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"new tonight" on eyewitness news... a 'wake county' -- 'school bus driver' -- rushed to the hospital... the 'bizarre circumstances' -- behind a crash. a smoky haze over the area-- what you can expect this weekend-- and the possible toll it could be taking on your health. and a "foam-nado" -- forms in california... 'what' turned 'streets' -- into 'foamy rivers'. eyewitness news starts right now. a 'wake county' -- school bus driver -- rushed to the hospital -- after a 'wreck' -- in a raleigh neighborhood. good evening, i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels... 'eyewitness news' -- was 'first' -- to 'bring it to you' -- as 'breaking news' at six o'clock... when it looked like a "chaotic crime scene". we've been working to 'unravel' the details all night. it happened -- in 'south raleigh' -- off "garner road" -- at 'cross link road'... at 'herndon village way'.
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the latest. the bus was just towed about an hour ago... leaving behind a broken mailbox... and a neighborhood wondering what happened. regina jeffries lives here on herndon village way. she heard a loud noise... looked outside... and couldn't believe what she "opened the door i saw a bus in my driveway." she saw a big yellow wake county school bus had crashed into her mailbox... and saw the driver... wasn't behind the wheel. other eyewitnesses say the woman who was driving was across the street...with a head injury...and that the bus was still rolling...right into the mailbox. she hadn't put it in park when police and fire arrived on scene... eyewitnesses told them they heard gunshots... and said the driver had been shot. police later said the driver was not
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ela injury....or what caused the bus to crash in the first place. all of that is still under investigation. as far as the driver... there's been no official word as to how she's doing... but eyewitnesses said she was talking when she was taken to the hospital. there were no children on the bus when all this happened. it's not clear yet if she had just dropped off any children in this neighborhood. wake county schools had tra staff on scene earlier... and say they're also looking into this. a 'haze' -- is 'blanketing' the 'skies' over the triangle... and it'll 'blanketing' the 'skies' over the triangle... and it'll stick around -- for 'part' of the weekend. the 'smoke' -- from the 'wildfires' -- in the 'western part'
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"air quality alert" -- is in effect for a 'big part' of the triangle -- because of the fires. ....we can 'see it' and 'smell it'. 'joel brown' -- 'live' in raleigh -- to show us the 'toll' -- it could take -- on our health. we're at code orange, right now... this is when the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups... it can go up to code red... that's unhealthy for most of us... then there's code purple-- that's dangerously unhealthy... and they've had some code purple days in the mountains... so, this is just a taste of what with out west. from chopper 11 over durham... bull city blue skies, blocked by the haze... same story flying over ralegh... smoke settling in on the skyline. by nightfall, on city plaza... you can't see the smoke, anymore... but you can certainly still smell it. - "smells like somebody's burning wood." - "oh yeah. for sure i smelled it when i woke up this morning." - "it's the smoke from the fire. we knew it because we were up there, 45 minutes from our home." dennis and mary live in raleigh...
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of the fire zone in rutherford county. - "it's hard to believe you can drive 4 hours in a car going 60 miles an hour and then in 3 or 4 days smoke can drift that far." it's not just smoke drifting... health concerns carry over too. the state urging children, the elderly, anyone sensitive to the air pollution to limit time outdoors. - "if you have to go outdoors, i would use a mask if you're going to be there for an extended period of tim --bell ringing nats-- on city plaza, it's ren day's job to ride his bike outside. - "we try to don't go as hard and don't ride as tough as we normally would. because, definetly you can start weazing after a little while." and in dorothea dix park... - "i'm just doing a pretty short easy run." anna catherine dickens' jog through this typically postcard worthy running trail... looked a lot different on this day... she wasn't worried about how it felt, though. - "i think my biggest concern is just less my lungs, than the people in the
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their homes, their businesses." what's so concerning about this air-- are those particulates... those tiny bits of dust and burned material floating in the air-- that can get deep into our lungs. the good news.. this smoke will clear the triangle soon. the news not so good out west. jbrabc11ewn. i'm here in the first alert storm center with chief meteorologist chris hohmann... chr, weekend? smoke from western north carolina forest fires spread into the region this afternoon, reducing visibilities and causing air quality to deteriorate. the triangle and points north are under code orange air quality
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ailments are advised to limit your time outdoors, along with the elderly and very young.
