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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  December 31, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>>jay: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . . [cheers and applause] >>holly: look at the fierkworks! >>ingrid: it's beautiful! >>jay: happy new year from auckland, new zealand. >>holly: fireworks display going off right there as they celebrate. one of the first to celebrate the new year. we learned yesterday that samoa, of course, the island of samoa is technically one of the very first as far as major countries go, new zealand. >>jay: impressive show. >>holly: i feel like they get to cheat. >>jay: i think we have the benefit of the shift for once. >>holly: we can finally see it. >>ingrid: yeah, you're right. let's take a look outside. we have a little bit of light rain outside in our southern zones, so really greenwood, they just saw that rain move through. same thing with lawrence. what about south of greenville? we are seeing some of that light-to-moderate rainfall as well. so, looks like clemson is seeing light rain. back here in western north
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we are not expecting to see much at all today. thankfully. so a break. 53 degrees by lunchtime. partly clear skies. coming up in my full forecast, what you can expect for the first week of the year. >>holly: here is your on-time traffic report. >>jay: no accidents to report in asheville or buncombe county, henderson county, or haywood county. >>holly: here is a look at the drive times this morning, i-40 east from haywood county to buncombe county, running you about 9 minutes. i-240 west to glen falls road is about 7 minutes. >>jay: drivers taking i-26 from hendersonville to asheville have a 17 minute drive time right now. >>holly: if you plan to ring in the new year away from home, state troopers want you to stay safe on the road. >>jay: lauren brigman is live along inside our mobile track unit. and, lauren, troopers say planning ahead is key? >>lauren: definitely. they want you to make arrangements before you g g out tonight to prevent trouble on the road. so, have a designated driver. plan to call a cab or even get a
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and that's some of your options. the message from troopers is do not get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. you can expect check points to be set up tonight to get impaired drivers off the roadsds and troopers remind everyone that your blood-alcohol level should not be above 0.08 if you are above the legal limit it can mean big consequences. >> impaired driving is drunk driving, so if you feel buzzed and are out call a cab or a family member or have a designated driver. >>lauren: some of the possible penalties you can face for a dwi conviction include jail time, you can lose your license or get points on your license. you can see some big fines as a result of that conviction. even lose your job. insurance costs to pay for that and then lawyer fees as well. so, those are some of the penalties if you are convicted of a dwi. coming up at 6:30, i will share some ways, additional ways you can get yourself from the bar
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reporting live in downtown asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: the count down to new year's eve is on, over 1,000,000 people are expected in times square. there is an unprecedented effort to keep them safe. >>jay: new threats overseas are changing plans in europe. meghan hughes explalas how law enforcement is stepping up security. >>reporter: in paris, the holiday street party will go on as planned but the fireworks display has been called off. officials stressing the need for individual lens in the wake of november's attack which left 130 dead. >> i was in paris the week after it happened and the thing is you can't let people like that dictate your lifestyle and your choices. >>reporter: this tourist is now in brussels, the mayor there also called off a firework display. brussels authorities arrested two men in this week in connection with a suspected holiday plot. recent threats overseas won't halt celebrations here at home. >> we are not aware of any threatsshat the time that we deem credible. >>reporter: an estimated
