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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  December 31, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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this is from on top of the hotel indigo. it looks so much better than it has. >> makes you want to go outside. the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm. still in the 50's. this is the astronomical research institute. this is in rosamond. that's a spot that saw a lot of rain. 2:00 p.m., 53 degrees in asheville. 58 by 4:00 p.m. a few more clouds develop by this evening, back to the middle 50's. in asheville, 55 degrees. wind at 14 miles an hour. coming up in a moment for now, i'll have my seven-day forecast, talk about the first week of the new year and how long we stay dry and cold. prices at thee dmv are going up starting tomorrow. lauren brigman joins us live from the license plate agency on hendersonville road. who can cash in on lower prices today? >> if your license is set to
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you can come down and renew it today and take advantage of the lower prices or if your vehicle registration is due by the end of march, you can take advantage of the lower fees as long as you get your car inspected today. this impacts a lot of people. the new fees kick in starting tomorrow. obtaining or renewing your license will cost more. it will exact drivers acrcrs the state. the increases are part of the state budget passed earlier this year and the reported $150 million expected to be generated from the increase will go towards improving roads and bridges. customers have differing views on the added expense. >> it is not a bad idea. i'm from michigan and the roads are horrible. they are better here. >> any increase i don't like. >> here is a break down of some
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starting tomorrow. for an eight-year driver's license renewal, it will cost $40. the standard vehicle registration, $36. to get your title, $52, that's a 12 dollar increase. check out all of the listings at the dmv website and also nctod. you have until 5:00 to get to the office and take advantage of the lower prices. you have until 9:00 tonight when they'll close the website to reinstall the new prices that you will see starting tomorrow.tomorrow. >> a new tethering ordinance takes effect in hendersonville. city council approved changes to how owners can chain their dogs. owners can only have their pets tethered for two hours within a 12 hour period. council members also raised a tethering age of animals from four months to six months. pet owners were given six months
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>> recommendations to increase safety for c clists are on their way to the legislature. one change would allow drivers to cross a double yellow line when passing cyclists. bicycle riders would be required to wear reflective clothing and to ride on the right half of the lane. cycling advocates are pleased with the changes. >> the people on bicycles will have more options and when motorists are using the road, the infrastructure is going to allow people to know where they should be and how they should interact. >> a full report including public comments will go to the legislature. it will be reviewed on in committee. >> the north carolina highway patrol will be cracking down on drunk drivers this new year's eve. check points set up tonight to get impaired drivers off the road. troopers encourage everyone to make arrangements before going
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having a designateted driver or calling a cab or getting a nearby hotel room. >> buzzed driving is drunk driving. p you feel buzzed and you are out, call a cab, call paem member or have a designated driver. >> if you get caught drunk driving, be prepared to pay the consequences. you could go to jail, get points on your license, be fined, lose your job and p thousands in insurance costs and lawyer fees. >> we all know the ball dropped in new york on new year's eve. a western north carolina, there will be unique items dropped to ring in 2016. there will be the third annual keg drop celebration. it is a keg dropped at midnight. marion will hold its traditional gold nugget drop. the twist, it is the large replica gold nugget. it is going to be dropped but
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by mr. bob donuts. probably the most controversial drop in the mountains, of course, is the pos some drop. peta has sued the state because the governor signed a bill this year exempting the possum from state wildlife regulation only for five days around the first of the year. that way the event could continue. >> as we head into the new year, we arar trading the rain for cooler temperatures. >> yeah. in the upstate, seeing light showers. you can see that on the asphalt. it is still pretty damp. the time happens starts to get drier. back here in western north carolina, we have stayed dry all morning and into the afternoon. because we have seen so much rain the last couple of days. down into the upstate, still seeing that line of showers south of 85. greenville as you just saw starting to dry out.
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warning for french broad, we'll morning. be mindful of that if you live in that zone. record. we saw 8.76 inches for the month at the asheville airport. something else to talk about is how warm it has been. this is officially the warmest december on record. average of low 50's. we have only dropped to the 50's since early this morning and warmed up in some locations to the 60's. some locations still holding on to the middle 50's including right here in asheville. 60 degrees in franklin. 61 down into greer. visibility is reduced in anderson, likely due to the rain, maybe some of the fog hanging around. in asheville, it is not the fog but the wind. gusty conditions right now at 14 miles an hour. and 5 down intoo greenville. looking at the big picture, this is the system that brought us all the trouble the last few days, all this rain. it is finally moving out of here. some things are changing.
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for a lot of us in western north carolina. and cooler conditions too. this is 2:00 this afternoon, showing just a few light showers, mainly east of our area by then. sunshine and a few clouds, partly sunny expected through the rest of the afternoon. through dinner time we'll see the clouds filter back in. the if you are heading out on the town, no need for the umbrella or rain zakt jacket. tomorrow we'll see clouds build back in. as we clear out and that will mean we get pretty cold back down below freezing for some. throughout the day on saturday, it is looking pretty nice. we are expecting sunshine. no more rain. our future model is not showing rain for today or the next seven days. we'll get a good break from all of this rain. a lot of folks complaining saying it hasn't felt like winter. you'll get your chance soon enough. 50's for highs.
