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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> kim: according to sheriff chris francis, no. but the man had contacted jail officials three and a half weeks ago to tell him that the inmate's father thinks his son is suicidal. >> what's going on? >> i don't know. i was on the floor. they called me to the tower. they said, "man down." but i don't know where. >> kim: the man down was houser. >> is he breathing? >> he's barely breathing. >> kim: houser is alive at mission hospital. last year a man, william miller committed suicide inside the jail. houser's attorney told news 13 she spoke with jail officials on
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houser's father said he was suicidal. user was examined numerous times. >> since early december, i believe he's been seen five times by a medical staff here. >> kim: he says the jail also contracts with mental health professionals. >> each time he's been evaluated, there hasn't been anything that's came up positive. >> kim: houser stayed in a multi-bed medical cell. >> he was the only person who was actually in here during this period of time. >> kim: houser made the attempt by hanging in the cell's corner. >> it was a sheet. >> kim: the sheet hung from bars in the ceiling. houser has been living in the cell since october when he was arrested for seven felony counts.
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assaulting officers plus an additional account for firing a gun in an occupied home. the sheriff says he was in the medical cell to keep him from getting reinjured in the general population. larry. >> larry: a waynesville mother's arrested on allegations of soliciting prostitution and running a business from her home. rex hodge is live from her neighborhood this evening. you talked to the woman's neighbors, rex, what did he tell you? >> rex: that they are shocked at the arrest of barbara gray. an arrest for allegedly using her home at 71 putnam street for that purpose. gray was picked up tuesday morning. her neighbors say they don't want any kind of that activity in their community. >> i got a bunch of little
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overtime and visit me. it's an awful thing. >> rex: rachel coalsteen says gray had a young boy and girl living in her home. grey was placed in a county detention center but posted $5,000 bond. she's scheduled for court coming next month, january 13th. coming up at 6 o'clock, what else neighbors say they heard coming from that house. rex hodge, news 13. >> tammy: the search ramps up for a man accused of attacking an upstate police officer with a knife. authorities say the man jumped anderson officer kristin brady as she got out of her patrol car. not only did the man try to stab her, he tried to take her gun. without positive id of the
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alert. >> we're very nervous about getting out with unknown suspect, especially a hooded suspect or a masked suspect. based on the fact that this happened and that person's out there. >> tammy: tonight on my40 at 6:30, the latest on the condition of the officerho was attacked. >> larry: now let's turn to the weather. karen, what can we expect for new year's eve? >> karen: we're definitely going to be cooling down as we go through tonight. pack up the sweaters, maybe even the heavy jackets. right now it does not look that way in asheville. mild in bryson city. morganton 62. west in knoxville, down to 49. we do have cooler air that will be making a move in from the west as we go on through the evening. right now we are a bit breezy in asheville. winds out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. we are going to remain breezy in some mountain locations
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so keep that in mind. have that good wind breaker ready to go. good news is, though, we are dry. radar, nothing showing up. we still have that river in brantire for a little while. meanwhile, your new year's eve forecast is going to be a mild and cloudy one. 46 degrees at 10 o'clock. 45 at 11. 44 by midnight. so overall very mild when you consider that record low, one below zero. that happened way back in 1928. mainly cloud sea and very mild in the upstate for your new year's eve festivities as well. that light jacket is going to feel good if you're out and about. 54 at 10. 51 at midnight. temperatures are going to be much cooler as we go in to the weekend and beyond. more on how chilly we're going to get coming up.
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so good out west. more than 12 million people are under flood warnings across the midwest. knocked homes off their foundation. some houses are even float down stream as you can see. mandatory evacuations remain in place in some areas. >> flood in the winter is very dangerous. everyone keep a good attitude because it's going to keep a while. >> larry: parts of florida and georgia are also dealing with flooding. >> tammy: a woman accused of potentially running down pedestrians in las vegas tested positive for drugs. la kesha hallowway. hallowway is being kept on
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a hotel catches fire in dubai. the fire started on the 20th floor of the hotel. it is unclear what started it. more than a dozen people were hurt. the fireworks show went on as planned. now your on time traffic report. >> larry: good news for commuters on i-26 right now. >> tammy: yeah. right now no major issues in either direction. speeds are clocking around 70 miles an hour. >> larry: a wreck on i-240 west is closed on broadway street. injuries have been reported. avoid that area if possible. >> tammy: emergency crews work on a wreck. a moped passenger was hit and transported to the hospital. >> larry: check this out, an unexpected guest visited a home
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this is a cow elk. >> tammy: well hello. officials say the animal fell on an window well, broke a window and ended up in a basement bedroom. it took two hours to get the elk out of the house. >> larry: higher snow levels are causing elk in that state to move down to populated areas. >> tammy: coming up, preparing to ring in the new year. how a local party store is helping people get ready for the big night. >> larry: remembering 2015 it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece.
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>> tammy: a local party store got its fair share of orders as we prepare to ring in the new year. >> larry: workers are handling all kinds of orders for upcoming festivities. some venues like the grove park inn and harrah's casino. >> tammy: let's take a minute to look back.
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many of us reflect on the year that was. >> tammy: one celebration in biltmore park thought 2015 was full of days to remember. >> reporter: that's right. here at biltmore park this is a huge tradition. we're getting an advanced look. it's it's going to go up not one but two stories. he is the man indeed. before we count down to the end of this year, we went out to downtown hendersonville to reflect on the year that was. the 365 days that went by in a blur. >> it's been a great year. >> reporter: remembering 2015. the calendar year flies by once again. on our new year's eve, we look back.