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pack into about 20 blocks in an around times square. the nypd is deploying 6,000 heavily armed officers there. more than ever before to protect the revelers. >> it's only so much they can do. it's a lot of people. >> i'm kind of to the point where i really don't feel safe anywhere. >>reporter: pasadena is prepppg for the rose parade. federal officials designated it a top tier secure event even before the san bernardino attack. more than 2 dozen agencies are joining local police to protect the 7,000 people expected to attend. the vegas strip also on high alert with more than 300,000 people expected on the street. police from coast-to-coast sharing a similar message. >> people should feel safe this new year's eve because we're there. >>reporter: the new york city mayor is touting a new secret weapon, a new task force, 100 officers working full-time on counter terrorism. abc new, meghan hugh, washington. >>holly: it can cost over
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polk county after a mudslide. it covered white oak mountain road and there was a smaller midslide on the saluda grade on i-26. the county may maintenance engineer said they are documenting damage to apply for federal funds to help pay for repairs. >>jay: the upstate was also hit by flooding. here is a look at east warehouse court in greenville county. about half a foot of water covered a heavily traveled section of the road. drivers are warned to avoid flooded roads. even if the road is still open. >>holly: in this morning's news reel, a grandmother accused of drowning her grandson is expected in court today. >>jay: authorities say the lifornia grandmother admitted she did it intentionally. dawn rings hughes was arrested tuesday after police received a call that a child had drowned. police were suspicious of the circumstances and took in the 51 year-old. one neighbor who did not want to be identified described what she saw and heard. >> i heard her say "something's
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like someone died. i peeked out my door and were looking and i just saw cop cars came and the ambulance came. it was scary. >>jay: two other children in the home were taken into protective custody. >>holly: computer glitches can be a pain stieption. one man in virginia is accused of threatening a technician if he didn't fix the problem. the man who happened to be a lawyer became frustrated with the technician saying he was only making the problem worse. the technician called arlington police and said the man would not let him leave, had a gun and was threatening his life. something the man's wife said didn't happen. >> fabricating everything. it's like he felt insulted and he decided to get back at us. >>holly: the computer owner is now facing abduction charges. >>jay: fire crews in phoenix are trying to figure out how to a teen got stuck in a chimney. last night, they found the 13 year-old boy wedged inside. crews reportedly lowered a rope to the boy and asked him to wrap
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they were able to pull him out. the teen is expected to be okay. >>holly: new this morning, federal aviation administration is investigating what caused a plane to divert from its original court. the airplane was headed to maine but diverted yesterday to warwick, rhode island. the passengers said they smelled smoke. the 120 pears on board were not hurt. they were booked into hotels for the night before flying out this morning on are placement aircraft. air canada is having problems. 21 passengers are recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries after turbulence. yesterday the flight from shanghai to toronto was diverted to alberta canada. one passenger described what happened. >> suddenly the flight was just going down and everything really scary. >>holly: air canada says 332 passengers and 19 crew members were on board.
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campaign trail, ted cruz's campaign expected to end on a high note today as the fourth quarter comes to an end. fund raising totals are expected to be near $20 million. cruz took second place in a recent cnn o. r. c. national poll with 18% support among republicans behind donald trump's 39%. texas senate nor is the first candidate to announce fourth quarter fund raising totals. donald trump, the front runner for the republican nomination for president, is calling his opponent an enemy. it came at a rally in south carolina yesterday. he took jabs at hillary clinton and president obama. trump even boasted about the first ads of his campaign saying he will spend millions a week in advertising beginning next month. >>jay: president obama will visit germany in april. the white house says he will meet with german chancellor angela merkel. the negotiations are aimed at reducing barriers to trade and investment and will provide economic gains. this is the president's fifth trip to germany.
