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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  December 30, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you need those. >>holly: cuts down on the employee wages right? >>jay: very perm,h2>jay: i don't know. i won't try it. >>holly: you would never get your food, you can't figure out how to order. >>jay: it's true. i'd be starving. >>ingrid: we are seeing showers around marked and jackson county and a few light showers even now into henderson county and polk county. along the tennessee line we see showers redevelop as well. right now, no to heavy rain but we have a flood watch out through tomorrow morning for the southern region, south of and definitely down into the upstate where the heaviest rain is expected to fall. through lunchtime, 59 degrees in asheville, but coming up in my full forecasting, i will show you how much rain is expected to fall because we have a wide variety of ranges here. and we have an update this
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that fell near patton avenue. jaclyn, how is it looking now? >>jaclyn: the rocks fell on the access road to the west gate shopping center from patton this morning. asheville police report the road is completely reopen and there are no other slides in the area. a road over in polk county is still closed after a mud slide. it happened on white oak mountain road outside columbus. dot has been notified. i checked back in with dispatch and they expect the road to reopen this afternoon. we are dealing with some delays in south asheville this morning, things are slowing down on the southbound side of hendersonville road between the parkway and mills gap road. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: today is ten years since the brutal murder in hendersonville and the case remains cold. >>jay: lauren brigman join us live from the hendersonville police department and, lauren, police had a suspect as i remember shortly after the crime so what happened? >>lauren: jay, the police previously told us they suspected the victim's boyfriend
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daughter told us that she recalled the couple arguing the night before her mother was killed. pamela kay gordon was brutally stabbed at her apartment on first avenue west in hendersonville on this day ten years ago. she was 34 years old. asheville police suspected her boyfriend did it. highmy arrow chez, a migrant worker from guatemala who had been in the mountains only a few months. miss believe he used an alias to buy a bus ticket to naples, florida, a month after the murder. back in 2009, police believed he might be in the area. if he is still in the u.s. and using an alias, police say it makes him that much harder to find. so, ten years later, this case remains cold. reporting live in hendersonville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>jay: we have an update on a death investigation in the upstate. a woman is now charged in the death of a man found injured near a fast food restaurant. an jellyta wright is charged
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death. brent cause nir was found behind the hardees and later died at the hospital. police say they have not been able to confirm that he and wright were married. >>holly: on the run, deputies need your help tracking them down on fugitive files and we have the transylvania county sheriff offense office, joining us is captain kevin correctman, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >>holly: who else are we looking for? >> james francis nigh, a white male, 6-foot tall, 165 pounds. he is 43 years old. has blond hair and green eyes and he is wanted for two counts of felony probation violation. next we are looking for christopher lee reese. he is a white male, six feet tall. 185-pound. he is 45 years old. has brown hair and green eyes. he is wanted for felony larceny. and last we are looking for
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he is a white male, 6-foot 3," 190-pound, 35 years old. has brown hair and blue eyes. and he is wanted for felony fleeing to elude arrest. >>holly: any of these suspects could be in the transylvania county area or elsewhere? >> we think they are in the area. >>holly: if you know where they maybe you can call anonymously, deputies are standing by (828) 884-3168, again, 884-3168. if you want to see the suspect's pictures go to and stay with us, we have three more suspects coming up in the next half hour. jay? >>jay: thank you both. residents in transylvania county are still out of their homes this morning following storms last night. rosman was pounded by 4" of rain. some say the flood waters were knee-high at times. the red cross set up an emergency shelter at the transylvania county parks and rec. shocked. they didn't realize it was going night.
