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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  December 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we found a guy name timmy from ashdale went to west asheville. you are a big clemson fan, what has your experience been like in miami? >> it has been fun. the weather is great. when you end up at a bowl game with palm trees, it is a good experience. >> you made the trip from the asheville area. how was your adventure? >> the drive was fun. we had a hard time finding the hotel before we made it down. we made it. we had a lot of fun doing that. >> enjoy the game. we found a ton of fans like this. we'll have fan reaction coming up at 6:00. coach, how are you? >> great to see you. >> what is your prediction for the big game.
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best of luck to you. there are fans everywhere. we'll have a great time every day. we'll see how clemson does. later today they kick off at 4:00 from the orange bowlment reporting live from miami. it is the last day to save money because starting tomorrow, fees are going up. news 13 lauren brigman joins us from the license plate agency. this is the first hike the dmv has seen in quite some time. >> yes, holly. in 11 years. this will impact drivers across north carolina. this comes down to when you go to on tape your driver's license or renew your license or even register or renew your registration for your vehicle. that will cost you more. the increases are part of the state budget passed earlier this year. the reported $150 million will go towards road and bridge improvements. we asked customers their
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expense. >> i'm retired. still pay taxes right and left. every day, pay taxes. >> that increase is big for you. >> yeah. >> if it is going to the roads. that's a good use of the money. as long as they are doing what they say they'll do with it, then we are happy. >> take a look at your screen. we've breakdown of examples for you. when it comes to renewing your driver's license for eight years, that will cost you $40. that's an # increase. for a five year driver's license, that will cost $25, up $5, a standard vehicle registration is now $36, that's going up by $8. to get your title will cost you $52 now. that's a $12 increase. you can renew your license up to six months before it expires. if your driver's license expires
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you can come down and take advantage of these lower prices. of course, the new prices kick in starting tomorrow. >> a new tethering ordinance takes effect. last summer city council approved changes to how owners can chain their dogs. owners can have their pets tethered for two hours within a 12 hour period. council members raised the tethering age from four months to six months. pet owners were given six months to adjust to the changes. >> a judge delivered an arrest warrant against a tenth suspect connected to the paris terror attacks. 130 people died in the november attacks. paris and brusles have cancelled fireworks displays during new year's celebrations. >> security in times square will be unprecedented.
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attend the annual ball drop. one security official says times square will be the safest place in the world. >> as america prepares to ring in the new year, if i recalls say a threat from overseas warns of possible attacks in new york and washington, d.c. >> they also say the threat was uncorroborated and based on a single source. with a million people expected in times square, authorities aren't taking any chances. >> times square on new year's eve will be one of the safest places in the country because of the huge concentration of police resources. >> 6,000 officers will be deployed. there will be helicopters, boat patrols and hundreds of extra mobile cameras and radiation detectors. analysts say there is only so much that can be done. >> new york police are very good and they are sensitized to the threat but at the end of the day, a crowd of people like
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>> in l.a., extra security will be on hand for the rose bowl parade and the game itself. both of which are considered elevated security events for the first time. >> this as officials announce new year's celebrations in brus sells have been cancelled entirely after the arrest of two men accused of plotting attacks in the capital. >> new zealand was the first to ring in the new year, it happened this morning at 6:00 a.m. our time. you watched that count down live this morning on news 13. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> australia welcomed the new year early this morning with a family fire woks display at the sidmy harbor. celebrations are planned around the world today. >> the rain has stopped. cooler weather will usher in that new year. >> right now, no rain thankfully in western north carolina. i tell you what, down to the upstate, throughout the morning