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win" give away, you have a chance to win an asheville independent passport. >>jay: it typically sells for $60 ads up to $750 in savings. it's good at dozens of asheville restaurants. go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock this morning. >>jay: parts of the u.s. are still dealing with flooding. >>holly: we will show you the video of the house floating down the street. >>ingrid: it's a live forecast at the "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast," 50s by drop off for the kids that are in school. a dry pattern coming up after the break. i will share that with you and your new year's eve forecast and
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long it will stick around. french broad at blantyre but no rain right now in western north carolina. the only issues is it looks like around clemson, south of clemson seeing the light rain and heavier rain bands. now moving north of piedmont. so that's south of greenville. so, just keep that in mind if you live in the region, heading on u.s. highway 276, near simpsonville you should start seeing rain, too. it's light-to-moderate rain. not having a huge threat over our head like we had all morning yesterday at the flash flood warnings, much calmer conditions. but, the river is still pretty high. it dropped a little bit over the last hour. it's still though, flood stage
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so, we don't continue to drop, by saturday things look a lot better. almanac today and for the year, this is, of course, the last day of the year. we have picked up a lot of rain, almost 55" plus in many locations. so, almanac today for our temperatures showing a warmest december on record. that's right. that's how warm it has been. it's not your imagination. we have been unseasonably comfortable. 52 in asheville and 60 in asheville. upper 50s in forest city, 59 down into greenville. visibility looks good in asheville. not the same case in greer at 7. 9 in anderson. 7 in forest city and dropping down to 3 right now into morganton. the winds picked up overnight at 15 in asheville, and 6 down into greenville. > this is the system that brought all the rain yesterday. we have so much rain, we have the flooding issues throughout much of the day, even into the evening hours, but things have really calmed down. now this is leaving us a few showers, down to the upstate
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as we look forward in time through lunchtime, seeing partly clear skies and sunshine, even by 2 p.m. and tonight for new year's eve we will see clouds filter back in but we will stay dry and we will stay fairly cloudy for friday, but no more rain in the forecast. so, partly clear, 58 degrees in asheville for a high temperature. and winds should stay out of the north and north west 6-9 miles per hour. big night, new year's eve, 39 degrees expected. around midnight, it should still be in the low 40s but overall it will be cooler so, if you are heading out you will probably need a light jacket at best. slightest chance for rain in greenville today and tonight we will see the clouds, but cooler overall in the 40s. happy new year everyone. that's tomorrow. 48 degrees. still 40s for the weekend. so it's going to be noticeably chillier with sunshine. overnight lows will be back to below freezing in the 20s. notice the next seven days, a zero% chance for rain. i think a lot of folks are happy about that.
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few days for water to recede in missouri. >>holly: according to official, water covered the road as workers redirect traffic. a house was even swept away in the waters. and it crashed into a bridge. >>jay: hmm. >>holly: look at that. >>jay: looks like what we saw here earlier this week. >>holly: 6:156789 north carolina state wolf pack taking on mississippi state.
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the wolf pack the game. >>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, the north carolina state wolf pack in the belt bowl taking on mississippi state. a terrible weather day in charlotte and the packs play early was like the weather: messy. bank of america stadium, purr set last game as the wolfpack quarterback, terrible game, pressure and there is the kick off by jerry green, the pack crumbled. qb press cot was terrific. little frank of the screen to ross, gets the block and into the end zone, 7-0 mississippi state. purr set, back to pass again and with a great interception by brandon bryant, nothing to do about that. 21-0 in the second, when north carolina state gets something done, they go one way, across the other way, it's wide open
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speed, 82 yards, 6, 21-7, pack cutting into the lead. purr set cuts it to 10 on the quarterback and that was it. no stopping the mvp for the belt report, 380 yards and 4 tds, thepack falls 51-28. >> duke saturday boston college, their final against long beach state, allen, watch this. oh, what a jumper. 33 points in the slam. you see a jumper. look at the feet. plumly has some home, great point, two blocks, blue devils 11-2 and 103 victory. in the conference tuneup, the last game before they get to the so conopenners, they beat mars hill and cullowhee, mike brown's 22 led, their are 5-8 and will host east tennessee state saturday at 2:00 as they start sewcon play. mars hill will be at carson newman saturday.
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mountain heritage coach susie shelton, 300th career win when the cougars won the holiday classic. mountain heritage beat robberson in the game, 47-41, shelton has been the coach and alma matter since 1999. congrats to her. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great thursday, everyone. >>holly: it will be a thursday that will determine what the weather will be in the new year, ingrid? >>ingrid: let's take a look outside. we are expecting 58 degrees in buncombe county with partly clear skies. a few showers this m mning in the upstate, but overall, not too bad. especially compared to yesterday. 24 hours ago, wow, big changes. 65 this afternoon. new year's eve, here is your forecast. no rain expected. but cloudy conditions. 39 in asheville for a low. 40 degrees in hendersonville. and middle-to-upper 40s into the upstate. happy new year, everyone. right now let's look at our traffic with our on-time traffic report. >>jay: right now, there is still some roads closed due to flooding in brevard.
