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eyewitness news... "wildfire emergency". firefighters 'battling' on the ground - and smoke 'drifting far' from the fire zone. ...'how' -- "what's happening" out west -- could 'impact' the triangle. plus...wake county schools and a big switch. the board's plans for hundreds of students the parents' plans to fight it. and... a "deadly shooting" -- at the 'oklahoma city airport'. the 'latest details'-- just in. eyewitness news starts right now. right off the top tonight - a pedestrian 'hit'... and 'critically injured' -- in fayetteville. this is 'owen drive' -- near 'village drive'. fayetteville police say -- 45- year-old "jeremy - karpinecz"... was 'walking across' -- "owen drive" -- at about 6-40 this evening -- when he was 'hit' by a car. karpinecz -- was taken to 'cape fear valley hospital'... where he's in 'critical condition'. you can look for
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dot-com -- and on eyewitness news at 11. now to wildfires burning more than '40- thousand' acres across western north carolina.. the widespread smoke also creating a 'dangerous - haze' -- and prompting 'air - quality warnings.' good evening everyone. i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels. you may even 'notice' -- the "smell of smoke"... and "hazy skies" -- here in the triangle. right now - more than 'ten wildfires' are burning... ....scorching '44- thousand acres' -- across the north carolina mountains. two-thousand firefighters -- from across the country -- are the fires are 'raining ash' -- on surrounding communities .... and sending 'smoke' -- to areas as 'far east' -- as charlotte and raleigh. tonight -- a group of local firefighters is back from the front lines. they volunteered to go -- after the state sent out an 'alert' to all fire departments -- asking for crews and engines to deploy to the mountains. with the wildfire in western north carolina still raging, and nearly forty six thousand acres already burned. the state of north carolina asked for assistance from other departments around the state.
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department answered the call. we were on scene when they arrived back in chapel hill after 5 days of fighting the fires 180323 "i don't think you can actually fathom the size of the fire" 180401 danielle currin - chapel hill fire dept. "its just a very long day, about 12 hours every day." the chapel hill crew originally went to protect from structure fires, but were quickly called to assist in other ways 190812 stacey graves - chapel hill fire chief "taking care of the town of chimney rock while they're fire department was overwhelmed with working with the wildfire, but when that changed we were able to help dig fire line and those kinds of things so it was nice to have that kind of opportunity." the fire crew is happy to be home and able to rest from those long strenous days, when asked what kept them going, chief graves says 190930 stacey graves - chapel hill fire chief "knowing that all the people coming together out there, we really were making a difference, they were successful in not having any structures burned in the fire, that makes you have the energy to dig down and keep going."' and crews from 13 fire departments in wake county are currently in
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battle wildfires. they're scheduled to continue working through the weekend. and the durham highway fire department tweeting this photo from the fire line. this is their third day of deployment. you can look for updates on the wildfires tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. 'developing' right now -- in the 'still' -- 'undecided' -- "race for governor" -- the "pat - mccrory" re-election campaign -- 'lashing out' -- at the 'chairman' -- of the "durham county board of elections". the mccrory 'campaign' -- has filed a 'formal protest' -- over the 94-thousand votes 'cast' -- during 'early balloting' -- that 'late' on 'election night' -- after an 'equipment failure'. the 'elections chairman' in durham county says -- he 'doubts' governor mccrory will find the 'surge of votes' from durham -- that he 'needs' -- to reverse "roy - cooper's" lead. in a statement the 'mccrory campaign' says: "if they're right.... there's 'no harm' in a recount of the precincts in question..... and if they're wrong.... the re-count will 'correct errors'.... and 'resolve' legitimate concerns." 'dozens of people' -- rallying in raleigh tonight... against the "dakota access pipeline". that's the controversial oil
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from -- north dakota to illinois. critics say -- it 'runs through' -- "sacred land" -- and it's a threat to "native sovereignty" -- as well as their 'drinking water'. in a "national day of action"... people across the country -- are rallying against 'wells fargo'... the 'bank' -- putting up the 'money' for the project. demonstrators in raleigh -- held signs that read... "respect our water". they want 'president obama' -- to 'stop construction' on the pipeline... and 'wells fargo' to 'stop' funding the project. new tonight -- "calming fears" and "bringing understanding" -- following a 'volatile election'. a 'morrisville -- people in the 'large' indian- american community -- are "anxious"... about president-elect "donald - trump's" -- 'rhetoric' -- regarding 'immigrants'. joel brown is 'live' in morrisville... with 'more' -- on 'how' the 'elected leader' -- is trying to 'calm fears'. joel? gallup took a national poll of adults in the wake of the election... 75% said they were surprised by donald trump's win. and 42% said they were scared! they say the fear is palpable here in immigrant-rich