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-- make their plans for recovery that's what red cross also does. we help them on their recovery plans. >>jay: the shelter is now closed but could be reopened if the next round of rain causes more problems. it's not clear if a retaining wall in reynolds failed due to the flooding. crews scraped out a parking lot at the old eastwood condos off the charlotte highway yesterday. that's where a major mudslide knocked down trees and narrowly missing homes. tenants say they were shock to find water rushing off the side of the mountain. they say they are fortunate their homes were spared. walking up the hill with the woodsy area on the side, there was water pouring out about five different places, and i thought, there's not a creek in the woods? but it was the foot path that were just flooded and rushing out over the curb. >>jay: firefighters say they have not seen mudslides in that area in decades. >>holly: headaches from the massive weather system that brought ice, snow and rain across much of the country are not over yet.
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report, more than 18,000,000 americans across the central united states are dealing with historic flooding. >>reporter: along the rising rivers an army of volunteers armed with sand bags are fighting a tough foe. >> the water is coming up fast. >> the town of cimswick is already flooded. in union missouri, a mcdonalds is nearly submerged. a gas station is underwater. rising waterers causing the sewage treatment plant to exceed capacity and many rivers have not crested yet. water is touching the steel on this bridge on the historic route 66. more than 500 roads are already closed and the missouri governor is calling in the national guard. >> we are dealing with an incredible amount of water coming at you here. you are you can thatting about almost 10 more vertical feet of moving water. >>reporter: flooding is being blamed for 18 deaths in the region. and across the country, snawrms are also proving deadly. in new york, this crash between a fedex truck and black sedan on
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year-old driver. whiteout conditions from the northeast to the midwest made travel nearly impossible. by road . . . or by air. 850 cots were set up at o'hare airport overnight. thousands of passengers across the country are stranded. >> we are trying to get home. it's been a long day. >>reporter: today could be the fourth straight day for holiday travelers. yesterday more than 1,000 flights were cancel and more than 6,000 delayed. meghan hughes, abc new, washington. >>holly: a new measure being build as the strongest equal pay law for california is being passed in california. it goes into effect this friday. among other thing, it requires employers being sued to prove they had legitimate reasons for paying male workers more. the bill's author says it provides new protection for workers who compare wages. >> on january 1st, we will have
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pay bill in the nation for the people of california. women will be able to ask what their male coworkers are actually being paid without the fear of being retaliated against. >>holly: senator jackson was joined by legislator, equal pay advocates like academy-award winning actress patricia arquette. >>jay: the republican pool is getting smaller this morning. >> i'm confident we can elect the right person, someone who will bring us together. >>jay: former new york governor george pataki is ending his bid for president. he announced it on a web video on his video and twitter accounts. he never made it to the main stage on any of the gop debates. he joins several others dropping out of the race. >>holly: the republican candidate chris christie is making up lost time in iowa, he was forced to cancel two events.
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tuesday, one in cedar raldz. at the last stop, he had a message for president obama. >> because mr. president, i want to explain something to you if you are watching tonight, okay? the american people are anxious about terrorism because the american people have seen the dead bodies killed by radical jihadist terrorists. >>holly: the first in the nation caucus state goes to the polls february 1st. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. >>jay: that's right. we are giving away two pairs of tickets for the new year's eve celebration at off the wagon, dualing piano bar in asheville. that includes the cover charge, free appetizer, a special performance by the staff, midnight ball drop, and more. >>holly: go to 13 to enter right now. we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock. rescue efforts in water and snow. >>jay: the state that is digging out. >>ingrid: your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast."