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the afternoon, we have seen this line of showers along i-85. it is relentless. back here in the asheville area, the surrounding counties, thankfully we are finally getting a break from the rain. for the rest of the day, expect some more sunshine to begin to creep out from among those clouds. 4:00 p.m., upper 50's and middle 50's by dinner time. what about tonight heading out to celebrate the new year back in the u.s., 46 by 10:00 p.m. still in the low 40's by midnight. we'll continue to drop back down to around 40 degrees, maybe the upper 30's if you'll be out really late. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about the first days of 2016, what you can expect. how long we'll stay below freezing and how long we'll stay rain free. it is something we need. we have way too much rain so far. back over to you. >> local businesses flooded by
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the art space charter school sustained water damage from a mud slide that happened nearby. surveillance video from monday night shows the debris floating away. the pictures show how bad it was. water run-off from reger avenue damaged every room in the building. >> we have just completed a master plan process with the asheville design center. this was all part of the plan. mother nature didn't wait on us. >> a lot of books are damaged. i think, you know, once we get settled and organized, we'll need some support with that i'm worried with mold with musical instruments, artwork we have. >> to make matters worse, a lot of school supplies that were donated or paid for by teachers are gone. >> employees at surface gallery say they have lost sales because of the flooding. last night dot crews worked to clear the mud along brook street. surface gallery is facing thousands of dollars worth of
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>> we are getting a first look at flood damage across the tarheel state. dozens of people were evacuated from their homes from charlotte to chapel hill. >> the rain came down so quickly -- >> i have never seen thinking like it. >> the water was so swift that it transformed this parking lot into a river. dozens of people were inside gold's gym and even this clippic when the water began to rise. a channel # viewer captured this amazing water capture in the same parking lot. firefighters rescued three children stuck in the van as the water rose all around them. >> it was a crazy situation. >> dr. leonard was seeing patients when he heard all the commotion. >> at 3:30 i was told the fire marshal said we needed to evacuate. >> he and his son returned to see the rising water.
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interesting way to get through the parking lot safely. >> we are trying to think of a way to embarrass our children. this seemed to be a great way to do it. >> the rain also drenched the durham area. residents in chapel hill were evacuated because of the high water. several homes were threatened. one resident living in a flood zone said it is just not safe. >> it is a disaster, more than we expected. my stomach is bowling. where do i go, how do i live? what about my closet, i don't understand why they can't condemn it. that's what they need to do. >> condemn this whole area. >> yeah, at least those buildings. they have to. people will have to expect to get rid of it. there is no way. >> firefighters went door to door getting people out of their apartments. officials closed a bridge over concerns it would be watched out. coming up in our health headlines, why some adults get acne even after their teenage
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tips to get some clearer skin. >> get your news on the go with our news 13 mobile app. it is your one source for news, weather and sports any time anywhere. you can also get real time traffic updates.
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search wlos >> fighting acne is not just a job for teenagers. adults often face the problem too. in today's health headlines, diane shows us ways of fighting back. >> we know many teenagers get acne and it usually goes away with time. for some instead of getting better, it gets worse when adulthood comes. >> acne can be caused by a
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in women, it is related to changing hormonal levels, some of which can be normal changes that affect the skin. stress tends to increase the production of hormones and so we can get flare-ups of acne. her redty plays a role, medications can play a role. illnesses can play a role. >> doctors recommend a variety to keep skin clear including oral medications including topical cream. >> it is difficult to prevent acne if it is something you have all the factors there that create it. avoidance of products, choosing non-committeed generalic products, protecting from the sun can all really help to reduce risk of acne. >> for today's health minute, i'm diane gallagher. >> coming up, an act of animal cruelty caught on tape. hear from the hero who saved his life.