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from 'wake county' -- are 'in' the 'north carolina mountains' tonight. they're arriving to 'relieve' crews -- 'battling' the wildfires. the 'firefighters' are in "lake lure" -- to help with the "party rock fire". they're 'relieving' -- just over 'forty' wake county firefighters -- who've been in 'rutherford county' -- since saturday. the group will be there for 'five day's. they're 'hoping' to make it home -- for 'thanksgiving' -- with their families. you can stay on 'top' of the 'forecast' -- and the "smoky conditions" -- on the abc11 mobile 'news' app. tonight election protests in durham county -- a voter named 'john - posthill' -- filed the protests -- claiming that ineligible voters cast ballots -- that ballots were improperly scanned -- and that absentee ballots were cast on behalf of another person. this came hours after the durham board of elections 'threw out' a different formal protest -- handing 'pat - mccrory's' campaign a 'big blow'. a republican lawyer challenged an issue with early voting. but a state inspector testified that there was 'no discrepancy' when it came to the governor's
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for the board to 'reject' the protest. now -- the durham county board must handle the latest protest. and every county board today 'delayed' their canvasses -- so certifying the results of the election wont happen until at least next week. votes in wake county -- getting a second look. the board of elections met today .. to canvass .. and go through provisional ballots. they also discussed protests filed against 27 early voters. three votes in wake county were 'tossed out' -- including those by '2- people' who died after voting early -- but before the felon. officials determined the other votes will count. they hope to meet again on november 30th -- to certify the final results. the 'man' -- 'convicted' of 'killing' -- michael jordan's father -- trying to 'clear his name' -- more than '20 years' after the murder. a 'hearing' today in lumberton -- the latest stop for 'daniel green'. greg barnes joins us 'live' -- to show us 'what happened' -- in court today. daniel green has long claimed he did not kill james jordan--but did help dispose of
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he hoping to get a new trial and lesser sentence. daniel green smiled today after daniel green smiled today after a judge ordered prosecutors to find and turn over any possible evidence of law enforcement corruption in his murder conviction. since 1996 green were convicted of murdering of james jordan, who was shot to death as he slept in his car. jordan's body was later found in a south carolina swamp, his car discovered stripped and abandoned in cumberland county. in a ple bargain, demery testified green was the trigger man. green maintains he help dispose of jordan's body and used jordan's cell
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lawyers told the judge today that jordan may have accidently gotten caught up in a drug deal gone bad between larry demery and the son of former sheriff hubert stone. and there was a cover-up. the judge ordered the d-a to see if the s-b-i has any evidence including documents and interviews withheld by the sheriff's dept. green's attorney hopes that leads to a new trial. mjs 16:42:20:04 "..scott holms- green's lawyer="..we are very pleased today and lookin court by december 9th.." e besides any new evidence, the judge has said he also wants to review any files on the former sheriff...dec 9th is the next scheduled court date. today... we are kicking-off the "30th year" -- of our "abc-11 together" food drive -- in a "big way"... ....with big 'cash donations' -- for
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with our 'parent company' -- "disney"... presented checks for 15-thousand dollars 'each' -- to the "food bank of central and eastern north carolina" in raleigh.... and the "second harvest food bank" in fayetteville. it was part of the kick-off celebration at "sanderson high school" in raleigh. these kids play a 'big part' in our food drive every year... collecting food -- for families in need. and now's 'your chance' to help... we'd love to see 'you'.... on our food "drop-off day" on december 7th. this year... the need is 'greater' than ever -- because of by the recent flooding. we have all the "food drive information" -- on our homepage at this 'thanksgiving' -- is going to be 'really special' -- for some families in 'cumberland county'. 21 children -- are now "officially" members -- of their "foster families". "clerk of court" -- kim tucker -- presided over the 'adoption ceremony' today -- that "forever unites" -- children and families. there were lots of smiles.... hugs... and tears. 'social service workers' say -- there more than '900 children' -- in 'foster care' -- in 'cumberland county -- waiting
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elect-- settling a court case. the latest, just ahead. foam-nado! a big problem inside a building creates an even bigger problem outside... what happened that turned streets into seas of foam. drive thru-- a car plows into a restaurant... why he was charged. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center and we're getting "raleigh christmas parade" -- tomorrow rolls 'right' in front of our - downtown raleigh studio' -- on fayetteville street. steve... chris and i -- will be on the float... along with 'everyone else' -- you see here. we hope you'll
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san jose airport -- being blamed for a 'huge mess'. foam '5- inches deep' -- flooding a street in california this afternoon. the foam is also blowing to surrounding roads. san jose fire officials say that a fire alarm malfunctioned -- releasing the foam. fire officials urged people to stay out of the foam since the fire retardant can cause skin irritations. the "zika virus" outbreak -- is 'no longer' -- an international "public health emergency". the "world making the announcement today. it doesn't mean "zika" -- may 'not' be a problem.... but on a 'global level' -- the 'spread of zika' -- is "under control". 'zika' is spread -- mostly by 'infected mosquitoes'.... and it 'can' cause 'birth defects' -- in unborn children. president- elect 'donald - trump' -- settling a lawsuit against trump university. new york's attorney general 'eric - schneiderman' says his lawsuit -- and two others against trump university -- will be settled for '25- million dollars'. the deal does not require trump to acknowledge any wrong doing. the settlement also covers two
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california. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. and we start with quite a scene in oregon... a 'car' -- crashing into a 'restaurant' this morning. the 'driver' said -- he accidentally 'hit the gas'.... as he was trying to 'park'. you can see.... the car made it 'all the way' inside the restaurant. the restaurant was 'closed' at the time. the driver wasn't 'hurt'... but he was 'charged' -- with 'not' having a license -- or insurance. an unusual sight in south america -- a waterspout. it formed on the coast near the town of 'rocha'. watersp area -- and many people living there were surprised. the waterspout never reached the ground to become a tornado. an 'unexpected sight' -- on the 'hudson river' -- in new york... a 'guy' -- was 'out' on the river today -- when he 'spotted' something -- 'bobbing' in the water... it soon became 'clear' -- it's a 'humpback whale'. no one 'knows' -- how the whale got 'that close' to the city.