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increase by this afternoon. right now, 52 degrees at the ashville airport. winds picked up a bit at 6. coming up after the break, i will talk more about the timeline of how long the rain will stick around and what you
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we will be right back. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. we stel have a flood warning out for french broad and blantyre, that is in transylvania county
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also where this morning we are seeing a few light showers in the southern mountains. down to the upstate, this is new here in the last few minutes. if you are traveling south of clemson near anderson, some actual -- heavier rain bands actually falling around i-85 here, so keep that in mind if you live in those zones or headed that way. over the next couple hours, continuing to see light showers mainly here in the mountains. and some heavier rain into the upstate. that's the trend throughout the majority of the day. so the heaviest rain is going to stay south of asheville. for the year, we are coming to a close, close to 54" and likely we will get there by the end of the year, the next couple days here. 4 below zero in 1917. very cold conditions on that day. 27 is normal and 50 is the low this morning. so, unseasonably warm once again. upper 40s from burnsville to morganton to upper 50s down into the upstate. wind right now has picked up in asheville just a bit at 6. not expecting gusty winds today
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we have a slight chance for that here in asheville. but, a greater chance down into the foothills and upstate. right now visibility is looking good in asheville at 10, but reduced in greenwood at 3. below 2 miles in burke county. flood watch dropped for buncombe county. because we are not expecting to see too much in the way of rain but all the other counties shaded in bright green under that watch until tomorrow morning. that's because it's coming from the south, this rain, the heavy stuff should stay south of asheville. let's take a closer look here. 8 a.m., just a few showers, heaviest rain once again down into greenwood, pulling up towards greenville. and in our southern mountains by late afternoon and evening hours, we start to see showers diminish, maybe even some clearing by thursday morning. but, a few showers still south down into greenwowo through tomorrow morning. how much rain? this model is showing very little amounts here in asheville. anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch. i have seen models a little bit closer to that half to three quarters of an inch line. so that's going to be the range.
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be the heaviest area for the rainfall with 2" plus. 60s for highs in asheville today. 48 degrees tonight. greenville, middle 60s. clouds on the increase and so is that rain. seven-day forecast shows that cool-down i have been talking about. happy new year, everyone. 47 friday, 40s still for the weekend and cooler in the upstate, too. back over to you. >>jay: while much of the area yeah is dealing with flooding. >>holly: other parts of the united states are dealing out of snow. in vermont they are cleaning up, this was their first significant snowfall, they got 5" in waterbury. bad news for the clemson tigers heading into the bowl game. >>jay: what the league decided that could hurt their chances of winning. >>holly: if you are on the go early in the morning you can catch us by downloading the news 13 morning news app.
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>>stan: sports, bad new, clemson tigers a couple days before the big national championship semifinal showdown with oklahoma, espn reports three members are suspended for violated rules. they have had previous
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backups but they all played key roles this season. north carolina was looking for history, a first 12 win season, taking on baylor in the russell athletic bowl. senior quarterback marquis williams' last game and he was great. first drive he looks around and finally find the tight end, brandon fritz. carolina looks good, up 7-0, but they were down 28-10 at the half because of the quarterback for baylor was unbelievable, jerson had a good night, 209 yards rushing on that wild cat. marquis scores right before the half to make it 28-17 as they inch closer, but it was too much baylor. marquis had a big night, 243 yards passing and 2 touchdowns but johnny jefferson burns him like i said for 299 yards. they rush 645 az a team and they whip the heels 49-3838 college hoops last night, unc asheville hosting fururn, dogs won 6 of 7 and seem to be trending upward.
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u.k. asheville hoops and kevin has been pounding the drums last night outside for 3 and he is got all of them. he is tough inside as well. one of the guards is helping unc asheville come alive. this is one right there. he had 21 of the night but asheville wins the buzzer and the freshmen win it 8-5 and now they have a long one on new year's eve. the women's game, unc women are shot, 63-55, they win over winthrop and are now 3-0 in the big south. major had 28 points. next game is the long bus triphj)x"w:d#oc0'k?z^__qp)7#tx'(l.% have a great wednesday, everyone. >>holly: he you said ititest, the calm before the storm. >>ingrid: we have some storms here in north carolina and heavier stuff in clemson, 60s expected for highs every where. burnsville and newland the only place staying in the 50, so
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scattered showers expected tonight. temperatures staying in the 40s in asheville. so, slightly cooler than we have been, but still unseasonably warm. anywhere from about 55-58 degrees in the upstate. right now let's head back to the traffic center. several road in transylvania county are still closed after recent flooding? >>jaclyn: ingrid, i just checked back in with dispatch. they are reporting seven secondary roads stilllosed throughout the county this morning including those usual problem areas like island fort road and wilson road. so, please try to avowed those areas on your morning commute. we have a closure to tell you about over in polk county, white oak mountain road is shut down after a mud slide. dot has been notified. dispatch is expecting to reopen this afternoon. checking back on hendersonville road, over on south asheville, everything is back up to speed on the southbound side just in time for your morning commute. it's 8 minutes from i-40 eastbound over to long sholes road. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by
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>>holly: this is st. croiks in the virgin islands. >>jay: that's pretty this morning.