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the low 60's. tonight around midnight we'll be in the low 40's to ring in the new year. if you are out later than that, upper 30's. there will be a cooler night overall. in greenville, middle 60's with a slight chance for rain for the rest of the day. tonight, down to 47. this is what i was talking about. sunshine for the weekend but clear conditions throughout the next seven days. it is going to be cold too. back below freezing. 20's for overnight lows even into the upstate. we are talking freezing conditions for morning lows. back over to you. >> topping today's newsreel, the starting quarterback for christian university is under arrest. 22-year-old trevon is accused of assault ago police officer around 2:00 this morning. the assault followed a disturbance where he is accused of taking a swing at a bar employee. officers say he was combative during his arrest but calmed
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tase him. bill cosby free on bond after being charged with decade old sex crime. cosby's lawyer said he was -- she said cosby has been unjustly accused but is in good spirits and will be exonerated. he has said the encounter was consensual. >> historic flooding forces two major missouri missouri interstates to close. the department of transportation shut down the road in both directions due to river flooding. anything, i 44 closed in st. louis county. an amazing sight captured by the hubble, pictures of two galaxies
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the space agency says it originally believes the picture was of an abnormal galaxy. research shows iis two galaxies that collided. the new galaxy will become stable. it is located at 230 million
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the herbing hercules const haitian. sfloo. >> welcome into the kitchen. we are happy to have you in. >> thank you for inviting me. >> you are doing something different than we are used to. what do you have for us? >> i'll make a crepe.
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traditional because it is made with buckwheat flour which makes it gluten free. it is a popular item. so many people cannot eat gluten in their diet. people love to come and get gluten free crepes. i'll cook it in here. you head that look easy. >> i have a few of those before so i know how to turn my little tool and then i have here a mixture of mushrooms. i have shitake. i have oyster mushrooms and garlicic and parsley and butter. and this is ready to go in the crepe. i'm going to put it in here. and then i'm going to top it with a little bit of creme fresh. >> explain what creme fresh is. >> creme fresh is heavy whipped cream that is beaten until it
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it doesn't have sugar. it is a nice buttery flavor to the food. >> i'm going to put extra golden pepper. >> my crepe is going to be ready. i'm going to fold it. i'm going to make a square. it is going to be ready to go into place. >> look at that beautiful color too. >> pretty large. we normally serve it with a side salad so it is plenty for one person to feel satisfied when they have a meal with us. >> tell us where they can come and have a meal. >> they can come and have this at see celia's kitchen. we have a location in black mountain across the street from the post office.
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>> we do crepes. it is an ar general teenian restaurant. we have latin food. we have empanada. we have tamiles and crepes. >> people seem to like it and i am pleased. >> go to our website, click on the carolina kitchen link, send an envelope to 110 technology drive. pinterest. another way to see these pictures of all the food we have. you can check out cecelias in the two locations for your restaurants in north asheville. >> north asheville. >> and black mountain. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> that's what is cooking in the kitchen. >> coming up next, it is tech time. we'll look at the technology to keep your new year's resolution on track. >> if you can't catch news 13 on tv. watch our newscast streaming
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watch live to check it out. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean n rmula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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brighter denture every day. >> 12:48 as we celebrate the new year, we are staying on top of the technology trend for 2016. of course, we'll stay on top of the resolutions. i know many of you, especially after watching these carolina kitchen episodes might want to cut back on the calories. you have something to help us, to fix our problems and keep us on track. >> if you don't't like calories, this comes at it from a unique approach. humor, sarcasm. it insults you along the way to keep you on track. it is called carrot hunger. the video interrogates you when you start with the app.
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don't be offended. we'll start off with that. let's get this going here. >> i must interrogate you. be precise. high probability.probability.
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you all the way to counting your calories. it uses the theme, the sarcasm throughout the entire app. when you want to record your calories, sometimes it will give you sarcasm joke. i'll put in here snickers bar and see what it says. it changes every time. i'll go ahead and add that. every time you add food -- >> what you have to do to fix it. >> this is 40 minutes to burn off a snickers bar. let's see if we get a snarky comment. as you count your calories throughout the day, the skelton changes and, of course, the app support is free.
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when you go into the diarydiary, i haven't heard that one yet. >> something different. it will keep you coming back. >> that's the whole point. it is entertaining. you try to keep carrot happy and have fun with this. they have a whole suite of apps that uses sarcasm that are fun to do list, alarms, a fit ps app and they are all availableavailable. >> another tool you can use is to maybe lose a little weight. remember to sign up for fran sis news letters. go toech time. ingrid, it is a different approach for sure. >> she is one of the smallest babies in the world. she was born in north carolina. coming up, the good news her parents received just in time for the new year. >> uber is expected to be in high demand as we celebrate the
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later at 5:30, when you can expect those surcharges. >> tonight on news 13 at 6:00, this mother is arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring. out of her home.
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they saw happening at her home. >> one of the world's smallest babies was born in north carolina. >> she was born at the medical center in charlotte. doctors say she can go home in the next few weeks. >> the girl weighed 10 ounce. she still weighs less than a pound. the baby that is still inside me weighs two and a half pounds and that little girl is only a pound right now. >> more than double. >> she is healthy and going home. >> that's good news. >> thanks for joining us.
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have a great new year's eve. >> announcer: do you want to be the hostess with the mostess this weekend? we're kicking it off with dishes that'll make you wish every day
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