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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  October 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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for impact". the 'north carolina coast' - 'boarded up'... and 'counting down' the hours -- to a 'brush' with 'hurricane matthew'. we have 'live' team coverage -- from the 'storm zone'. and... the uninvited guest. a local couple isn't letting matthew rain on their big day. how they moved a coastal wedding inland in just 72 hours. starts right now. hurricane matthew blasting the southeast coast. high waves now breaching the georgia shore. the dangerous storm churning up theast coast -- and now posing a serious threat to north carolina. good evening everyone, i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels. 'parts' of the 'north carolina coast' -- under a "hurricane warning" tonight. we have 'live
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in 'oak island'. angelica alvarez is in 'wrightsville beach'. and... 'greg barnes' is 'tracking conditions" -- in an 'already' rain- soaked -- cumberland county. but first - let's get the latest on matthew's track from chief meteorologist chris hohmann in the first alert storm center. chris? here in the breaking news
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bringing in all the 'live feeds'.... and the latest video from florida. this is a live look at . here's some 'fresh video' from jacksonville beach... shot from a balcony. the amazing part here: it's showing storm surge happening. those waves.... bringing 'in' the surge.... the flooding taking over this neighborhood. beach erosion will be a big problem -- in this stretch of north florida. "somebody's gonna be sho' enuf, sho' enuf, sho' enuf mad!". before sundown... a lot of people like "aretha - sherman"... took their phones out... checking on damage. she spotted a pretty big tree -- crashed down on a pick-up truck... ....she says there are trees and limbs 'down' across her
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look at this... a beachfront home -- taking a 'beating' from matthew.... waves smashing against a sliding glass door. this is surveillance video -- inside a living room -- in 'palm coast' -- south of jacksonville. "grant - lynch" -- evacuated -- but was watching this on his i-phone... ...he 'now' knows... he'll be returning to deal with a lot of water damage in his home. tonight -- the 'cape fear region' is now under a 'hurricane warning'. brunswick county emergency management officials say they are expecting life-threatening flooding. eyewitness news reporter "elaina - athans" tweeting this video from oak island. this was taken outside a lowes grocery store. the front windows are boarded up...and the store is now closed. elaina is live in oak island -- which could see the first effects of the storm.
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chances we have seen several homes board up -- as well as businesses this convenience store closed at six you can see pile wood has methodically been placed up. each piece of wood has spray painted directions where exactly it should be placed on windows this particular along the waterway and officials are extremely concerned about the storm surge the manager they will not reopen until the matthew moves through lets look at the conditions right now on oak island. waves are rolling on shore. access to the beach is blocked off in some spots. we have traveled out to "blue water pointe marina" tonight -- where nearly every boat has been pulled out of the water in anticipated of the hurricane.
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the lowes is boarded up and the parking lot is barron right now. some places are keeping their lights on and are welcoming customers. people have been frantically stocking up on supplies. there was a mandatory evacuation for visitors. residents living in low-lying or flood zone areas encouraged to leave. three shelters are open right now in brunswick county. live on oak island ea abc11 ewn 'carolina beach' residents -- are "doing their best"... to keep their homes and belongings 'safe' this weekend -- as "hurricane matthew" -- moves toward 'our coast'. the town 'set up' -- giant 'piles' of sand and bags...