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morrisville town hall, the mayor pro-tem told us about the flood of calls and emails he's received since donald trump's election... adults and children with one similar emotion. - "kids very shaken concerned? concerned, scared!" steve rao, the son of indian immigrants... and the first south-asian elected official in wake county... says trump's rhethoric about muslims and immigration have rattled nerves, especially hard here in morrisville... where 35% of residents are indian-american... - "there's just a lot of there-- a lot of people concerned about what's going to happen to immigration reform. why did i come to a country that's against immigrants." - "here in this community, yes people are worried, really concerned." faisel khan immigrated to the triangle at 14... he's now a leading voice in the growing muslim community here... also shaken by trump's victory. - "let's not forget what trump said, that he wants to ban muslims coming into this country. he insulted the muslims. he has not extened any olive branch to the muslim-
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in this quiet raleigh suburb where indian culture is flourishing... and a muslim community is beginning to take hold... a plea to the president-elect... - " i want trump to say he believes this is a country for every nation in the world." - "explicity say it, that he disavows all the thigns he has said about muslims and the othr hateful rhetoric." they are concerns bound to be raised at the president elect's first news conference... scheduled. meantime, mayor pro-tem rao is busy planning a series of community conversations to address the mounting concerns. jbr abc11 ewn also in wake county... parents and elementary school students protesting possible changes next school year. dozens attending tonight's wake school board meeting -- to present their own plan on how to keep their kids in current schools. wake county is getting ready to open three new
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school leaders says some schools are '50- percent' over capacity right now -- and more than '1- thousand' students will be re-assigned. for parents at mills park elementary, this would be the fourth time in about eight years that students have been reassigned. another work session is scheduled for november 29th. will vote on the final assignment plan -- next month. a 'fire department' -- 'struggling to recover' -- after 'hurricane matthew' -- is getting a 'big donation'.... that'll 'not only' help them.... but 'also' the community. the 'city of raleigh' is giving the 'princeville fire department' -- 5-thousand dollars -- worth of equipment. 30 firefighters 'lack' the proper gear... 'three' of their 'five' trucks were destroyed... and the firefighters -- are
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and tonight -- people in cumberland county still trying to recover from 'hurricane matthew' are getting answers to their questions. the town of spring lake - hosted a town hall meeting with officials from fema and the state. greg barnes is live in spring lake with more on recovery efforts... and what storm victims were told. greg? f-e-m-a officials say they are still working with victims of hurricane matthew here in north carolina. and fayetteville..but say even in communities like spring lake where the damage wasn't as bad..residents still need help.. 5 weeks after hurricane matthew, spring lake resident byron blumfeld is only now looking for government help. #4223 byron blumfeld- resident runs=:08 :08:20:22:06 just trying to get an estimator nto the ea has been allya theyhave beenl have have an estimator come down and take a look :20:30. flooding caused
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officials say getting flooded victims into affordable temporary housing has been a real challenge. #4197 08:"03:23:13 runs=:08 rita egan f-e-m-a " as times go one other housing resources become available :03:27 some poeple move out of the area that can open up so we move people into." tonight state and federal agencies set up this information community meeting to let residents and business owners know what kind of help is available. even for those who suffered only minor damage. #4152 :07:56:38:29 zandref rus=:06 "...they provided me with all my speculation, as wed them comming away pretty comfortable with :56;43 nformatoin i wanted to get how to handle some issues. despite the light turnout, f-e-m-a officials say this crisis is far from over, and they may start seeing a 2nd way of victims seeking help. #4197 08:02:27:01 runs=:10 there are limits as to what we can do we re working with a lot of different,resourc es to identify every option
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every option available by case basis. federal officials tell us the s-b- a--small business administration is providing low interest loans to many storm victims to repair or replace their homes... f-e-m-a officials have permanent recovery center set up at the dept of social services on ramsey street in fayetteville, and a center in lumerton. no plans to scale back either center anytime soon. we're just 'getting started' tonight -- on eyewitness news - "bill - cosby" is 'returning' to t-v. the 'one network' -- "giving him a chance". plus... "airport terror". a 'shooting' and
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'busy' american airport. ....'what' we know -- about the "manhunt for the gunman". and... "high-speed chase". 'police in pursuit' -- on a 'busy interstate'. ....'what' -- they "didn't know" -- was in the 'back seat' at the time. it's the "must-see video" of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. and all those differences take energy.
