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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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history. it's coming down to the wire for "hillary - clinton" and "donald - trump." the latest results "just in." plus..too close to call. "roy - cooper" and "pat - mccrory" locked in a tight battle for governor. live team coverage of all the big races. and - the voting glitch that forced several polls in the triangle to stay extra hours. eyewitness news starts right now. reaching its 'apex' tonight -'re looking live at the 'white house'. the "race for president" -- between "hillary - clinton" and "donald - trump" -- 'too close' to call. good evening everyone, form your election headquarters. i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell.. our election team... covering all the big races including a very close governor's race between "pat - mccrory" and
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candidates and their supporters as they wait for the results to start rolling in. and let's begin with the race for the white house. "hillary - clinton" and "donald - trump".... watching the results within 'shouting distance' of each another in new york city. the 'clinton campaign' -- setting-up "post- election shop" -- at the "glass- roofed" -- 'javits center'. she's watching returns at the "peninsula hotel" -- down the street.... ....she 'planned' to shoot-off 'celebratory fireworks'.... but the show has since been 'cancelled'. and the "trump campaign" -- 'hosting' an invitation-only gat "new york hilton midtown". it's just a few blocks from his "trump tower home". the 'hilton' -- 'claims' to have hosted 'every' president since "john - f - kennedy." joel brown is 'tracking returns' -- here in battleground north carolina. joel? this is a road to win 270 electoral votes... north carolina has that crucial 15. this is how the votes are breaking for the candidates,so far, statewide... and here are some early 'county-by-county'
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leaning .. clinton 58% trump 37% 197/202 precincts wake of course, the state's 2nd largest... and one that barackobama won with 54% of the vote in 20-12... so hillary clinton outperforming obama, right now. the numbers from durham county... clinton 82% trump 14% durham is overwh clinton actually outperforming barackobama here as well. 40/57 precincts and in cumberland county.. it is .. with the early lead. clinton 57% trump 40% clinton slightly below what obama won in 20-12... trump slightly ahead of romney. 66/77 precincts we are also watching mecklenburg
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it's the most populous county in the state.. just ahead of wake. right now it is with the lead.. clinton 65% trump 31% 84/195 so still a lot of votes to be counted in meck-- and most will likely go to clinton. as it stands right now, donald trump with that 5 point lead in north carolina. the overall numbers, here... look awfully close to how they looked 4 years ago... when mitt romney won the state over barack-obama. clinton over- performing in some of the larger population centers. it's still a question... can donald trump hold on to his lead. now what has become the nation's highest- profile
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mccrory -- facing a 'tough challenge' -- from democratic attorney general "roy- cooper." the numbers show we have reporters with 'both' candidates. jonah kaplan... with 'pat mccrory' -- at the "crabtree marriott" -- in raleigh. jon camp... with 'roy cooper'... at the "marriott city center" -- in downtown raleigh. let's begin with jon camp...... jon, how's the mood there? until very been a sense here that there could be a real democratic wave in north carolina.. starting at the top with roy cooper for governor. that may be starting to change as the results have been trickling in.. as it settles in just how close this race may be. cooper.. does not have the lead that many of his supporters expected him to have at this point
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it because of early voting.. that has all but evaporated. the social issues that many on the left thought would give them a clear edge going into the night may be coming up short as a motivator to get people to the polls. we talked to representative chris sgro from esr. whoalshespl timistic.. tmperedmewhat. ke a . as for cooper himself.. we're told he's still home watching the with his family. no word on when he'll show up. live in raleigh.. jon
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2 c1 3 2 c1 3 and people here are anxious for senator burr t tonight... they're also happy he's taken a lead over his opponent deborah ross. first take a look at this crowd... we're here at the forsyth country club in winston salem. this room is full of supporters... who cheered when burr took
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tmely tight much of the nig... but at laseck... hisldin int ad....wever tes are still bl bring homeothewin here nightfor burr... this winuld be peally sweet... i at he nnced e would be his last ection. he has served 22ars in ngress... ve terms in e use...d ain... no sign of burr just yet. i'm told he lives
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we are with both senate campaigns tonight.. we begin at the forsyth country salem.. angelica alvarez there with the burr campaign. are now hours into ballot counting... and people here are anxious for senator burr to arrive and take the podium here tonight... they're also happy he's taken a lead over his opponent deborah ross.
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club in winston salem. this room is full of supporters... who cheered when burr took the lead. this race has been extremely tight much of the night... but at last check... he is holding a several point lead....however votes are still 2 c1 3 2 c1 3 isn't giving up on a win tonight.
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this race is just too close to call. vo: this race has been a virtual tossup in the last few weeks. this is one of the most closely watched races in the country and the wi implications nationally. and dems felt a record turnout during early voting would help their cause tonight. she spent the final hours of her campaign trying to win over voters in one final pitch. her supporters here continue to say ross is the candidate that will bring change to the u-s senate and they are still hoping for a victory.
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watching the results come in with her family. and we expect her here very soon. 'lighting up' -- 'social media'. you can see the 'trump' and 'clinton' hashtags... "i'm with her"... and "maga"... trending.