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>> direction 6:4; today in took feedback we asked what do you hope the new year holds for you? >>jaclyn: bill says he hopes for good health for him and his family and he can make the rest happen. >>holly: we have one saying no more rain. >>jaclyn: and a d dghter wishes her father gets better after an accident in october.
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>>holly: what do you want? >>ingrid: a healthy baby and one that wants to sleep. >>jay: good luck with that. a look back in time, that's what this photo project is about. >>ingrid: we were asked to take a picture from the past and puttt in the present. so basically you go back to the spot where you took a picture in the past and take a picture now. >>jay: i gotcha. >>ingrid: the picture they are holding is from the 70s or something. >>jay: definitely with the bell bottoms. >>ingrid: they went back to the same exact spot and they held the picture up and did that's cool. i'm sure you can go through old pictures. >>jay: yeah, the girl with her, i guess it was a big wheel then. >>jay: the beach shot. i think what is cool is to take the seem people all the years later and try to recreate the same pose. >>ingrid: that would be neat. this looks like 9/11.
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going back now, yeah. >>ingrid: that is a powerful picture. >>jay: that is a very powerful photograph. >>ingrid: we have one with snow and the little girl. >>jay: bathing suit, warm weather back in 1991. now, there she is, well, making a picture of the snow in the same house. >>ingrid: with the snow. >>jay: a gazebo, it's interesting ( ). >>ingrid: i feel like some folks went through old pictures during the holiday, especially when you are back home with your parents and they like to reminisce so you probably have a couple out already. >>jay: you know people pulled out the albums over the holidays. >>ingrid: very neat. >>jay: you will be making more photos than ever before. you have no idea. >>ingrid: i don't, apparently. let's take a final look outside your door, it's mild, excuse me, here in asheville at 52 degrees. cloudy conditions and the wind is light at the moment. but coming up in the next half hour, i will talk about the rain. it's not over yet. we have a flooding threat still
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i will let you know how cold we turn in the new year coming up in a few minutes. >>lauren: on this day ten years ago a woman was brutally murdered in hendersonville. coming up, why the accused killer has never been caught. >>jay: a six year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot. the unusual reason the gunman opened fire. >> >>holly: a man posing as a cop picked the wrong driver to pull over on the highway.
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blew his >>holly: it was a snow day for a handful of kids in wisconsin. >>jay: you can see they just jumped right into making snow angels, sledding down big hills. >>ingrid: liability snow for them is expected to day in northern wisconsin. the majority of kids are still out of school for winter break and loving that snow. look how much fun they are having. >>holly: i will say it's nice to have the warm weather for some people. but the rain just doesn't beat the snow when it comes to playing outside. >>ingrid: especially on winter break with the kids, too. they'd probably like to be in the snow. you can jump in puddles. we have a few showers outside this morning and down into the upstate we are seeing a couple areas of heavier rainfall right now especially around anderson and clemson. so if you live in the area, heads up before you head out the door you will need an umbrella. light rain in western north carolina.