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leaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here .... ...with power for your life. now -- chaos at the "will rogers" airport -- in oklahoma city. police now 'confirming' -- a "southwest airlines employee" -- was 'gunned down' -- near the 'parking garage'...
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'dead'. investigators 'identifying' the victim -- as 52- year-old "michael - winchester." winchester 'played football' -- for the "oklahoma sooners".... and was a 'punter' on their '1985 national title team'. oklahoma city police say -- the shooter was found 'dead' -- in a "pick-up truck" -- in the 'airport garage'. they say -- it appears he 'died' from a "self- inflicted gunshot wound" to the 'head'.... and the 'shooting' -- appears to be "pre-meditated". you can look for "what's new" with this story 'overnight' -- 'tomorrow morning' here on eyewitness news. of the victims of the sandy hook school shooting -- plan to 'appeal' a ruling that 'tossed out' their lawsuit against a north carolina- based gun maker. "remington arms" made the rifle used in the massacre that killed '20- children' and 'six- adults'. the judge involved in the case sided with remington -- saying 'federal law' -- shields most companies from lawsuits over the criminal use of their products. an attorney for the families believes the case was 'dismissed' -- because trial courts don't feel 'empowered enough' to confront a case this 'precedent setting' . the 'president' --
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defending her use of "thomas - jefferson" -- in a 'letter' to students -- at the school 'founded' by jefferson. "teresa - sullivan" quoted jefferson -- in statements made to the 'campus' -- before and after "donald - trump's" election. a group of 'students' and 'professors' -- criticized her saying 'jefferson' -- shouldn't be used as a "moral compass" -- because he was a 'slave owner'. sullivan says -- she 'supports' their right to express their 'opinions'.... and quoting jefferson 'doesn't imply' -- she 'agrees' with 'all' of his actions. reruns of "the cosby show"....are coming back to t- v. "bounce t-v" announced on twitter that it will resume airing reruns of the sitcom next month. bounce says it takes the sex assault allegations against "bill - cosby" very seriously, but research shows african-americans see a distinction between cosby, and his iconic character "dr. cliff - huxtable." "donald - trump" -- 'won' the 'presidential election'.... but his 'name' will be 'lost' -- on 'three' new york apartment buildings. a 'trio' -- of "trump place rentals" -- will undergo a 'name change'. they'll just be 'known' -- by their
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it comes after a 'number of people' -- in the buildings -- 'kick-started' -- a 'pre-election petition' -- to 'drop' the "trump name". now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in arkansas...with a high-speed chase with a baby in the back seat! police say -- they had "no idea" -- the 'baby' -- was in the 'back' of the car -- until the chase was 'over'. the chase 'hitting speeds' -- up to 125 miles an hour... as the car 'weaved' -- in and out of traffic. it eventually 'ended' -- when the caught fire. ...and that's when deputies -- discovered a four-month-old 'baby girl' -- 'strapped' in a car seat -- in the back. fortunately, she was 'not' hurt. her parents are facing 'drug charges'. in washington, d- c....a first look at the newly renovated u-s capitol dome. more than 13- hundred cracks and other wear and tear issues have been repaired. damage to the exterior of the mainly cast iron dome came from years of exposure to the weather elements. the 60-million dollar project began in 2014, with
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'one dog' -- 'knows' the mailman is 'not' his friend.... but unfortunately he's been 'banned from barking' -- at the "letter carrier". his owner 00 took a video of the dog's struggle to 'compose himself'... as he sat on the 'stairs' -- 'looking out' at his enemy. the dog lets out a 'series' -- of 'low moans'.... in a struggle 'not' to bark... trying to 'warn' the intruder 'away' -- barking. and finally...a koala makes a taxing trip to an accountants office. this video shows the marsupial wandering into a tax office in australia. employees were left in stitches as the curious koala snooped around their desks. the koala then wanders up to the front doors of the office, but it's too small to make
