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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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connection to this case. she has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse. we obtained the arrest warrant that highlights the new information in this case. according to that arrest warrant, she was paid $20 by one of the other suspects to drive these two boys ages 1 and 3 to an unknown location. three other people are charged in this casecase. according to state patrol, they were pulled over yesterday morning and taken into custody. authorities say none of the suspects are related to these two boys but egan is a former boyfriend of their mother. we also learned from authorities that carter claims to be a friend of the family. multiple agencies work to locate these boys. an amber alert was issued and shortly after someone dropped the children off unharmed at the sheriff's office substation. as of now, it is unclear who dropped these boys off. they are thousand in dss custody.
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we have a lot of unanswered questions in this case. of course, the three being held in georgia are set to possibly have their first court appearance. they say they could be extradited to north carolina as early as this afternoon. we are waiting to learn when that may happen and if they'll have their first appearance. kimberly is following this story and we'll have more. we'll join you for another update. >> police in waynesville are investigating a car crash. the police chief says investigators are looking into whether alcohol was involved. the accident happened christmas eve morning on russ avenue. according to investigators, jackie brown struck a pickup 374. brown hasn't been charged. hurt. we will have more on this tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> a storm subpoena that stretches as far west as new mexico continues to march
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towards the east. since christmas eve at least 43 people have been killed in seven states. christmas tornadoes flattened parts of texas including an ef-4 in garland. last night the governor declared a state of emergency because of deadly flooding. snow has closed dozens of homes. a lot of this is impacting travel. we'll have more on that part coming up later. >> the rain has returned. >> yes, indeed. 64 degrees, it is not too terribly warm but not too bad. look at the rain on this camera lens. looking in our western zones, they started seeing this rain first, now across buncombe county and down into polk county. upstate. cloudy conditions for everyone. look at this, a flood watch goes into effect less than an hour from now. it depose until thursday
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event. it includes much of our region. 62 degrees, forest city, middle 60's. upper 60's in franklin and middle 60's from lakes toxaway. we stay in the 60's. cloudy conditions throughout much of the day. coming up, more about that flood watch. how much rain will fall. what you can can't for new year weather and how cold we'll turn into the new year too. >> widespread flooding turned deadly. a family of five was swept away after calling from help from a cell phone. brandon shows us what happened. >> in 20 years robert has lived here he has never seen thinking this pad. on saturday night a family driving from kentucky up to minnesota ended up here. durham drives the road every day
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away on more than one occasion. >> there is no recovery. you are done. >> the coroner says the family may have been lost when they ran into the crossing. >> you can see how fast the watete is moving now, saturday night it was up to this line. now imagine it being dark and you can see how easy it would have been to see this was a level road. >> the family called 911 from inside their vehicle. a firefighter was there within minutes. residents say a little water is enough to turn them around. >> the only time to drive through it is when it is dry. rescue was able to talk to the family but their car was washed downstream. durham says flooding mountain area gets so bad, highway 51 has to close. he and other residents complain that part of the road should be
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>> go back. don't go through. it is going to be worse on the sides. >> the coroner says he is trying to notify their family members. >> a street race ends in tragedy. green county authorities say one of the drivers hit and killed three people including a toddler. police say the drivers of both cars fled t scene but were later arrested. a wild boat chase is caught on camera off the gulf coast of florida. the boat was reported stoebl from fort myers beach. three suspects were taken into custody. authorities say it is a growing concern. deputies were nearby at the time of the incident.
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>> violent clashes force a mall in louisville kentucky to close. that mall was filled with postchristmas shoppers and police say the teens caused a series of disturbances and fights. only minor injuries were reported from u pushing and shoving and reports of gun fire could not be verified. the mall reopened yesterday with extra security. >> a virginia woman who survived the shooting during the live newscast newscast newscast returns to work. allison parker and adam word died. gardner spent weeks recovering from internal injuries. >> that is something one does not expect to happen. your mind goes into a lot of scenarios. >> it was very horrific.
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>> vicki plans to return to her job in late january. >> a police officer shot and killed a woman after the weekend. officers responded to a domestic disturbance call. a man who was mentally ill threatened his father with a baseball bat. when officers arrived, the teen charged at them with the bat. an officer opened fire hitting the teen and 55-year-old betty jones. >> somebody needs to do something about this. this is ridiculous! what about the taser? don't start shooting people, innocent people. >> the officer who fired will be on administrative duty for 30 days pending an independent review. >> the investigation continues into the death of an infant boy in lincoln county. the boy's mother was arrested christmas eve on child abuse charges related to other children in the home. an autopsy on the
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sixth-month-old boy is scheduled for today when tillman was arrested, she was treated for injuries from an assault. investigators say the baby boy had no noticeable injuries. >> a florida family on vacation in the mountains got quite a scare when their toddler fell out of the second floor window of their cabin. green river volunteer firefighters say a 3-year-old was playing near an open window when he fell yesterday morning t. boy did not appear to have any serious injuries and is expected to be ok. >> he was scared. he was fine. his mom was in the ambulance as well. >> the rainy weather conditions prevented the boy from being flown from the hospital. >> programsing new research to make some parents breathe easier. why the number of children suffering from asthma is on the decline. >> get your news on the go with the redesigned app.
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weather and sports any time anywhere. you can also get real time traffic updates.