6:26 am
still just seeing partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. now, the flood watch has been dropped for buncombe county, but look at this screen here, still in the southern regions and especially down into the upstate, because the path of this storm is a little different than the last one. by lunchtime, 59 degrees and a few showers, coming you up in my full forecast i will talk more about how much more rain we are expecting to see. a few roads are still closed in the area from the recent flooding. transylvania county has a few problem spot, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: ingrid, there are seven secondary roads that are closed across the county this morning including the usual problem area, island fort road and wilson road. there are also closures jackson, swain county and macon county. we have it listed on under the traffic page. here is how patton avenue is shaping up for the morning commute. minor congestion approaching approaching i-240. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic r rort is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>holly: ten years ago a woman
6:27 am
accused killer has never been caught. >>jay: lauren brigman is live from the hendersonville police department. lauren, where did it happen? >>lauren: it happen add the victim's home out first avenue west, pamela kay gordon was fatally stabbed in the nec. she was just 34 years old. hendersonville police said they had a suspect right away, her boyfriend at the time, highmy arrow chez, a migrant worker from guatemala who came to the mountains awe few months before the crime. police believe after the murder police believe he used an alias to go to naple, florida. police believe he could still be florida. this case gained national attention after the victim's family reaeaed out to america's most wanted for 2009 but the accused murderer has never been captured. recording live in hendersonville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: we are teaming up with the transylvania county
6:28 am
have captain kevin gleeson, thank you for coming in. what's the top 12? >> david michael taylor junior, a white male, five foot 6" tall, 130 pounds. he is 35 years old, has blond hair and green eyes. he is wanted by the u.s. marshal's office for probation violation. next we are looking for crystal mckenney barnes. she is a white female. she is five foot 2" tall, 125 pounds. she is 40 years old. she has black hair, hazel eyes, and she is wanted for 8 counts of failure to appear. and last, we are looking for scott jason mcoklahomas, he is a white male, 6 feet tall, 155 pounds. he has brown hair and blue eyes. and he isn't whatted for probation violation. >>holly: if you know where any of these fugitives may be or you spot them you can call anonymously, the number is (828)
6:29 am
if you need to see the pictures one more time, just go to the fugitive files section of thanks again, captain. >> thank you. >>holly: jay, back to you. >>jay: we have continuing coverage of the damage from yesterday's flooding in asheville. once the waters receded, mud was left to be cleaned up at businesses along old charlotte highway in east asheville. the asheville paint and power coat was one of the hardest hit. in some spots, flood water lines are six feet deep. the water was so high that a dumpster even floated over a fence. >> we have, like, 2" in the warehouse but everything was in pallets so all the materials are okay. we are devacuuuung the water off the floor. >>jay: the last time asheville paint and powder coat flowed was 23 years ago. much damage. >>holly: a road is closed after a mudslide in polk county mountain road. we know it is a state road that leads to a residential
6:30 am
say there is a back way out of the development, that dot has been notified and there is no word on when the road will reopen. >>jay: all the rain caused stress on waste water pipes in asheville. this is the spillway on the french broad river near the sewer waste treatment site. in the past year, there have been 12 sewage spills due to heavy rain. that's because pipes have not been able to handle the overflow of waste water. >> our sewer line is 100 years old, it has leaking joints and gets infiltrated by the water. >>holly: a lack of snow and fluctuating temperatures meant fewer potholes in the city of asheville but heavy rain still has some road erosion than led to a number of potholes. >> you see some additional potholes and characterization of potholes when we have flooding situations. not as much as what we would see if it was freezing and thawing and freezing and thawing with the rain.