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a clear sky, light winds and dry air chilly night tonight with low temperatures ranging from near freezing in the normally colder spots in the countryside to near 40 f in the downtown areas. high pressure building over the southern and central appalachians will bring central north carolina beautiful sunny weather tomorrow, thursday and
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cool nights. a strong cold front will advance through central north carolina this coming saturday. ahead of this front, temperatures will rise into the lower 70s both on friday and saturday. the front will bring a period of clouds and perhaps some showers. then a turn to much cooler weather will follow for saturday night and
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shows off his hops at the smith center... this right here is some a- grade aerial acrobatics....stick around for
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z25esz zi0z
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more once the level of competition ratchets up a bit, but the tar heels have looked every bit one of the best teams in the country... no signs of struggle as
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no signs of struggle for theo pinson either... boot or not, he's the hype man joel berry on the other hand is the main man... money then tony bradley - who's been wonderful - back to nate britt.. later - brandon robinson the dump down to isaiah hicks more from berry - maybe three steps here - but as an nba player - he's playing by nba rules.. berry with 23... roy's boys up 50-27 at half 2nd - play of the game... berry on the break pinpoint to hicks for the massive throwdown watch it again... i can't do that... heels cruising kennedy meeks w/ another strong effort... 15 pts and 7 brds carolina w/ another crush job... 93-67
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the bench for duke as they hit up kansas and madison square tonight.... no matter... luke kennard to matt jones... 7-2 then grayson allen w/ the breakdown and dumpdown to chase jeter... this game far from over though... former broughton cap devonte graham beats everyone with a weaving dribble the duke women lashed longwood had 27 ted kapita got cleared by the ncaa and then got right to work this weekend...the pack's freshman forward was a force vs st francis, going for 17 points and 8 boards in 24 minutes of action... alas - he may not be able to help the team in the upcoming paradise jam... state is not confirming anything at this point, but kapita is dealing with student visa issues that will keep him out of action in st thomas. canes taking on the sharks at
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canes on the rush joakim nordstrom is foiled on the forehand... but he stays with it... claws his way out front and buries the backhand... first goal of the year for #42 cam ward made some big stops... this was a crucial pad save double deflection... ward a 22 save shutout... canes win 1-0 join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for
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harvey: real estate trophy goes to cindy crawford and rande gerber. they just made $10 million in a year, and didn't even sell t full properthe y they bought a r ago. >> i feel like for $60 million, i want to walk out my door and stand in the ocean. harvey: for 30 seconds, you're rande gerber. now, you have a choice -- >> i will take 30 seconds with cindy crawfordyou very mu, thank ch. >> what will he do the next se25 conds? [laughter] >> we got a copy of dream kardashian's birth certificate. the ob/gyn delivered all of kim's babies, all of kourt ney's babies. harvey: he's all up in all of their business. >> he's seen all of their vaginas in their worst possible state. >> he sees the one-month checkup. >> the one-month checkup is gross too. >> no, it's not. >> is it? you have a kid.


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