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>> a florida family says their daughter's recovery try to flu is nothing short of a christmas miracle. headlines. >> she was a c cpletely healthy 4-year-old girl. fever. four days later her condition worsened. she was taken to the hospital where she went into cardiac arrest. doctors performed cpr for 45 minutes and put her on life support thinking she would need a new heart. her parents were stunned that her condition was caused by the
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they are warning parents to get kids vaccinated. >> you thought you would lose her? >> yes. >> her heart wasn't doing anything. >> for three days there was no improvement in her condition. her parentsts asked friends to say prayers for their daughter at mass. that's when they got their christmas miracle. her heart started beating again. >> asthma research has parents and children breathing easier. a study found asthma rates are on the decline after going up for decades. experts say there are two possible reasons why. childhood obesity rates are are leveling off and air pollution is on the decline. the study grouped children by age and geographic location. >> a chipotle restaurant is back open this morning after a noro
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customers sickened after eating at the restaurant. officials say that outbreak was likely caused by a sick employee and is not linked to the e. coli cases. cases. >> coming up, continuing coverage of the wild winter weather. the trouble travelers are having after they try to get back home. >> lester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. 64 in asheville. light rain and wind at 13 miles an hour. coming right up after the break. will fall.
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couple of days of the new year. >> welcome back, everyone. i want to start with this beautiful shot.
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this is edwards colorado. a lot of folks have been missing winter weather. i thought i would show you a nice picture of that. back at home, it is not going to be snow in the extended forecast, we'll have 20's and 30's returning. this morning and into this afternoon, we have seen light rain across the region. that's the darker the green indicating the heavier rain band. haven't seen much of the heavy rain yet. that is only around one of two rounds of heavy rain. that's why this flood watch is out until thursday morning. so this is pretty lengthy. it goes into effect at 1:00 p.m. today and it doe encompass the counties shaded so most of our viewing area. although we have seen rain for several hours now, it is so light in nature, it is not adding up yet. six and a half inches and we'll have a couple of more inches more than that by the time this
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system moves out of here. once again unseasonably warm. 66 is as cool as we got when typically 28 is the normal. rainfall does show some of our southern mountain regions have seen more than a third of an inch of rain. right now temperatures at 64 degrees. 62 in burnsville. forest city in the 60's all the way in the upstate. greenwood right now, very comfortable conditions. 71 degrees. hard to believe we are in the first week or so of winter. 13 miles an hour. 16 in andrews, three in franklin. this wind advisory kicks in. it goes through tomorrow morning.
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lower elevations up to 20. visibility not too great in asheville. 10 is the best we have. much worse into asheville. ahead of that, we'll see a slight chance of thunderstorms mainly in the in the southern part of the region. the rain will pick up later today. we have the clouds and the light rain, same thing through dinner time. we have the heavy rain bands indicated by the yellow and red. by tomorrow morning, most of that rain is out of here and actually, we'll have some sunshine throughout the day. it is not until wednesday, we'll start to see the rain increas once again. that starts wednesday, especially through the afternoon hours. for today, we are not going to see a ton of rain until tomorrow morning. it will stack up especially in the southern mountain region. then we'll get a break and then we'll start to see chances go back up. this is wednesday through the
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afternoon and evening. the southern mountains still once again they have seen a lot of rain already. so that's where we have the flooding threat coming into play. 65 degrees for a high temperature in asheville. conditions. now. we'll see heavy rain throughout the overnight hours and foggy conditions too. >> 60's through wednesday. a slight chance thursday. high temperatures in the 40's. overnight lows in the 30's. and 20's, even below freezing in the upstate. >> change is coming. enjoy it while you can. >> another record weekend at the box office. >> coming up in the business report, why the new star wars
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again. >> let's get you right to the boards. at noon, the dow down 71 points at 17480. the nasdaq was down 29 points at 5019. the new star wars movie continues to make history. the force awakens sets another record, earning a billion dollars in global sales faster than any film in history. the film took 12 days to hit the billion dollar mark one day earlier than jurassic world. it scored a record for box office sales on friday. >> the world's busiest airport in atlanta is celebrating a moment. >> we are so proud to be part of this event. today we are marking aviation history as the city of atlanta and the jacksonville airport becomes the first airport in the
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passengers in a single year. >> there you see him, that's the 100th million passenger from mississippi, he arrived in atlanta on a delta flight sunday and was met with all that fanfare. kendrick walked away with quite a list of gifts, it included two round trip tickets and a new car. >> speaking of flying, the severe weather is causing headaches for travelers trying to get home after the holidays. lindsay reports from la guardia airport. >> the weather having a big impact on air travel already this morning more than 690 country. that comes on top of 1700 cancellations and 6,000 delays on sunday, one of the busiest travel days of the season. >> the worst hit airport, chicago o'hare, also midway and dallas is still bad after having a third of its flights affected on sunday. the coast getting hit as well.
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l.a. and san francisco had a rough day. millions of travelers hoping today will be much smoother. >> at noon, a change of heart by the chinese government.
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to have a >> the one child policy was put into place, government officials say the decision to change it was in response to the country's aging population. >> oh. >> that's exciting news for them. >> gas prices in asheville, tonight at 5:00, how much you can expect to pay at the pump. >> new information in a child kidnapping case in asheville. i'm lauren brigman.
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