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'trending hashtags'... all night. you can stay connected to the 'election' -- 'all night' from any device... with 'abc 11 dot com'.... and the 'abc 11 mobile news app'. we have special 'live' streaming coverage. ...bringing you political analysis... and results as they come in. it 'is' -- "election night 2016" here on abc-11... continuing coverage... and updated results all night. in wake county.. that sales tax. a one-half percent hike.. partially to fund the wake county transit plan. ad lib our vote 20-16 coverage continues right after the break.... coming up - 'voting problems' -- in the triangle.
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places' -- 'forced' to stay open. the 'issue' that 'nearly' -- went before a 'wake county judge'.
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still "too close to call". this is 'live look' -- from the 'clinton campaign' election night party and just a few block away in new york city...
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"donald - trump" supporters watch and wait. now to the council of state races. the race -- for 'lieutenant governor'.... ad lib attorney general ad lib the "state board of elections" -- had to 'extend' voting hours -- in
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'technical issues'. troubleshooter diane wilson is in the breaking news center with that story. diane? the 8 durham precincts stayed open later than the 7:30 cut-off due to problem's with the 'voting check-in system'. at some of those precincts earlier today, the computers didn't 'work' right... so they went to 'paper books'. it finally got 'sorted out'... 'and the state board of elections decided to keep those 8 precincts open later, some as little as 15 minutes, some as long as an hour later. we were at several of those durham precincts a handful of voters did take advantage of the extra time. tonight, we did not see any long lines at those 8
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a cold front extending from the far western great lakes southwest into western texas will move east and reach central north carolina late tonight & early wednesday. enough increase in moisture to bring some light rain to the region tomorrow. amounts should be under .25" highs tomorrow will be in the low and mid 60s. in the wake of wednesday frontal passage, lower-level winds will turn more out of the northwest. this flow of air will help usher in dry and slightly cool air. high pressure will build in over the carolinas on
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this high will move out of the carolinas on friday, causing the lower-level wind flow to turn more out of the south and bringing in a warmer flow of air ahead of yet another cold front. another cold front dropping southward will reach central north carolina late on friday. ahead of this front, higher temperatures are expected on friday. but once this front moves through, a much- will follow, and readings on saturday and sunday will only be in the 50s. the front coming through late on friday will be moving into a relatively dry air mass. as a result, we won't see any rain with it. a very large high pressure area eastward and be right over the carolinas on saturday night and sunday. this will help bring a very cold night saturday night. many places could experience a frost
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live coverage of 'election night' -- is coming up -- on the other side of the break.
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spots.. with the key candidates. keep it here for continuing coverage all
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to the election h-q.. i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels.. a wild night in north carolina.. the big races, too close to call at this hour. let's get right to the numbers.. the presidential race in north carolina .. very tight.. going back
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hours. donald trump pulled ahead about an hour ago .. .. adlib... and here is a live look at the clinton campaign headquarters tonight. this is the 'javits convention center' on the west side of manhattan.. ad lib. we are also watching the trump headquarters he is at the new york hilton midtown.. ad lib now to the governor's race.. incumbent republican pat mccrory.. up against
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roy cooper.. the latest numbers show governor mccrory .. now inching ahead of cooper. adlib... we have reporters with both candidates. jonah kaplan.. with pat mccrory. jon camp.. with roy cooper. let's begin with jonah kaplan.. withmccrory.
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the cooper campaign.. jon camp.. watching things at the raleigh marriott.. thanks jon camp with the roy
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the senate race.. richard burr .. called as the winner. and we are being told he is going to speak in the next few minutes.. we'll have that 'live' for you here on abc 11.. and live streaming at abc
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are currently tied for second to last in the entire nhl and they'll now be without allstar defenseman justin faulk for at least a week... faulk is out with what the canes are calling an upper body injury... the devils waltzed out of pnc arena with a 4-1 win sunday night some hurricanes payback tonight in the return engagement in jersey... 2nd - canes down 1-0... jaccob slavin gonna take matters into his own hands.. dangles through basically the entire devils defense jordan staal ultimately pokes it in... but that's slavin's goal later -- dirty work along the boards klas dahlbeck loads up a wrister and lets fly.... his first goal as a hurricane 3rd - the canes don't do well holding leads....
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equalizer.... it wound up in a shootout.... cam ward needing to stop taylor hall... hall will not be stopped... devils sweep the home and home... 3-2 in a shootout join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest
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harvey: donald trump lives a very opu liflente. that life will not go to washington, d.c. if he wins. his place in new york is gold leaf to the max. >> i kind of like it. >> if had i $10 billion, would i have one gold leaf apartment in new york. you want in your house. but just remember, some rapper buys a diamond toilet that you guys like -- >> we got piers morgan. he thinks if hillary loses, there will be a deep freeze over hollywood. >> as president trump's wreaks revenge. >> what can he do to celebrities, though? >> katy perry ain't sig at the whnginite house christmas special. >>oy the ted nugent


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