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roads are both still blocked. >>holly: hover, most roads remain clear and there are no accidents in asheville, buncombe county or the surrounding counties. here is a live look around the world. this is dublin ireland. >>jay: think how busy that pub will be later on. news 13 this morning will be right back. stay with us.
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>> >>jay: in facebook feedback we asked what is your new year's eve resolution.
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very best person i can be. patrick carry gan says he wants to change his diet to healthy foods, have more fun with life and take more photos. two good answers there. over to you. >>holly: taking a step now back into time, in today's "morning surf" we are looking at historical photos. >>ingrid: speaking of photos, what is different about these are, you might not find them in the history books. let's take a look at these. >>holly: the first one, yeah, you know this guy, it's actually around schwarzenegger showing off his muscles to an elderly woman in the 1970s. >>ingrid: i love this picture. look at the women. >>holly: they don't look that impressed, do they? >>ingrid: they're like, uh-huh, seen this before, buddy. >>holly: and afi um faint dog sitting on top of a gun in world war i. >>ingrid: that's a cute one. >>holly: practice for german solars, 1935. standing there on top of the horse.
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>>holly: german soldiers of war execute a communist in munich, 1919. >>ingrid: oh, goodness. every time a plane landed on the wrong carrier, a tradition to graffiti it before sending it back. >>ingrid: i didn't know that. >>holly: one more. wow, punt gun used for duck gunting has the potential to kill 50 birds in a swoop i. was banned in the late 1880s. >>ingrid: i think it's a good idea. to kill 50 burdens in one time? >>holly: yeah, but you need 18 people to hold it. >>ingrid: let's take a final look outside, this final half hour, cloudy conditions and low 50s and the winds picket up at 15 miles per hour. after at the ashville airport. we have a dry start but coming up in the next half hour, we have your new year's eve forecast and just how cold we turn the next seven days. it will start to feel like winter soon enough. >> >>holly: a family helps a
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the unique bond. >>jay: driving is about to get more expensive. the changes come k next year you need to know. >> there will be an emphasis on impaired driving for the holiday, extra troopers out. >>holly: tracking down drunk drive, coming up in the live report. lauren brigman tells you the options you have to get home
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>> new year' now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>holly: preparations are underway for the new year's eve celebration in new york city. >>jay: you are looking at a live picture right now. the stage is all set. metal barriers are in place. >>ingrid: more than 10,000,000 people are expected to be there to watch that waterford crystal ball drop. it's always beautiful. >>jay: it is, indeed. good morning, it is thursday, december 31st. happy new year's eve. i'm jay siltzer. >>holly: and i'm holly headrick. >>ingrid: and i'm ingrid allstaedt and i have good new, it's mostly dry here in western north carolina. the only exception is down into the upstate, where we are seeing this band of some light showers around clemson and also greenville right now. and east of greer, seeing a little bit heavier rainfall at times. overall, not too much to worry about in the way of rain, just the slight chance this morning, mainly for the upstate. 53 by lunchtime with partly clear sky, coming up in a
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cold we will get tonight. a lot of folks have big plans and how cold we will stay in the extended forecast. right now let's get a check of the roads with our on-time traffic report. >>holly: a live look on the interstate from our vision traffic cam. i-26 looking pretty good this morning. not a lot of fog out there. and not very many cars. >>jay: thankfully no accidents reported in the surrounding counties at this time. >>holly: i hope it stays this way. >>jay: as you make plans to ring in the new year, law enforcement says you should also plan a safe ride home after the celebration. >>holly: lauren brigman is live in downtown asheville inside the mobile track unit. lauren, the penalties for drunk driving are hefty. >>lauren: definitely, holly. some include losing your license. if convicted of a dwi, you can also lose your job or face jail time. so, troopers say, there are just too many other options to get home safely rather than getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking. checkered cab company operates in hendersonville and asheville
6:24 am
about 15 taxis on the roads. tonight, they are adding up to 8 additional taxis to handle the increase in calls that are expected. so, whether you have a designated driver or you choose to call a cab, making prior arrangements can help you get penalties. >> well, you don't have to worry about all the tickets and the fines and the jail possibilities, mostly getting hurt. >>lauren: now, some of the ride services that are optioned for you for this new year's eve include, of course, having a designated driver, you know, plan ahead for that. call a cab. you can use the uber ride share service. you will need to download that app in order to use it. of course, you can get a nearby hotel room or walk home if you are going to a destination that's nearby. so, keep all those options in mind as you are heading out to ring in the new year tonight and, of course, adam and i want to wish you a very happy and safe new year. reporting live in downtown asheville, lauren brigman, news