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it is no longer raining. 54 degrees chimney rock, news 13 skycam network. here in asheville, middle 50's and the wind is 14. coming up after the break, we'll talk about what you can expect for tonight if you have plans. i'll let you know, maybe you need a jacket, maybe not. what about the extended
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tt2watz'@f4 bt@q6]h tt2watz'@f4 "a@q&q, tt2watz'@f4 bm@q-z tt4watz'@f4 " dztq ajl tt4watz'@f4 " entq 1n, tt4watz'@f4 " gzt& (it tt4watz'@f4 " hnt& 8g8 tt4watz'@f4 " iztq r.@ tt4watz'@f4 " jntq @^ tt4watz'@f4 " lzt& x3\ >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome back. let's take a look at franklin. this is a good depiction of what is going on. we started out the day with cloudy conditions. now seeing the clouds thin outside. starting to see the sunshine. 61 degrees, wow, very nice conditions in franklin. lester carpet sales skycam network. we have stayed dry in western north carolina. you know what, we have seen a line of showers mainly along 85
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morning actually into the early portion of the afternoon. southern zones down to greenwood earlier on about 9:00, they stay were seeing the showers. that is starting to dry out. we are seeing a little bit of rain down south, but with all the rain they saw yesterday. every little bit is hurting those rivers. speaking of, we have a flood warning out. they extended this for the french broad for tomorrow or saturday morning because we are still at 18 feet. won't drop down too much by this afternoon and by friday morning, just under 17 feet, still at flood stage through 7:00 a.m. saturday morning. if you live in that zone, you already know the river is very high, it won't go down in time. we have seen a lot of rain this month month. some locations less. something else to keep in mind,
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record. it has been unseasonably warm most of the month. 55 degrees in asheville. we continue the trend today. 61 in franklin. 61 also down into greenville. visibility is clear in asheville. we are seeing one zone down into anderson is cut in half, about six miles in visibility. a front moving through the region, the winds shift out of the northwest at 14 miles an hour. you can expect a breezy day here in buncombe county. 15 towards boon. lighter into greenville at 5. here's the system that brought us all that rain. thankfully we are seeing clearing skies behind this. we will see cooler conditions too. fast forward to 2:00 this afternoon, this shows some sunshine and some clouds. partly clear skies across western north carolina with just that slight chance for rain leaving us through this evening into the upstate. we'll notice a few more clouds. if you are heading out on the town, no need for the umbrella or rain jacket. temperatures will be a little bit cooler.
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friday we'll see the clouds stay thick throughout the afternoon. but the good news is we stay dry. we have a lengthy time period where we don't expect to see much in the way of rain. we'll see nice sunshine for saturday. future cast is not showing much in the way of rain. it is all staying very far south of our region. no threat there. partly clear, 58 degrees. once again, if you are heading out, past midnight, it will get cooler. about 40, 45 degrees by midnight. then dropping down to the 30's if you are going to be out in the early morning hours which some of you might, 65 degrees in greenville today and 47 tonight. extended forecast does show the 40's for the weekend, sunny conditions but cold. finally returning to below freezing conditions in the 20's into next week and even freezing. haven't thought that in a while. >> we'll be getting up while
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>> we saw it live. >> uber is marking a big achievement. >> why the ride sharing service
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unsuspecting p >> let's get to the board. the dow was down. the nasdaq was also down just 14 points at 5051. another cell phone providers is doing away with two year contracts. at&t says instead of signing a contract customers buying new smart phones will have to sign up for an at&t next device payment plan. it will require customers to pay off the cost of the phone over the course of time.
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the ride sharing service had its 1,000th customer. the driver gets a free vacation. uber will make a donation to a charity serving the area where the billionth ride took place. >> we have an update on the status of new belgium brewing. the company says it has no plans. in an end of the year statement, officials said there is no deal on the table and they look forward to growing the team in asheville. new belgium looking for a deal that would value the company at more than a billion dollars. >> still to come at noon, he wasn't dreaming it, a man in idaho wakes up and finds an
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h >> the elk broke the window and
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it took officers two hours to get the elk out of the >> is that him in the corner? >> yes. >> it looks fake. >> a dog survives a week in the cold. it was all caught on surveillance video. >> officers found the dog abandoned in the woods. he used cameras to catch people illegally abandoned trash. the owner i now facing charges. >> i couldn't believe it. it was a beautiful little dog. sweet as you can be. >> he is adorable. despite spending a week in the woods, the pup is healthy and has recently been adopted. >> he has got himself a new home. >> time right now, an icy
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crews saved another dog. >> paying a higher price at the
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coming up, i'll >> this is a really clear nice
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this is from on top of the hotel
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