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up' around doors... windows... and garages -- to 'help' keep the 'water' out. 'you' can find instructions on making and filling sandbags -- on abc-11-dot-com. angelica alvarez is live -- 'just' up the beach -- in 'wrightsville beach' -- with more on preparations. angelica? right now... today the story has been preparations... with people boarding up... getting ready... tonight... people are dealing just a few hours ago... carolina beach issued a mandatory evacuation for visitors... not for residents. there is a voluntary evacuation underway for all of new hanover county for anyone living in low lying flood prone areas. also once winds reach tropical storm... hurricane level... access to bridges will not be allowed. and with the timing of the storm coming overnight tomorrow... emergency crews are asking people to be mindful of
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over. tonight... emergency crews over at carolina beach had a meeting to talk about the storm... they have extra crews from other counties... and swift water rescues available just in case. emergency crews worry about... the beaches... lifeguards have not and will not be on duty... and with rough ocean... they're asking people keep out. also.... they're warning about widespread power outages during... and after the storm... and that we may not get power back up for at least 24 hours... until the worst
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governor "pat - mccrory" -- warning 'everyone' -- to "be prepared" -- for 'historic flooding'. the governor says some areas could see flooding worst than hurricane floyd back in september 19-99. floyd hit just '10- days' after hurricane dennis... dumping between 'six- and 16- inche the state. and tonight -- memories of 'floyd' are the reason many communities are asking people in low-lying areas to evacuate. in cumberland county -- there are now three shelters open. they're at the 'smith recreation center' in fayetteville... the 'spring lake recreation center' ...and 'south view high school' hope mills. greg barnes is live in hope mills with more on what to expect at the shelters. greg? red cross
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shelters tomorrow, as the weather worsens, and tonight one mother and son are staying here to be on the safe side.. hope mills resident denise castle say shes not taking any chances with hurricane matthew , she and her son were the fi only ones staying at the red cross shelter at south view high school. red cross workers opened red cross workers opened
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with food, beding and other supplies.. and for the first time cumberland county animal control director dr. john lauby says all 3 shelters---will be pet friendly. dr lauby says pens have been setup in a different room the animals can be housed at the county animal control facility. dr. lauby says there will be no charge for housing the pets. the three red cross shelters will be open and available around the clock for as long as they are
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view high school, at the smith recreation center in fayetteville, and the spring lake recreation center.. 'hurricane matthew' -- 'continues' on the 'other side' of the break. the "aftermath". 'florida' cleaning up... after taking a 'pounding'. the 'new video' of the damage "just in." plus... "unwelcome guest". 'matthew' -- couldn't 'rain out' their plans. 'how' one local
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notice. but first... a live look from savannah how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers?
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it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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matthew" -- 'sparing' florida a 'catastrophic blow'... but 'still' leaving behind a 'devastating mark'. this is 'new video' of damage -- just 'coming in' tonight. the storm 'swamping' streets... 'toppling trees' onto homes.... and 'knocking out' power to more than 'one million customers'. 'four deaths' -- have been reported in florida. the 'full extent' of the damage -- is still being 'assessed'. hurricane matthew has rained out plans for many people this weekend.
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'emergency operations center' in west raleigh - with more on how one couple isn't letting the storm stand in the way of their special day. joel? nothing new from state emergency management officials, tonight... but the soon-to-be newlyweds we met this evening-- have been doing some heavy-duty emergency management of their own. with just a couple days notice... they moved their entire wedding away from the hurricane- threatened coast... here to raleigh. dinner-- it's all smiles now for amanda parker and daniel outlaw... but you should've seen the bride and groom 2 days ago.... - "we kinda did a panic mode and realized we can not get married on the beach- because of our good friend matthew." with hurricane matthew expected to skirt the carolinas... amanda and daniel's 'dream' wedding, scheduled for saturday on the beaches of beaufort-- turned into a 'nightmare' scenario. - "received a call from the owner, where the wedding house was and she said
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me on wednesday afternoon and said, i think we're gonna have to postpone it." - "as the days past we realized it was inevitable, we got to move it." with 225 invited guests... daniel and amanda's parents worked the phones, desperately trying to keep their kids' october 8th wedding date in tact. - "my first thought was that i wanted amanda and daniel to get married this weekend, no matter what." - " how do you rearrange a whole wedding in 3 days? we stayed very calm." it paid off... a last minute hurricane the downtown raleigh sheraton... meant rooms for all the guests... and a ballroom for saturday's ceremony. - " every single family member has been able to travel and none of the flights got cancelled. i think even most of our guest are still gonna be able to make it." - "when you turn something that negative into a positive, it's a great feeling. but, that's what we do." so as state emergency
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see matthew's impact on the coast... amanda and daniel will be saying 'i do'... in the safe confines of the downtown sheraton in raleigh at 5:00
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arsenic, mercury, lead. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. and what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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home versus the capitals... zero-all untl the second...check out lee stempniak with the tap in. that was his first preseason goal... canes led 2-1 until midway thru the
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past cam ward to tie it... no changes in overtime so in the shootout... jacob slavvin...with the game winner. canes the 3-2 victors at home. in football..u-n-c's showdown versus virginia tech is a huge chance for the heels to continue their coastal division prowess... ..and the players say their last two nail-biters have helped breathe new confidence into the squad.
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eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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