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>>jay: starting tomorrow you will pay more in dmv fees across north carolina. registration renewals will cost $8 more starting january 1st. so will renewing your driver's license for 8 years. the fee increase was ordered by the general assembly earlier this year to generate more money for road and bridge improvements. >>holly: recommendations to increase safety for cyclists are on their way to the legislature. the it allows drivers to cross a double-yellow line when passing cyclists. bicycle riders would also be required to wear reflective clothing and to bicycle,\yl lanes and more greenways than people on bicycles going to have more options, and when motorists are using the road, the infrastructure is going to allow people to know where they should be and how they should interact. >>holly: dot report including
6:26 am
it will be reviewed in committee and voted on before any changes go into law. >>jay: i-26 is back open this morning after a fuel leak caused a crash and shut down part of the interstate. traffic backed up for miles near the trionexit on the polk county/henderson county line. troopers say a truck leaked fuel making the road very slick. that caused a crash that shut down the westbound lane around 6 o'clock last night. four cars were involved. three people were hurt. they are all expected to be okay. >>holly: a new story of neighbors helping neighbors during recent flooding. >>jay: take a listen to this. justin teague was driving on moffitt road in asheville ( ) early tuesday wherng when he noticed another driver stop and calling for help. that driver tells news 13 she could not get her car in reverse and had to leave it. so, teague swam through six feet deep water to help her across the flooded road.
6:27 am
i just helped get her out of the water. >>jay: first responders say you should never go into flood waters. teague realizes it was risky but says he felt compelled to help. >>jay: a mudslide in buncombe county happened near the art face charter school in swannanoa. surveillance video shows the debris floating away and the pictures later show how bad itt was. water run off damaged just about every room in the building. >> the worst part is we just completed a master plan process with the asheville design center and so this was all part of the plan, we just -- mother nature didn't plan on us. >> a lot of books are damaged. i think, you know, once we get settled and organized we will need some support with that. i'm worried about mold with musical instruments, artwork that we have. >>holly: to make matters worse, a lot of the school supplies that were donated or paid for by teachers are gone. >>jay: we have an update this
6:28 am
belgium brewing. the company says it has no plans to sell. in an end of theear statement company officials said there is no deal on the table and they look forward to growing their asheville team. earlier this month, reuters reported new belgium was looking for a deal that would value the company at more than $1 billion. >>holly: today is the last day to donate to a local program that will benefit as many as 30 nonprofits in western north carolina. it's called give local, and it was organized by the mountain express. friend of the western north carolina nature center is just one group that can benefit and it supports the nature center. organizers say this is an opportunity for the community to show its appreciation. >> we would love to see a big show of support from the community for a lot of these nonprofits. they really deserve it and do great things for the community. >>holly: he says $30,000 has been raised so far. they hope to see a big spike today. we all know about the ball drop in new york on new year's
6:29 am
there will be some unique items dropped to rick ring in 2016. >>jay: the thirsty monk will hold its annual keg drop celebration. it's exactly what it sounds like. a golden gold mountain keg will be dropped midnight. >>holly: marion will do its traditional gold nugget drop. it is a replica gold nugget and dropped into a giant 10-foot donut made by mr. bob's donut. >>jay: in franklin, the ruby drop returns for the second year at the motor company grill. >>holly: the most controversial drop in the mountains is the possum drop in brasstown. peta sued the state over a law protecting that event. that's because governor pat mccrory signed a bill this year exempting the possum from state wild life regulations, but only for five days around the first of the year. that way the event could continue. today's "early bird gets the win" give away, you have a chance to win an asheville independent restaurant passport. >>jay: the passport typically sells for $60 adds up to $750 in
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it's good at dozens of asheville restaurants. go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock this morning. you have just about 15 minutes left. she risked her life to prevent an attack on children and teachers. >>jay: our last person of the year finalist and her remarkable story of cou wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space.