6:31 am
encourage people to contact them if they see a pothole that needs repair. you can submit a pothole report on an app which can be found on the city of asheville's web site. >>jay: a developing story this morning involving one of the most popular names in town. biltmore estate has filed a federal complaint against an asheville retailers over the use of its name. the estate the way biltmore prom and tux uses the name on its advertisement is an infringement of the trademark biltmore name and it also claims the retailer is attempting to use biltmore's reputation in the wedding industry. store owners are surprised by the complaint. >> they don't sell bridal dresses, you know. so i don't understand what the confusion is about. i really don't. >>jay: denise nap says they used the name for years and it was never an issue until last month. >>holly: an organization is
6:32 am
the united religious group met to promote interfaith peace and friendship. organizers say it's important to remember just because someone believes differently that does not make them an enemy. >> we bring people together because we respect every single person's traditions, and faith. and we know that we each have something to offer to the solution of the problems of the world. >>holly: the service also included performances by local musicians and reading from several different religions on the subject of forgivenene. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: we are giving away two paris of tickets for the new year's eve celebration at off the wagon, dualing piano bar in asheville. that includes the cover charge. free appetizers. a special fore more mansion by the staff. the midnight ball drop and much more. >>holly: go to 13 to enter. we will announce the winners
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>>jay: we are counting down to our person of the year with a look back at a teacher whose lessons were life saving. >>holly: here is your live look on the interstate this morning from the traffic cam. i-26 is busy for your wednesday
6:34 am
6:35 am
have a flood warning at the french broad at blantyre but this morning we have seen light showers across western north carolina. this is where the heaviest rain is falling a around clemson right now, south of pickensand around anderson. the next couple of hours you can expect that batch of heavier rain to pull through downtown greenville, head towards spartanburg and eventually into gaffney. as well seeing light showers back here in western north carolina, further west we are starting to see the heavier rain bands, so, about 9 o'clock maybe we will start to see it here in the western zones. so, on again, off again showers expected with the heaviest batch ovy r'=%y w80nps[nqo[?cqzq ioa`8q?m#o3?a0.&,[ again, are cool, or i'm sorry, warm, but cool compared to yesterday. 50 degrees for a low in asheville. 40s in burnsville and
6:36 am
we are about 10 degrees warmer yesterday. 59 degrees down into greenville. wind picked up but it's still light here in asheville at 6 miles per hour. the threat with the wind comes with the thunderstorms. we have a slight chance here in the mountains for those storms to develop. down to the upstate, foothills, a greater chance for the storms and just a slight slight chance for them to turn severe, not expecting to happen. visibility is looking good in asheville, we are at 10. that's as good as it gets. not the same story in anderson where the rain is falling at 2 and below 1 mile in greenwood, below 2 miles in morganton. the flood watch, some changes overnight here. it actually dropped it for buncombe county. it's still in effect from forest city towards hendersonville and franklin. and down into the upstate and east of our region, because those are the zones expected to see most of the rain and you can see that southerly flow conten you yes, i doing to pull showers up with the warm front. 8 a.m. showing a few showers back here in western north carolina, same thing through lunchtime. but the heaviest rain, watch as we go through the afternoon. staying south of our region. so, we will pick up some rain
6:37 am
think we are completely out of the woods. but the heaviest stuff should stay south. so, how much more rain are we expecting to see here in the mountains? this model is erring on the less rain side than back here in greenwood. look at this. 2 1/2 inches. that is the biggest amount that we are seeing here in the futurecast rainfall. so, please, be very careful if you live in the zones. you missed out on the first batch. but not the second batch here in the next several hours and in through tomorrow morning. 63 degrees for a high temperature in greenville today. still cloudy tonight in the 40s. and in greenville staying in the 60s, but clouds will increase, same thing tonight. and that chance for rain but here is some good news, we will see clearing skies and we deserve some dryer conditions but it will come with a price, cooler skies expected. 20s overnight and 30s in the upstate. the recent floods are still impactinggraffic, jaclyn. several secondary roads in our area remain c csed. >>jaclyn: ingrid, there are closures in transylvania county,
6:38 am
swain counties. remember, we have these problem spots listed under the traffic page on right now, we are accident free in the mountains. i-26 westbound is looking good through your morning commute. that's about 20 minutes from hendersonville to asheville. it's the same story here along i-40 westbound, you will also want to give yourself about 20 minutes of drive time to get from old fort into town. that's a look at your latest on-time traffic report brougug to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: we are once again taking a look back at some of our most memorable persons of the week. this one comes from a local grocery store where a man came face-to-face with death. >>jay: he lived to tell the story of the person who saved his life. who was also our next "person of the week" finalist. larry blunt has the details. >> i was helping a lady find something. >>reporter: in a grocery store aisle store he walked thousands of times. >> i think was baby food. >>reporter: john kill injer, an employee at the ingals can