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work. this is 'albus' the frenchie. he loves to nap in unusual places... like this desk drawer. you can see he's snuggled up in a blanket. western north carolina forest fires spread into the region this afternoon, reducing visibilities and causing air quality to deteriorate.
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under code orange air quality through 2 pm tomorrow. those with asthma and other respiratory ailments are advised to limit your time outdoors, along with the elderly and very young. tonight will be clear with lows in the low and mid 40s. the smoke should clear out by tomorrow afternoon as a strong cold front sweeps across the state.
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ironically, the fire danger will increase. there won't be much rain with the front, but a few areas will see a sprinkle or very light shower. highs tomorrow will be in the low and mid 70s before the through. much colder air will spill into the region tomorrow night and sunday on gusty northwest winds. by sunday morning, temperatures will plummet into the low and mid 30s with wind chills in
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sunday, highs will only reach the upper 40s and low 50s. the fire danger will remain elevated on
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we're celebrating mickey mouse's '88th birthday' tonight! he made his debut on november 18th -- 1928 -- in the animated short "steamboat willie". mickey is often referred to as walt disney's "alter ego" .. and is said to represent "the world of many of our abc 11 viewers have been sharing pictures all day long .. to help celebrate his birthday. we love looking at all of them so keep sending them in. a royal home... getting a royal facelift... details, next. and a 'popular' raleigh spot -- could be making 'big changes', too... ...'what' could happen here, just
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courtyard' -- at its location -- on 'south blount street'. the museum 'raised' more than 20-thousand dollars -- as part of a 'public campaign' -- to 'knock down' a nearby building.... and create a 'welcoming corner' -- that sparks 'imagination'. this a 'rendering' -- that was used when the museum -- submitted its plan -- to the 'historic districts' commission. approval for the project -- coul next week. some royal changes at britain's buckingham palace as well. the british government will spend '458- million dollars' to refurbish the royal home. construction could start in the spring. it'll take about ten years to finish the upgrades to antiquated pipes and wiring. the palace has '7- hundred- 75 rooms. an 'expensive dress' -- gets even 'more' expensive. "marilyn monroe's" -- form- fitting dress -- she wore during her
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kennedy" -- has 'sold' -- for nearly 'five million' dollars. "ripley's believe it or not" -- bought the dress. the dress cost 12- thousand bucks -- back then... and it was 'so tight' -- marilyn monroe -- was 'sewn' into it. coming up next in sports... nothing but good vibes from our local sports teams... the canes are on fire, the pack is percolating and our college soccer teams are stampeding... and i haven't even gotten to the field hockey... how about the heels... they beat uconn 2-1 in overtime thanks to this phenomenal passing squence... unc will play for
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no omer yurtseven for state as they began the business portion of their paradise jam trip today vs montana... needless to say, the forward line a bit depleted... but that didn't show up tonight vs the grizzlies... to the virgin islands we go, in a strictly television sense... i'd take you all for real if i could... early going... dennis smith with a scalpel like split
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have a big night later - markell johnson is a player - the steal dodges the montana coach in the middle of the floor and hammers it....gott none too happy about the extra defender in dress shoes montana was game - walter wright... nifty scoop grizz led by 2 at half... 2nd - things would shift... it's markell again... catches the grizz hibernating another rim rocker...he had 9 then it was johnson to dsj -- a point guard to point guard oop...don't see too many of those and one more banger for good measure malik abu a career high 25 points state pulls away 85-72 central, fresh off a win over western carolina... back home at the nest tonight to take on jackson state... montreal's media rolled into pnc tonight with a
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rolled into pnc tonight with a bunch more relocation talk... best way to handle that - send the canadiens home with a loss... 3rd - 1-0 montreal... then lightning enveloped the building ron hainsey's point shot magically redirected by jeff skinner 1-1 4 mins and change later... hainsey again... this time it's teuvo teravn to it 2-1 canes 79 seconds after that.. how bout elias lindholm to victor rask... that was a laser... happy days are here again.... cam ward continues to find a fountain of youth.... this save was spectacular...he made 31 stops canes with a monster dub... 3- 2....they've won three straight a banner night for women's college soccer in the triangle... all three local teams are through to the sweet 16... carolina took out
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with illinois state, winning 3-1 and nc state's breakthrough season continues with a 1-0 win over pepperdine... we know good things happen to the pack when they beat pepperdine in ncaa play join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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berg wahlberg te st.harvey: wow, kanye west announced that he's with him. >> would i have voted >> i would have voted on trump. >> this is going to be interesting. huge uptick now because trump just went from like scott baio >> justin bieber, he walks out and this girl pulls his pants down bare ass. [screaming] and his dyguard bolike quickly pulls up his pants. >> wait, the bodyguard pulls his pants up? harvey: what if it was kim k's bodyguard? it's like strike two! >> it's like oh, i had another bad day at work today! >> oh, boy, mondays. [laughter] >> marc anthony at the latin


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