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i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... it's all on sale for the holidays. shop our winter event at havertys and enjoy thirty-six month, no interest financing
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. we have a flood warning out for the french broad at blantyre but that's the only real issue back here in the mountains. down to the upstate, seeing a line of showers here, just light in nature from clemson all the way through greenville and right now the heaviest little batch here is south of spartanburg. so, if you live in those zones you might need your umbrella for just another few hours and then we should see things start to clear out. back here in asheville, well, we don't have any rain to worry about, thankfully, we have been talking so much about this rain that the french broad is still very high. it will continue to recede the next couple of hours and into the next couple of days through saturday morning. finally, back below that action stage of 15 feet. now, we have seen a lot of rain this month already. the second wettest december on record, in fact. so, we have seen close to 55" in some locations, just over 54 at the ashville airport. but look at this, the warmest december on record.
6:33 am
season, the average in the 50s so that gives you good reassurance that, yeah, you're not crazy. it has not been feeling like winter this time of year. that will come in my seven-day forecast about 2 minutes but look right now in anderson, it's 60 degrees. 65 in greenwood. very mild conditions. back here in asheville, 51 degrees in buncombe county. visibility is looking pretty good. seeing some patchy fog throughout the morning, in the foothills seeing visibility cut in half, and down to 4 miles in forest city, 7 down into greenville and spartanburg. wind lightened up a tad. we are at 15 now, now we are at 8 in asheville and 7 down into greenville. this is the system that brought us all of the rain the last couple of days. thankfully, we are starting to see that clear out with the exception of a few showers, even through 8 a.m. for the upstate. but, back here in asheville, we are expecting mostly dry conditions today and even seeing the clouds break up by lunchtime, 2 p.m., seeing some sunshine and we will continue to see the clearing conditions through dinnertime, but then, we
6:34 am
back in overnight but no need for the umbrella if you are heading out on new year's eve. friday it will be cloudy, but it's going to be cool, too. so the couple changes heading our way. no rain today, 58 degrees, partly clear, wind up to 10 miles per hour. tonight around midnight it should be in the low 40s. but, the morning low temperatures will come after midnight. it will be about 39 degrees. so, overall, cooler. you will need a jacket if you are heading out on new year's eve. a slight chance for rain in greenville throughout the day. 65 degrees and we will see more clouds tonight, down to 47. tended forecast shows the first day of the year will be chillier, 48 degrees for a high. more sunshine saturday and sunday. and overnight lows will be cold, in the 20s. so, finally it will start to feel a little bit more like it should. 50s into next week and notice no rain chances for the next seven days. back over to you. >>holly: two roads remain closed due to flooding in brevard.
6:35 am
both still blocked. >>jay: asheville police highway patrol and surrounding counties are reporting no accidents or delays at this time. here some drive times right now. future i-26 at unca to long sholes, 15 minutes. >>holly: 25 north at vanderbilt is also running smoothly and the time for the parkway ramp is to i-40 is about 4 minutes right now. >> she is the last "person of the week" finalist. leading up to our big person of the year announcement tonight. >>jay: a school bus driver in macon county, honored for her bravery. as larry blunt shows what alice brady did in the face of danger is nothing short of remarkable. >>reporter: on the last day of school at south macon elementary. >> i always look in the parking lot and you don't see anything left on the bus. >>reporter: and the routine on the ride, bus driver alice bradley. >> we call her middle school bradley. >>reporter: ensures safety from the start. she has been doing it for 25 years. >> we trust them with our kids every day.