6:39 am
time he took his last step before blacking out. >> apparently, they said that my heart had stopped. they said i fell backwards. and i must have crashed into something. >> i was actually shopping a few rows down and my boyfriend, he was like oh my gosh i heard a big crash, what happened? reporter: 16 year-old mary kelly came to his aid. he wouldn't learn about mary until after he was life flighted to the hospital and regained consciousness. >> i can't wait to meet her. >>reporter: today, he is about to meet the teenager who saved his life . . . for very first time. >> dr. mary kelly, how are you, baby? >> i'm good, how are you? >> i'm fine. >> good. >>reporter: brought together by fate and in no small part another person they are grateful for. >> you are a little something. how in the world did you get in there? >>reporter: right across the
6:40 am
at smoky mountain high school. >> when your time comes to help. >> is the teacher who taught mary cpr, the first person she called after saving john's life. >> she goes, middle school call lahan, i just save add life. i did it. i saved a life and i said tell me all about it. >>reporter: from teacher to student. >> i'm glad middle school callaghan taught us all that we are certified now and so it's our responsibility to help anyone that we see. >>reporter: to john killnd jer and the people he touches. >> i would like to thank her, my wife thanks her, my cat pete thanks her, p. o. o. t. connection and a lifeline. >>reporter: three people living separate lives but forever sharing a bond created on aisle 9. >> i don't know how to thank her. i have no words. >>reporter: sometimes there
6:41 am
>> it can't be done. >>holly: what a great story and a heroic girl ( ). >>jay: absolutely. >>holly: to have the wits about her and go and do that even though you have the training and feel confident enough, congratulations. >>jay: and carry it out so well. and there is still another story about the cat. >>holly: pete? we need to follow that. >>jay: absolutely. the next person of the year finalist will airir tonight at 6:00. we will announce the person of the year thursday also at 6:00. >>holly: how do you pick between them? so tough. >>jay: i don't know. >>holly: an elephant stopped traffic.
6:42 am
not budge for t >>holly: welcome back, the affluenza teenager who fled the u.s. with his mother is headed home. >>jay: authorities believe ethan and tanya couch fled after a posting on social media showed couch seemingly violating his probation. >>holly: as kim hutcherson
6:43 am
are hoping this time the mother and son face punishment. >>reporter: ethan couch, the teenager whose affluenza defense helped him avoid jail time is expected back in the u.s. wednesday. he was apprehended monday in mexico along with his mother, tanya. after the pair went missing from texas in mid december. >> he said -- they are in the process of being, or have already, deported to the united states so that they are available for the u.s. marshall service. >>reporter: they disappeared after video was posted on-line that showed him apparently violating the terms of his probation. a sentence he received after being convicted of intoxication manslaughter. the case, now infamous, after his lawyer said he suffered from affluenza, essentially, being a rich kid with no limits. the sentence for the drunk driving crash that killed four people? ten years probation with no jail time. an attorney for the victim's family said they believe both mother and son deserve punishment. >> i think it's particularly
6:44 am
indeed, it appears that his mother, tanya, may have commit add crime and may finally be held accountable as well. >>reporter: tonya couch faces a charge of hindering apprehension which carry as sentence of 2-10 years in jail. as for her son. authorities don't know yet how they will proceed against him. at the moment, the most severe punishment he faces is 120 days in jail. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. >>holly: a 6 year-old girl is in critical condition at a hospital in san antonio texas. police say she was shot last night while riding in a car with her father and mother. officers say when the father shined his car lights on a man, the man got upset and fired five shots at the car hitting girl in the shoulder. there was also a 5 year-old girl in the car. she wasn't hurt. police did find the gunman and arrested him. >>jay: a manhunt is underway after someone shot and killed a 19 year-old man at a student housing complex. near florida university, it was put on lockdown while officers
6:45 am
they were looking for five people for questioning in the murder. >>holly: a man posing az a police officer find himself in a whole bunch of trouble when he pulls over the wrong person. a sergeant in woodbridge, new jersey, was on his way to work when he was pulled over. the sergeant became suspicious after a man pulled him over and then took off. he has advice for those who find themselves in similar situations. >> if you think you are being stopped illegitimately and you're concerned for your safety, slow down, put your hazards on, call 911, while you contain rue to drive forward. and final a well-lit area, maybe if you know where your local police station is and pull in there. >>holly: the sergeant called 911 and the police were able to catch good rich and arrest him. >>jay: officials are transporting a pregnant elephant seal in california. >>holly: it brought traffic to a stop when it flopped on the road and tried to climb over the center divider.