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>> i adopted my first pet, my cat grace kelly. >> reporter: stewart mc allister to settle down. >> my life was a mess and i decided once i adopted a cat i had to live differently. >> it was december the 6th. it was the day that my one and only granddaughter, ellie bartlett walked for the first time. >> reporter: it was love at first sight for karen baker. save the date. >> february 14th, my valentine gift this year was my new puppy blair. >> reporter: some dates are fuzzy. >> what was the best day for you? >> my shoes that i ride in the basement. >> i don't even know what that means. >> reporter: the time at time
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while janice found the big apple of her eye. >> i love him and we'll be together forever. >> reporter: what a match. and countless giggles later. >> it feels really wonderful. >> accomplish my new year's resolution, i bench pressed 315 pounds. that was my new year's resolution, i accomplished that on my birthday, november 15th. >> reporter: 365 days of our lives are nearly behind us. >> happy new year. >> reporter: 12 months of moments that are sure to become fond memories. >> how can we forget it? >> reporter: and 3, 2, 1, boom. yeah. it will happen something like that at the strike of midnight, folks, here at biltmore park. it's traveling about, i don't know, a foot per second and a half or so. i'm not exactly an expert on this. but it's gone from two stories to 1.75 stories since i've been
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there you have it. look for that peg because it won't be 2016 until you see this peg in motion. john le, news 13. >> tammy: cute story. >> larry: cute story and i tell you what, nice way to end 2015. it was cloudy this morning. but no rain. >> karen: we're drying out but we're getting colder. we hit a high of 57 today. normal 47. that is more where we should be and where we will be coming up. here's a look at the rainfall. we end the year the second all time wettest year.
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rain an now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: it's been a really nice day of drying out. but we still have a flood warning in effect at blantyre. it's going to take a while before it gets back in to its banks. so that warning is in effect until saturday. be careful if you're in that area. again, french broad at blantyre, still out of its banks. southeast of us, that rain is gone. we do have plenty of clouds,
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and they are going to hang tough for a while. at the asheville airport, reports of mainly clear skies. it is windy, north-northwest winds. that windbreaker is a good thing to have right now. on the bigger picture, we do see cooler changes coming. cincinnati below freezing. detroit 54. this cool air is going to make its way in here behind that cold front that is to the southeast of our region. as we go on through new year's eve on in to new year's day, we are going to feel those chillier changes. we'll go ahead and do the hour by hour future cast. the good news is we don't have to worry about that rain. we can keep the umbrellas at home for a while. so that is one nice thing. by midnight, though, still plenty of clouds remaining on in to new year's morning at 7 o'clock it should be dry with
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mountains and the upstate. cool day with highs only in the 40s in many places. but later on, this is what it's going to look like in the afternoon. mainly cloudy. but by dinner time, many of our northern counties north of i-40 will begin to clear. that will lead in to a clear and chilly night. we'll check out our lows for tonight, they will be cooler than we've seen in a while. 37 in asheville. 35 in bryson city. 34 in andrews. knoxville, 32 degrees. 40s in parts of the upstate and the foothills. new year's day, highs only in the upper 40s in asheville. that is about normal. that is where we should be but we have just been very spoiled by the warm air that we've dealt with. dry and cooler. highs only in the 40s much of the week. lows dipping down in to the 20s.
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morning that we could get a bit of wintery mix, including icing. and a very wintery looking forecast in the upstate. mainly dry, though. no rain chances until thursday.
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>> larry: crews say the dog fell . >> tammy: how another dog also came to the rescue. >> reporter: a happy reunion between a dog and her family after a close call in frigid water. >> just very limp, if you will. a little bit of moaning here and there. the dog was scared. >> reporter: fire and rescue saved mishka after she went out too far on to thin ice. captain nick hutchens was one of the firefighters who went after her along with christian jarden. they found out about the dog in danger after mishka's sister sinda brought a neighbor to shore.
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for him just to get tired, too tired that might not have been able to get him out. >> reporter: crews estimate the dog was in the water for about 15 to 20 minutes and probably only had another 5 before she became too weak. working together, crews got her to shore and warm where she was reunited with her family and sister sinda. >> the dog actually led him to the dog that was in the water. dogs have these amazing powers that humans just can't tune in on. >> reporter: they say any ice out there right now is not save for anyone to be on. >> please, nobody go out on the ice yet. it's been nowhere cold enough. we were just in 60 degree weather back four or five days ago and i'm still blown away that there was as much ice as there was here. >> tammy: the dog is recovering at an animal hospital. >> larry: officials say her temperature is coming up and she
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>> tammy: still to come, celebrating the new year a little bit early.
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time getting to 2016. >> larry: it will be a late sure. but we cannot all stay up until
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>> tammy: so why wait? you know, it's midnight somewhere. and that's tonight's never stop learning. >> happy new year! >> tammy: woo hoo! kids partied at noon today. the idea is to let them make a lot of noise right now since 12:00 a.m. is way past their bedtime. >> we always want to celebrate with our little friends but we're afraid they can't stay up until midnight and we won't see them. every year we do noise makers and party hats and we're going to go to the stage and ring in the new year. >> tammy: maybe we should have been there. >> larry: mom used to wake me up. >> tammy: creating their own noise makers. >> larry: it's so noisy in the next room.
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