6:36 am
just a week after a imagined . . . >> what could have happened if not for her actions? should send chills up our backs. >> it's a token of my appreciation to you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >>reporter: this grandmother and brave bus driver faced the threat of death. it happened as she just pulled up to prepare the bus. >> i nosed the two people standing right down here and he held a gun up like this. and i cranked my car back up and when he did, he pointed it at me. >> the individuals attempted to get on her bus, she made the conscious decision to keep that from happening. >> 911, what is your marriage? >> there is two guys out here in our driveway and they are shooting at one another. >> one of them is going to shoot me. i said oh no, my kids will be here in a minute so i took off. >> >>reporter: she didn't just try to go after them, she tried to run over them. so, theyan. no shots were fired but . . . >> it could have been a much
6:37 am
>>reporter: adam conley and kathryn jeter were captured behind the school. when the sheriff asked them why, why there? why a school of all places? >> one of the suspects said that the reason they were here was it was god's will for them to be here. basically, what was said was, if it would have been god's will, then they would have began shooting children and teachers. >>reporter: instead of tragedy, this school year ends in triumph because middle school adams had the courage to confront a gunman. >> i think it's -- i can't get it out of my mind, but everyone keeps telling me it will take time. >>reporter: after this final ride, alice bradley will have a whole summer to get it off her mind. >> i'm sure every bus driver, the only thing they are thinking of is, lord, let me get the kids home. >>reporter: the kids she called "her kids." >> when they get on my bus, i tell them, they are mine, when
6:38 am
>>reporter: and parents who road middle school ab's bus when he was young, will remember the school year and that day. >> i don't have to worry about them when they're with her. >>reporter: not just for what happened. >> have a good summer. >>reporter: but what didn't happen. >> i can't even think about it. no. >> you look in the mirror and you have a lot of little eyes looking at you and you thinking all the time, don't make a mistake. >>reporter: maybe it was no mistake out of all the bus drivers in maibd, alice bradley, middle school ab, was the one that was there this morning. >> i will always be convinced she changed the course of the events that occurred from that point forward. >>reporter: who knows. maybe it's better we don't. >> i'm okay. i will see you next year, okay? you be good. >>jay: unreal. she is the drive you you want your kids to have. no doubt. you can find all three persons
6:39 am
site, >>holly: be sure to watch tonight at 6:00. we will announce our person of the year. >>jay: three incredible nominations. >>jay: i don't know who you pick. i don't know whose job it was to pick but i don't envy them. a family hope as kitten will help a little girl.
6:40 am
are >>holly: welcome back, tonight is the big night. across the u.s. americans are getting 2015 and hello 2016. >>jay: amid the festivities, security is being ramped up.
6:41 am
action is necessary. >> 3, 2, 1, happy new year! >>reporter: as america prepares to ring in the new year, officials say a threat from overseas and possible attacks in los angeles, new york, and washington, dc, but they say a threat was uncorroborate and based on a single source. still, with over 1,000,000 expected in times square, they are not taking any chances. >> times square will be one of the safest places in the country. >>reporter: 6,000 officers will be deploy and there will also be helicopter, boat patrols and hundreds of extra mobile mobile cameras and radiation detectors but there's only so much they can do. >> the new york flies are very good and sensitized to the threat and they know times square is a mayor target but at the end to of the day a crowd of people like that, you can't vet everyone and chehe them. >>jay: in l.a., extra security will be on hand for the rose
6:42 am
both of which are considered elevated security events for the first time. >> this is the officials in belgium announce new year's eve celebrations in brs sells are canceled entirely after the arrest of two men accused of plotting attacks in the capitol. i'm kim hummerson reporting. >>jay: a mother of the so called after affluenza teen is bag in the u.s. >>holly: she arrived in the u.s. a few hours ago. this is video of her arrival to the airport. she was wearing handcuffs while escorted by police. u.s. marshals. later today she already charged with hindering the apprehension of a juvenile. her son, eric couch remains in mexico, his attorneys filed paperwork to block mexican authorities from deporting him back to the u.s. >>jay: prosecutors say the woman who ran down pet screens in vegas tested positive on the vegas strip. she killed one and injured dozens. police describe what happened as