6:46 am
coach the 900-pound mammal away from the highway. >> elephant seals are big and large and in charge and they are stubborn all the time. >>jay: know one knows why she was on the highway. vets say she seems healthy and they hope she will give birth to her pups safely on the beach. >>holly: a cat has been stuck on top of a utility for three days is finally safe in phoenix, arizona. residents were concerned because of the freezing temperatures. it came down on its own when rescue crews went to help. lack at it! a ma justic creature is sited off the coast of rhode island. >>jay: why it's so rare for a humpback whale. >>holly: who established january 1st as the start of the
6:47 am
>>jay: we have the answer when >>holly: let's get a recap of the local headlines. >>jay: it's still not clear this morning if a retaining wall in reynolds failed due to the flooding. crews cleared a parking lot at the old eastwood condos off charlotte highway yesterday. that's where a major mudslide knocked down trees just narrowly missing homes. firefighters say they have not seen mudslides in that area in decades. >>holly: residents in transylvania county are still out of their homes this morning following the storms. rosman was pounded by nearly 4" of rain. some say the flood waters were knee-high at times. the red cross set up an emergency shelter at transylvania county parks and rec. >>jay: residents in jackson county are also out of their homes this evening no. six trailers along north carolina 107 south of cullowhee had to be evacuated. several families had to leave with nothing but the clothing on their backs. no one was hurt. but residents got little warning. emergency officials say the flood happened because the river was already high. duke energy also released water
6:48 am
>>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked who established january 1st as the start of the new year? >>jay: the answer is julius caesar. >>holly: you got it right. >>jay: i got utright but the calendar is screwed up. think about the month of october, o. c. t. is a prefix, it is the eighth month and it's the ninth and tenth -- you see the problem? >>holly: it's not the only thing caesar is blamed for. >>jay: true. we have a rare siting of a humpback wheel, the 50-foot animal was captured to on a bay inriry. a harbor master says he heard a,e\yt6 humpbacks are not supposed to linger around there this time of year, they head for a warmer climate. are you all a little offended this morning? we have had stories about whales and pregnant seals . . .
6:49 am
>>holly: he waited until 6:57. >>ingrid: you almost made it . . . >>jay: i couldn't do it. >>jaclyn: humpback whales? >>ingrid: we appreciate that. >>jay: i didn't say i was oh fenned. i didn't know if you whereby the stories this morning. make you are perfectly fine. >>holly: all right. weather this >>ingrid: let's take a final look out this morning. we have showers and a chance of rain so that does mean a chance for flooding so that's a lot, we have seen so much already. the heaviest rain will fall in the southern zones, so that's rain earlier. today's "early bird gets the >>jay: that's right. we do, indeed. congratulations to stephanie stone and karen chrisman. >>jaclyn: you won tickets to off the wagon dualing piano bar in asheville. event. how are the roads? >>jaclyn: we do still have several roads closed because of >>holly: thanks so much for
6:50 am
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