duke's defense follows that up great play -- kizer trying to make up for a sack -- errant throw - marquies price fields the easy interception. the blue devils move the ball 44 yards aj reid with the chip shot field goal -- and duke leads by three with just one minute and change on the clock. 4th down - the irish must convert -- and the pass by kizer falls incomplete. duke wins in south bend -- 38-35.
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road this afternoon in off to a good start. already leading 3-nothing in the first quarter. malcolm bell the pass complete to lavontis smith who takes it down to the one yard line. 10-nothing after the score. it was 17-10 at the half 3rd q now up 20-10, nccu going to the air...bell the 11 yard toss to jalen wilkes and they've got a 27-10 lead, but the spartans rallied from 17 down to come within four. there, the eagles pull away for good...bell on the
10:28 pm
lead. they'd hold off the spartans 34-31. still ahead -- three straight games against power five teams takes it's toll as the ghost of beamer ball returns. east carolina
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft,
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the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families. governor, please stop. over the hokies. virginia tech made sure to stop the streak thanks to a decisive second
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special teams misques and allowed six sacks. first special teams gaff -- allowing greg stroman plenty of running room on this punt return -- he gobbles up 87 yards -- a little leftover beemer ball perhaps. later in the first quarter -- jarod evans -- down the sidleine -- isaiah ford steps out at the six -- but gains 39 yards and tech would punch it in. trying to get on the board -- davis p deny the points and get good field position. evans would throw for three scores and rush for one -- tech scored on five straigh possessions going into the half -- not one to remember for scottie montgomery and company -- 54-17 the final -- the pirates host u-c-f next -- ciaa this afternoon -- shaw hosting bowie state -- amir hall hits anfernee perry
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for the bears as qb darron downing gets clocked and is on the ground for several minutes but walks off under his own power... 3. amir hall hits robert chesson from 6yards out, referees discuss it and rule it 6...bowie state wins 55-13 join us sunday morning on abc-11 beginning at six a-m for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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