6:43 am
she is charged with murder and leaving the scene of the accident. she is being held pending a status check january 20th. >>holly: a heartwarming story about a little girl and her pet. >>jay: she shares an unusual bond with her kitten. the a 3 month old kitten is beating the odds after its leg had to be amputated. >>holly: scarlet tipton endured chemo and had to have her arm amputated. the family wanted to get her an animal she could relate to. >> she noticed the cat had staples down its side. and she points to that and she said, owe, and i said yeah, the kitty cat has owes like you do. >>jay: the toddler is cancer free. >>holly: the u.s. postal service announced its lineup of stamps. >>jay: four star trek stamps honor the original t.v. see's
6:44 am
the stamps show classic icon, the u.s.s. enterprise, the star fleet insignia, a crew member being beamed up and, of course, the vulcan salute. >>holly: and it's the most liked instagram, can you guest? >>jay: we will tell you what it is and why it's so popular coming up. >>holly: first let's look at today's mind teaser. how big is the new year's eve ball? >>jay: we have the answer when
6:45 am
>> >>jay: 6:5 right now. let's get a recap of this morning's local headlines. the wife of the mayor of waynesville is charged with dwi following a serious crash on christmas eve. >>holly: the charge was filed yesterday after toxicology results came back. authorities say jackie brown was driving on west avenue when her vehicle crossed the median and hit a pickup truck the morning
6:46 am
she andndhe three people in the truck were hospitalized with serious injuries. her next court date is scheduled for february. >>jay: a mudslide in buncombe county happened near arts charter school in swannanoa. surveillance video shows debris floating away. the pictures from the next morning show just how bad it was. a lot of the school supplies that were donated were actually paid for by teachers. they are now gone. >>holly: we have an update this morning on the flood cleanup in biltmore village. last night dot crews worked to clear the mud along brook street. some stores are still dealing with the aftermath of tuesday's flooding as well. a gallery is facing thousands of dollars in damage. employees at surface gallery say they have lost sales because of the mess. here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked how big is the new year's eve ball? >>jay: the answer is: it's 12 feet in diameter and weighs more than 11,000 pounds. >>holly: wow. it received the title top dog on the social media site
6:47 am
>>jay: it has more than 2,000,000 followers. an 8 year-old dog is a japanese see bah inknew ( ). the dog and its owner live in tokyo. >>holly: it's been on instagram for several years now. it was born in 2007 and adopted by his owner christmas eve. you better believe everyone likes the dog's round face. shy bah inknews are a popular breed in japan. cute dog. >>jay: uh-hmm. >>holly: 2,000,000 followers? popular dog. >>ingrid: very popular. it's cute but . . . >>jay: not that cute. >>ingrid: how exciting can it be? >>holly: we have a winner in the "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: congratulations to cath lynn lolling, you have won an asheville independent passport. >>ingrid: great prize, we will e-mail you how you can claim your prize. new year's eve, lot of folks making plans today for tonight, of course. around midnight it will be about 40-43 degrees. by early morning hours, if you will be out late, you might need a good jacket. it will be 39 degrees.
6:48 am
year, going to ring in colder, 48 degrees with sunshine saturday and sunday and notice overnight lows will stay below freezing. so, finally, it is starting to feel like winter again. and we have no chances for rain in the next seven days at this point. a lot of folks probably pretty darn happy about that. especially after all the flooding that we have seen. we will show you videos of it. today in the upstate, 65. we are seeing a few light showers this morning. but through this afternoon, we should be mostly dry. tonight in the upper 40s. so maybe keep a sweater if you are heading out and tomorrow cooler and sunshine also for the weekend. all in all, not too bad. >>jay: not at all. thanks for joining us. gma is next on news 13 for more local news and weather check us out online at >>holly: from all of us to
6:49 am
it's safe and happy. good morning, america. record-breaking floods
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